Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Current Western Influence Will Make North Korea Worse, Not Better. (PLUS: The Globalist Gay Agenda Seeks Homosexual Supremacism.)

Kim Jong-Un's Embrace of Western Decadence, at least for himself and his corrupt elite supporters.
Trashy South Korean Psy Finding Inspiration from Human Garbage Snoop Dogg.
The following piece argues that the current state of affairs and attitudes in the West is not conducive towards effecting change and reform in North Korea. Francis Fukuyama argued that the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism heralded the so-called End of History where liberal values and democracy would triumph around the world.
Alas, the End of History has brought forth the rise of oligarchy, minority elite privilege(mostly that of Jews and homosexuals) over majority interests & values, erosion of national sovereignty(except for that of Israel), and decadence in moral values that have turned the masses into dumb sheep easily swayed and controlled by the media complex held by the ruling elites of Jews and homosexuals. If the new socio-political reality of the West is repressive rule by an oligarchic elite minority, then there is little in the West to inspire moral, social, and political rectitude and reform in North Korea.

Many have hoped for a long time that North Korea would embark on genuine reforms toward greater freedom, liberty, and openness. Because the West has long been synonymous with democracy and progress, the prevailing outlook has been that North Korea will become more pluralistic and tolerant IF it comes under growing influence of the West and/or South Korea, a significantly Westernized East-Asian nation.
There is some truth in such assertions to the extent that if the North Korean people were allowed to know about the outside world, the system probably could not last long.
Because most North Koreans are forbidden to know about the world beyond North Korea, many scholars and specialists on North Korea hope that the Westernization of the North Korean elite will have a ‘trickle down’ effect on the people there as well: As the North Korean elites grow more Westernized, their habits and outlooks will likely have a ripple effect on the rest of North Korea.
This is certainly a possibility, but we need to consider a potential Paradox: The Current Western influence upon the North Korean elites could actually make them even more resistant to meaningful reform, change, and liberalization. Why would that be the case?

It is because the Current West is less about democratic representation and national interest than about oligarchic power and globalist domination(for the sake of the narrow interests of the super-rich elites that grow ever richer while most people remain economically stagnant or slip further). Take a look at European nations, and it is clear that the national elites no longer serve the interests of their peoples. They serve the interests of oligarchic globalism centered in Manhattan, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., and other such places. The ruling elites do nothing to prevent the massive tide of immigration from the Third World that is threatening the very survival and existence of European civilization. Also, the modern mass media fill the eyes, ears, hearts, and minds of young people with non-stop trashy Pop Culture that hollows out their souls.
A Princeton study revealed that, in terms of effective representation, United States is no longer a democracy. It is an oligarchy. http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746 This is especially true and troublesome because the New Ruling Elites of the United States are Jews and their main allies, the homosexuals. Only 2% of American people are Jewish, and less than 3% of Americans are homosexual. Yet, they have immense power in America, therefore around the world(because US is the sole superpower that uses its military and financial muscle to threaten other nations to follow the American Way). Wherever American power gains a foothold, it seeks cultural and political control by pushing and spreading the ‘gay agenda’. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/06/u-s-homosexual-envoy-wants-brazil-in-new-international-pro-sodomy-coalition-to-deflect-accusations-of-us-cultural-imperialism-3168610.html
Because America is now ruled by Jews and super-rich oligarchs, they find the homosexual agenda to be to their political and economic advantage. Jews spread and instill the idea of the New Normal that pressures the vast majority to submit to the interests of a small ruling minority. If a nation that is 98% straight submits to the 2% that is homosexual, then the majority that is 98% gentile is more likely to submit to the 2% that is Jewish. The New Normal in America is Elite Minority Supremacism. Also, because the homosexual agenda is a globalist movement funded and defined by Zionists and the oligarchic West, it undermines and erodes national sovereignty and independence among peoples and cultures around the world. This is why Jewish-controlled America is using Korean-Americans(who are running dogs and collaborators of the American Empire) and American-educated Koreans to spread the ‘gay agenda’ in South Korea. And super-rich people(in both East and West) find value in the ‘gay agenda’ because it shifts political issues away from economic matters — troublesome to the top 1% that keeps getting richer and richer while the vast majority remain economically stagnant or become poorer — toward life-style matters that favor homosexual vanity, narcissism, and frivolity. Because homosexuals tend to gravitate toward industries like fashion, entertainment, cosmetics, and arts & culture, they are very close to rich people whom they loyally serve and rub shoulders with. The South Korean elites are also part of the globalist network of ultra-privilege, vanity, and narcissism. They no longer care about their own nation, their people, their culture, their heritage, and their history. All they care about is money, privilege, 'popularity', and winning the accolades of globalist elites of the United States and Western Europe. Since the US and the EU are now controlled by Jews(and their homosexual allies), South Korean elites also seek full membership in the club. South Korean elites feel closer to rich people in San Francisco and London than to most Koreans. That is why the South Korean elites are now working with their Jewish-American and homosexual-American masters to pressure Koreans into accepting the ‘gay agenda’ as something essential to Korean culture and values. South Korean elites would rather betray their own nation/people/culture to win plaudits from their Western peers/masters than defend the honor and dignity of their own race, culture, and nation by standing firm and pushing back against American globalist neo-imperialism that seeks to rob Koreans of their identity, values, and heritage in exchange of more profits by 'free trade', most of which goes to the South Korean elites who live like pigs while the masses are degraded, cheapened, and vulgarized by trashy pop entertainment that is sold as the culture equivalent of soda and candy. Zero nutrition for mind, heart, and soul. (According to New Western 'morality', even trashy pop culture has 'redemptive' and 'spiritual'  value IF it pushes politically correct agendas like 'gay marriage' and 'Bruce Jenner is now a woman'.)


