Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Open Letter to Keith Chow who Bitches about Lack of Asian Actors in Hollywood Movies

Scarlett Johansson in GHOST IN THE SHELL
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There are so many things wrong with Keith Chow’s opinion piece, a product of dishonesty, naivete(likely willful), and political correctness. But then, it was published in the New York Times, the flagship of deceptive globalist propaganda on any conceivable issue.
Chow certainly confirms the stereotype of Asians as unoriginal imitators. What is the biggest and lamest excuse for all 'ills' in America? Crying 'racism'! When all else fails, just blame it on 'white privilege', and ka-ching, the Establishment and Powers-That-Be will shower you with prizes. Chow just imitates standard PC tripe instead of probing into factors and variables that defy Political Correctness's cartoon vision of the world. After all, why else did New York Times, the Voice of the Globalist Establishment, publish his predictable rant? It is doggy barking that's pleasing and useful to the real masters of America.

Chow writes:

"HERE’S an understatement: It isn’t easy being an Asian-American actor in Hollywood. Despite some progress made on the small screen — thanks, ‘Fresh Off the Boat’! — a majority of roles that are offered to Asian-Americans are limited to stereotypes that wouldn’t look out of place in an ’80s John Hughes comedy."

So begins the Chow’s diatribe. But one wonders... if Asians should be so into Asian-ness, Asian identity, and Asian culture, why are so many of them permanently removing themselves from Asia — their ancestral homeland for thousands of years — and relocating(again permanently) to foreign lands where they constitute small minorities outnumbered and overwhelmed by non-Asians who aren’t so keen on Asian-ness(except for maybe nabbing Asian girls from Asian guys, easily done since many Asian girls racially-sexually prefer men of other races)? Why are so many Asians so eager(even desperate) to move to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or even Europe than to stay put in their own nations where the society and culture, high or low, is overwhelmingly and securely Asian? And if Asian-Americans like Keith Chow are offended by the unequal or ‘unfair’ cultural preferences of Americans, what about their own cultural-national-racial preferences when they chose to emigrate from Asia? Why do most East Asians overwhelmingly seek out white-majority nations, especially those settled by Anglos? Why aren’t Asians enthused about moving to Mexico, Peru, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Algeria, Kazakhstan, etc? Asian immigration patterns are themselves ‘racist’ insofar as they favor white over non-white(indeed even over fellow Asia nations — your average Chinese, Japanese, or Korean would rather move to Australia or New Zealand than to Indonesia or Philippines if given the chance). and in America, Asians prefer to live white areas than in black or brown ones. 'Racist'?
Also, white nations are more ‘welcoming’ to Asian immigration than Asian nations are to would-be immigrants from other Asian nations. Australia, Canada, and United States are more likely than Japan to take Chinese or Korean immigrants. Besides, many Chinese in Philippines would love to come live in United States or Canada since Filipinos are often openly hostile to the Chinese minority. And Indonesians can be even harsher as periodic pogroms against the Chinese have shown. So, before Keith Chow complains about white nations, he should ponder the larger context of why so many Asians want to cut ties with their ancestral homelands(often permanently even to the point of losing the language and sense of history) and come live in the New World founded by Anglo-Americans. Also, if Asian-Americans really care so much about their identity and culture, why is there so much intermarriage with non-Asians(especially among Asian-American women who prefer non-Asian men in the West)? Surely, many of these half-Asian kids will identify more as white, and they will be more likely to marry white than Asian, thereby making their kids only 1/4 Asian. Surely, kids who are 3/4 white and 1/4 Asian will identify with whiteness. Also, it seems most Asian-Americans either don’t know their language of origin or know it crudely. And most hardly know their own history or heritage. For historical sense, they just adopt the Western Narrative — since ‘white guilt’ is fashionable in the current Western historical-moral narrative, many Asian-Americans adopt cult and feel special sympathy for Jews and blacks even though Asians committed no historical wrongs against those groups. Indeed, many Asian-Americans care more about Jews and blacks than they do for their own kind. Many Asian-Americans are addicts of pop culture and MTV globalism.

Indeed, people like Keith Chow aren’t really into Asian identity, culture, or heritage. They are just upset that Asian-ness isn’t being dissolved quickly enough in the globalist stew. For instance, if Hollywood and MTV were to favor Asians as ‘cool’ globalist freaks in Pop Culture and if Asian-Americans were to race-mix out of existence in the West, I doubt if Keith Chow and his ilk would mind one bit. They seem mainly obsessed with Asian presence in mostly trashy globalist pop culture. They don’t seem interested in genuine Asian identity, history, heritage, and genetics. They are obsessed with pop culture as the ONLY legitimate culture(the only one that matters), and they want Asians to be displayed prominently by Hollywood and MTV. So, never mind that FAST AND FURIOUS movies are dreadful and an insult to human intelligence and taste. What matters is, gee, there are some Asian actors in some of them, and few in the series were directed by Asian directors. That makes them 'cool', which is next to godliness according to the gospel og globalism.
An Asian who really cares about his identity, heritage, and history should be grateful that Asian-ness is excluded from so much Hollywood garbage. If American pop culture were a big whorehouse, would it really be so bad if your daughter was kept out of it? An Asian-American who really cares about culture would be invested in creating worthy novels, plays, and independent films about experience, ideas, and values that have special meaning for Asians and all of humanity with sense and taste.

As for "Fresh Off the Boat", it also dabbles in racial stereotypes, though harmless enough. It is also the brainchild of ‘Eddie’ Huang who has no interest in Asian culture except for excess amounts of food that turned him into an unsightly dumpling. His preferred culture is ghetto rap of decrepit black community beset with crime and drugs.
Actually, Huang’s cultural preferences are indicative of the Asian-American mind-set. Usually when Asian-Americans bitch about lack of Asian representation, they are basically saying there aren’t enough Asians represented in white culture or black culture. They almost never mean representation of the genuine Asian experience in Asia or America. Even much of Asian-American politics is about marching behind blacks, homosexuals, or Jews as if the essence of Asian-ness is to serve the identities and interests of OTHER peoples than their own. Asian-Americans act 'assertive' only to serve and take orders from Neocons(like John Yoo does) or to seek approval of the Jewish/homosexual supremacists of the New York Times.

But why would white people want to see Asian representations of white culture? Why would blacks want to see Asian representations of black culture? White people like white rock and don’t want to see pale yellow imitation of white rock. And black people like black rap, and don’t want to hear silly yellow imitation of black rap. If Asians really care about their experience and culture, they should come up with their own stuff instead of imitating other cultures and then bitching that non-Asians don’t like the pale yellow imitation of their own cultures(which is mostly trash anyway). After all, blacks in America developed their own musical styles. They took ideas and instruments from white culture, but they forged their own kind of music. Black people didn’t beg white people to be allowed into Grand Ole Opry to sing lame black imitation of white country music. If Asian-Americans really care about their own identity, they need to develop their own unique styles instead of imitating whites & blacks and demanding that third-rate Asian imitations be accepted as equally valid.

Keith Chow writes:

"This problem is even worse when roles that originated as Asian characters end up going to white actors. Unfortunately, these casting decisions are not a relic of Hollywood’s past, like Mickey Rooney’s portrayal of I. Y. Yunioshi in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ but continue right up to the present."

As offensive as Rooney’s role as Mr. Yunioshi may be, it is admittedly inspired and wickedly funny. Humor is often offensive because laughter almost comes at someone’s expense. Political cartoons rely on nasty caricatures. Besides, the Jewish Blake Edwards also made fun of French mannerisms in the PINK PANTHER Inspector Clouzot series. I highly doubt if BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S was made with malice, and even though I can understand how some would find it ‘offensive’, it is probably Rooney’s most memorable role. Besides, Asian societies are no stranger to racial stereotypes. One is more likely to come across ‘insensitive’ stereotypes in Asian popular culture than in the West where Political Correctness has gone too far, indeed to the point where stand-up comics don’t even want to do shows in colleges anymore lest someone get ‘triggered’.

The inconvenient truth is that stereotypes are funny. Comedy often thrives on exaggeration, hyperbole, mockery. So, fat people are made even fatter, like in Eddie Murphy’s NUTTY PROFESSOR. Vulgar, offensive, and disgusting? Yes. But also funny. Without stereotypes of body shapes, personalities, facial features, and etc. certain types of comedy would not be possible. Consider the nasty blonde with the whiny voice in SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN. Or the homosexual composer and the Nazi in Mel Brooks’ THE PRODUCERS. Racial stereotypes became problematic in recent times with the politics of aggrievement. In some ways, this was understandable enough(given the insults directed at certain groups in American history), but it eventually got out of hand, like students freaking out over Halloween costumes at Yale.
The hysteria has degenerated into a spate of ‘hate hoaxes’ that nags American society with predictable regularity. But this is to be expected when Al Sharpton, the race hustler extraordinaire behind the Tawana Brawley fraud, is treated with kid gloves and praised as a moral leader of the black community. The PC powers-that-be have encouraged and spread so much hysteria about ‘white supremacism’ and ‘homophobia’(bullshit term cooked up by Jewish-dominated media) that ordinary individuals either hallucinate ‘hate’ all around or feel compelled to make them up to gain sympathy, approval, fame, and/or fortune.

Asians are no strangers to racial stereotyping and hostility, even among themselves. Just among the Chinese, for example, there’s a lot of intra-ethnic sniping across regional and class lines. People in Hong Kong have all sorts of broad stereotypes about Mainland Chinese, and Taiwanese can be petty in their sneering at other Chinese. And South Koreans and North Koreans, artificially divided by America, are full of abuse and hostility toward one another. And Asian-American women are especially dismissive and derogatory about Asian-American men, and such attitudes account for the huge sexual defection among Asian-American women who go over to non-Asian men deemed ‘racially superior’ and more worthy of impregnating Asian wombs with superior genetics. Indeed, watch the video below, and the two Chinese-American fellows seem to believe whites look better. For their list of ‘best-looking’ Asians, they excluded mixed-race Eurasians on the premise that they all look good. If Asian-Americans(and Asians in Asia) often feel that way, it means even Asians prefer whiteness over yellowness. So, why should white audiences want to see Asians when so many Asians themselves prefer whites(and/or blacks)over Asians?

Keith Chow writes:

"Last week Disney and Marvel Studios released the trailer for ‘Doctor Strange,’ an adaptation of the Marvel comic. After exhausting every ‘white man finds enlightenment in the Orient’ trope in less than two minutes, the trailer presents Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, a Tibetan male mystic in the comics. Though her casting was no secret, there was something unsettling about the sight of Ms. Swinton’s clean-shaven head and ‘mystical’ Asian garments. It recalled jarring memories of David Carradine from ‘Kung Fu,’ the 1970s television series that, coincidentally, was itself a whitewashed version of a Bruce Lee concept."

First of all, DOCTOR STRANGE is a movie based on a comic book. Since when should we expect anything ‘deep’ from a comic book, especially one about super-heroes? It goes without saying that comic book material would be filled with standard cultural ‘tropes’. (Indeed, even native Asian popular culture is hardly a source of meaningful lessons on history and culture.) As for a white woman in an Asian male role, maybe Hollywood is being fashionably trans-racial and trans-sexual, though I’m not sure which restroom she, he, or it would be allowed to use in a Tibetan monastery. The most famous example of a white woman playing an Asian male was Linda Hunt as Billy Kwan in THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY(Peter Weir’s masterpiece), a ferociously clever and moving performance. If it works, it works. Kudos to Linda Hunt.
John Lone as fruitling in David Cronenberg's adaptation of M. BUTTERFLY
I do note a certain ambiguity of sexual politics when it comes to East and West. Because of Western military and economic domination over the East in the Age of Empire(and even thereafter, as South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and Japan remain as satellites of the United States), a mental image developed of the White West as the dominant male and the Yellow East as the submissive female. When Western gunboats and later airplanes conquered and intimidated the East, the powerful West was feared but also admired as the masculine power. Also, the West won most wars against the East until the Korean War, when China fought to a stalemate, and the Vietnam War in which North Vietnam eventually prevailed over the US-backed Southern regime. Due to Western military presence in the East, it became a common site to see European and American men(majority of them white but also substantially black) sexually colonize the East through prostitution, girlfriends, mistresses, and ‘war brides’.

But the sexual dynamics of East and West cannot simply be understood in terms of imperialism and military imbalance. There is also the issue of culture and race. Asian cultures tend to be more submissive, and this goes for the men as for the women. Traditionally, Asian men have been far more deferential to higher authority than white men have been in the West. Samurai were brave warriors in battle, but they slavishly bowed before their lords. If femininity is synonymous with submissiveness whereas masculinity is synonymous with assertiveness, then one could argue that Asian culture has been more ‘feminine’ than Western culture. While Eastern culture was more male-dominated, it was characteristically less individualistic, assertive, and defiant(even among the men). (China also came under the influence of eunuchs for long centuries.) Indeed, even Western women are often more individualistic and assertive than Asian men in Asia(or even in America).
Then, there is the factor of race. Though there is a wide range of variance within any race, there are general differences that can’t be dismissed. For example, plenty of Asians are taller than Caucasians, but overall, whites are taller than Asians. This is even true within the race. While many Greeks are taller than Dutchmen, the Dutch are generally taller than the Greeks. And even though Northern Chinese are taller than Vietnamese, surely one can find plenty of Vietnamese who are taller than Northern Chinese. This has to be emphasized because whenever someone mentions the issue of racial differences, Political Correctness kicks in and assumes that the observation applies to EVERY member of the race when no such was intended. Generally speaking, whites are taller, bigger, and more muscular than Asians. So, the military and economic dominance of the West doesn’t explain everything about the specific nature of the sexual dynamics between the East and West. Genetic differences do play a role. Indeed, even the famed Bruce Lee, the yellow male superman, was quarter-Austrian.
Consider the David Cronenberg film M. BUTTERFLY that is about some Asian guy pretending to be a woman in a relationship with a white guy. It was based on a play by an Asian guy, so even Asian males are aware of this strange sexual dynamics between East and West.
The reason why Western military and economic domination fails to fully explain the East/West sexual dynamics is made clear by the evolving and reversed sexual dynamics between whites and blacks. Even today, much of black Africa is economically(and even militarily) dominated by the outside world. And in the US, Jews and whites dominate economics while many blacks remain at the bottom economically. Many Asians make the socio-economic climb faster than blacks do. But, blackness has become synonymous with masculinity due to black dominance in sports, thuggish rap culture, and sexual reputation of black men. Today, Chinese have become economically dominant in many parts of Africa, but Africans still don’t see Chinese men as icons of manhood. If economic domination = masculinity, then the world should regard men like Woody Allen as the paragon of manhood since so many Jews are prominent in Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and etc.
Tilda Swinton / Doctor Strange
So, it could be that one reason Tilda Swinton was cast in an Asian male role had something to do with the Western(that now includes Jewish and black biases as well) perception of Asian-ness as essentially ‘female’: more yin than yang. Since Asian men aren’t esteemed as sexual studs, don’t win championships in tough sports, and have no presence in Rock/Rap culture(except in Asia with their pale/limp imitations of Western pop), Asian-ness is hardly synonymous with manliness in the Western eye.

And such perception, fair or not, is now shared by many Asian-American females who’ve come to regard their own men as racial-sexual inferiors, thereby closing off their wombs to Asian men in the hope of having children with white, Jewish, or black men who are deemed superior. Psychologically, women are drawn to winners with masculine qualities. For most of Asian history, Asian women only knew Asian men-as-the-rulers-of-their-domains. Also, women didn’t have a choice in whom they married for most of Asian history. Men didn’t either as most marriages were arranged by parents. So, all throughout Asian history, Asian women had children with Asian men, and that was that. But in the modern world, Asian women and Asian men, in their adoption of the Western Way, attained the individual right to choose their own mates. Even so, up until recently, it still meant Asian women mostly choosing Asian men in Asia. But when Asians come to the West, Asian women have a wide array of sexual choices, and they notice that non-Asian men are taller, bigger, and manlier than Asian men. So, a great many Chinese-American women effectively have a Womb Policy of "Chinese Male Exclusion Act" or "No Dogs and Chinese Men Allowed". (They pretend to still care about Chinese culture by teaching their kids a smattering of Mandarin lingo when, in the long run, the kids are going to grow up to serve the Jewish-Homo-Transsexist Empire and hardly likely to marry anyone Asian.) Women want to be with superior men and want to have superior sons. Since Asian males seem inferior when compared to men of other races in the West, Asian females feel shame in being sexually associated with Asian men and don’t want to have Asian sons.
Indeed, it’s very possible that the mothers of Asian-American men might well have chosen to marry non-Asian men had they grown up in the US like their daughters, many of whom choose to have affairs or get married outside the race. Interracialism, at least among Asian-American women, is predicated on the perception that non-Asian men are superior to Asian men. Keith Chow looks all-Chinese because, presumably, his parents met in China where his mother only had access to Chinese men. But suppose his mother had grown up in America. The very idea of marrying a Chinese guy and having a Chinese son(one that looks like Keith Chow) might have made her feel sick, and she may very likely have married a ‘superior’ white, black, or Jewish guy and gave birth to a brood of mixed-race kids. In a free democracy governed by individual preferences, the 'superior race' is decided by the wombs of women. After all, a race is nothing if it can’t survive, and the only way a race can survive is through the wombs of the women of the race. If high numbers of Asian-American women choose to shut off their wombs to Asian men and open up only to non-Asian men on the basis of superior racial-sexual attractiveness, their actions have decided on the superiority of the non-Asian races over the Asian race. Increasingly, Asian-American wombs will produce children for white, Jewish, Latino, and black men while many Asian-American males will either die childless or will have to go back to Asia to find a bride. But then, the process will begin all over again as the daughter of the Asian-American male and his imported bride will likely have children with a non-Asian man while the son will have trouble finding a mate.

The central contradiction of current American culture is the discrepancy between its official stand for equality and actual practice of ruthless competition leading to inequality. Diversity and equality are incompatible since different races/groups have different advantages. American sports are officially devoted to diversity and equality, but diversity generally leads to domination of blacks in football and basketball. Jeremy Lin is the exception that proves the rule. Los Angeles has lots of Mexicans, but how many Mexicans are on the Lakers team?
When it comes to elite college admissions, Asians and Jews are over-represented by considerable margins. And high-IQ Jews, who comprise only 2% of the US population, are either prominent or dominant in many key institutions and industries. Jews talk a good game about ‘equality’, but they are the least equal and most privileged group in America.
Some people suspect that all this Jewish ‘progressive’ talk about ‘equality + diversity’ is just smoke-and-mirrors to mask the reality of Jewish Supremacist control over America. So, even though the official policy of America is ‘diversity and equality’, the reality is that diversity leads to greater inequality in all areas of life. Blacks dominate football, whereas Jews are more likely to own a NFL team than play in one. Blacks are generally faster and stronger, and Jews are generally smarter and more cerebral in their interests.

Increasing diversity will lead to greater inequality in the racial/sexual dynamics, especially since globalist culture is becoming ever more pornographic and raunchier. In a less inhibited and less traditional society, men and women are likely to be more sexually active and shop for prime meat. We now live in an age when young teens(even children) grow up glued to pornified pop culture and even with direct access to porn that is teeming with images of black males as top studs and white & Asian women as top whores. A point of pride among young females nowadays is bragging about how they scored with guys with huge penises. If an American female brags about having a black boyfriend, she is held in awe by her friends. If she says her boyfriend is Asian, she is the object of either pity or mockery, like someone stuck with a lemon of a car. So, even Asian-American women, who are obsessed with hierarchy and status, don’t want to be associated with men like Keith Chow. And Rap culture and sports culture promote black males as top winners. Asian men cannot compete in American sports for the most part — only a handful of Asians are competitive in less athletic sports like golf or baseball. Since Asian men cannot win the manly department, some have opted for the ‘feminine’ role. South Korea is ahead of other nations in this field. It now imports a black African to run in the Olympics while South Korean boys increasingly put makeups on their faces and act girly. Since they cannot win in the manly department in the globalist game, South Korean boys have opted to win the ‘cute’ game. Since their lack of manliness(by global standards) fail to attract adult women, they indulge in fantasies of appealing to prepubescent girls who prefer cute girly boys. Of course, it’s also because South Korean pop culture is dominated by homosexual collaborators working in cahoots with the American Empire.