Now, the problem is not that homosexuals should be tolerated and be allowed the freedom to indulge in their deviant forms of ‘sexuality’ in South Korea. If that were the issue, there would be no problem. A modern liberal society should allow freedom for different orientations and lifestyles. The real problem is this: The homosexual agenda in the West is NOT about allowing homosexuals the freedom to do their own thing in their own private space or their own communities. It is about Homosexual Supremacism. It is about forcing the entire nation to praise, glorify, celebrate, bless, honor, and worship homosexuality. Immense sums have been expended to associate homosexuality with ‘rainbow’ colors, mega-festivities, glitz & celebrity, mass mania, and even 'spirituality'. Jews control the Western Media and Western finance — and nearly all the politicians — , and they’ve spent huge sums to promote homosexual propaganda. Jews have used all their power to silence, blacklist, and destroy anyone who dares to oppose the ‘gay agenda’. Homosexuals, with Jewish backing and protection, are no longer satisfied with the freedom to be ‘gay’ and do their own thing. They demand that all of us believe that homosexuality is just as good, decent, wonderful, and meaningful as True Sexuality between man and woman. To makes things even more ridiculous, United States(under control of Jewish media and academia) now preaches that trans-gender people are whatever they say they are. So, if Bruce Jenner cuts off his penis and testicles and gets a fake artificial vagina, we have to believe that he is really a ‘woman’. If you insist that he is still a man, you will be destroyed and blacklisted in many circles, especially in elite institutions and big industries where all the power, influence, and wealth are concentrated. The homosexual agenda is not about the freedom of homosexuals to be ‘gay’. It is about their supremacist power to force all of us to admire, bless, and praise them. It is about their supremacist takeover of education to brainwash young children beginning in elementary school that there is nothing wrong with quasi-sexual acts such as men using their male sex organs(penises) to penetrate the fecal organs of other men.

Consider the following developments in the United States.

The company Chick Fil-A was banned from doing business in Chicago because its owners donated to an organization that defended True Marriage.

The former CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign from his position because he’d donated to a cause that championed True Marriage in California.

Christian bakers have been sued, fined, and forced to attend re-education sessions because they refuse to accept the moral value of ‘gay marriage’ or ‘same sex marriage’.

Bakers who refused to make lesbian wedding cake told to pay $135K by Monday -- or else.

A pizzeria in Indiana has been the object of hate, hysteria, and fury because it said it wouldn’t cater to ‘gay weddings’.