From the Jewish-American POV, a nation like South Korea is much easier to manipulate and control if its males have been turned into pansy-boys with no manly pride whatsoever. South Korea still depends on America to defend it from North Korea, a nation with less than half-the-population and with an economy 1/40th the size. South Korea or CucKorea offers its women to foreign men to impregnate on the unspoken assumption that Korean men are inferior and undeserving to have access to the wombs of their own women. (At the same time, the South Korean media have fooled a lot of South Korean males that globalism means sexual access to white women and black women when, in fact, non-Asian women have very little interest in Asian men. But many vainglorious Korean men fall for such globalist propaganda. What a pathetic bunch of CucKorean dummies. On the one hand, South Korean males now feel that they should look and act like girls... but that is somehow going to make them hot stuff in the eyes of white and black women. ??? What a bunch of silly hicks.)
Anyway, as polls show, while men of all races are attracted to Asian women, women of non-Asian races are not attracted to Asian men. And since Asian-American women adopt globalist-American perceptions and biases, they too come to feel contempt for Asian men as losers with whom they themselves don’t want to be associated with. Just do a simple mental test. Suppose Keith Chow the Chinese-American guy, some average white guy, and some average black guy were to take off all their clothes and stand side by side with their dongs hanging out and flexing their muscles. I would bet most women, including Asian ones, would be least impressed with the Chow Man. There was a time, especially in Asia, when women chose a mate based on character, security, reliability, and morality. But in the pornographic globalized culture, young girls are encouraged to seek out men to have the biggest orgasms. Given racial-sexual differences, this doesn’t lead to racial equality but huge discrepancies in how the racial/sexual dynamics plays out. Thus, Asian men who come to the West or open up the East to the outside world are choosing surefire rejection, defeat, humiliation, and extinction of their genetic lineage. Indeed, white-black-Hispanic-and-Jewish women might find Chow’s manhood to be laughable. (Of course, some people may argue that it’s a good thing. They might argue that men like Keith Chow have no reason to produce more sons like them since they are inferior as men. Why should inferior men produce inferior sons? According to this logic, Asian women should have kids with racially-sexually superior non-Asian men and give birth to superior babies with white/black blood while Asian men should just die out childless. As cruel and heartless as such assessment may sound, that is indeed the unspoken decision of many Asian-American and Asian women who refuse to open their wombs to Asian men because the idea of giving birth to ‘dorky’ Asian sons sickens them. Indeed, one reason why so many women in Asia don’t get married to Asian men is they secretly hope for some Westerner to marry them and take them to America.) Now, if Asians are notable for one characteristic, it is conformist obsession for status and approval. Now, why would Asian-American women hungry for status and approval(and maximum sexual pleasure) want to be associated with Asian men, the laughing stock of manliness by globalist standards that worships the black athlete, the black rapper, or the tall white Hollywood actor?
Keith Chow, the legendary Asian stud?
But then, this isn’t anyone’s ‘fault’. It’s just the Way of Nature. Given racial differences, Asian males will be the biggest sexual losers of globalism that gives Asian women access to men all around the world. If Asian males accept globalism, they must expect to lose in the sexual marketplace for the simple reason that they have the lowest sexual market value. It’s supply and demand. There is no globalist sexual demand for Asian males, whereas there is considerable demand for Asian females. Therefore, if Asian men want to at least keep their own women, they need to forget about moving to the West, they need to stay in Asia, and they need to discourage ‘multi-culturalism’ that places a Welcome Mat to non-Asian men to come to Asia to shop for Asian women.

Diversity is the enemy of equality. In an all-Asian society, Asian women go with Asian men. Once Asian women are provided with choice in the globalized sexual marketplace, many of them will adopt the policy of excluding Asian men who are deemed sexually inferior. Sexual inferiority is almost synonymous with racial inferiority since race is a sexual product, i.e. a Chinese man is the sexual product of a Chinese father and Chinese mother. If a Chinese woman decides that a Chinese man is inferior and that his seed is unwelcome in her womb that is to be reserved only for the seeds of superior non-Asian men, then the sexual product from her womb will be only half-Chinese, not full-Chinese. And once the child grows up, he or she will come to the realization that his/her mother chose a non-Chinese man because she deemed him superior as sexual partner over a Chinese male. Thus, the child will naturally identify more with the non-Chinese side that his/her own mother deemed as superior and worthy of accessing her womb. Why would the mixed-raced kid identify with the inferior Chinese side of him/her when his/her mother rejected the men of her own race as a sexual inferior? Race must exist in the first place to be viable, so the race that has the better chance for breeding(and continue existing) is, for all intensive purposes, the superior race. Reproduction is fact. It secures existence. Opinions are just sounds in the air. A Chinese man may consider himself inferior to other races, equal to other races, or superior to other races. It’s all just a matter of opinion. The real determinant of survival and superiority will be whether the women of his own race will have his children or the children of men of other races.
In a free globalized world, the women decide which men to welcome into her womb, and if we observe the American example, it’s obvious that many Asian-American women have decided that Asian males are inferior and unworthy of creating new life in their wombs. But this is something Keith Chow seems incapable of facing up to. He would rather just blame ‘white’ people when it is Nature that is working against his kind. But then, nature also works against whites to the extent that increasing number of white women go with black men on the basis that more muscular black men with bigger penises(on average) are superior to white guys(who often get bullied and beaten up by blacks in integrated schools). People prefer to blame society than acknowledge the power of nature. Blaming society is therapeutic. If society is to blame, then one can dream of fixing the problem with change in social policy. But if nature is to blame, there is nothing that can be done about it. It is why scapegoats existed through history. Mankind could do nothing about nature, so they found someone or something to blame for all the problems.

Anyway, all these considerations may explain why a white woman, Tilda Swinton, was cast in an Asian male role. Asian males are like eunuchs in the US. But, because the human mind always looks for someone to blame, some PC-brainwashed Asian males may blame ‘white racism’. But, in fact, blacks, Hispanics, and Jews feel the same way about Asians, especially in low regard to their manhood. ( Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor's main jokes about Asian males involve smaller penises sizes.) Also, even Asian-American females develop low opinions of the Asian-American male because, relative to men of other races, Asian-American males seem like such loser-dorks who fail in the competition of sports, pop music, and sexual rivalry. Some will say general perceptions are not fair to individuals. But general differences are real, and labels do matter. After all, given the cult of the Holocaust in the West, being ‘Jewish’ is like royalty, even if you’re a dumb worthless Jew. Given the problems with terrorism and anti-Muslim prejudice(fed by Jewish-dominated media eager to keep Americans on the side of Israel), even decent law-abiding Muslims come under suspicion merely for being Muslim. It’s just how it goes.

The eunuch-like status of the Asian-American male is best-illustrated than by the fact that the American media have chosen to prop up the homosexual George Takei as the face of Asian manhood. A third-rate actor of some 60s TV science fiction whose idea of ‘sex’ is bending over to be sodomized by a white guy(his ‘husband’) has become the iconic face of Asian-American manhood. Asian-Americans, least of all Asian-American males, didn’t choose the goofy-faced George Takei to represent the Asian-American Man. The media, controlled by Jews and Liberals, made George Takei the icon of Asian-American manhood. But then, the fact that Asian-American males accepted such marketing ploy goes to show that they are indeed a bunch of wusses who don’t mind being represented by someone like Takei. Of course, it might have something to do with Asian-American males being obsessed with geek/nerd culture, of which STAR TREK is a sacred cow.
Not only does decadent American Culture associate marriage with the fecal-penetrative acts of deviant homosexuals but it has elevated George Takei as THE most prominent face of Asian-American Manhood.
One word about David Carradine and KUNG FU. I was never a fan and recall the show as being decent but rather slow. But Carradine played the role with dignity. It's puzzling as to someone would characterize it ‘jarring’. ‘Boring’ maybe, especially as the action scenes were done in slow motion(as in SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN). Carradine’s laconic demeanor was actually more suitable for the low-key series than Bruce Lee’s firecracker intensity. Besides, he looks just peculiar enough to pass for ‘Eurasian’. KUNG FU’s main problem was taking itself too seriously and the funeral pacing, which is why I was never able to sit through an entire episode other than the pilot. (On the issue of Chinese-American hardships in 19th century America, it was very sympathetic in the manner of BILLY JACK with the Indians.)
Furthermore, hardly anything should be ‘jarring’ in Pop Culture that is inherently fantastic, ludicrous, and ridiculous. And besides, pop culture in Asia is often more ‘jarring’. In BUBBLEGUM CRISIS, the Megatokyo of 2032 is apparently dominated by... the Irish? The big boss of Genom is old Quincy. There are characters like Brian Mason and Ms. Madigan. The cop is named Leon McNichol and his partner is an Irish-Chinese homosexual named Daley Wong. The police chief has a Japanese name, but he’s a fat bald-headed black guy. Hong Kong ‘historical’ movies with wire-fu action scenes are hardly plausible on any level. Take something like EAST IS RED or SWORDSMEN III that is wildly post-modernist and brazenly anachronistic and cross-cultural.

Keith Chow writes:

"A few days later, DreamWorks and Paramount provided a glimpse of Scarlett Johansson as the cyborg Motoko Kusanagi in their adaptation of the Japanese anime classic ‘Ghost in the Shell.’ The image coincided with reports that producers considered using digital tools to make Ms. Johansson look more Asian — basically, yellowface for the digital age."

This is where Chow is being most disingenuous. He blames Hollywood for ‘white-washing’ Asian characters but is willfully blind to the fact that much of Japanese manga and anime practice white-washing-as-their-primary-appeal. Much of anime and manga are about Japanese, a Mongoloid people, pretending to be white or white-looking. Indeed, Western and Asian characters look nearly identical in manga and anime.
Now, some may argue that manga/anime characters don’t really look like anything real. Fair enough. But to the extent that illustrated-animated-or-cartoon character are caricatures of certain phenotypes, it is true enough that anime/manga represent Western physical features than Eastern ones. This is true in facial features but also in body shapes. Even though there is a wide range of body shapes in all races, East Asians tend to be more stockily built with shorter necks and shorter limbs. Some say this is the product of evolution, i.e. since East Asians evolved in extreme cold, it was an advantage to develop longer bodies and shorter limbs, thereby conserving more body heat at the body center. But anime/manga tend to feature exaggerated long-limbed characters who make Western fashion models look stocky in comparison. Just look at the characters of SAILOR MOON.
Indeed, one is likely to encounter far more aesthetic conformism in the East than in the West. Western comics and animation come in great variety and have no single standard of representation. There is no dominant aesthetic ideal. It has ranged from Disney to Looney Tunes to super-hero comics to ‘degenerate’ styles of graphic novels. In contrast, the dominant Japanese comic/cartoon aesthetic has been remarkably similar from adult-themed works to children’s works. Characters look more or less the same from the demented vagina-ripping THE LEGEND OF OVERFIEND to the heart-warming MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO. The Japanese manga/anime formula, though not without aesthetic variety, is almost like Nazi Art Policy in its conformist zeal in image and style. Or consider the characters of the manga series SANCTUARY.
SANCTUARY the gangster manga, more Eurasian than Asian.
In Asian movies, Asians have no choice but to cast Asians since most people in Asia are Asian.
(But even there, the leading characters often tend to be slightly more Western-looking than others. Consider the remake of HARA-KIRI where the main character's looks stand in stark contrast to the appearances of other characters who are more plainly Japanese/Asian.) But in the realm of comics and animation, the artist’s imagination can run wild and free. Japanese comic book artists and animators created Western-looking characters, and Japanese(and other Asians) have found the aesthetic very appealing.
Nausicaa by Miyazaki
In some cases, the characters are meant to be non-Asian. Hayao Miyazaki’s first two movies, NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WINDS and LAPUTA: CASTLE IN THE SKY are set in the mythological West. PORCO ROSSO is set in Europe following World War I. It was only with MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO that Miyazaki set a story in Japan, but even there, many characters look more Western than Eastern(and hardly distinguishable from the Western characters in his earlier works). Especially the younger daughter looks like an red-haired Irish brat. His latest, possibly last, work THE WIND RISES has characters who could easily pass for European. In the real world, there are ‘western-looking’ Asians, but they tend to be few and far between. But in manga and anime, such Western or Eurasian types are the standard. So, much of Asian pop culture are ‘white-washed’ to begin with. And the literal-minded and vulgar nouveau riche South Koreans have taken this even further. If Japanese mostly indulge their trans-racial fantasies in comics and animation, the brazenly tasteless South Koreans have decided to go whole hog and turn their country into the plastic-surgery capital of the world. A huge segment of South Korean women ‘whitewash’ their faces through plastic surgery and try to look Nordic by dyeing their hair blonde. These girls wish their fathers had been white and bestowed them with European genetics. And to the extent that many Asian men prefer these ‘whitewashed’ Asian women, they too indulge in the ‘trans-racial’ fantasy. Asians want to be Fantasy-Asians or FantAsians. They are dissatisfied with being Real Asians, looking like Real Asians, and feeling like Real Asians. They want to look white and feel with black souls. FantAsians are whore-slaves of the Tyranny of the Cool as dominated by Hollywood and MTV.
AKIRA anime
Now, there are some works of anime where the characters look more Asian, but even they tend to be more Eurasian than fully Asian. AKIRA is a good example. GHOST IN THE SHELL also falls into this category. It deviates from standard manga/anime aesthetics but not by much. While one could argue that the female character of THE GHOST IN THE SHELL is racially ambiguous, I would say she looks more Western than Eastern by facial and body type.
So, if Keith Chow is so into Asian pride and identity, why doesn’t he own up to the fact that much of Asian pop culture(in Asia itself!) is a fantasy of ‘whitewashing’ and that this fantasy is preferred by both Asian boys and Asian girls. Why doesn’t Keith Chow demand that Asian pop culture be more accurate in depicting characters that are supposed to be Asian? Consider the manga-anime series called GUUM, released initially as BATTLE ANGEL in the US. Look at the character of Daisuke Ito, a Japanese name to be sure. Seriously, does he look Asian to you?
Daisuke Ito
Now, suppose Hollywood is making GUUM into a movie and has to cast someone in the role of Ito. By his name, he is surely Japanese. But as depicted by Japanese illustrators, he would be better represented by some white guy if the movie were to be aesthetically faithful to the original vision of the manga/anime.
This is why Keith Chow is disingenuous when he bitches about ‘whitewashing’. He ignores the fact that Asians themselves are obsessed with it. (Japanese male manga/anime artists fantasize about Western female body types with generally larger breasts, rounder hips, and longer limbs. Even Asian characters are made to look Western.) Why doesn’t Chow mention the fact that a lot of Asian women want to be aesthetically ‘whitewashed’ through plastic surgery and hair-dyeing? Why doesn’t he mention the fact that many Asian-American women want their wombs to be ‘whitewashed’ with European semen and produce ‘racially superior’ Eurasian babies? (Of course, there is also black-washing, stylistically prevalent among many Asian-American males who lamely imitate the black rapper style. This goes for Eddie Huang, a pudgy Taiwanese dumpling who thinks he’s ‘cool’ because he dresses like some rapper homeboy and makes dumb ghetto gestures. I’m not against appreciating and learning from other cultures, but the mindless monkey-see-monkey-do imitativeness of Asian-Americans is surely nausea-inducing.) And of course, if not for their lack of sexual popularity, many Asian-American males would be like Tom Vu, the ‘legendary Asian pimp’, a ridiculous creature if there ever was one.
Eddie Huang. Sheeeiiiit. he sho be cool and badass!
If anything, Hollywood’s decision to cast white people in roles created by Japanese manga/anime should be taken as a compliment by Asians given the racial logic of Asian pop culture. If indeed much of Asian pop culture is about Asians-fantasizing-being-white, then it is only natural that white people would feel flattered by such fetishization and fantasization by an ‘inferior’ race — if Asians don't have racial inferiority complex, why do they go about imitating and ‘appropriating’ whiteness? — that wishes to be white and indulges the fantasy through illustrated fiction. If manga/anime is about Asian-fantasy-of-being-white, then movies made from anime/manga make more sense with white actors. Just think. If a bunch of white people made comics and cartoons where white characters are all depicted as black-looking in facial and physical characteristics, doesn’t it make sense to cast blacks in those roles EVEN IF the roles are supposed to be white? If Hollywood were to make SAILOR MOON, wouldn’t a blond white girl with long legs be more appropriate for that role than some stocky black-haired Japanese girl?
Or consider some Hong Kong comics by ‘Tony’ Wong — these yeller fellers sure love to take Western names(even when living in their own nations). If you knew nothing about the Wong's comics or didn't know that the characters are supposed to be Asian and only by the images, wouldn’t you think they are white than yellow? Also, in casting someone who resembles the character-as-illustrated, would you have better luck searching among whites or yellows? These are questions worth raising, but ‘Keith’ Chow falls back on the tiresome politically correct tantrum of blaming it all on ‘whiteness’.

Keith Chow writes:

"Why is the erasure of Asians still an acceptable practice in Hollywood? It’s not that people don’t notice: Just last year, Emma Stone played a Chinese-Hawaiian character named Allison Ng in Cameron Crowe’s critically derided ‘Aloha.’ While that film incited similar outrage (and tepid box office interest), no national conversation about racist casting policies took place."

Chow may have a legit gripe against ALOHA, but if the character is supposed to be part-white, part-native-Hawaiian, and part-Chinese, who says the actress has to be Asian? By the way, the film was not ‘acclaimed’. It was a failure with both critics and audiences. Chow fails to mention that Ng is supposed to be of Asian-Hawaiian-and-Swedish origin. Emma Stone looks ‘exotic’ enough to fit the bill in my opinion. Besides, Akira Kurosawa cast Richard Gere as half-Japanese character in RHAPSODY IN AUGUST. Gere played the role with grace, and no one complained. So, all this sniping over triviality is silly. Now, if Cameron Crowe meant Allison Ng to be fully Asian and then cast a blonde woman in the role, that would understandably raise eyebrows. But she’s was conceived of as a mixed-multi-race person. (Incidentally, given South Korean penchant for plastic surgery and blonde-hair-dyeing, it might actually make sense to cast a blonde Swede as a South Korean.)
Richard Gere as half-Japanese character in RHAPSODY IN AUGUST.
Besides, Chow’s complaints are misplaced if he is really concerned about Asian identity. If Asian-ness matters so much, it is not a good idea for Asians to emigrate to majority non-Asian nations where large number of Asian women marry outside the race and whose children will grow up with essentially white or black identities. Tiger Woods is actually more Asian than black, but he is perceived as ‘black’ in America that goes by ‘one-drop rule’ where blackness is concerned. Also, as the greater majority of white/yellow pairing is white male and yellow female, the kids grow up with Western last names and looking up to white fathers as the dominant figures in the household. They see their yellow mothers as the secondary figures in the household. I know, I know, Asian-American women are supposed to be ‘assertive’ and ‘individualistic’(relative to Asian women back in Asia, though, to be sure, plenty of Korean women are nuts back home), but in truth, Asian-American women go with non-Asian men for the simple reason that they want to sexually surrender to more dominant males. So, while Asian women who break out of their racial community and go with non-Asian men may be seen as being ‘assertive’, their ultimate goal is to sexually submit themselves to the superior male. If Asian-American women were into equality between the sexes, they should go with Asian-American men who are less manly and more ‘girlish’ than non-Asian men. But women want to give themselves to dominant, strong, big, and/or aggressive males.
So, there is a paradox in the Asian-American females’ desertion from Asian-American males. On the one hand, she is asserting her individual desire to be free and find her own happiness. But her happiness comes from sexually submitting to the more dominant male. So, she is breaking free of the inferior male to surrender to the superior male.

But even in cases where Asian-American males mate with non-Asian females(be they white, brown, Jewish, black, etc.), the result is a loss of identity through race-mixing(at least in majority non-Asian nations where the offsprings are more likely to marry non-Asian than Asian, thereby further diluting Asian-ness). Surely, a half-Asian person feels less Asian than a full-Asian person. And a quarter-Asian person feels even less Asian. As for a one-eighth Asian person, forget it. So, race-mixing is bound to lead to loss of identity. So, if Chow is into Asian-ness, his main anxiety should be that Asians are coming to the West and mixing into racial and cultural oblivion. Indeed, among full-blooded Asian-Americans(and even Asians in Asia), globalization has led to pop-culturalization of everything, thus dissolving racial, cultural, and historical roots and ties. Chow seems interested in nothing but Pop Culture this, Pop Culture that. Globalism and Pop Culture favor standardization, generic Hollywood iconography, and the cultish Tyranny of the Cool where worth is judged by shallow fashions dictated by cynical movers and shakers of the vice-vanity industry. Chow doesn’t resist the power of this all-pervasive globalist junk culture. He just bitches that there aren’t enough Asians represented in this trash heap. His attitude is just an anti-humanist surrender to the Tyranny of the Cool.

Also, if Chow is really concerned about the issue of identity in relation to Hawaii, shouldn’t his main concern be that both whites and Asians have stolen the islands from native Hawaiians? Hawaiians were minding their own business, but white Christians and imperialists arrived and gained control over that land. Granted, whites did a lot of good on the islands, and native Hawaiians benefitted from the coming of modernization. Even so, it was sad for an indigenous people to lose control of their ancestral lands to a conquering race. But whites didn’t stop there. They brought in tons of Asians to work and settle in Hawaii, and thus, Hawaiians ended up losing their lands to Asians as well to whites. What happened to Hawaiians is now happening to Tibetans in China. If Chow really cares about identity and culture, he should stop worrying about Tilda Swinton playing a male Tibetan monk and worry more about what his Chinese brethren are doing to Tibetan culture and identity. By some accounts, half the population of Tibet is now Han-Chinese. Of course, Beijing justifies Chinese imperialism in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘multi-culturalism’, just like Latin American Spanish imperialism is now retro-celebrated as having spread ‘diversity’ — never mind that it entailed the deaths of countless millions, mass enslavement, slaves from Africa, and ongoing racial inequalities. What the Chinese are doing to Tibetans is like what the Japanese once tried to do in Korea and Taiwan. It is like what the Jews did to Palestinians. But Chow’s silly mind is too obsessed with movies, comic books, and fairy-tales to worry about real problems of real peoples around the world. Who cares if Emma Stone played some Chinese-Swedish-Hawaiian character in ALOHA. The real tragedy of ALOHA is the native peoples of the Hawaiian islands have been reduced to minority status and must live under white and yellow domination. And same fate awaits Tibetans.

Besides, if one's really into cultural sensitivity, the main gripe should be about a national-spiritual culture being turned into comic book material. But Marvel Comics is hardly alone in 'appropriations' of cultures. Post-modernist or pomo penchant for collages and fusions have only sped up the process with 'intellectual' justification. In a way, such processes have always been at work throughout history given that every culture/civilization borrowed or 'stole' from others and transformed the 'foreign' into the domestic. Pre-modern Japanese culture took much from Chinese philosophy & arts and Indian spirituality. Koreans insist that Japanese culture owes much to the Korean, but Korean culture itself owes a great deal to Chinese culture. Much of the 'Korean' influences on Japan were actually Chinese in origin, just like much of the Japanese influences on Korea in modern times were Western in origin.
So, cultural cross-fermentation and exchanges have been happening all throughout history. What globalism has done is accelerate the process to the n-th degree, especially due to the internet and all pervasive domination, even tyranny, of Pop Culture and the Cult of the Cool, the ephemera controlled by entertainment industries run by narcissists and materialists. Globalist influence on culture can be harmful because the hyper-accelerated cross-fusions of cultures hardly allow much time for meaningful digestion, interpretation, and absorption. In pre-modern times, new ideas arrived gradually and were gradually transformed into part of the home culture. Consider the amount of time it took for Christianity, a faith originated in the Near East, to be absorbed into Europe. Or the time it took for Buddhism to spread out across Asia. Thus, there was ample time for foreign influences to enrich and deepen native cultures. And the end-result had lasting value since it had been afforded the time and space to work its magic. This is how national cultures developed and became distinct from other cultures. But globalism carpet-bombs every nation with such relentless shock-and-awe intensity with new fads & fashions and ideas & images that there is no time to absorb and digest anything into a new school of thought, new faith, new ideology, or new anything. It's like new dishes being served and replaced constantly without allowing the diner to get to acquaint himself with any in a meaningful way. (It's like homosexual behavior where everyone is buggering everyone with hardly any sense of real love or loyalty. Indeed, even 'gay marriage' is a sham as homosexuals get married just to own the badge of 'new normality'. It's the moral vanity of the immoral who've amassed so much privilege and favoritism[from Jews, the richest and most powerful people on Earth] that they can bribe politicians and blackmail would-be opponents into compliance.] Most 'married' homosexuals carry on with their wanton lifestyle of promiscuity and excess.) Also, even though globalism allows some degree of cross-cultural fusion, there are just a few dominant players. It is basically Western Pop Culture(largely owned by Jews, shaped by homosexuals, and humped & pumped by blacks) setting the template for other nations to copy and imitate, like Koreans do with tastelessness and soulless vulgarity.
But if the entire world is being 'white-washed', 'black-washed', and 'homo-washed' by the pervasive cultural imperialism of the West, many Western nations are being demographically color-washed by massive immigration, migration, and outright invasion. Even Europe, the ancestral homelands of white Europeans, is being flooded by waves and waves of Africans, Muslims and others who pose a grave demographic threat to the survival of White Europeans. If Hungarian patriots like Victor Orban want to protect and preserve their nations(like Koreans under Japanese colonialism dreamed of liberation and like Vietnamese under French and then American domination struggled for independence and sovereignty), venal globalist-Jews like George Soros seek to undermine national borders(except for Israel, of course) so that Jewish-Homo globalists will rule over an open-borders empire. Nations believe in walls; empires believe in smashing walls so that all nations, rendered defenseless without walls, will come under a single imperial authority . Indeed, the homo flag is now the banner of globalist imperialism on the march to remake the entire world into a playground for Jewish and Homosexual lawyers-in-love. It is the Capitalism of the Skin, the Socialism of the Silk. Totally bogus in conception and really just smoke-and-mirrors to mask the true agenda of globo-imperialist enterprise.

Now, which issue is more important? That some white people are playing silly roles in movies or that white nations are being color-washed by massive invasions of non-Europeans? Because Asians were right to struggle against imperialism and reclaim their ancestral lands, they should respect the right of European patriots to protect and preserve their own ancestral lands. PC-brainwashed Asian-Americans who support the invasion and destruction of white nations will then likely apply their warped logic onto their own nations of origin. And we see this already among Korean-Americans who are CucKorean agents of Jewish-Homosexual globalist-imperialism. Since the US is no longer ruled by white gentiles but by Jews and their chosen allies the Homosexuals, its Official Policy is 'Diversity is our strength'(even though growing diversity has made things worse for white Americans). Korean-Americans, being slavish and imitative by cultural and possibly genetic character, have swallowed this BS whole-hog. So, they serve as barking dogs of Jews and homosexuals. They cheer on the destruction of the white populations even in European nations. It's as if white nations should be color-washed out of existence.
If whites must lose control of white nations, it logically follows that Asians should lose control of Asian nations. And of course, this is the very fate that Jews have for Asian nations. This is why the Wall Street Journal urges massive emigration and immigration for Asian nations, e.g. Koreans should leave Korea for the West and welcome non-Koreans to demographically flood into Korea and transform it into a 'globalist' nation that is hardly Korean anymore. But in the long run, Koreans in America will just loser their identity, culture, language, and history. And Koreans will lose Korea to foreigners who keep arriving to take over everything. So, in the long run, Koreans will have lost everything. If Asians don't want globalism to destroy their own nations, they should not serve venal tycoons like George Soros who are hellbent on trying traditional nations like Hungary and Poland. He has venomous plans for Asia too.

Keith Chow writes:

"...while ‘Gods of Egypt’ and ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ continue the long tradition of Caucasians playing Egyptians."

I too have some problem with Europeans or white Americans playing Ancient Egyptians, but the Ancient Egyptians were mostly a Caucasoid people. They looked distinctly different from Europeans and Semites, but neither were most of them black in the Sub-Saharan sense. Indeed, your average Ancient Egyptian was more ‘Caucasoid’ than ‘Negroid’. So, the problem of whites playing Egyptians will not be fixed by having blacks play them. Hopefully, future movies will hire some real North Africans for such roles. But let’s face it. Hollywood movies are rarely about real people in real times and places. They are meant to be fantasy spectacles. Even when whites play white, Hollywood often overlooks ethnic differences. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter and may even lead to remarkable results. Marlon Brando and James Caan made splendid Sicilian-Americans in THE GODFATHER. But in other cases, it does look a bit strange, to say the least. Italian Westerns, aka Spaghetti Westerns, often have swarthy Southern Italians and Spaniards — even gypsies — cast as Men of the American West. Sometimes, it doesn’t quite work but is fun just the same: Rod Steiger as the Mexican Juan in DUCK YOU SUCKER. A great actor like Marlon Brando made a tremendous Mexican in VIVA ZAPATA. He was less convincing as a Japanese in TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON, which is however good for laughs.

One people who often ‘whitewash’ their ethnicity are Jews who feel that Jewishness is represented more positively when played by more ‘Aryan’-looking actors. Charlton Heston played Moses in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.
Hollywood's 'Aryanized' version of Moses
What the real Moses probably looked like.
Victor Mature played the Hebrew muscleman in SAMSON AND DELILAH, also by Cecil B. DeMille. Aidan Quinn played a blonde Irish-looking Jew in AVALON. We see this tendency in European films as well. A German actress played the Jewish intellectual Hannah Arendt. In an earlier Margaretha von Trotta film, the radical Jewess Rosa Luxemburg was also played by an ‘Aryan’ actress. Because Jewish looks are seen as ‘funny’ or ‘alien’, Jews have sought to make Jews more All-American or ‘Western’ by having gentile ‘golden boys’ and ‘golden girls’ play Jewish characters. Jane Fonda played Lillian Hellman in JULIA, film based on what was revealed to be a bogus account of events.
The real Lillian Hellman with heavily Semitic features
The 'Aryanized' Julia played by Jane Fonda. Ironically, Jews who hate Hitler for his aesthetic supremacism have often 'appropriated' white-gentile looks to make Jewishness look more appealing.
Handsome Montgomery Clift played Sigmund Freud in the John Huston movie. He also played a Jew in YOUNG LIONS. Because Jews are half-European/half-Semitic, some Jews do look very European, but most of them have some distinct Semitic features. Hollywood sometimes diluted this fact by having ‘golden boys’ and ‘golden girls’ play Jews(and by having Jews playing gentile roles). Some of this was actually more ‘jarring’ than Emma Stone in ALOHA, but it’s become a Hollywood convention.
Jews are most eager to ‘white-wash’ Jewish characters when it involves criminality or unethical behavior. For instance, movies like MARGIN CALL and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET mask the extent of Jewish role in the financial crisis by having Anglo- or Germanic-looking characters play Jews. In THE WOLF THE WOLF STREET, it’s all the more ironic since it is a story about a bunch of fiendish Jews pretending to head a respectable Wasp-owned white shoe investment firm to hoodwink the public.

Ironically, Jordan Belfort’s scheme isn’t all that different from what the notorious Nazi propaganda THE ETERNAL JEW said about the Zelig-like opportunistic fluidity of the Jew.
Belfort and his Jewish crew take perverse pride in passing themselves as respectable Wasps to hoodwink investors. The very 'antisemitic canard' that Jews condemn in THE ETERNAL JEW, they proudly practice in their financial behavior. (And the Jewish-dominated American media seem utterly untroubled by this.) THE WOLF OF WALL STREET's casting strategy mimics the con perpetrated by Jordan Belfort and his mostly Jewish partners-in-crime.
Jewish-controlled Hollywood will also hide the extent of Jewish role in the financial crisis by pulling all sorts of casting tricks. THE BIG SHORT is a perfect example of this kind. Just consider: Surely, everyone knows something about the financial disaster of 2008. So, what kind of people were most responsible for it? THE BIG SHORT pretends to name names and reveal who's who, but its overriding agenda is to hide Jewish names and faces. Indeed, it’s curious that the Jewish identities of those involved in the fraud are never mentioned, BUT we are explicitly made aware that one of the truth-seekers is JEWISH. In other words, Jews have faces when they have conscience, but they are conveniently faceless when plundering the world and robbing everyone. We the audience are made to follow Mr. Jewish Conscience as he tackles all these fraudsters. But, the face of Goldman Sachs is some Asian-Indian guy. Morgan Stanley is represented by a black woman. The face of CDO fraud is some grinning East Asian guy. Meanwhile, we see the Mr. Jewish Conscience outraged by all the greed and corruption of the banks and investors(even while trying to profit from the mess). THE BIG SHORT pretends to expose some dark truth, but its real agenda is to hide Jewish role in the fraud by using non-Jewish faces as fronts of evil and greed while presenting a Jewish face as conscience itself.
SLAM DUNK, the Japanese/Asian trans-racial fantasy.
Anyway, we mustn’t expect realism or accuracy from Hollywood movies. They are mostly escapist fantasies. They offer sensationalism and/or exoticism, and that factor accounts for their popularity. (Indeed, consider how your average Hollywood movie character is better-looking than the average person EVEN WHEN he or she is supposed to represent the Ordinary American.) But this is true of Japanese manga/anime as well. They are fantasies about Asians wanting to be white, or black in the case of SLAM DUNK.
There are rare cases where Hollywood does make something remarkable and intelligent despite compromises with historical facts and truth. LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is a sterling example, and I think one would have to be churlish not to admire Guinness’ masterly role as King Feisal. And Anthony Quinn made a magnificent Arab — and a great Greek as Zorba. He made a decent Eskimo in THE SAVAGE INNOCENTS. But whoever plays whomever, Hollywood simply isn’t synonymous with veracity. If you want to see what real Russia feels like, see a real Russian film, not a romantic epic like DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, which is splendid as romance-epic but hardly an accurate depiction of historical Russia.
All said and done, some movies work and some don’t, and it’s often a matter of nuance. Anthony Quinn in ZORBA THE GREEK worked because, apart from Quinn being a great character actor, Zorba represents not only Greekness but universal humanity. He represents age, experience, passion, nature, instinct. He’s like an old blues man who’s seen much of life.
Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, and Gong Li make total asses of themselves in MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA which should be called Memoirs of Egg Foo Young.
But, the casting of Chinese actresses in MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA was disastrous because the setting and story are all about the shadowy nuances of Japanese culture. It’s about peeking into a hidden culture. So, every detail has to look and feel totally Japanese for the conceit to work. Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li, and Zhang Ziyi look too distinctly Chinese to pass as Japanese.
And it’s a movie that calls for Japanese language for full exoticism to take effect. (On the other hand, Martin Scorseses’s KUNDUN had Asian characters speaking English but still created the impression of a unique cultural realm so different from our own.) Granted, MEMOIRS the movie was based on a Western book by a white man, but its main appeal was nevertheless cultural peculiarity. As directed by the man behind the musical CHICAGO, the result was like Orientalist FLASHDANCE.

Most Hollywood movies about other cultures are not about accuracy or nuance. They are essentially fantasies and have to be taken on that level. Also, Hollywood creates its own historical conventions. For example, Hollywood usually casts black American actors as Moors. Black Americans have roots in Sub-Saharan Africa. Actual Moors of history were North Africans ranging from light skin to dark skin, and even the dark-skinned ones looked distinctly different from Sub-Saharan Africans. Casting a black actor with Sub-Saharan roots as a Moor is like casting an Asian-Indian or Malaysian as Chinese or Japanese. But it has become standard for Hollywood to cast black-American actors as Moors or even as Ancient Egyptians. While some Egyptians were black or part-black, most were more Caucasoid than Negroid. Genetic tests show this. Even so, they were not Caucasoid like Europeans, and I can understand how whites-playing-Egyptians is problematic to some. (On the other hand, Hollywood decision to cast the wholly black Louis Gosset Jr. as Anwar Sadat was also inaccurate. Sadat the Egyptian surely has some Negroid blood, but he was certainly not a Sub-Saharan black. Incidentally, Sadat became a favorite to Hollywood Zionists because he sold Egyptian sovereignty down the river and turned his nation into a shill of the US and Israel.) But then, Ancient Greeks didn’t look like Northern Europeans, but movies like Zack Snyder's 300 cast people with very Germanic and Anglo features as Greeks. For those who care about historical veracity, that too could be ‘jarring’. But then, one doesn’t watch tripe like 300 to learn anything real about history or ethnicity. You’d have to be crazy to do so. Anyway, the main offense of EXODUS by Ridley Scott is it is terrible, not because who stars in it.

Keith Chow writes:

"Hollywood seems untroubled by these arguments. It’s not about race, they say; the only color they see is green: The reason Asian-American actors are not cast to front these films is because not any of them have a box office track record. But they’re wrong. If minorities are box office risks, what accounts for the success of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, which presented a broadly diverse team, behind and in front of the camera? Over seven movies it has grossed nearly $4 billion worldwide. In fact, a recent study by the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that films with diverse leads not only resulted in higher box office numbers but also higher returns of investment for studios and producers."

Fantasy takes flight from reality, and Hollywood, like Japanese anime and the video game industry, wallows in it because it’s what people want. In real life, women don’t have a chance against men in most physical confrontations, but movies(Western and Asian) are filled with killer-babe chicks who beat up an army of men. In actual professional fights, blacks dominate over whites, and blacks and whites dominate over Asians, and women don’t have a chance against men. But in movies and video-games use fantasy as the great equalizer, thereby making women and Asians just as tough or even tougher than white and black men. So, even as Keith Chow complains about inequalities perpetrated by Hollywood, it’s no less true that Pop Culture employs fantasy to realize equalities that simply cannot exist in reality.

I’ve seen one FAST AND FURIOUS movie, and it awful stupid, but its worldwide appeal is understandable enough: same reason why a trashy video game like GRAND THEFT AUTO is so popular. Anyway, it’s doubtful that one of the main appeals of the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise was its handful of Asian characters(who were hardly prominent). The main character was Van Diesel who is mostly white with some black blood. The rest were white or black, some were hot women, and there were some Asians too. ‘Diverse’ and ‘Asian’ aren’t the same. A movie can be racially diverse and be a hit, but this ‘diversity’ usually favors blacks over Asians. Blacks have the ‘cool’ factor that Asians generally lack. Blacks are associated with muscle, athleticism, powerful/commanding voices, height, and musicality. Blacks are also considered wild, funky, and funny, vibrant and expressive. Black movies without Asians often have crossover appeal among whites, but Asian movies without whites and blacks are almost never popular among whites and blacks. (But then, how many East-Asian-Americans are eager to watch movies with predominantly Asian-Indian or Arab characters?) So, if the diversity includes some blackness, it often spells box office success. And Asian women might have some box office appeal too. They are seen as me-so-horny ‘yellow fever’ types. But Asian males generally don’t translate into box office popularity. Asian males aren’t associated with athleticism. Many have thin voices relative to other races. Many lack height and physical stature. And it is well-understood among women that Asian men generally have smaller genitalia than white and especially black men. Women around the world aren’t turned on by Asian males. And even in Asia, many yellow boys and girls prefer to watch Hollywood movies with white/black characters than Asian movies with Asian characters. Also, yellow boys and girls often imitate White Rock or Black Rap. Even much of Asian pop music is a pale imitation of white/black styles.