Teachers have been fired because they posted on Facebook that ‘gay marriage’ is wrong.

There are laws in American cities that call for the destruction of anyone who dares to say anything critical of homosexuality.

Even separation of Church and State in the United States is threatened because some municipalities demand that churches be forced to marry ‘gay couples’. An Idaho city threatens imprisonment for pastors who won’t marry homosexuals.

And those cases are just the tip of the iceberg. The New McCarthyism is America is the power of Jews and homosexuals to threaten, silence, and destroy ANYONE who dares to say anything critical of Jewish power or the homosexual agenda.

In America, you can criticize Chinese, Russians, white males, Christians, Muslims, Amish, atheists, and many other groups, and your free speech is protected. But if you dare criticize Jewish power or homosexual lifestyle, then you are targeted for destruction more severely than communist agents were during the so-called Red Scare.

If South Korea caves to (Jewish-and-homo-dominated)American demands for the spreading of the ‘gay agenda’, it will end up just like the United States that is now totally controlled by Jewish oligarchs and homosexual agents. All truth-seeking people need to understand that the homosexual agenda was pushed by Jews from the very beginning. Jews push it because: homosexual influence = Jewish power. Homosexuals are the proxies of Jews. Indeed, Jews are furious with Russia because they see Vladimir Putin’s rejection of the ‘gay agenda’ as a push against total Jewish takeover of Russia. Jews took Russian resistance against the homosexual agenda personally because, deep in their hearts, they knew it was really Russian rejection of globalist Jewish imperialism. (Thankfully, Russia is strong, vast, and abundant in natural resources. It can weather and survive American neo-imperialism and sanctions. But South Korea is a small resource-scarce nation that is economically dependent on the US market. So, it has to play lapdog to the American neo-imperialist agenda, just like Korean elites during Japanese colonialism had to submit to the policies of the so-called Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. South Koreans may think they are freely choosing to adopt the 'gay agenda', but the fact is they have no choice. If South Koreans say NO, then the Jewish-controlled US will smear South Korea's image and even push sanctions on South Korean products. As in THE GODFATHER, Jewish Power is "making an offer that you can't refuse."  If South Korea refuses, it means economic ruin.)

In the past, if one said that Jews are behind the subversive ‘gay agenda’, many Jews would have accused him of ‘paranoid antisemitism’. But now that so many dumb Americans have been duped and won over to the ‘gay agenda’ promoted via ‘rainbow’ colors, hysterical pageantry & rallies, trashy celebrity culture, and mind-numbing political correctness, Jews are happily boasting that they’d been behind the ‘gay agenda’ from the beginning. Jews claim that it’s all about ‘social justice’ and ‘equality’, but it's all just a lie. Jews pushed the ‘gay agenda’ to normalize the idea of elite minority rule. It has been in their tribal interest for supremacist control. Indeed, Jews even ‘pink-wash’ Israel’s oppression of Palestinians by arguing that Israelis are more ‘gay-friendly’ than Palestinians are. Of course, as Israel is solidly right-wing, there’s little chance of ‘gay marriage’ becoming law over there. But to the extent that Tel Aviv puts on a grand ‘gay pride parade’ every year, Jews use it as propaganda in the West that Israel is more ‘progressive’ than those ‘savage’ and ‘barbaric’ Arabs.




Anyway, such is the nature of current Western Culture and Influence. It is not about the people, the masses, and the defense of core moral values. It is about whatever the globalist Jewish oligarchs and their homosexual allies say it is. It has nothing to do with genuine democracy and protection of civil liberties; it is about enforcement of elite privileges, i.e. powerful homosexuals have the power to change the meaning of marriage, but incest-sexuals and polygamists do not(because they don’t have the backing of powerful Jewish interests).
Of course, it is now the case that the majority of Americans approve of ‘gay marriage’ or ‘same-sex marriage’, but this shift in public attitude didn’t come about through free debate and open/honest discussion. It came about as the result of massive Jewish financial power and media influence to push their 'gay' agenda at all levels of American life, culture, and politics. Movies, News media, TV shows, and TV advertising presented homosexuals as the most wonderful people on Earth, whereas anyone who expressed opposition to the ‘gay agenda’ was presented as evil villains — and threatened with shunning, firing, and blacklisting from elite industries and institutions. Also, because nearly all American politicians are prostitutes of Jewish power, they are afraid of opposing anything that Jews support. Since most Jews supported the ‘gay agenda’, even Conservative American politicians mostly remained silent on the issue out of fear of angering their Jewish masters. Also, as super-rich people have many homosexual agents serving them, homosexuals gained the ear of the oligarchic class in America, just like the eunuchs in China gained influence in the inner court of ruling dynasties.
Most American people are now dumb and infantile, weaned on trashy Pop Culture and reason-destroying Political Correctness pushed by Jews.