So, Keith Chow needs to understand that the Asian male is NOT cool. When diversity succeeds in box office, it usually doesn’t mean Asian males(or short Mexican males). Suppose the lead actors of FAST AND FURIOUS were Asian. Would the franchise have succeeded? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t bet on it. So many Asians listen to White Rock and Black Rap, but how many whites and blacks listen to Asian pop? So many Asians are glued to black-dominated NBA games, but how many whites and blacks care about Asian sports? Japan puts on all these MMA fight tournaments, but they are dominated by whites and blacks. So, even if diversity does wonders for box office, it doesn’t mean that every racial or ethnic group is equally appealing. For example, most women in the world don’t care for Chinese or Hindu males. Now, there are good-looking and studly Chinese and Hindu guys, but on average, Chinese and Hindu males are seen as dorky. And if you walk around college campuses and compare Chinese male students with non-Chinese, the Chinese ones tend to be shorter. It’s just how nature works. Blame evolution.
Keith Chow seems to want more movies like FAST AND FURIOUS because it has a 'diverse' cast. I don't care if F&F is all white, all black, all brown, or all yellow. The damn thing needs to stop because it's all bad.
Consider some movies with Asian characters that have not fared well at the box office. Take SUNSHINE, which I liked, but it did poorly in the theaters. BULLET TO THE HEAD with Sylvester Stallone had an Asian co-lead in Sung Kang, but it was a box-office bust. To be sure, it was a terrible movie(though by the great Walter Hill). And BLACK HAT with prominent Asian co-leads was also a box office wash. So, ‘diversity’ as box office formula isn’t well-correlated with Asian presence. To be sure, one could argue that Hollywood places Asians in movies with less box office potential in the first place. After all, STAR WARS or IRON MAN are going to be surefire hits whether they have Asian actors or not. Same with TWILIGHT, which has an Asian actor Justin Chon in a supporting role. (That was actually a case of yellow-washing as the original character as written by Stephanie Meyer is white. The black vampire in the movie is a case of ‘black-washing’ as Meyer’s original character is a Frenchman.) In contrast, some movies are destined to be more risky at the box office, with or without Asian actors. I think SUNSHINE failed because it was too intelligent for most people. BULLET TO THE HEAD was just tiresome Stallone vehicle. And BLACK HAT, though not without virtues, was confused and overly complicated.
Buddy movie as duddy movie. Bad movies cannot be saved by casting. OTOH, bad movies like RUSH HOUR still manage to become hits by delivering enough dumb laughs for dumb audiences.
But it should hardly be controversial to say that Asians aren’t as ‘cool’ as some other races. Part of the reason is surely hype and marketing. Asians are promoted far more in Asia nations, so Asian stars have solid success there. But even if Hollywood promoted Asians as much as other races, Asians(especially the males) will fall short in the competition because most people prefer Western looks to Eastern ones — keep in mind even Asian people themselves feel this way and get plastic surgery to look white or choose to have white-looking babies with white sex-mates — and because Asians are deemed less physical and musical than blacks.
But such perceptions affect Jews as well. With all their money and power, Jews have still failed to convince people that Semitic looks are as appealing as ‘Aryan’ ones or that Jewish manhood measures up to black manhood. Most actors with very visible Semitic looks are not favored by box office. Also, some of the biggest Jewish stars didn’t look Jewish or Semitic: Kirk Douglas for example. (And because of Jewish preference for ‘Aryan’ features in their sex-mates, many Jews are genetically more European than Semitic and look it, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Alicia Silverstone.) How many women think of Woody Allen or Albert Brooks as romantic fantasy material? And most men and most women aren’t too crazy about women who look like Barbra Streisand whose fame rested mostly on comic and singing ability. Who played the Semitic-looking Golda Meir(who looked like Lyndon B. Johnson)? It was the Nordic Ingrid Bergman. And consider the Jewish runner Harold Abrahams with heavy Semitic features. Looking at him, you can understand why he was filled with resentment. But notice how he was ‘Aryan-washed’ in THE CHARIOTS OF FIRE by the Catholic Ben Cross, as if indeed, ‘Aryan’ features are nobler than Semitic ones. Jews don’t seem to mind this because it makes Jews look more ‘universally appealing’.
Ingrid Bergman
Golda Meir who denied the existence of the Palestinian people.
The very Semitic-looking real Harold Abrahams
The 'Aryanized' Abrahams played by Ben Cross who looks like Charlton Heston the 'Moses'.

Keith Chow writes:

"And Hollywood’s argument is circular: If Asian-Americans — and other minority actors more broadly — are not even allowed to be in a movie, how can they build the necessary box office clout in the first place? To make matters worse, instead of trying to use their lofty positions in the industry to push for change, Hollywood players like Mr. Landis and Mr. Sorkin take the easy, cynical path."

Fair enough, but it’s not true that Asians are totally shut out of Hollywood movies. What is the percentage of Asian-Americans in America? I think it’s like 5%. If we include only East Asians, it is considerably below that. Does Hollywood movies and TV show feature Asian-Americans at least at the 5% level? I think so. Also, while Hollywood Jews may be wary of Asian inroads into Hollywood(the bastion of Jewish Power and Influence — Jews created it, after all), why don’t Asians invest in big-budget Hollywood movies with a large Asian cast? Surely, there are plenty of rich people in Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Korea who can pull their resources together and fund a Hollywood movie with lots of Asian characters. One thing Asia doesn’t lack is rich tycoons. Besides, Columbia is owned by Sony, a Japanese company. So, why just bitch about Hollywood? Why don’t Asians invest in big-budget American movies with large Asian cast? Asian-Americans sometimes sound like blacks who complain of lack of investment in places like Detroit. Blacks say it is ‘racist’ to pass over black communities as risky investments, but it’s not just white people but also Jewish people, Liberals, and Asians who aren’t overly enthused about investing in black-majority areas. Indeed, even rich black people choose not to invest in such places. If indeed black communities offer great investment opportunities, people like Oprah and Chris Rock should invest their considerable wealth in Detroit and Baltimore and double their fortunes. But even rich blacks prefer to invest their money elsewhere.
Japan, still militarily occupied by the US and serving as its political whore, succumbs to the neo-imperialist globalist-homosexual agenda. Korea is an even bigger whore-puppet of America and allows homosexual celebration in Seoul.
Anyone who knows about Power and follows the MONEY knows that the globo-homosexual agenda is the funded, promoted, and pushed by Jewish Supremacists who control America. Japan, an economic & military dependent of the US just follow along like dogs. Japanese lack sovereignty and agency of, say, Russia, China, and Iran to resist the the Zio-Homo agenda. Japan is called a 'democracy', but it is a one-party oligarchy that elects only puppets of the US empire. Also, Japanese masses, like trashy American masses, now have no culture left but shallow pop culture, and therefore, Japanese values are now promoted by celebrity culture and hype. Same in stupid trashy Korea.
Same logic applies in the case of Asians-and-Hollywood. If, as Keith Chow contends, movies with lots of Asian themes and Asian actors have great worldwide box-office potential, why doesn't he try to persuade rich people in Asia to invest in Hollywood productions filled with Asian actors? Why just blame ‘white people’ in Hollywood, all the sillier when Hollywood is really controlled by Jewish Zionists and neo-globo-imperialist homosexuals than by white gentiles. How many Texan cowboys, Southern Rednecks, and West Virginian hillbillies call the shots in Hollywood? The entertainment industry in L.A., like the media industry in New York, is heavily dominated by Zionist Jews and their main allies, the globalist-imperialist homosexuals.
Indeed, notice how Hillary Clinton, a total Zionst shill, praises Israel for its ‘Gay Pride parades’ while overlooking the fact that Israel was founded on ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and continues to occupy Palestinian lands and oppress Palestinian peoples. Since Israel has ‘gay pride parades’, it is considered as part of the superior & ‘more evolved’ West that has the license to carry out atrocities against the non-white Palestinian people who are 'less evolved' on Political Homo-Transexism. (Brother Nathanael is something of a kook, but he is correct that Jewish Supremacists use Political Homo-Transexism to justify neo-Western imperialism. Hillary the shillary would have us believe that Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinians is okay because... uh... Israel has ‘Pride parades’. Imagine if a Western nation conquered an Asian nation, turned the native population into serfs, but then justified its domination by saying it has ‘gay pride’ parades. Sickening.)

Keith Chow writes:

"‘Harold and Kumar’ trilogy, starring John Cho and Kal Penn, was able to quadruple its production budget after box office and home media sales. Meanwhile, films with white stars fail at the box office all the time. Chris Hemsworth, who stars in this weekend’s ‘Huntsman’ sequel, has had many more box office flops than successes, yet he is considered a bankable movie star."
Harold and Kumar act the fool as counter-stereotypes
Well, Harold and Kumar movies were relatively low-budget, so they didn’t have to make much to turn a profit. Anyway, it’s dispiriting that Keith Chow would endorse such movies that dabble in all sorts of racial stereotypes. Harold and Kumar movies were made by Jews, and they are loaded with the worst kinds of stereotypes, especially of ‘small town’ white people. But Chow evidently thinks it’s okay for Asians to collaborate with Hollywood Jews to depict gentile whites as a bunch of bimbos, bastards, bullies, and bitches. But if Chow is honest, he should know that the majority of hatred and violence directed at Asian-Americans come from blacks, not from white gentiles. Indeed, consider the following article:
Notice how the account is totally biased given the prevailing media conventions. Though drily and objectively reported, we know the article’s tone would have been different if white students randomly attacked Jewish, black, or homosexual students. Then, the tone would have been judgmental, condemnatory, and impassioned. There would have been words like ‘hate crime’ and ‘racism’ thrown all around. But since it was about blacks attacking yellows, the tone is moderate and measured. It speaks of ‘tensions’ when it’s clearly black-on-yellow aggression.

But, the likes of Keith Chow are too obsessed with fantasy movies based on comic book movies to care about real Chinese-American compatriots who are really being pounded by black fists. People like Chow should ponder why the violence between blacks and yellows is so overwhelmingly black-on-yellow than the other way around? (Some will say it’s because poor people tend to attack more affluent people, but most black-on-Asian violence is about poor blacks — and middle class blacks — attacking poor Asians, many of them ‘fresh off the boat’.) Of course, the official PC line is that ‘race is just a social construct’, but in truth, races are real and racial differences are real. Blacks are generally bigger and more muscular than Asians, and that is why blacks routinely bully, insult, and attack Asians in schools such as the one in Philadelphia. But many white students are also victimized by black thuggery, a fact overlooked by the Jewish-controlled media that promote the myth of black nobility and ‘white guilt’ to paralyze the white gentile community perceived by Jews as their main rival for socio-political dominance. (Jews fear that any rise in white solidarity may eventually lead to white gentiles challenging Jewish elite power. After all, it was growing Asian-Indian nationalist solidarity that overthrew the British Imperialists. And it was rising Han Chinese nationalism that finally dealt a deathblow to centuries-old Manchu domination and drove out the Western Imperialists.)

Anyway, the dynamics of black-on-yellow violence offers a clue as to why blacks are ‘cool’ and yellow are not. America is about freedom and ruthless competition. It is about winners and losers. Despite all the guff about ‘equality’ and ‘sensitivity’, America is all about the freedom to compete, win, dominate, and showboat. It’s like Muhammad Ali knocking opponents out and celebrating that he is the ‘greatest’. It’s like powerful homosexuals, with the support of even more powerful Jews, putting on massive ‘gay pride’ victory marches around the world to show off their neo-globo-aristocratic power. As Patton said, Americans love a winner and despise a loser. After all, immigrants come to America to rise up and win, not to be equal with everyone else. Winner takes all, especially in glory and prestige. While some Americans may feel pity for yellows who get pushed around by blacks, they also admire blacks for their power and aggression. (Also, pity eventually turns into contempt, and this is especially true among women. So, even as Asian-American women may feel pity for Asian-American guys who get pushed around by other races, they also come to feel contempt for the men of their race as ‘losers’ and ‘wimps’. And women with individual freedom generally shut off their wombs to ‘loser’ men. Evolution made female psychology to feel that way. So, if a black guy kicked Keith Chow’s ass, a Chinese-American girl might feel sorry for Chow but also feel contempt for him as a loser. She might also hate the black guy for attacking someone of her race but also be turned on by his macho toughness and want to have his child.) The thug culture of rap is a dominant musical form. It is cool because it’s about male dominance. Americans worship sports. Asian males are seen as worthless in power-music and in power-sports. And when a people, especially the males, are seen as objects of pity, they also become objects of contempt. Most movies are fantasies of power, and most Americans don’t associate Asians with natural power. Since men have pride in having power whereas women have pride in submitting to men of power, Asian-American women have an advantage over Asian-American men. A hot yellow girl can submit to some tough white boss/hero or some tough black athlete or rapper. Women merely need to given themselves to the men of power. But men have to win the game of power on their own.

Now, Asian-Americans may work like ants and gain a measure of prestige and privilege in the academia or corporate world, but that kind of ‘classroom’ or ‘middle-management’ status isn’t ‘cool’. It’s not the stuff of thrills or excitement. Pop culture is about thrills. It is about orgasmic fantasy. Indeed, this is why so many Asian-Americans and Asians worship blackness despite all the violence done against Asians by blacks in America. You’d think Asians and Asian-Americans would sympathize with Asian victims of black aggression and crime, and of course, on some level they do. But such Asian victims are seen as ‘uncool’ losers who couldn’t fight back and got their ass whupped. Asian-Americans and Asians seek thrill to the thug cult of rap music and black athleticism. They are too addicted to the Cult of Black Coolness to connect the dots on how black dominance in muscle leads to physical attacks on Asians in schools and streets. (There is, of course, also the Cult of Political Correctness that, like in the movie GROUNDHOG DOG, resets the national discourse on race back over and over and over to the Civil Rights Era when blacks were lionized as innocent angels, as in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, a novel/movie has zero relevance in today’s America where blacks routinely and brazenly commit acts of racial violence against non-blacks.) But that is how the Tyranny of the Cool works. If a people are ‘cool’, they are above the law. They are ‘badass’ and can get away with anything. It’s like colleges do everything in their power to shield black star athletes, even when they are accused of rape or get into all sorts of bad behavior.
Shiite! The Invasion of the Yellow Munchkin People.
But then, even as Asian-Americans get no respect as individuals — they are seen as geeks and nerds who get their ass whupped by everyone — , Asians are collectively seen as a threat or menace. If the mass media often wallow in Yellow Peril, Chow needs to ask, "Who controls the media?" Jews do, of course. Almost nothing gets done in the US media or entertainment without Jewish input or approval. (Notice that the media are far more tolerant of anti-Asian, anti-white-gentile, anti-Russian, and anti-Muslim rants and sentiments than anti-Zionist or anti-homosexual expressions.) Indeed, Jews have been hyping anti-Asian(mostly Chinese), anti-Muslim, and anti-Russian passions to divert Americans from the overwhelming fact of Jewish power that affects us all. Notice how Jewish globalist policy has pulverized the Middle East & North Africa, consequently inundating Europe with the massive ‘refugee’ invasion crisis. But, Jews like George Soros and Madeleine Albright try to push all the blame on Vladimir Putin and Russia. Most ordinary Jews are decent people, but Jews who control the powerful institutions and industries around the world are truly wicked. (Madeleine Albright is like Lazar Kaganovich who served under Stalin. Kaganovich felt no pity for millions killed by Soviet policies. Albright thinks it was ‘worth it’ to let half a million Iraqi women and children die by malnutrition and disease. Of course, her ilk would never support economic sanctions against Israel that has 300 illegal nuclear missiles, continues to steal Palestinian land, and forces Arabs in the occupied West Bank to live under a state of apartheid.) Keith Chow seems cognizant of the fact that Jews like Max Landis and Aaron Sorkin may be pulling a dirty one on Asians, but then, he’s also full of praise for Jews behind Harold and Kumar movies that resort of all sorts of vile and nasty caricatures about white gentiles, especially those in small towns who are suffering heavily from Jewish-dominated globalism. While there are unpleasant white gentiles(just like there are nasty Asians), it is standard Hollywood practice to depict most Domestic Evil and awfulness in the form of whiteness. (Foreign evil is usually Russian, Asian, or Muslim, but never Jewish or Zionist. Go figure.) This vilification of white gentiles is not only unfair but cruel when so many white people are now hurting due to globalization that has only benefited the urban class of haute Liberals and Jewish globalists who get richer and own politicians like Hillary Clinton and the ‘cuckservative’ stooges of the GOP.

Also, what are Harold and Kumar movies about? They are about celebration of hedonism, trashy behavior, stupidity, and debauchery. Worse, it’s one of those things that wallows in stereotypes while pretending not to. Indeed, more often than not, a Counter-Stereotype is just another stereotype. Instead of representing and understanding real people for what they are, it merely presents the exact opposite of the ‘negative stereotype’. For example, there’s been the stereotype of Italian-Americans as gangsters and criminals. So, the Counter-Stereotype might present Italian-Americans as just-like-any-other-group, so law-abiding and All-American. There’s the stereotype of blacks being loud, aggressive, and thuggish. So, the Counter-Stereotype gives us the Ideal Negro who is so kindly and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Morgan Freeman has a patent on this Nice Negro ‘trope’. There’s been the stereotype of homosexuals as a bunch of flaming promiscuous debauchers in ‘sexual’ excess, so the Counter-Stereotype presents homosexuals as utterly clean-cut, middle class, and respectable. You’d think it’s "Leave It to Beaver" or "Father Knows Best" with homosexuals instead of straight people. There is the stereotype of Asian women as ‘submissive and demure’, so the Counter-Stereotype presents Asian women as rancorous, rebellious, and ‘empowered’. And there is the stereotype of the Asian-American male as nerds and geeks who only know math and STAR TREK novels, so Harold and Kumar movies offer the Counter-Stereotype of the ‘cool’ Asian guys who are into drugs, partying, and ‘hanging out’.

While stereotypes are unfair in overlooking the considerable range of differences in any group, they are generally informative to the extent that certain kinds of attitudes and behaviors are more prevalent in certain groups than in others due to culture, history, or genetics. It is true that Italian-Americans, along with Jewish-Americans and Irish-Americans, were more prominent in organized crime than, say, Swedish-Americans or Japanese-Americans were. It is true that blacks tend to be louder, more rambunctious, more disruptive, and more aggressive than other races. After all, the Stop-and-Frisk policy in New York was essentially meant to monitor and control bad black behavior. And black are the worst bullies in interracial violence all across America.
On the other hand, even though it is deemed ‘racist’ to say ‘blacks are loud’, the very people who frown at such stereotypes will praise blacks for being for ‘colorful’, ‘musical’, and ‘vibrant’, which are code-words for ‘blacks are big on volume’.
But of course, stereotypes are caricatures and often overlook the richness of social & cultural reality in all their variances and nuances. Hollywood and Jewish-controlled American entertainment industry generally peddle two modes when it comes to most racial or ethnic groups: Stereotype and Counter-Stereotype. So, Hollywood and Music industry give us lots of loud, crazy, wild, and rambunctious blacks with little on their minds but thuggery, violence, narcissism, egomania, and sex.... but also the Cosby Show clean-cut Negroes.
Welcome to Hypocritical PC America where it is 'racist' and 'hateful' to say blacks are loud, thuggish,and criminal but perfectly okay to enjoy black pop culture that takes pride in blacks being loud, thuggish, and criminal.
The entertainment complex markets this stuff because so many Americans love to watch wild crazy blacks singing thug-rap or acting clownish(like Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy) on the big screen. But then, to cover their tracks for having profited from such lurid stereotypes(with the full participation of blacks, of course), Hollywood gives us the Counter-Stereotypes of blacks as oh-so-noble, spiritual, wise, gentle, kindly, and even holy. It gives us Chris Rock, a black guy doing black-face act, shouting ‘nigger’ a thousand times OR Kanye West who bellows about how all women wanna suck his ‘dick’. But then, the entertainment complex gives us Morgan Freeman with his Magic Negro demeanor. Jewish Liberal Hollywood peddles both hormones and sermons. It gives us Mandingo and Magic Negro. It gives us Da Bomb and Uncle Tom. It has little interest in actual black reality with all its complexities and problems.
Same goes for all other ethnic groups. On the one hand, there is the simple stereotype that ranges from negative/offensive to funny/entertaining. On the other hand, there is the too-good-to-true counter-stereotype that reminds us that different groups are ‘just as good and decent like the rest of us’. Peddling Counter-Stereotypes presumably washes away the sin of peddling Stereotypes, thereby permitting more peddling of Stereotypes(to be redeemed by more Counter-stereotypes).
Real artists like Martin Scorsese gave us something far more interesting, provocative, and challenging(because reality is always filled with variables) in films like MEAN STREETS, RAGING BULL, and GOODFELLAS that dramatized the Italian-American experience with all its color, crime, andcorruption. Asian-Americans who care about real culture and real art should aspire to learn from real artists like Scorsese and Sidney Lumet(at his best), whose DOG DAY AFTERNOON and PRINCE OF THE CITY are notable films with no easy answers. (On the other hand, most people of all races would rather watch formulaic trash, an attitude that accounts for the failure of so many great films at the box office. Keith Chow himself is a full-grown man but immersed in what looks like comic book culture. This is called 'progress', but is it really? Chinese males in the past didn’t obsess over comic books and fantasy movies well into their 30s or 40s. They were into family and adult responsibilities. I guess those were the bad old reactionary days. Flight from Reality into Neverland is so much ‘cooler’.)