They’ve been cut off from their roots, heritage, history, identity, and culture. American idea of morality comes from Pop Culture, and Americans, especially young ones, can no longer think freely, boldly, and independently because their minds are molded by Political Correctness from the cradle. In a strange and sad way, Americans are becoming more like the idiotic masses in North Korea. In fact, your average North Korean might be more cynical and skeptical of the Official Truth than your average American is, who mindlessly goes along with whatever is fed to them by Hollywood, Disney, Oprah, Pop Star celebrities, Schools that have become indoctrination centers, and the government.

Look at the behavior of these middle class college-educated Americans:

There was a time when it would have been considered obnoxious if children acted like adults in the video above(Oprah's Christmas special). Today, even full-grown adults in America act like stupid children just become some fat egotistical woman said, "Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas". So, it is not surprising that Americans went so quickly from opposing ‘gay marriage’ to supporting it. Having fallen into infantilism, they can be tricked like children made to believe in Santa Claus. A true and healthy democracy cannot function with childish idiots who are easily manipulated by Jewish globalist oligarchs and their vain homosexual agents. The Current West is not about rationalism, skepticism, individualism, and liberty. It is about mass hysteria, mass celebration of decadence, infantile attitudes, and incurable immaturity. These dumb attitudes make people ‘feel free’, but they are only free like dumb children who cannot think for themselves and cannot come to grips with the true nature of power. It’s the false freedom of people addicted to narcotics. Young Americans think they are part of some Resistance because they read or watch HUNGER GAMES, but such entertainments are pushed by the elites to lend the masses an illusion of opposition and liberation.

This is how idiotic North Korea promoted the Cult of the Kim Dynasty and Communism. There was no room for debate or discussion, only for hysteria, obedience, and submission:

Below video is now how the West promotes the ‘Gay Delirium’. And, if you refuse to go with the flow, you risk being branded a ‘homophobe’, and then you will be denied any promotion up the echelons of power. Because the Korean mind-set favors conformity and obedience, Korean-Americans submit to the ‘gay agenda’ like North Koreans submit to the Kim Dynasty. Korean-American act ‘wild and free’, but it’s pure conformism to trashy American lifestyle promoted by Hollywood.

Given the nature of the Current West, its influence may only encourage bad behavior among the elites of North Korea. If the Current West is more about oligarchy than democracy, then why should North Korea liberalize when it already has an absolute oligarchic system controlled by the Kim clan and its inner circle? Also, if the people in the Current West are controlled by Political Correctness and routinely penalized for speaking freely and expressing controversial views — American liberals, who'd once championed free speech in the past, now say that certain speeches should be banned as 'hate speech' — , the lesson for North Korea is that free speech is bad and that those in power should decide what can and can’t be said.

Though the West is still infinitely freer than North Korea, it is undeniable that Political Correctness continues to subvert free thought in the America and the West. Koreans who study in the West never challenge what they’re taught from their professors, many of whom are Jewish or homosexual. They mindlessly soak up everything promoted in American and European universities, return to Korea, and try to implement the same policies. They think they're intellectually, culturally, and morally superior to native Koreans because they studied in the West. Free Speech is essentially dead in Europe as, for example, you can be arrested for what is deemed as ‘hate speech’. Now, who decides what ‘hate speech’ is? The ruling elites and their academic enablers, of course. So, if you say something negative about homosexuals, you can be locked up in many European nations. And since South Korea is a political and intellectual colony of the US, it too has followed the same path in curtailing free speech and expression — except in the sewage of trashy attitudes and expressions in K-pop that celebrate thuggery, trashy materialism, and homo-inflected narcissism(as many of the fashion designers and makeup people in K-pop are ‘gay’).
Decadent and Insipid Consumer-Capitalist South Korea is a country where the New National Ideal is for Koreans to look 'white', act 'black', and dress 'gay'. While South Korean girls imitate trashy 'black rap culture' of America, Korean boys are increasingly made to look 'gay' and effeminate by the homosexuals who are over-represented in the music and fashion industry. An entire generation of young Koreans are cut off their from roots, history, heritage, and identity; they are encouraged to go 'trans-racial' by obsessing about looking  'global', which means aping every dumb fashion trend that flows out of Hollywood, American music culture, and Japanese cartoon culture.
Also, what is now the theme of current Western Pop Culture? It is all about ‘me, me, and me’. It is about vanity, hedonism, narcissism, self-indulgence, arrogance, excess, X-treme egotism, celebrity mania, and megalomania. Just look at rap stars acting like they are the center of the universe. Just look at female celebrities whose only interest in life is money, material goods, makeup, partying, and self-indulgence. Just look at the super-rich in the West who have no qualms about flaunting their privilege like emperors even though their wealth was made possible by semi-slave labor in Third World nations exposed to globalist exploitation.
This is the face of Western Decadence that promotes itself as 'progress'. Conchita Wurst, the winner of Eurovision contest because he's a bearded man who pretends to be a woman. This is the kind of trash that South Korea draws cultural 'inspiration' from. It's true that Kim Jong-Un is a ridiculous moron, but is current Western culture any saner than the nonsense peddled in North Korea?
Is it any wonder that in such a decadent cultural climate, the main ‘moral’ issue in America has been about ‘gay marriage’ and trans-gender freaks? Shallow Americans now worship homosexuals because no group is as vain, narcissistic, self-obsessed, and bitchy as homosexuals are. Homosexuals think and act like they are natural-born aristocrats who should be praised, celebrated, and served by most people who are regarded as serfs. Even though every human life that ever existed was created through true sexuality between man and woman — indeed, even every homosexual was created through true sex between man and woman — , homosexuals demand that all of us get on our knees and agree that homosexuality is just as good, rational, and naturally normal/healthy as true sexuality is. Homosexuals are not content to be free. They insist on taking over entire cities, promoting huge parades and associating their lifestyle with ‘pride’, and forcing everyone to agree that homosexuality is as just as valid and legitimate as true sexuality is.

But even that isn’t enough. Since homosexuality cannot produce any children, homosexuals demand the right to adopt children(who were created through true sexuality between man and woman) in order to play the fairy-tale notion of ‘two daddies’ or ‘two mommies’. This is how selfish, delusional, and insane the homosexual community has become.
Homosexuals once said that they should have freedom to be ‘gay’, and America said okay. But that was not enough. Homosexuals now say we must all must praise and celebrate homosexuality or else be fired, blacklisted, and destroyed. They say homosexuality is just as good as true sexuality, but upon realizing that homosexuality cannot produce a single life, they demand the right to adopt children produced by true sexuality and then to pretend at being ‘two daddies’ or ‘two mommies’ as if the children were produced through the magic of ‘gay sex’. This kind of sick fantasy now dominates the West, and it was made possible thanks to the power of Jews who control Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Ivy League schools, the biggest Law Firms, and the US government.

Now that Jews are bragging about it, owning it, flaunting it, and celebrating ‘gay marriage’ as their baby, the main theme of the ‘gay marriage’ issue should be that the US is dominated by Jewish power and that Jews did it for their own tribal interest. It’s been the alliance of two subversive minority elites. Jews are coming out of the closet as the Hidden Hand of American politics and trends. We need to face up to it:




There was a time when Jews would have hissed that it is ‘antisemitic’ to accuse Jews of being behind the ‘gay agenda’. But now that so many Americans have been turned into pop-culture-addicted idiots who think ‘gay marriage’ is the greatest thing since sliced bread, Jews are bragging that they’d been the main force behind the ‘gay agenda’ all along. Jews insist that it’s all about ‘justice’ and ‘equality’, but it’s all just a lie. Jews pushed the ‘gay agenda’ because it was advantageous to Jewish power. Jews are a ruling minority elite, and they wanted to make Americans accustomed to the idea of the minority elite ruling over the vast majority. The New Normal of homosexual domination over the straight population complements the reality of Jewish domination over the gentile population of America that is 98%. Jews appreciate how the 2% ‘gay’ population's domination over the 98% straight population parallels the 2% Jewish population's domination over the 98% Gentile population. By loosening and corrupting the core morality of a nation/people, Jews(along with homosexuals) have sought to weaken the pride, dignity, resolve, and unity of the people. The Jewish way is to lower people into the state of dumb animals and then to use Political Correctness to train them like dogs in Obedience Schools. Is it any wonder that your average American is an infantile idiot with tattoos and dumb attitude but is deathly afraid of saying that might be deemed ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, or ‘homophobic’. Basically, Jews want us to be dumb animals cut off from our past, heritage, and identity. They want us to ignore our history, mock our parents and grandparents, indulge in sex/drugs/alcohol/gambling, remain emotionally stunted, listen to foul-mouthed babytalk called ‘rap music’, and indulge in excessive hedonism, BUT we better not say anything that might challenge the power and influence of Jews and homosexuals. In the video below, Paul Watson parodies the nature of Political Correctness:

So, I must ask... what kind of a true democracy is this? What kind of true liberty is this? And can there be a genuine democracy without people who mature into adults, think for themselves, and have the courage to identify and challenge those with the most power? Since Jews and homosexuals are now so powerful in the West, it should be the duty of everyone to openly discuss Jewish power and homosexual influence. But Political Correctness silences any such discourse as being ‘antisemitic’ or ‘homophobic’. Therefore, Jews and homosexuals are protected from effective criticism just like the North Korean rulers are protected from any meaningful criticism.
To be sure, critics of Jews and homosexuals are not sent to a gulag or shot in the head — as still happens in the dreadful North Korea — , but Jews and homosexuals have many effective ways of threatening most people into compliance since they have the muscle to have anyone be fired, blacklisted, banned, and shunned from all institutions and industries of importance. Jews and homosexuals now rule America as a soft-totalitarian state. Even though the First Amendment protects free speech in America, it doesn’t protect one's job or career if one were to say something controversial or threatening to the Jewish and/or homosexual elites. If you say the ‘wrong’ thing in America, you can easily be fired and blacklisted. Also, because America is a nation ruled by lawyers and because lawyers love to sue anyone over anything, businesses are afraid of being sued over any controversial issue. Therefore, they would rather submit to political correctness than take any chance with free-thinking people who think differently.