Indeed, Asians and Asian-Americans need to wean themselves from their addiction to mostly brainless Pop Culture that only reinforces the anti-human Tyranny of the Cool that favors narcissism and nihilism over humanism and morality. If the Cult of the Cool should determine which peoples deserve respect/sympathy and which peoples deserve derision/contempt, then we have fallen into a Fashion-Fascism Trap that values peoples by standards of iconic idolatry than by their humanness. Now, some Asians and Asian-Americans might protest that, even if the Tyranny of the Cool is unfair, it’s the only game in town according to globalism, and therefore, Asians must play by its rules or be left behind. In a global culture dominated by Hollywood, MTV, and other Industries of Narcissism and Idolatry, the value of any nation, race, ethnic group, and culture is mostly measured by the Cool Quotient. So, races or nations with higher Cool Quotient get more love, respect, sympathy, and admiration than ones with lower Cool Quotient.
Indeed, all this trashy K-Pop imitation of Western Whore Culture is a desperate effort to conform to this globalist standard. But, if Asians and Asian-Americans are really for truth, justice, and independence, why should they always follow, imitate, obey, and conform to the West(that is now controlled by Zionist imperialists and decadent neo-aristocratic homosexuals)? If Asians really want to go against stereotype and stand up for truth, why are they so eagerly imitating and seeking approval from the West, the current culture of which celebrates little else but homosexual vanity, Jewish supremacism, black thuggery, and the narcissism of sluts?
Indeed, Keith Chow’s opinion piece offers no vision for an independent and sovereign Asian mind-set, outlook, or culture. It is just a babyish tantrum about how ‘white Hollywood’ won’t hire enough Asian actors for big dumb movies based on comic books. He isn’t for truth, freedom, or honesty. He just wants his kind to gain the approval of Hollywood and American audiences. He appears to like Harold and Kumar movies because they feature Asian males — a Korean-American and an Asian-Indian-American — in Counter-Stereotypical roles as ‘cool’ guys who smoke pot and act stupid. He never asks if it’s worth it for Asians to abandon their ancestral homelands for America just to conform to trashy cultural norms that have destroyed so many lives, spiritually or physically. Chow seems unfazed by the fact that American Pop Culture’s vision of youth is about mindless prowling for easy highs followed by predicable lows. Yes, sex and drugs are a common part of youth culture in America(largely due to toxic Pop Culture controlled by Jews who peddle that stuff to kids like British Jews once peddled opium to the Chinese masses), but artists must seek honest and moral ways of observing and representing reality(with all its temptations, thrills, and consequences, often negative) than celebrate and wallow in sensationalism that overlook the pitfalls of excess. (Certain fantasies are more dangerous than others. Surely, a fantasy of being a princess in love with a prince or a brilliant doctor finding the cure for cancer is less harmful than the fantasy of being a slut-whore who screws around, drinks like a fish, abuses drugs, and finding happiness in being totally out of control. That way leads to Lindsey Lohan-ism. Because of our culture of excess and nihilism, today’s fantasies are far more dangerous to young ones than fantasies of Old Hollywood. John Wayne was merely tough, a man who sometimes killed when he had to. Today’s violent heroes mow down entire peoples in the most gory sadistic manner. Joan Crawford was sexy and glamorous but had some class. Today’s female leads are shameless trashy whores. Everything is ‘extreme’ today. Even non-pornographic forms of entertainment pursue a raw intensity that has no consideration of taste, values, or limits. Current Popular Culture is poisoning kids.)

Keith Chow writes:

"Such facts reveal Hollywood’s dirty little secret. Economics has nothing to do with racist casting policies. Films in which the leads have been whitewashed have all failed mightily at the box office. Inserting white leads had no demonstrable effect on the numbers. So why is that still conventional thinking in Hollywood?"

Chow is half-right in this sense: A movie that is doomed to fail at the box-office will not be saved by having a white actor in a role that makes mores sense with an Asian one. The dreadful 47 RONIN with Keanu Reeves was bound to fail no matter who starred in it. But, one could argue that  it would have been even a bigger flop with an Asian actor. While it’s true that some Chris Hemsworth movies have done poorly at the box office, they might have done worse with Asian actor as lead. Chow overlooks the fact that sex appeal is a big factor in why people flock to the theaters. And for the most part, Asian males are not considered sexy by American standards that are used to white males and black males who are deemed more masculine or aesthetically pleasing. (After all, as mentioned earlier, even Japanese manga/anime and Hong Kong comics abound in characters who look more white than Asian even though they are supposed to be Japanese or Chinese.) Also, we need to remember that the box office failure of some movies have everything to do with the poor taste of most moviegoers, and this is a worldwide problem. Arguably, Chris Hemsworth’s best movie role was in RUSH, but it barely broke even.

Keith Chow also seems unaware that whiteness-as-standard of Western Entertainment cuts both ways. While it’s true that whites are likely to get the lion’s share of positive/heroic roles, they are also likely to be depicted as villains and figures of evil. This is as true in government propaganda as in Hollywood movies. For instance, the main terrorist threat in Europe comes from the Muslim community, but most propaganda videos made by the EU present white males as main terrorist subjects. And it’s the same in the US. Even though the terrorist attacks in the US have been by disproportionately by Muslims, the face of ‘terrorist’ threat is usually the ‘white male’. And even though blacks commit the disproportionate share of ‘hate crimes’, the face of the hate-criminal is always the Evil White Male. Whenever the government in the EU or US depicts the face of evil in one of their propaganda videos, the perpetrator is invariably the white male. So, even as the West promotes ‘diversity’, evil is always depicted in government propaganda as solely owned by white males. So, good things come in all colors, but bad things come in one color: usually white, male, and gentile.

And there is also ‘white-washing’ of the street criminal in Hollywood movies and TV shows. In American cities, much of the street crime are perpetrated by black thugs, but Hollywood almost always features white thugs or a gang of mixed-raced thugs when, in fact, most black street thugs don’t hang out with white guys. In reality, much of the street crime in America are committed by gangs that are all-black. But the news media refer to these thugs as ‘youths’ or ‘teens’. Indeed, some pushes of PC(political correctness) even say the word ‘thug’ is ‘racist’ because it is a code-word for ‘black thugs’. In that case, ‘racism’ might as well be synonymous with ‘honest about racial reality’. Of course, if gangs of white kids went around attacking people of other race, the Jewish-controlled media would raise alarms and refer to the attacks as WHITE THUGS. Indeed, the media even ‘white-washed’ George Zimmerman as a ‘white’ guy. And when a bunch of blacks raped a Hispanic girl in Texas, the Jewish-controlled media referred to the sex-criminals as ‘Texans’, a term that invokes white cowboys in the minds of most people. New York Times’ coverage of the incident was especially shameful, but then, NYT is the flagship of Jewish supremacism and hypocrisy. Now, imagine of a bunch of white males had raped a Jewish girl. NYT would have screamed ‘Another Holocaust’. Indeed, the Jewish-controlled media even make up stories of white rapist gangs in colleges to perpetuate the myth that colleges are terrorized by Nazi Rapists.

Not only is black crime often ‘whitewashed’ in movies and TV shows(as if white thugs are terrorizing American society while upstanding black officers of the law, with the help of noble black citizens, are working so tirelessly to protect helpless Americans from evil white males), but foul Jewish behavior is also ‘whitewashed’ in American popular culture, as mentioned above in the cases of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, MARGIN CALL, and THE BIG SHORT. Indeed, even though so many crooks in finance and government have been Jewish, the bad guys are usually depicted in Hollywood movies and TV shows as Anglo-Wasp types. Of course, when the Anglo-Wasp types become over-used, there is the evil Asian character(the neo-Fu-Manchu), the Arab moneyman, or the Russian gangster. Jews have control over international finance, big media, US government, elite colleges, gambling industries, internet monopolies, oil companies, and even organized crime(especially in Israel and Russia), but Hollywood would have us believe that the world is dominated by evil blonde wasps, Chinamen, Arabs, and Russians. Of course, all nations have their share of powerful people, but given the extent of Jewish aggression around the world — the destruction of the Middle East and North Africa, the implosion of Ukraine, the ‘new cold war’ with Russia, and rising tensions in Asia — , many of the global ills can be traced to Jewish manipulations of finance, media, and US foreign policy. But never mind all that. Hollywood would have us believe that US is controlled by evil blonde Wasps and that US faces an existential threat from...uh... North Korea that has 1/40th the economy of South Korea. Of course, North Korean baddies are really supposed to represent the Chinese Threat. Since Hollywood makes big money from China, it limits the vilification of the Chinese. But Hollywood Jews know that Americans cannot tell a ‘gook’ from a ‘chink’, so if a bunch of movies show the Norks as bad guys, it will have the same effect as spreading ‘yellow peril’ fears about the Chinaman. These are matters of some importance, but Chow’s main obsession is about Hollywood movies based on Japanese anime(with Western-looking characters) casting white actors. Wow, what a sense of priority.

Whites have another thing to worry about in the form of black-washing and pink-washing. In order for Jews to firmly establish their dominance over white gentiles, it is in the interest of Jews to destroy white identity, white unity, white pride, white consciousness, white righteousness, and white majority. The core power of any race derives from the unity of the men and women. After all, without German men and German women having children together, there are no more German people. Without Chinese men and Chinese women having children together, there are no more Chinese people. When the women of a race respect the men of the race, together they have children of their race, and the race goes on and can seek mastery over its destiny and territory. (Jews want to undermine the notion that European women belong to European men and that European men belong to European women and that European lands belong to European men and women. Jews also push the narrative that Palestinian land doesn’t belong to Palestinian people. Those peoples must be deracinated, and their lands must be open to globalism. But then, in Israel, it is Law of the Land that Jewish women belong to Jewish men and that Jewish men belong to Jewish women and that the Israel belongs to Jewish men and women. Since unity between men and women AND the mastery over territory are the real source of power, Jews promote those principles in Israel but subvert them in gentile lands. Jews want European men and women to feel they have no special bond and no special ownership over their ancestral lands. Jews promote deracinating globalism in the EU while promoting the opposite in their own nation of Israel. For the same reason, Jews push globalism, multi-culturalism, and interracialism on East Asia in the hopes of weakening Asian homogeneity and unity, the source of Asian power.) Also, men live for the pride of power because it attracts women. And women admire men with the pride of power. Asian-American males need to be conscious of their lack of pride of power. In contrast to white males, black males, Hispanic males, and even Jewish males, Asian-American males are seen as ‘dorky’ and ‘wussy’. Indeed, even many Asian-American females feel this way because they pick up American attitudes.
And indeed, there are general differences among the races. So, a huge number of Asian-American females have sex exclusively with non-Asian men and often marry outside the race because the idea of being with an Asian man or giving birth to a ‘dorky’ Asian son makes them sick in the stomach. Indeed, the reason why considerable number of white/black American men go to Asia to prowl for ‘yellow pussy’ is they can smell the blood of Asian Male vulnerability and weakness. They sense that if they enter into Asian-American and Asian communities, the yellow girls will favor them over inferior Asian males. And in many cases, they would be right. White and black women don’t go to Asia to find men, but considerable number of American men go to Asia for Asian women. They sense the relative disadvantage of the Asian male. Whether it's Liberal Western man or Conservative Western man, both see Asia as their sexual colony.

A race in which the women lose respect for the men is a dying race. After all, the race continues through the wombs of women. If a whole bunch of Asian-American women reserve their wombs for non-Asian sperm and exclude Asian sperm, then the Asian-American race is doomed to fade into oblivion in America. Indeed, if Asian-America were the ONLY Asian community in the world, Asian identity and pride would be lost in several generations as more and more Asian-American women choose to mate outside the race(and with so many Asian men dying childless). The only reason why the Asian race has a chance of surviving is because East Asia is still mostly East Asian. (Also, because individual Asians are inferior to whites in individuality/creativity, inferior to Jews in intelligence/verbal skills, and inferior to blacks in physical prowess, Asian power derives from cohesion, homogeneity, unity, community, and group effort. Globalism urges each Asian to be a deracinated individuals disassociated from Asian-ness. If Asians compete a group, they may win against other civilizations or at least hold their own. But if Asians compete as mere individuals, they will lose to other races with superior individual attributes in brain or brawn.) But who knows what globalism will do to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore with extremely low birthrates and with movement toward open borders and ‘multi-culturalism’? When Asians are demographically exposed to ‘diversity’, the Asian males dramatically lose out because Asian female wombs prefer the semen of other races. This is obviously true in America, and so, the Americanization of Asia will mean the demise of Asian male pride as more and more Asian females with globalist exposure will feel contempt for ‘loser Asian males’ and go with non-Asian males.
Two yellow girls who tried to shame North Korea got caught and were saved by White Knights Bill Clinton and Al Gore. They later ran into the arms of their white husbands. These two yellow womb-factories-for -white-men pretend to care about Asia and social justice. It is no-brainer that North Korea is ruled by a vermin regime, but the yellow girls never stopped to ask why Korea got divided in the first place; they never ask why US keeps increasing tensions to drive North Korea to desperate actions like building nukes and testing missiles.  (It is to keep South Korea as a puppet-whore of the US indefinitely.) Also, these yellow girls act as if the US is the paragon of universal justice. They never ask why the US supports Israel founded on imperialism and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians or why US invoked dirty lies to destroy Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and Syria. The yellow Korean woman is especially pathetic since her nation was once colonized by the Japanese who, nasty as they were, weren't as bad as Zionists who continue to terrorize Palestinians. It just goes to show that Asian-Americans are collaborators of the US empire ruled by Jews and homos. I'm sure that NOTHING would make these two yellow girls happier than seeing their nations of origin adopt 'gay marriage' laws and trans-sexual laws to allow men in dresses to use women's restrooms. Why? Because Asian-Americans, especially stupid Korean-Americans, believe that Asian culture and values in the 21st century are NOTHING more than a dog-like duty to obey and imitate WHATEVER happens in America that claims to be 'more evolved'. Talk about moral-cultural supremacism and arrogance
What goes for Asians also goes for the white race. Jews know that white race will become weaker if white women lose respect for white men. So, Jews use feminism to fool white women into thinking that white males are the worst rapist-monsters in the world when, in fact, rape is a much bigger problem among blacks and certain Hispanic groups.
But Jews also seek to divide white males and white females by turning white women onto black men who are more muscular, more athletic, dance funkier, and have bigger penises(in general). So, white males are increasingly feeling the pressure that Asian-American males are feeling.
But if white males lose out to black males, Asian-American males lose out to all other races.
Fortunately, East Asia is, as yet, less diverse than the US and the EU that is fast filling up with young Muslim men and black African males. On the one hand, the official Politically Correct dogma tells us that ‘race is just a myth’ or ‘race is just a social construct’, but on the other hand, Jewish-controlled Hollywood, music industry, sex industry, and sports industry work full-time to promote the image of the wild Negro sexual stud who is racially/sexually superior to the slow, soft, dweeby, and bland white guy.

Or, consider all the endless gripes about how there aren’t enough black quarterbacks in the NFL or American Football. Why isn’t there any gripe about how there aren’t enough white, Asian, or Mexican running-backs, receivers, or defensive linemen in football? If ‘insufficient black quarterbacks’ is a ‘racist’ injustice and an affront to the ideal of ‘diversity’, why isn’t there a media outrage about lack of white running backs, Mexican receivers, or Asian linebackers in football?
Of course, such controversies are never aired because the unspoken media assumption is that blacks are indeed athletically superior. Due to such assumption, it’s understood that blacks naturally should dominate many positions in football. It is because of this assumption of black superiority that there is a controversy about insufficient number of blacks in the quarterback position. But despite such unspoken assumptions(of black superiority in sports) that inform the media narrative, the official dogma is still "race is just a social construct", thus implying that there are no significant racial differences.

Political Correctness dies hard. Consider the PC narrative about how Jesse Owens destroyed the ‘myth of Aryan superiority’. Such would imply that all races are equal since ‘Aryans’ didn’t turn out to be so superior after all. But in fact, black athletes like Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Michael Jordan, George Foreman, Usain Bolt, and many others confirmed the black racial superiority in sports. Their feats demonstrated the fact of racial differences.
Indeed, the fact that small Jamaica can produce faster runners than all of China, India, Europe, Russia, and Middle East combined ought to tell us something about the reality of racial differences. Furthermore, the reason why so much of interracial violence is black-on-white, black-on-Mexican, black-on-Asian, and etc. is due to real racial differences. Black superiority in muscle power makes other races fear them and want to avoid them. After all, even as Liberal Jews make all the PC noises about ‘diversity’ and ‘integration’, they’ve been using gentrification, zoning laws, and Stop-and-Frisk measures to keep blacks out or under control. And Liberal Jews supported Clinton and Giuliani in the 1990s to lock up record numbers of black thugs. And Asian-Americans prefer to move into areas with low black population. And ultra-Liberal University of Chicago in Hyde Park resorts to high property values and extreme police measures to keep out black crime from neighboring areas:
But then, the very people who fear black crime are also glued to the TV and cheer black athletes for their physical prowess that, on the street level, commits frequent violence against poorer whites and poorer Asians who don’t have the economic wherewithal to move to safer neighborhoods. It’s a strange world indeed. It’s like pigs moving to a safe forest without leopards and tigers but then enjoying TV shows where leopards and tigers show off their prowess, the kind that leads to lots of dead pigs.

Anyway, it is in the Jewish interest to undermine and damage white male pride as much as possible. Jews want white males to be defeated and humiliated. Jews want white males to be reduced to the Cult of Cuckoldry. One way to castrate white males is by pushing feminism’s selective outrage that only targets white males as oppressors of women(even though Western men did most to achieve legal equality for women). Another way is by promoting the homosexual-and-tranny agenda that privileges the effete posh ‘gays’ over manly white males. By promoting the white homosexual as the face of white manhood, Jews do to white males what they’ve done to Asian-American males by promoting George Takei as the main face of Asian-American manhood. Thus, white males are wussified and robbed of manly pride. Indeed, consider the amount of homo-washing or pink-washing that saturates Popular Culture. Even though the so-called LGBT community makes up 2% to 3% of the US population, celebrity culture and TV are filled with ‘gays’ who are celebrated 24/7. For every Magic Negro, there is the Magic Fairy.
Indeed, homos have become so prominent in the media that Americans in surveys think that fully 25% of Americans are ‘gay’. And of course, the powers-that-be want to keep it that way. Homo propaganda is so out-of-control that an entire generation of millennials have grown up thinking they are not ‘male’ or ‘female’ but ‘queer’ or one of the 50 possible ‘genders’:
Of course, Jewish-dominated America now uses the homosexual agenda as cultural neo-imperialism to subvert and weaken all gentile nations. It has already happened in the EU, and now the US is working hard to push it on East Asia. Jews figure that once homo collaborators in each Asian nation serve US neo-imperialism, the nation will lose its masculine pride, become weakened by decadence, and fall prey to the globalist Tyranny of the Cool commandeered by Hollywood and MTV.

But most damaging is the promotion of ‘jungle fever’ through Rap music, sex industry, TV ads, sports celebrity, and Hollywood that encourages white females to see black males as ‘real men’ as opposed to white guys who are to be devalued as beta-male ‘dorks’ and ‘dweebs’.
It is instructive that Jewish-dominated feminism attacks white male pride but almost never demeans black male thuggery and aggression so prominently on display in Rap culture, sports culture, and sex culture. Jews promote pansy effeteness among white males but celebrate ultra-macho masculinity among black males. Why? Because with the black male as the new icon of alpha-maleness, white females will lose respect for white men and have more babies with black men deemed racially-sexually superior to white men. In other words, interracialism is just another form of racial supremacy. It is about white females rejecting white men as inferior and opening their wombs only to black men, or it is about Asian females rejecting Asian males as inferior and opening their wombs only to white, black, or Jewish men.

Interestingly enough, there are increasing cases of ‘black-washing’ in Hollywood and even European movies. Take THOR, the super-hero movie based on a comic book inspired by Germanic mythology. One of the Germanic gods is played by Idris Elba, a black guy. Were there black Germans in ancient times? (As if that isn’t silly enough, the movie also has an East Asian as a Germanic god too. But at least THOR had a sense of humor about it.) Homo-washing and black-washing are also happening in Great Britain. According to BBC, one-sixth of all big roles must go to homos or disabled in the near-future: But even sillier is the casting of black actors in what should clearly be white roles. Consider the new BBC series about a British queen, Margaret of Anjou, who is played by Sophie Okonedo, a woman who is half-African and half-Jewish.Jewish percentage of British population is only 0.5%. These Jews who push ‘diversity’ and race-mixing among white gentiles in Europe are the same Jews who support the racially exclusive Zionist state of Israel. Jews evidently have no problem with their own supremacism. Since they constitute the majority in Israel, Jews are all for identity, unity, majority-power, homogeneity(as much as possible), and strict immigration laws. But since Jews are minority elites in gentile nations, they fear gentile unity and power, and therefore, Jews promote massive immigration, diversity, feminist hatred of men, jungle fever, and race-mixing in order to weaken gentile power. It is the strategy of Divide-and-Conquer.
Blackwashing of Anglo History by Globalism. If Koreans use plastic surgery, hair-dyeing, and race-mixing to look more 'white', white-Americans and Europeans, who addicted to jungle fever or cult of Magic Negro, want to be made 'black'.
It should be no surprise that the BBC, like Hollywood and MTV, is run by Jews even though the
The Jewish promotion of Jungle Fever in the West is to humiliate white males with the notion that if white women ‘go black, they never go back’. In other words, so-called Jungle Fever is predicated on racial differences that says black males, due to greater muscularity and bigger penises, are superior to white males. Given such racial-sexual dynamics, the decision by South Korea to import a black African and shower him with cash & citizenship to run as a ‘Korean’ means that South Korea is on its way to becoming Jewish-manipulated CucKorea, a nation where the native men now put on women’s cosmetics and act like girls while importing black men to represent the new image of Korean Manhood. But then, South Koreans have had long practice with such dog-whore-slave mentality as a military, economic, and sexual colony of the United States. South Koreans are committed to turning their country into one big Saigon during the Vietnam War when the Vietnamese men were reduced to pimps living off handing their women over to American colonizers.
Miss Saigon. This is the model that South Korea or Cuckorea has for itself in the era of Jewish-Homosexual-dominated Globalism.
But the same dynamics is now playing out against white men. Indeed, there were rumors in Hollywood that Jews want the next James Bond to be a black guy, thus promoting Jungle Fever as the Ultimate Cool. Jews even promote Jungle Fever among young white girls in shows like BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS. Of course, Jews deny this and accuse the whistle-blowers as ‘paranoid’ and ‘racist’, but it is so obvious what the Jews are up to. Just like Jews were behind the homo-tranny agenda, they are behind the Jungle Fever agenda to humiliate the white male and rob him of the respect of white females who are, from young age, encouraged to ‘go black’ on the basis that black men are racially-sexually superior to white men.
And the ultimate ‘blackwashing’ is perhaps the TV show LANCELOT where the famous European knight is to be played by a black guy. So, the Arthurian legend, which is sacred to Europeans, is turned into a interracial Jungle Fever ‘cuckold’ fantasy.

Keith Chow bitches about how evil ‘racist’ whites in Hollywood are offending Asian sensibilities, but he is utterly blind to the fact that Hollywood is really dominated by Jews and homosexuals who are hellbent on subverting white gentile male pride as well. It is a FACT that Hollywood is run by Jews. Indeed, most elite institutions and industries are either dominated by Jews or have Jewish presence. Also, Jews use homosexual agenda as proxy for their power. Because Jews fear that an all-too-visible Jewish power in all corners of the world will stir up anti-Jewish-Supremacist resistance, Jews use homosexuals as proxies to subvert and undermine majority power, gentile unity, and moral righteousness. Surely, a gentile nation that bends over to globalist homo-collaborators(funded by Jewish-dominated Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Harvard, and Big Media) is as good as puppet of Zionist-American Imperialism. Indeed, notice how American Imperialism makes the homo agenda a necessary condition for doing business and providing foreign aid around the world. The agents of the Empire go to every nation and offer special favors on condition that the nation will permit Wall-Street-funded homosexualcollaborators to carry out ‘gay pride’ victory marches in every town and hands over its entertainment industry to Hollywood-MTV-trained Asian-American homosexual-collaborators. This has already happened in South Korea, which is why the prevailing fashion among Korean males is now so ‘gay’. Indeed, acting like boji-boys or 보지-보이즈, aka ‘pussy boys’ is the Korean Male cultural ideal. Korean boys not only want to look white; they want to look like white girls. They are yellow Michael Jacksons whose minds have been molded by the homo-controlled South Korean Pop Culture industry.

Koreans are slavish, imitative, and obedient dogs that blindly and mindlessly follow globalist trends because they don’t believe they have any culture or values of their own. Koreans and Korean-Americans think that Korean culture is all about imitating American culture. Korean values is following American values. That’s about it. Korean culture amounts to little more than looking at what’s happening in America and then thoughtlessly imitating it, indeed no matter how infantile, decadent, and trashy it is. They are ‘twerking’ in America? Then, Korean culture must follow. And what are Korean values and intellectual life? Koreans just look at trends in America and follow. Or South Korean academics soak up all the PC nonsense in US universities and regurgitate it to Korean students. The idea of a sovereign, independent, and critical Korean Mind simply doesn’t exist.
Because US now destroys entire communities and individuals if they don’t go along with the Jewish-funded trans-sexual agenda, surely Korean values must follow and promote transvestite, trans-gender, or trans-sexual(these terms keep on changing because PC is evidently trans-diction) ‘values’ as well. Monkey see, monkey do; Koreans see, Koreans do. Koreans now have no value to speak of except waiting around to see what’s happening in America and imitating it like servile dogs. CucKorea made some money as a puppet of the US, but it is culturally, politically, and morally a total disgrace, a total tool of the US empire now dominated by Jews and homosexuals.

According to South Koreans, they need US military presence for protection from the North Korean menace. But if indeed North Korea, a nation with 1/40th the economy and less than half the population of the South, poses such a grave threat, why do so many South Korean men dress and act like girly pansies? (K-pop is essentially Gay-Prop used as weapon to turn Korean kids into CucKoreans of the US empire.) And if South Korea is really under such threat, why have so many South Koreans deserted their homeland for OTHER nations? Why don’t they defend their own nation and instead rely on the US to do it for them? Shameful, craven, and cowardly CucKorea indeed.

PC-brainwashed Asian-Americans will surely accuse me of ‘antisemitism’ because I dared to speak truth to Jewish Power. Having been weaned on PC(as molded by Jews, homosexuals, and other globalist-imperialists), most Asian-Americans are convinced that ‘evil white males’ are responsible for all the problems faced by Asian-Americans. They haven’t a clue that the whole stuff about ‘white privilege’ is just smoke-and-mirrors used by Jewish supremacists to obfuscate and mask Jewish privilege(and homosexual privilege promoted and protected by Jews) that is the True Privilege in America. Clever Jews have Asian-Americans fooled that both groups have much in common against ‘white privilege’, ‘white supremacism’, and white ‘racism’, but in truth, most of the elites institutions and ivory towers in the United States are dominated by Jews, not by the kind of people who support Donald Trump.

Indeed, all the recent controversy about the ‘white privilege’ in Hollywood(during Oscar season) was just a ruse to avoid discussing the fact of Jewish domination. And just as Jews use the bogeyman of ‘white privilege’ to scare Asian-Americans into siding with Jews, they invoke the dragon of ‘yellow peril’ in the news media, movies, and TV shows(where it’s routine for yellow actors to be cast in villainous roles) to fool gentile Americans that it is Asians who are taking over the world. When it’s not Asians, it is Russians or Muslims. But never ever the Jews. Jews have rigged it so that all gentile groups are constantly at each other’s throats while looking to oh-so-wise-and-wonderful Jews for advice and affection. (Isn't it hilarious that Jewish Hollywood excludes Asian actors, but the Jewish New York Times has Asian boy Chow to write an article attacking 'whiteness'?) So many people have been mind-programmed into believing that harboring any negative feelings about Jews must be evil and sick. But Jews certainly have no qualms about spreading all sorts of hateful, paranoid, and hysterical fear-mongering tripe about other peoples and races. Consider all those Jewish-owned magazines with covers featuring Chinese dragon taking over the world. They are not unlike the ‘antisemitic’ imagery of the Jewish Octopus.
Bemusingly enough, the very Jewish globalists who urge Western nations to ‘welcome’ Chinese(and other East Asian) immigrants and investors(indeed going so far as to accuse Western nations of ‘racism’ if they don’t) are the very same ones who raise alarms about how the fiendish yellows are taking over everything. But then, Jews do the same thing with the Muslim world. On the one hand, Jews spread lots of news stories about how the Muslim world is so barbaric and needs to be remade by Western ‘intervention’ — like turning Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria into hell-holes — , but there is also immense pressure on the West to take in endless numbers of Muslim ‘refugees’. So, Jewish-dominated foreign policy destroys Muslim nations into war zones(on the assumption that barbaric Muslims need a good thumping, like the kind Israel periodically metes out to the Palestinian populations) and then demands that Western nations offer sanctuary to all the Muslims displaced by war. But then, as Muslim population swells in the EU, thus leading to more clashes between native whites and Muslim invaders, Jews sit back and enjoy the spectacle of gentiles-fighting-gentiles and manipulate both sides to maximize Jewish power.

Why should Asians care about so-called ‘antisemitism’ when Jews not only NOT care about anti-Asianism but are the main purveyors of it in academia, media, culture, and foreign policy? Throughout Chow’s opinion piece, there is no mention of Jews and homosexuals, the real movers and shakers of American popular culture. He mentions two individuals, Aaron Sorkin and Max Landis, who are Jewish, but he doesn’t identify their ethnicity nor point out that such people own and control Hollywood. If Chow is so explicit about Asian-ness(as victim) and whiteness(as oppressor), why doesn’t he have the courage to mention the fact that the people who have the first and final say in Hollywood are Democratic Jews and homosexuals? Chow’s tone is angry and strident, when not whiny and bitchy, but he lacks the spine and balls to mention the fact of who really controls Hollywood and the news media industry. It is Jewish media that have been silent about black-on-Asian violence. It is Jewish-controlled Ivy League schools that made it extra-difficult for more Asian-American students to be admitted. Also, while it is near-taboo to critically discuss Jewish power and Zionist influence in American politics — if anything, all politicians cravenly prostrate themselves before the power of AIPAC — , the Jewish-controlled media encourage China-bashing like it fanned Japan-bashing in the 1980s. Now, I’m all for harsh criticism of policies by China or Japan(or any other country) that poses a challenge to the United States, but the Jewish-controlled media resort to simple scapegoating of ‘yellow peril’ for America’s problems. We hear it from Hillary Clinton and from Donald Trump.
But when it comes to Jewish power and the role of Zionism in messing up US foreign policy, there is total silence. When it comes to the prominent Jewish role in the financial crisis of 2008, again, there is silence. We can condemn the banks, but we can’t mention the fact that the biggest insiders are Jewish. We can bitch about ‘white privilege’ in Hollywood, but we better shut up about the fact that Hollywood is actually controlled by Jews and homosexuals. Keith Chow’s refusal to Name the Jew is so typical of Asian-Americans who ‘talk big’ and pretend to challenge the powers-that-be but really just play by the rules-of-the-games as established and enforced by the powers-that-be. Even though the main Asian-American gripe should be against Democratic Jews and homosexuals who control Hollywood, the likes of Chow carry on with the fiction that some grand ‘white’ conspiracy is keeping the yellow folks down.

But then, an industry insider like Chris Rock did the same thing on Oscar Night. He pretended to be critical of Hollywood but lambasted only ‘whites’ without mentioning the fact that it is Jewish ‘whites’ and homosexuals who control Hollywood. And of course, the onstage skit with the Asian-American kids was a joke about how short-and-nerdy Asians lacking in manhood are taking over Hollywood with their ill-gotten loot. It was a gentle ‘yellow peril’ variation — just ‘funny’ and ‘amusing’ enough qualify as harmless humor — of the world-view found in THE PROTOCOLS OF ELDERS OF ZION. Yes, short nerdy yellow men pose the real threat to America because they, like the dwarfs of Wagner’s NIBELUNGEN SAGA, seek to gain in wealth, power, and influence what they lack in stature, charisma, and manhood.
Now, if some Asian Awards ceremony used Jewish-kids-with-suitcases-this-way, surely the ADL, AJC, NYT, and SPLC would have thrown fits. But Jews can pull stuff like this all the time because they dominate the globalist media narrative:
But I’m sure people like Keith Chow thinks that it was ‘white people’ who were behind the Asian-kids-with-suitcases mockery. Now, I’m not saying Jews are the only ones with stereotypical views of other peoples. There are certainly tons of stereotypes to be found in Asian pop culture and popular attitudes, not least among Asians themselves. Japanese have stereotypes about Chinese and Koreans, Koreans have stereotypes about Chinese, Chinese have stereotypes about Koreans, Japanese, and Vietnamese, and etc. And we shouldn’t be so PC about such things. But ‘cultural insensitivity’ can become problematic with rising diversity. Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore employed a conservative brand of Political Correctness to muffle expressions that might inflame passions among Chinese, Malaysians, Asian-Indians, and others. But then, the stability of Singapore has had more to do with the overwhelming majority status of the Chinese population than any policy. If Singapore had been only 20% Chinese and majority Malayan or Asian-Indian, it would have been far more difficult for Lee’s neo-Anglo-Confucian style of socio-political controls to be effective. (Singapore’s relative peace owed to the practical ‘homogeneity’ of the Chinese population that really dominated demographically, politically, economically, and culturally. No amount of Lee’s social policy might have worked if Singapore were 1/3 Chinese, 1/3 Malayan, and 1/3 Asian-Indian.)

PC can get out of hand, and there’s too much hysteria in the US about ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘triggering’, much of which is hallucinated or fabricated, not unlike the siting of witches in the Middle Ages or Salem Massachusetts. But to the extent that the Jewish-controlled media, academia, and government are constantly reminding us of the importance of ‘sensitivity’, we need to know that the rules don’t apply fairly or equally to all groups. Indeed, most of the sensitivity is reserved for Jews, homosexuals, and blacks. There is some emphasis on women, but feminism-as-victim-ideology has been undermined by the rise of Slut Culture. Though there is this thing called Slut Feminism, it only plays into capitalist-consumerist ‘misogyny’ that promotes the image of woman-as-amnesiac-and-rootless-whore, the favorite ‘trope’ of rappers, rock stars, Hollywood celebrities, and athletes who see women as prize meat for winner males.
Given the power of AIPAC and Jewish over-representation in the elite power centers, Jews must strain credulity to keep posing as a ‘victim group’. The paradox of American Jews is that their cult of powerlessness owes to their great power, the greatest in the world. With their control of Hollywood, education, finance, publishing industry, and government, Jews have promoted the Holocaust as a religion that forever sacralizes Jews as Holy Blameless Victims of ‘antisemitic’ gentile powers-that-be. It’s rather like how Christian Civilization became the most powerful in the world but feigned powerlessness, humility, and ‘victim-hood’ by forever dredging up the story of Jesus’ persecution and death at the hands of Jews & Romans and the story of Christians fed to lions by Emperor Nero. Jews use their great power to make endless series of Holocaust movies, elevate Anne Frank as the Jewish madonna, and frighten dimwit Christians with the hysteria that helpless Israeli Jews are about to face another Holocaust at the hands of Neo-Nazi Arabs. So, Jews use their power to hide their power. One sure way is to cry wolf about ‘white privilege’, ‘Putin is new Hitler and Russia wants to reconstitute the old Soviet Union’, ‘yellow peril is taking over everything’, ‘Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map’(a willful mistranslation of what the Iranian leader said) and ‘Sharia Law is coming just around the corner’, etc.

But there is an Achilles Heel in the cult of Jewish Powerlessness because it is promoted by the most powerful power in America, which is none other than Jewish power. As American entertainment, intellectual, financial, technological, political, and military power dominates the world — and since all such sectors are dominated by Jews — , it is hardly far-fetched to say Jews do control the world. Of course, there was a time when such statement would have been immediately denounced as ‘antisemitic’, but the free flow of information on the internet is making more people aware of the striking discrepancy between real Jewish power and the myth of Jewish powerlessness(promoted and enforced by great Jewish power). So, Jews, who once monopolized news and information prior to the internet, are now nervous about the truth coming out of the closet, not least because some conscientious Jews are also beginning to speak out about Jewish abuse of power in America and around the world.
So, Jews are no longer invested in unfettered free speech, something they defended when leftist-radical-Marxist Jews were under suspicion in the post-WWII period when the main enemy of the US was the USSR, the other superpower aided by a network of Jewish communist spies in the American government. After all, it was a bunch of Jews, Julius Rosenberg and Morton Sobell among them, who slipped the atomic bomb secrets to Josef Stalin. When Jews(with a huge radical segment) were under suspicion by anti-communists, conservatives, and even by patriotic liberals(who came to see communism as the tyranny that it was), they postured as principled champions of unlimited free speech. Radical Jews needed free speech protections to keep their jobs, spread their ideas, and challenge the Wasp-dominated elite institutions of America. But now that Jews control the elite institutions and industries, they are hellbent on revising the First Amendment so that American speech laws will be more like European laws that forbid ‘hate speech’. Of course, ‘hate’ is to be determined by the powers-that-be. Indeed, consider the sheer hypocrisy of Zionist Jews who, on the one hand, denounce ‘hate speech’ but then seek to silence critics of Zionism for practicing ‘hate speech’ when, in fact, anti-Zionists contend that Zionism is ‘racist hate ideology’ founded on imperialism, genocide, and oppression. So, ‘hate’ is a fluid idea determined by the powers-that-be. In Turkey, ‘hate speech’ means insulting Turkishness, such as discussing the ‘Armenian genocide’. In Russia, honest discussion of Soviet rapes and pillages during World War II could constitute ‘hate speech’ that defames Russian honor. According to Zionists, the calls for boycott against the Zionist occupation of West Bank constitutes ‘hate speech’ because it is presumably ‘antisemitic’, which now means ‘whatever Jews do not like’. In California and Florida, Jews are using their muscle to force government and businesses to punish those who call for boycott of Israel’s imperialist policies against Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank. (Jews, who once took pride in taking part as ‘freedom riders’ and orchestrating boycotts against Segregation in the South, are now using their political, financial, and media muscle to intimidate and silence those calling for boycotts against the ongoing Zionist occupation of West Bank.) These Zionists don’t see the ongoing theft of Palestinian lands and resources by Jewish ‘settlers’ as 'hateful'. Rather, condemning the Occupation of West Bank is ‘hateful’. That is how the politics of ‘hate speech’ works.
Of course, in China, it is deemed ‘hateful’ to condemn Han Chinese takeover of Tibet. In China, ‘hate’ is determined by the rulers of the CCP, whereas ‘hate’ in the US and EU is determined by Jews and homosexuals(and now even by transsexuals who are also favorite allies of globalist Zionists): Jewish Globalism = Homosexual Imperialism.

So, if we are going to have free speech, it has to be unfettered free speech. Once ‘hate speech’ is invoked to limit free speech, speech becomes the property of the powers-that-be. American Jews claim they want to ban ‘hate speech’ to protect powerless minorities from ‘white supremacists’, but that’s just a ruse to shield Jewish supremacist power from critics. People with power don’t need free speech rights since they have the Power of Speech. Castros of Cuba and Kims of North Korea certainly do not need free speech rights to say whatever comes to their minds. They have the Power of Speech. Free speech has value only for those without the power, and all this ‘hate speech’ nonsense is really a Jewish attempt to take away even the right of free speech from powerless critics of Jewish power. (Obama’s new nomination to the Supreme Court — another Jew on a bench already with four Jews — agrees with Kagan and Sotomayor that free speech must be curtailed by those who rule the government. And of course, the millennial generation brainwashed by Jewish-and-homosexual-controlled propaganda have been raised to see ‘free speech’ as a bad thing.)
People like Keith Chow surely must know that Jews are immensely powerful in the media that they work for. The Chows of the world don’t control the media. They just receive fees and gain notice by having some of their pieces published in media outlets, most of which are owned by Jews. So, even though Chow writes brashly, he hasn’t the guts to mention the 800 lb gorilla in the room. On some level, he must know that his career and reputation in the mainstream media would be finished if he dares mention the issue of Jewish power. So, even as he mentions Jewish individuals like Landis and Sorkin, there is no mention of Jewish power and just a lot of bitching about ‘whiteness’. Chow might as well be a poodle of Jewish power.
After all, the likes of Matthew Weiner, the creator of the trashy soft-core-porny MADMEN, would have us believe that ‘white privilege’ is the great evil in America and that poor helpless Jews should never be associated with it. According to Weiner-boy, we must see Jews as fellow-victims of ‘white privilege’, not fellow-beneficiaries along with Wasps. But this is total hogwash. It is true that Wasp privilege once had upper-hand over Jewish power, but we now live in a totally different America. Jews dominate elite power like blacks dominate football and basketball. If anything, white gentiles should not be confused with Jewish Privilege that is the real privilege in America.
But the likes of Weiner and Sorkin are utterly disingenuous in still portraying Jews as outsiders and underdogs who still suffer the indignity of being excluded from Wasp country clubs. It’s Victim Nostalgia of a people who want to have the cake and eat it too. Jews love the elite power that they now possess, but they also stingily want to keep the mantle of holy victim-hood. Since Jews didn’t suffer the kind of racial discrimination that affected the lives of blacks(and other non-whites), much of the Jewish victim-narrative in America has to do with not having been welcomed into elite golf clubs or not being allowed to marry the rich Wasp’s daughter. (If Jews are so into equality and the common man, why were they so eager to enter into exclusive clubs and marry high-class ladies?) Keith Chow plays along with this utter Jewish BS. And just like Jews in the past invoked ‘equality’ but really sought power and dominance, Chow pretends to talk for the little guy and the common man, but his main obsession is Asians winning ‘cool’ roles in Hollywood movies that have everything to do with narcissism & nihilism and nothing to do with reality & truth.