So, given the way of how the Current West operates, what lessons does it hold for the North Korean elite? The lessons are that the North Korean elites should only think of themselves, just like Jewish oligarchs and homosexual elites only think of their own power and privilege. And just as people in America are now effectively banned from criticizing Jewish/homosexual power, North Korean rulers might as well continue with their own system that forbids any criticism of the regime. In a way, Jewish/homosexual rule over the United States is like the Communist Party’s rule over China. There is a lot of social and even political freedom in China AS LONG AS you do not badmouth and oppose the Chinese Communist Party and its sacred symbols. Likewise, there are lots of political and social freedom in America AS LONG AS you do NOT badmouth and oppose Jewish and homosexual power — Jewish power and homosexual power are so closely intertwined that they are almost interchangeable. But then, Jews have funded the ‘gay agenda’ from the beginning.
At any rate, what good is political freedom IF you are not allowed to challenge the most powerful organization, institution, or group in the nation. After all, any dictator can say, "You are free to do and say anything AS LONG AS you don’t criticize and oppose me." A true democracy is where the people should be watchful and critical of the most powerful force/group in the nation. It is not a true democracy when the most powerful group, institution, or organization is immune from opposition, criticism, and challenge. That is why China is not a democracy even though it offers lots of social and political freedoms. And that is why United States is no longer a true democracy because everyone must bow down before Jews and homosexuals. No politician has a chance of success in America without kowtowing to AIPAC, the Zionist organization. And now, with all the corporate power behind the ‘gay agenda’, Americans dare not criticize homosexuality or question homosexual practices because they can be labeled as ‘homophobic’ and be destroyed. The ludicrous term ‘homophobia’ implies that if you find homosexuality to be deviant and perverse, then you must be infected with a ‘phobia’, a mental disease. It means you’re sick in the head. At one time, homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Today, finding homosexuality to be abnormal, unhealthy, and gross is considered a mental illness. US is turning into something like the old USSR where anyone who questioned the veracity of ‘scientific’ Marxism was considered ‘mentally ill’ — a Marxophobe. Communists were so sure that Marxism is scientifically correct that they decided anyone who disagrees must be mentally ill. Today, Political Correctness(designed and defined by Jews) is so dogmatically insistent that homosexuality is holy and healthy that anyone who disagrees is denounced as mentally ill and sick. And since Korean-Americans are the biggest imitation artists and slavish yellow dogs, most of them just mindlessly go along with whatever happens to be the prevailing ideology in America. At the very least, give Jews credit for being innovators and leaders in the field of ideology and fashion. In contrast, Korean-Americans are mere imitators, followers, and lemmings. Koreans and Korean-Americans would never have come up with this nonsense called ‘gay marriage’, but because it is such a big thing in the West, they eagerly follow like a dog chasing after its master. But then, during the Japanese Occupation, many Korean elites were willing to turn Korea into a mere extension of Japan. Are Koreans a race of free independently-minded people or are they a race of slavish dogs?

A lot of people have been duped by the ‘gay agenda’ because it’s been sold as sympathy, tolerance, and decency toward homosexuals who’d once been demeaned by society. Most people simply don't understand what is really going on because they trust the media and are obsessed with mindless celebrity culture. If homosexuals only wanted tolerance and the freedom to be ‘gay’, most people would have had no problem with it. Most modern people, even conservatives, are for tolerance for minorities. The real problem was that homosexuals were never content with mere tolerance and freedom. They wanted universal benediction for their deviant lifestyles and behaviors. Vain homosexuals now want us to bless them, praise them, and celebrate them. They also want us to target and destroy anyone who believes that homosexuality is either sinful, gross, disgusting, perverse, or unhealthy. Homosexuals don’t merely want to be free to be homosexual. They want to FORCE all of us to admire and praise them. They want to take away our freedom to be critical of homosexuality and to oppose the radical 'gay agenda'. Homosexuals even want to pass laws that forbids any criticism or condemnation of homosexuality. Already in Europe, there are places where even the criticism of homosexuality can get one fined or imprisoned. Homosexuality involves gross and disgusting sexual deviancies such as a man penetrating his penis in the fecal anus of another man, but homosexuals want to have massive ‘pride’ parades in its honor. Even if one is not religious or spiritual, it should be readily apparent how ridiculous the notion of ‘gay pride’ is, indeed given the mere physical nature of homosexuality. But many people are blind to this because ‘gay’ culture has deceptively wrapped itself in ‘rainbow’ colors, been whitewashed in the media, and been 'new-normalized' to the point where ignorant Americans now believe 25% of the population is homosexual when, in fact, only 2.5% of Americans are. Where is the pride in a man inserting his penis into an another man’s anus that excretes feces? If he wants to do so, that should be allowed in a free society that is tolerant of deviant behavior, but why must society make room for mass celebrations that equate homosexuality and moral decadence with pride and dignity? (Vain homosexuals target the vanity of famous people. Homosexuals know that modern society is cut off from its roots & heritage and that many people are addicted to Pop Culture to the point where they worship and imitate pop stars and celebrities. So, homosexuals approach famous people, flatter them, schmooze them, and praise them. In return, famous people embrace the 'gay agenda' and come out for 'gay marriage'. And then, their mindless fans also embrace 'gay marriage' because it is the 'cool' and 'hip' thing to do. In some nations, homosexuals, working as agents of Jews, are the gatekeepers of the celebrity/entertainment industry. If you want to be famous, you have to submit to the 'gay agenda'. In Hollywood and music industry, for instance, NO ONE can make it unless he or she is for 'gay marriage' and always full of praise for Jews and homosexuals. In a shallow world where people idolize manufactured pop stars, the new morality is little more than whatever happens to be 'hip' and 'cool' according to the entertainment complex. It's like the 'truth' in North Korea is whatever Kim Jong-Un feels like saying it is.) The problem is not the tolerance of sexual decadence(even depravity) in a modern liberal society. Freedom means different people should be free to pursue activities that makes them happy. The problem is that homosexual decadence is now being sold and promoted as the New Morality, even as the New Spirituality, what with senile fools like Jimmy Carter even going so far as to say Jesus would have approved of 'gay marriage' and with American churches flying the 'gay flag', as if Jesus died on the Cross just so that sexual deviants could indulge in perverted behavior and get married on its basis.
Decadence/deviance as decadence/deviance is okay.  But decadence/deviance as a self-righteous vehicle of New Morality is not okay. True morality must be defended from such moral relativism that even threatens to turn into moral absolutism as it insists that everyone must bow down to the Glory and Pride of Homosexuality. Already in Europe and America, your reputation and career can be destroyed if you mutter anything critical about homosexuality or homosexual power(or Jewish power)