Keith Chow doesn’t speak for Asian-ness. He doesn’t represent or defend Asian-ness. If he did, he would first ask why so much of Asian pop culture is so trans-racially obsessed with wanting to look ‘white’ and act ‘black’ — and even imitating the homosexual-transsexual mania that have infected the West that is now under Jewish domination. Also, he should ask if Asian-ness has any long-term viability in the West. Not only have birthrates crashed in East Asia but East-Asian-American women(especially Korean-American women) have among the lowest birthrates. Also, so many of them have sexually exclusionary or ‘sexclusive’ policies against Asian-American men who are deemed to be racially-sexually inferior. Even though Asian-American women may care about identity and culture to some degree, the main happiness in personal relationships comes from sexual excitement, and Asian-American women no longer feel sexual excitement with Asian-American males because they have easy access to non-Asian men in America. A woman’s primary ‘tribalism’ is not to her race/culture but to the kind of men who excite her most. Given these trends, people like Chow should really ask if it’s a good idea for Asians to come to America. Sure, Asian-American women may never want to go back(to Asia) — just like white women who go black may never want to 'go back' — , but what do Asian-American men get out of it? Does Chow find any pleasure in living in a country where his racial-male kind is looked down upon and mocked as the lowest specimen on the desirability totem pole? Does Chow have any male pride when even so many women of his own race will reject him for explicitly racial reasons, i.e. many Chinese-American women choose to exclude Chinese-American men as unappealing vis-a-vis non-Asian men?

But, Chow never raises these key questions. Indeed, one gets the impression that his ilk would be more than willing to abandon their racial and cultural identity IF Hollywood and other ‘cool’ industries just admitted and promoted their kind more. If, as a result, all the Asian-American males were to racially-sexually mix with white women, black women, brown women, Jewish women, & Muslim women, followed by their mixed-raced offsprings mixing further and losing their distinct Asian cultural and racial identities, I don’t think Chow and his ilk would worry or care. All he is obsessed about is the Cult of the Cool. He wants Asian-Americans to be accepted more by the Junk Industry so that they will more rapidly mix and melt away into the generic genetic American stew. So, his gripe isn’t that his kind is losing their racial & cultural identity in the US but that they’re not being given the chance to lose it even faster. I get the impression that yellow men like Chow want Hollywood to make Asian men more ‘cool’ so that American women will be more likely to marry them and have mixed-race kids with them. Chow’s main identity isn’t Asian-ness but globo-celebrity-ness. It's as if he wants more Asian males to gain celebrity status so that they will gain greater sexual appeal vis-a-vis other races. It apparently doesn’t trouble him that such will hasten the loss of Asian identity because mixed-race Asian-American kids(even when the fathers are Asian) generally identify as ‘white’ or ‘black’ and hardly as ‘Asian’.
If Chow really values Asian-ness, he should appreciate the advantage of Asians being perceived as the Other in America. He should return to Asia and try to persuade Asian fathers to NOT go to the West where their daughters will likely marry outside the race & lose their racial/cultural identity(as Asian-American girls lose respect for Asian men who will be deemed inferior to Western men) and where their sons will be regarded by society as inferior ‘nerds’ and ‘dorks’ who can’t even attract the women of their own race, let alone white, black, Jewish, and Hispanic women. I suspect Chow really has the Tom Vu Complex and just want to be considered ‘cool’ so that he enjoy sex with non-Asian women.
Massive immigration and educational success of East Asians in the West mask the fact that their story is really one of long-term failure. East Asia now has among the lowest-birthrates in the world. If they continue on this trajectory and, on top of that, import huge numbers of non-East-Asians into their countries, East Asians will lose their country just like Europeans are losing their countries to invasion of Africans and Muslims.

Just when East Asians are not reproducing, so many are flooding to the West. Individually and materially, some of these East Asian immigrants do pretty well. They find good professions, and their kids attend good schools, and some even make it to elite colleges. But in the long run, race and culture survive by sex, reproduction, family, and memory. In this, we see total failure among East Asian immigrants. So many of East Asian women lose all respect for ‘dorky’ East Asian men and open their wombs ONLY to non-Asian men. And these women are more than happy to raise their kids as mostly white, Jewish, or black. They don’t much care about culture or ancestry. The only culture they care about is Hollywood, American TV, homo-celebration(as the new religion), and rap music. And their kids grow up with Pop Culture and Political Correctness as their only identity and values.
As for East Asian men, they are butt of sexual jokes. East Asian men may bitch about ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’, but they must realize that Nature is ‘racist’ and ‘discriminatory’. Nature/evolution made blacks faster, so the 100 meter sprint naturally discriminates in favor of people of West African descent. Indeed, even South Korea now practices racial or natural discrimination against its own people by having a Kenyan-runner-as-‘new Korean’ represent it in the Summer Olympics. South Korea now discriminates against its own people in favor of the athletically superior black African people. South Koreans and Korean-Americans are into ‘white aesthetic supremacism’ when they go for plastic surgery, blonde-hair-dyeing, and race-mixing-with-white-to-produce-superior-looking-Eurasian-babies. And South Koreans and Korean-Americans are into ‘black athletic supremacism’ when they get all excited about black prowess in sports, indeed even to the extent of having the Korean Olympic Committee discriminate against ALL native Koreans in favor of a black African as the ‘new and better Korean’. Since native Koreans are not good enough by globalist standards of athleticism, South Korea has decided that it needs to import ‘superior Koreans’ by granting citizenship to some black guy. All these decisions are predicated on racial differences, not racial equality. If indeed Koreans felt equal to other races, they would not be so slavish in trying to be ‘white’ or ‘black’. (If South Korea were to import a black African boxer as a 'new Korean' to compete for South Korea in the Olympics and if the black boxer goes up against a North Korean boxer, I wonder which boxer South Koreans and Korean-Americans will identity with more and root for. Under globalism, Korean-ness has no meaning in terms of race, roots, heritage, history, and ancestry. It is just a label decided by ink on paper and government stamp of approval. National Identity is just a business card. It is something to be bought and sold like commodities. So, even though the North Korean boxer has Korean ancestry going back 2,500 yrs and all or most of his ancestors are Korean, South Koreans and Korean-Americans[as CucKoreans of Globalism] will likely cheer for the black 'new Korean', all of whose ancestors are black-African. Even if the black guy brutally knocks the North Korean unconscious, South Koreans and Korean-Americans will make believe a 'true Korean' --- the black guy --- defeated a false Korean, the North Korean guy. Following such logic that would have Korean-ness be decided by South Korean laws, all North Koreans would be no more Korean than people in non-Korean nations since North Korea doesn't follow South Korean laws. If national identity is all about laws, then the racial, ancestral, historical, and cultural makeup of North Koreans doesn't matter. Since they live under North Korean laws, they should be regarded as less Korean than a black African, an Iranian, or Malaysian who gain South Korean citizenship. Such is the deracinating effect of globalism. And as such attitudes take hold in a South Korea that increases in diversity and becomes ethnically more divergent from North Korea, the two Koreas will never unite, and American Imperialism, that divided the nation at the end of WWII, will have the last laugh: South Korea will be its poodle forever. It used to be Korean-ness was defined by the blood in one's veins. Now, Korean-ness is like donning a T-shirt. If a Korean guy takes off his Korean identity T-shirt and puts on a Swedish identity T-shirt, he is just as Swedish as any Swede. And if an Iranian guy puts on a Korean identity T-shirt, he is as good as any Korean. True identity is what you are whether you like it or not. If you are born Korean in Korea, you are Korean even if you want to be non-Korean. You don't have a choice. But in our insipid globalist trans-racial world, identity is just a game of charades. Also, despite globalism's false hype about 'equality', it is really about winner-takes-all. After all, if globalism is about all the world appreciating each other's ideas, cultures, and experiences, how come so much of globalism is dominated by a handful of peoples? [1] Jews in Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Las Vegas. [2] Blacks in sports, music, and sex industry. [3] Homosexuals in popular culture. How many Koreans use globalism to learn about the 'uncool' peoples and cultures around the world who are deemed deficient in the Cool Factor. After all, South Korea is especially worshipful of Jews, homosexuals, and blacks. South Korea ignores the 'uncool' Palestinians and sucks up to rich powerful Zionists. South Korea worships black muscle and music, even to the point of importing a black Africa as a 'new Korean' and imitating black gangsta styles like stupid dogs. Indeed, most young CucKoreans care more about 'cool' black thugs than 'uncool' Koreans who are brutalized by blacks in America. And South Korea wants to be the first nation to have 'gay marriage' because the riches and most powerful nations in the nation promote and enforce the homosexual agenda as the new imperial religion. And of course, Koreans are mad about 'Aryan' looks & features and go out of their way in plastic surgery, hair dyeing, and race-mixing to look 'superior' or have 'superior' Eurasian babies that are hopefully more white-looking and less-Asian-looking. Globalism is not about equality. It is about handful of races and nations dominating the world, and it is about toady nations and races such as Koreans slavishly seeking approval from the winners. Even when South Koreans and Korean-Americans become 'leftist-progressive' and champion 'equality' in the name of globalism, all their themes and causes are dictated by Western Elites. So, if Western Globalist Elites say 'progressivism' is all about pushing the homosexual agenda, yellow 'progressives' dutifully follow suit and chant the slogans concocted in places like Harvard and Yale. If the South Korean Right is a tool of the Pentagon, South Korean Left is a poodle of Harvard and New York Times.)

And this is why East Asian experience in the West is a long-term failure and disaster. True, some East Asians work hard and buy nice homes and fancy cars. And, some of their children go to good schools. But in terms of sex, reproduction, and culture, it is a total wash. Asian immigration to the West leads to race-mixing and loss of Asian identity, the loss of Asian male pride in face of sexual-racial desertion of Asian women to men of other races, and cultural abandonment of Asian heritage & history in favor of trashy American pop culture that wallows in narcissism and nihilism. Also, the only group identities that matter in the US are Jewishness, blackness, and homosexuality. Jews are admired for their wit/intelligence and Holocaust cult. Blacks are admired for their athletic/musical success and slavery narrative. Homosexuals are admired for their creativity and flamboyance. They are ‘cool’. White people are excoriated for ‘white guilt’ and ‘racism’, but because ‘Aryan’ features are so popular around the world, whiteness is still very ‘cool’. Even anti-white haters love to watch 007 movies and TV shows with white characters. Asian women have some cachet as Oriental sex kittens. But Asian men have no value sexually, musically, athletically, and etc. Whatever popularity gayish male K-pop singers may have in Asia, they have zero value in the West. Even Psy with his smash youtube hit ‘Gangnam Style’ was a novelty freak-show act, nothing more, like the passing fad of ‘Macarena’.

While some East Asian males may work very hard and gain some wealth and power, they still won’t win respect because Westerners like to associate success and power with the right image. When a white guy or black guy is in a position of power, it seems natural and right to most Americans. But when an East Asian guy is in a position of power, it seems unnatural(at least in Western eyes) since he lacks the physical presence, charisma of personality, strong voice, and charming wit to project a convincing leadership presence. This is why East-Asian-Americans only attract resentment than respect when they do make the climb. In Western eyes, whiteness and blackness are regarded as natural leadership material. (Also due to special ‘white guilt’ in relation to blacks, whites feel ennobled in supporting black success. They see it as redemption. Since blacks were ruled, it's their turn to rule, at least somewhat. There is no such feeling about Asians, and this is why 98% of Americans, Liberal as well as Conservative, say they will not vote for an Asian-American president even if he or she has ancestry in America going back to the 19th century.)
Shorter and ‘dorkier’ East Asian guys are seen as usurpers. They look and sound like natural followers than natural leaders, so why should they be leaders? think most Western people. Just like men don’t want to be bossed around by women, Americans don’t want to see alpha-males be bossed around by beta-males, and East-Asian males are seen as essentially beta, like George Takei whose idea of ‘love’ is to bend over and be humped in the ass by a white guy. Just like white women look down on yellow men as inferior(and yellow girls take on the same attitude), men of all races don’t like the idea of ‘dweeby’ and ‘dorky’ yellow men being in charge and bossing them around.
American individualism offers equal opportunity to each individual, but different groups have more of certain kinds of individuals with standout attributes, and therefore those attributes become, as an aggregate, more associated with that group. So, even color-blind individualism can paradoxically end up affirming group stereotypes. For instance, top athletes are recruited according to individual ability. But since so many more black individuals excel in basketball, blackness has become almost synonymous with the game, whereas Mexicans, Asians, Hindus, and Asians aren't associated with it. Americans say they love individualism that judge people according to merit, but because more individuals of certain groups succeed more in prominent displays of power and prowess, those groups are seen as more deserving of leadership & power position. Since blacks are often taller, stronger, and have thicker voices, they are seen as more alpha than whites and certainly over Asians. People like to see top dogs rule over small dogs. So, when small yellow dogs gain prominence in any leadership position, there's bound to be suspicion, resentment, and even contempt. American individualism is anti-aristocratic and anti-privilege(in the traditional sense). It allows for individual talent and achievement. But because successful individuals gain so much fame, fortune, prestige, or power, American individualism defacto promotes the Will to Power, hyper-elitism, or megalomania(that is even more extreme than traditional aristocratic systems). So, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood dominated the Wild West myth. So, hyper-capitalists like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos became cult figures of worship. So, black athletes like Muhammad Ali are adulated, and blacks with booming voices like Martin L. King and Aretha Franklin are revered as near-godly. If Asians instead of blacks had been enslaved in American history, there could not have arisen a figure as compelling as King in the Civil Rights Movement(involving yellow activists) since Asians don't have such booming voices. Also, the hypothetical Asian-Americans(freed from slavery) wouldn't have succeeded in sports & popular music to own a good portion of the 'cool' cult. So, the amount of respect that blacks get in America has less to do with slavery or past discrimination than the 'cool' factor of being good at sports, having big voices, and being hyper-sexual. After all, the Asiatic natives of the Latin Americas suffered greatly over the centuries, but they get to no respect because they can't dunk basketballs, sing & dance in funky ways, and don't impress people as sexual players. And the Asiatic-looking American Indians don't get must respect either because they aren't good at sports and singing/dancing funky either. Consider the TV show AMERICAN IDOL that was dominated by whites and blacks who were disproportionately the most successful group. There was hardly any Asians because Asians don't have big booming voices, the only kind that matters in the Super-Size-Me winner-takes-all mentality of Pop Culture that has little room for particularity, eccentricity, and nuance. Globo-universalism means the Big-Brash-and-Splashy promoted by Hollywood and MTV are the only standard for all the world.
Why does this matter? It matters because American perception of power, coolness, and prestige is measured by sports and popular culture. So, even though Asian-Americans do well in school and get decent jobs, they get no cultural respect because they don't win in the Pop Culture and Sports competition. Indeed, the fact that Asian-American females win more than Asian-American males do is only proof that Asian-Americans constitute a submissive race in the US. After all, males seek dominance whereas women seek submission to male dominance --- even feminist women feel contempt for 'loser' men and only want to date 'winner' men as feminist obsession with female happiness and fulfillment means finding the perfect guy and snubbing all the rest. (In that sense, feminism also paradoxically promotes sexual inequality. If every 'liberated' woman wants only the BEST kind of man for herself, it means that the BEST kind of men are way favored over all the rest who are relegated to loser status since the 'liberated' women will only accept the superior males and reject all the inferior ones. Feminism's pursuit of female happiness doesn't teach girls that all men are equally worthy and valuable. It teaches them that they must have the best kind of men for happiness and snub all the rest as pathetic losers. All those successful and smart Ivy League feminists will not date working class men in the name of socio-economic equality. They only seek corporate lawyers, big-name professors, and promising careerists.) It's like male athletes win and get the women. Rock and rap stars win and get the girls. Asian-American men don't win in the 'cool' department, so Asian-American women want to submit to white and black males, at least in their pop-cultural fantasies. Asian-American women do have a place in American Culture---much more than Asian-American males do---but mainly in sexually offering themselves to the males of the 'superior' races that can play sports, sing, dance, and talk louder.
The fact of Japanese anime's worldwide success goes to show that Asians can only gain cultural currency in artifice and fantasy. Blacks win as blacks for their toughness, prowess, and voice. Whites win as whites for their looks, personality, and stature. But Japanese/Asians win by illustrated fictional characters who don't even look Asian. Japanese-as-Japanese have little racial-sexual appeal in the US. Only white-looking-fantasy-figures illustrated by the Asiatic Japanese have appeal in the US. Similarly, the 'success' of K-Pop is NOT about the popularity of genuine Korean-ness. It is Koreans seeking approval by looking white through plastic surgery & hair-dyeing and by selective recruiting of physical phenotype---such as long legs---that are relatively rarer among Asians. Korean audiences want to see Koreans-as-White in K-Pop, and many K-Pop idols market themselves as wanna-be-white fantasies to other Asian nations that have the same racial inferiority-complexes and dream of being 'white' as well. (And many Asians come to South Korea for plastic surgery. That makes South Korea the capital of Asian Self-loathing. You don't watch K-pop or get plastic surgery to appreciate or admire Asian/Korean-ness. You do that stuff to look less Asian and more Western.) The fact that Japanese culture gained global prominence through comics and animation suggests that the Japanese race(as what it is really is) has no appeal to the world. Only Japanese fantasy of wanna-be-whiteness has appeal. When Westerners see Japanese animation, they are not seeing anything recognizably Japanese. They are seeing the Japanese fantasy of wanting to be like Westerners. Therefore, Westerners who love anime are really indulging in their own racial narcissism since anime favors white looks over Asian ones. The great irony is that even though Asians are demeaned and relegated to the sidelines by the American-dominated globalist Cult of the Cool that favors white looks and black brawn(and Jewish wit and homosexual narcissism), they are so slavish in celebrating this standard that has no place for Asians. Indeed, Asian-ness has no place even in Asian-made anime(that is fantasy of whiteness) and K-pop, which is a trans-racial fantasy of Koreans wanting to be like anime characters modeled on white people dancing to black beat. But then, people worship power. Like little dogs look up to big dogs, little Asians look up to whiteness and blackness. And Asians seek Western approval by trying to look white and dance black. And even by carrying Black Lives Matter posters even though so many black thugs who terrorize Asians have no respect for Asian lives or well-being.
Indigenous Mexican woman as social inferior in white/mestizo dominated Mexico
Asiatic-looking indigenous Mexican woman with inferior status in her own country, the fate of East Asians under Globalist Power.
East Asians are genetically closer to native Mexicans than to whites or blacks. Though East Asians have somewhat higher IQs than native Mexicans — due to cultural and/or genetic reasons — , both groups are seen as ideally servile and docile. So, Mexican men are expected to just shut up and pick tomatoes, and yellow men are expected to just shut up and work as docile drones in computer companies while a huge percentage of their women go with men of other races. While cultural stereotypes do play a role in this — stereotypes always tend to exaggerate and caricaturize — , there are real general differences among races that no honest person can dismiss as wholly false or maliciously fabricated. The differences are the work of nature.

In the end, Nature wins. Indeed, consider how white people in the South(and even in the North) did their utmost to turn black people into servile, docile, and obedient population in relation to the white race. But as time passed, blacks began to win in sports against whites. Blacks could sing louder than whites. Blacks could dance faster than whites. Black kids began to beat up and bully white kids in schools. Black activist spoke with booming voices that whites couldn’t match. Black males began to impress white women with their bigger muscles and penises. So, despite white attempts to ‘domesticate’ blacks, nature won out in favor of black superiority in racial dominance.
American society could use the media to promote the cult of Awesome Asian Manhood, but Nature will win out the long-run. Most women will not be convinced by the Cult of the Asian Stud. After all, contrary to yellow male complaints, one of the dominant ‘tropes’ of Asian-maleness has been the kung fu master who can beat up tons of guys. Bruce Lee beat up not only yellows but big whites and big blacks. But despite all such, most Americans don’t see East Asians as particularly tough, and such perceptions are confirmed by reality that says East Asian men are generally smaller and less athletic than other races. I mean how many whites and blacks are interested in Chinese basketball? But so many Chinese revere black NBA stars, even though tough blacks are kicking Chinese-American butts in so many public schools across America. I suppose we are all ‘fascists’ at heart in our worship of power, superiority, and domination despite our Politically Correct lip-service to ‘equality’. Indeed, since Asian males don’t win in sports, they fantasize about power through wire-fu movies, John Woo’s shoot-em-ups, Japanese video-games, and manga/anime. Asian-Americans, through such mediums, not only fantasize the kind of prowess that they don’t possess but make believe that Asians look ‘Western’ — most manga/anime characters look markedly ‘Western’. Even Anne Frank lacks identifiably Jewish features in the Japanese manga of her life story. Ironically, she has been manga-‘Aryanized’:
Anyway, at a time when the Jewish-controlled US is waging imperialist aggressions and wars all around the world, Keith Chow has his mind in the wrong place. US is now a Zionist-homosexual empire that spreads lies to invade and destroy nations like Iraq. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney turned out to be shabbos goyim, or shills of Zionism. And Obama and Hillary Clinton have spread the madness to Libya where Gaddaffi was toppled even though he gave up his WMD and made peaceful overtures to the West. After what the Zionist shills did to Libya, can any nation trust America? Is the North Korean regime, vile as it is, wrong to build nuclear weaponry when US and EU break every promise and act as if they have the divine right to attack and destroy any nation? And US actions in Syria have exposed American policy as War-for-Terror than War-on-Terror. US, under Obama and Hillary, has been sending aid to terrorists and lunatics in Syria to topple or severely damage Assad’s regime because Israel hates the fact that Syria is allied with Iran. (And please, enough with the American Imperialist crap that US has the right to do such things because it is a democracy and stands for ‘human rights’. We’ve all heard the canard that ‘democracies do not go to war with other democracies’. But what is often overlooked is that US has waged covert wars on democracies it doesn’t like. US will covertly undermine and destroy ANY democracy if it goes against US Zionist agenda. Ukrainian government was toppled even though it had been democratically elected. US did everything to undermine Hamas that came to power in free elections. US undermined democratic Guatemala in the 50s. It overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in the 50s and replaced it with the Shah. US planning for an invasion of Italy — like Soviet invasion of Hungary — if the Italian Communist Party came to power through free election. It overthrew Salvador Allende of Chile in the 1970s. So, all this talk of spreading democracy is a lot of bullshit. US is perfectly fine with an autocracy like Saudi Arabia as long as it does the bidding of the Empire. US only likes democracies that serve as puppets of the US empire. US certainly had no love for the democratically elected Hugo Chavez. US only praises ‘our democracies’, the nations that serve as puppets and running dogs to the US. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are prime examples of poodle-democracies of the US. They have elections, but the voters in those nations elect not leaders but running dogs of the US empire. Only China(and perhaps Vietnam to a lesser extent), despite all its flaws, is the only truly sovereign East Asian nation with independent will. Because US pretends to spread democratization, it creates the illusion that these new democracies are ‘free’ and ‘independent’. But in fact, it’s all just a ruse. Despite their elections, they are nothing but puppets of the US empire since their political candidates must meet with the stamp of approval from the US. In the 90s, US supported the inept Boris Yeltsin because he was a US stooge who allowed Jewish oligarchs to take over the entire economy. So, under ‘democracy’ with Yeltsin elected president, Russia became a client state of US Zio-homo globalism.)
Syria before and after US and its allies supported terrorists to bring down Assad
Libya before and after Zio-Globalist Intervention
To weaken the power of East Asian nations, the Jewish-American Empire is using homosexual comprador-collaborators and Asian-Americans(mostly deracinated and addicted to Western PC and trashy Pop Culture) as agents to undermine the sovereignty of each Asian nation. Thus far, the strength of East Asian nations has come from homogeneity + unity + majority rule. China is mostly Chinese, Japan is mostly Japanese, and Korea is mostly Korean(and Taiwan is mostly Taiwanese, which is to say exile-Chinese). This formula/combination has made it difficult for Americans to gain total dominance, indeed even in puppet states like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Therefore, to weaken East Asian nations for easier penetration by globalist forces(centered in US, EU, and Israel), America uses Asian homosexuals, Asian-Americans, and American-educated Asians to increase diversity and minority privilege in East Asia.
Now, since when has diversity led to greater power for the majority population of a nation?
Would Koreans and Manchurian-Chinese be better off if Korea and Manchuria were merged into one ‘diverse’ nation? Turks still have massive problems with Kurds. Israelis have problems with Arabs. Syria was torn apart because of its diversity. America still has a huge problem with blacks, and California is divided economically between rich Jews at the top and poor Mexicans at the bottom. Also, rising diversity means loss of control of the original majority population. White Americans used to dominate California, but they are now the minority. If Asians want to model their nations on California, they too will end up like white Californians: minorities in their own ancestral homelands. What would Japan or Korea gain by having its native population become a minority as the nation fills up with foreigners? What bunch of idiots would allow that to happen to their own nation? Diversity in France:

In Asia nations, Asians have identified with homogeneity and majority rule. But once Asians come to the West and become minorities and fall under Jewish-homo influence, they come to identify with minority interests and come to worship ‘diversity’. And they try to export this model back to their home countries. They believe Asian-America(that is racially and culturally dissolving in America) should be model of all Asia.
This is where Asians and Jews are different. Jews are far more savvy and cleverer. They know ‘diversity’ is all just bullshit that they invoke and push to undermine gentile power in gentile nations. So, when it comes to the West, Jews will promote ‘diversity’ since it weakens gentile majority power and advantages Jewish minority elite power that can play divide and rule among diverse goyim at each other’s throats. BUT, when it comes to the ‘Jewish Homeland’ of Israel, Jews have no use for ‘diversity’ and enforce strict immigration laws and try to boost Jewish demographics as much as possible while discouraging Arab/African population growth. Unlike clever Jews, earnest and childish Asian-Americans really swallow this bullshit about ‘diversity’ and see it as some Golden Rule for all societies. Jews understand it as a tool or weapon to maximize their own power. So, Jews promote ‘diversity’ in gentile nations while enforcing unity-and-homogeneity(as much as possible) in Israel. Indeed, half of Israelis wish all Arabs would be pushed out of Israel, and even most Liberal American Jews are firmly behind Israel. Notice how the Jew-run media in the US, such as the NYT, constantly defames European nations like Hungary and Poland for wanting to preserve their own race, culture, heritage, and territory, BUT these very same Jews demand that US fully support Israel’s right to be a Jewish homeland with all the ruthlessness against Palestinians it entails. Worse, even as NYT and other Jew-run media outlets spin the ‘refugee crisis’ as a European moral burden, they hardly mention the fact that the mass displacement has been the product of aggressive globalist-imperialist policies formulated and pushed by powerful Jews. Iraq, Libya, and Syria would not be in the state they are in if not for Zio-US intervention in the Middle East and North Africa. Jews mess things up but take no blame and carry no moral burden. Instead, they blame OTHER peoples for not doing enough to fix the problems caused by Jews. So, even though Hungary and Poland had NOTHING to do with the current disasters in the Middle East and North Africa, globalist Jews have the audacity to demand that those nations take in all these ‘refugees’. These Jews don’t even ponder the possibility of Israel using Golan Heights(stolen from Syria) as sanctuary for refugees. Jews are so miserly themselves but demand that other nations be so generous, even to the point of committing national suicide, to alleviate the problems caused by Jewish policy. Sometimes, it’s easy to understand why so many people have been ‘antisemitic’ through the ages. Indeed, if not for the relentless bombardment of Zionist propaganda in schools and media monopolized by Jews, most of humanity will surely sour of Jews.

Granted, all peoples can be greedy, dishonest, and opportunistic. But because Jews are the most powerful people in the world and pretend to be the highest moral paragons of humanity, it is especially insufferable when Jews go on and on about how they care so much but how we gentiles must do everything to fix the problems that Jews claim to care so much about. These are the issues that Keith Chow should really worry and write about, but he is too busy bitching and whining about how some Swedish-Hawaiian-Chinese character in ALOHA was played a white woman.
Keith Chow wonders why Asian-American actors aren't considered hot stuff in Hollywood.
If Keith Chow really cares about Asian-ness and culture, he should argue for better appreciation of arts, culture, and history, especially within the Asian community, especially in Asia itself. Who stars in what role seems secondary when so much of popular culture is garbage and promotes depraved attitudes, insipid posturing, and anti-values that harm society. For truth, we need to prioritize art over entertainment. Truth is dark, disturbing, and complex. It requires artists like Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Sidney Lumet, Ingmar Bergman, Betrand Tavernier, and Oliver Stone(at his best) to do it justice. Highly talented film-makers like Alfred Hitchcock, David Lean, and Steven Spielberg mastered ways to infuse populist spectacle with personal passion. But most entertainment merely works on the level of fantasy or diversion, and it’d be no loss if 90% of movies made each year never saw the light of screen. If Chow really wants to do his Asian and Asian-American kinsmen a favor, he should tell them to waste less time on dumb movies, stupid animation, and idiotic video-games. The cinematic and musical taste of most Asians, in East and West, is abysmal, and this matters because much of pop culture isn’t merely silly and diversionary but downright vile, vicious, and immoral when not decadent, degenerate, and depraved.
A genuine artist exploring the nether-regions of existence strikes a match and illuminates hidden truths, as David Lynch did in MULHOLLAND DR. But when mere entertainment exploits dark material, the result is usually mindless celebration of excess. Richard Linklater’s DAZED AND CONFUSED is a great film about the youth culture and experience. Seth Rogan movies just wallow in filth and foulness. And Harold and Kumar movies are hardly better. There’s so much mindlessness in our culture that we don’t need to encourage more. No Asian-American with sense should rhapsodize about Harold and Kumar movies just because Asian-American actors star in them. They are junk(even if funny at times) that encourages Asian kids to become deracinated and mindless consumers of the now depraved American Culture that only cares about egotism, hedonism, and consumer-materialism.
Asians and Asian-Americans(along with all peoples around the world) should disdain most Pop Culture as something akin to Soma in Aldous Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD or opium pushed on the Chinese by British Jews like David Sassoon. It is mindless and addictive. They turn young kids into shallow morons obsessed with the idolatry of celebrity(that is getting ever more vulgar, pornier, and trashier) hyped by the cynical media machine that churns out interchangeable commodities for the globalized marketplace where narcissism, nihilism, hedonism, and the mindless Cult of the Cool reign supreme.
Pop Culture has even corrupted those who attend elite colleges who graduate with little else on their minds but working for MTV to peddle the latest trash song by the likes of Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus. Attitudes promoted by the entertainment industry instill young ones with impatience(for anything that doesn’t deliver immediate pleasure) and contempt(for anything that isn’t deemed ‘hip’, ‘cool’, or ‘badass’). It is no wonder that so many young people now feel disaffected with their families, disassociated from their ancestors, and dissatisfied with their lives. Since the Cult(or Tyranny) of the Cool believes the fashionable here-and-now is the highest value, nothing else matters. Everything deemed uncool is ‘old’, ‘passe’, ‘boring’, ‘unhip’, and ‘uncool’.
True appreciation of arts & culture encourages and cultivates curiosity, respect, reverence, fascination, critique, and thought. There was a time when high-brow elitists or cultural snobs had the unfortunate tendency to dismiss anything deemed insufficiently high, intellectual, or serious. But today, the culture of contempt is mostly to be found in Pop Culture. Those immersed in Rap culture have no curiosity for any music that isn’t about fighting and fuc*ing. Worse, they are so into the cult of thuggery that they feel contempt for anyone who isn’t deemed tough-and-rough-enough. Slut and whore culture on TV and music have made girls impatient and bored with any music that isn’t about ‘twerking’ and shaking their asses like the beastly Beyonce. And any girl who hasn't lost her virginity by 15 is seen as suspect or sick. Video-game addicts want movies to be like fast-moving video-games. Pop Culture has become the equivalent of junk food and narcotics for the masses. So many young people are like kids who won’t eat real meals because they want cookies, ice cream, and cakes morning, noon, and night. And people listen to pop music like taking a hit of illicit drugs. They are more like junkies than anything else.

Now, just like it’s okay to have some junk food now and then, I can understand the need for some Pop Culture. But for too many people, Pop Culture is their own living culture. Their impoverished attitudes, demeanor, and manners are atrocious, arrogant, and contemptuous. And they are fixated on the silliest things while overlooking the far more important matters of life. This is true enough of Keith Chow who, not unlike pop-culture-junkie-collaborators like Mary H.K. Choi of garbage-peddling MTV, seems obsessed with the dumbest Pop Culture tripe that most sensible Asians and Asian-Americans should ignore. Like so many millennials, Chow only knows the two PC’s: Pop Culture and Political Correctness.

Pop Culture as mere entertainment is okay now and then. But when the fantasy of Pop becomes the dominant way by which we shape our national culture, define our aspirations, and measure our worth, we are no longer consumers of Pop but its addicts. And, who controls Pop Culture? A handful of media moguls who recruit fashion nerds and narcissistic decadents to fill young minds with the culture of contempt, thuggery, promiscuity, and materialism. A junkie might feel empowered by the rush of narcotics that turn him on, but isn't he really just a soul-slave of the pusher? And Pop Culture is now pushed like a soma-like narcotic on the world.
While all of art and culture have an element of fantasy and make-believe(since art is always a crafted form of representation or expression), real art and culture use imagination and thought-experiments to ponder deeper truths. Real art subversively uses artifice to imagine, speculate, and explore possible truths and their variables. Science can only prove what is observed or demonstrated. Journalism is about reporting what actually happened. History depends on artifacts, documents, accounts, and evidence. But so much of reality goes unseen, unrecorded, and unobserved. This is where art/fiction steps in to imagine the hidden, missed, or elusive realms of the mind, life, society, and history. Art may use drama and personalities, or it may rely on myth, archetypes, and allegories. Art delves into areas zoned off to scientists, historians, and journalists who must rely on facts, records, and evidence.
Art also delves into areas ignored by entertainers who dissolve reality and truth with the feel-good or feel-fun fantasy of make-believe. An artist uses intelligence, imagination, and integrity(however compromised) to inch nearer to the truth. An entertainer uses skill and formula to feed the audience fantasy that takes their minds off reality. Both the artist and entertainer have a deserved place in society.
But we must remind ourselves that Pop Culture is fantasy, and fantasy is flight from reality. Core of Being needs grounding in reality. Unfortunately, the hypnotic & orgasmic power of Pop Culture and the Cult of the Cool has spellbound countless minions into favoring fantasy over reality, thus warping every aspect of our lives. Even our politics, morals, spirituality, and values reflect the tyranny of pop. Pop Culture offers consumers a kind of trans-luxury-ism. The soulless zombies of THE BLING RING epitomize the logical end-product of existence defined by Pop Culture. Most people aren't rich, 'cool'(even the 'coolness' of celebrities is an industry-created illusion), or famous. But by immersing themselves in the fantasy of pop, they become trans-wealth-ists. If a 'trans-gender' person fantasizes himself/herself as the opposite sex, trans-wealth-ism of Pop allows the sucker masses to feel that they are also 'cool', 'badass', 'hip', and famous simply by idolizing & imitating their favorite 'stars'(manufactured by the mostly craven entertainment complex) and by favoring fantasy bubbles to reality. Perhaps, when so much wealth is becoming concentrated in the hands of the few(disproportionately Jewish), the trans-weath-ist fantasy is supposed to be 'therapeutic' and serve as a kind of safety valve(for the masses destined to have less and less), made all the more easy with the rise of Virtual Reality technology allowing 'nobodies' and 'losers' to put on cyber-eye-gear and fantasize that their lives revolve around mansions, sexy people, jewelry & bling, yachts, and private jets.
Pop Culture always had a fantasy element, but people used to return to the reality of life, family, church, community, heritage, and tradition when the show was over. And there was a time when young ones were pressured to put away childish things and grow up.
But the amnesiac power and all-pervasive presence(via the internet) of Pop Culture has disconnected people from reality and real culture, and the dogmatism of Political Correctness has rendered them incapable of critically thinking about the world beyond the formula of harping on 'racism', 'antisemitism', and 'homophobia'. (The perimeters of PC's critical thinking is dictated by Harvard, Hollywood, and the NYT. One can only criticize what is allowed to be criticized. It's like one could only blame the 'bourgeoisie' in a communist society. Whatever one didn't like was 'bourgeois'. One could not criticize communism even though the communist elites, not the capitalists, held all the power. Keith Chow's rant is a good illustration of this. His Angry Asian Man Act is totally in accordance with the Program. Since PC blames 'white privilege' for everything[like communism blamed the 'bourgeois' for everything], he blames the policies and actions of Jewish-Homosexual Hollywood on the bogeyman of 'whiteness.'  So many Asian-Americans discuss race issues in 'critical' manner but ONLY within the confines enforced by the ruling Jewish and Homosexual elites at the NYT and Harvard. I dare Chow or any Asian-American to mention the J-factor and H-factor in American inequality and in relation to US imperialism around the world. There will be just stone cold silence. Asian-Americans may bark loud but only as the running dogs of the Jewish-Homosexual-Globalist-Elites.)

Fantasy is okay for children. As kids grow into adults, they need to be weaned off fantasy in favor of reality(with its complexities and obligations), but we now have a globalist cultural-industrial-complex that promotes the soul-destroying opiate of Pop Culture to every corner of the world, thereby turning people into moths fixated on artificial light that saps than feeds life. Is it any wonder that the United States has turned into Mondo Trasho where 'gay marriage' is celebrated with 'gay rainbow colors' lit up at the White House inhabited by a two-bit pimp whose concept of 'courage' is exemplified by Bruce Jenner putting on a dress and declaring himself a 'woman'? And the media are, of course, fully complicit in this because the very people who run Hollywood, MTV, and Disney are the same ones who control the news industry that works in cahoots with the US government to extend the tentacles of the Zio-American empire.
The fact that the so-called 'Left' uses Pop Culture to propagate narcissism, thuggery, self-indulgence, and outright falsehoods(thus turning the masses into brainwashed junkies) blows the cover on the 'progressive' movement as a shill for Hollywood, Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Ivy League Schools, all of which are really about safeguarding the power and privilege of the upper elites.
Pop Culture is harmless as mere enjoyment. But, it is toxic as Core Culture. Indeed, Pop Culture has no core. It's mostly an empty fantasy of making suckers feel that they are 'stars' like Beyonce, Usher, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and any number of manufactured idols of the industry that churns out 'stars' like Hormel cans ham. It's one thing for little kids to sing and dance with Barney the dinosaur in the 'land of make-believe', but it's downright pathetic for adults to be immersed in the trash-fantasies of Pop.

If people like Keith Chow really care about arts and culture, they should try to change attitudes and sensibilities at a deeper level. Instead of obsessing of who was cast in the Hollywood adaptation of THE GHOST IN THE SHELL, they should look for inspiration in truly remarkable Asian films such as FRIEND, TAKE CARE OF MY CAT, POETRY, STILL WALKING, MEMORIES OF MURDER, BLUE KITE, FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE, CURE, and BUBBLEGUM CRISIS. Some of these are art films, some are genre movies, some are combinations of both modes. But they are remarkable because they are the works of personal vision, imagination, reflection, and exploration. They dare and provoke than merely flatter and pleasure the audience.
And if we look back into the history of Asian cinema, there are giants like Akira Kurosawa, Yasujiro Ozu, Kenji Mizoguchi, Shohei Imamura, Masaki Kobayashi, Satyajit Ray, and many others. They are the ones who should inspire those in the here-and-now in the creation and appreciation of newer and better culture. Working to make better books, music, and movies is far more important in the long run than whether an Asian has been cast in yet another dumb Hollywood movie.
Instead of pleading with Hollywood to be allowed into the Club of the Cool, Asian-Americans should work at developing a counter-culture that raises inconvenient questions, challenges Politically Correct taboos, speaks truth to the real power that rules America, and honestly explores and expresses the Asian-American experience. This would not be about being ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ since such are mere chimeric illusions created by the Pop Industry. In a world so saturated with Pop in West and East and North and South, why not try to do something different? Why not expose the ‘cool’ as a mere style or fantasy that has no bearing on truth? Sure, the Cult of Cool has its place. It is entertaining enough, and I suppose there’s no real harm in watching 007 movies or too-good-to-be-true fantasies like TWILIGHT movies. But we need to grow up, and a big part of growing up means being able to tell reality from fantasy, truth from falsehood, and essence from frivolity. Especially since Asian-American males tend to experience the reality of Rude Awakening in the West, they should be more honest and forthright. When fantasy rules the culture and you have no place in it, then wake up and grow up and become the speaker and purveyor of the truth. It’s like the Bob Dylan song "Like a Rolling Stone": ‘When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose/ You’re invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.’ Or the Kris Kristofferson/Janis Joplin song "Me and My Bobby McGee": ‘Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose/ And nothin' ain't worth nothin' but it's free’.