Jewish globalists pretend to spread the 'gay agenda' around the world as a form of 'human rights', but it is red herring, a deceptive fraud. Jews have appropriated and shaped the 'gay agenda' as a proxy to gain neo-imperialist control over other nations through the backdoor. Look at all these 'gay pride' parades. They are loud, aggressive, and delirious Victory Marches of Jewish Globalist domination. Koreans must resist this globalist assault on their nation not on grounds of Christianity, a foreign religion, but on grounds of defending Korea from foreign cultural imperialism and subversion.
Koreans must also be wary of current Pop Culture that slavishly imitates Western pop culture owned and dominated by Jews and homosexuals. In the past, pop culture was mostly seen as trivial entertainment. Now, it is used by the globalists to gain 'moral' and 'spiritual' power over young people who are increasingly cut off from their cultural roots, family, history & heritage, and core morality. Universities study and teach Pop Culture as an instrument and weapon of social subversion and political takeover.
For many young people, celebrities are like gods and fashions determine what is right or wrong. And because Korean education poorly prepares young people for critical thinking, young Koreans are turning into robots and drones of globalism dominated by Jews and homosexuals.

So, this homosexual agenda is not about equality or tolerance. It is about Homosexual Supremacism. It is about homosexuals, with the crucial support of Jewish globalists, pressuring nations(especially the vassal-states of the United States) to praise, glorify, and even worship homosexuals and their deviant behavior that involves ‘sex’ with fecal organs or mutilation of sexual organs to become members of the other sex, aka ‘sex-change operation’ or ‘gender reassignment surgery’ — Jews and homosexuals keep changing the terminology to make it more palatable to the normal population.

Homosexuals will deny that they believe homosexuality is better than true sexuality, aka heterosexuality. Homosexuals will insist that they are only saying that homosexuality and heterosexuality are of EQUAL value, but that is a lie on two counts. In truth, true sexuality or heterosexuality is infinitely better, superior, and more meaningful than homosexuality, which is, at best, a naturally occurring abnormality or biological mistake. Nature makes mistakes: there are frogs born with three limbs, there are children born with Downs Syndrome, there are people who were born deaf or blind, and etc. Saying that homosexuality is just as good as true sexuality is like saying that blindness is just as good as vision or that deafness is just as good as the ability to hear. When something that is inferior is said to have equal value with something that is clearly superior, it is a form of supremacism in favor of the inferior entity since it is given the privilege to assert its lie over the truth. If I am five feet tall and another person is six feet tall and if I say being five feet is just as tall as being six feet in the name of Height Equality, am I really serving the cause of equality? No, I’m serving my right to lie and cheat in the interests of my vanity, narcissism, and interest. I would be insisting on my right to enforce my lie on everyone. That is a form of supremacism because it says my lie is as good as the truth. If my lie is as good as the truth, then it means I am better than anyone becaues I’m allowed to get away with my lies that everyone must be forced to swallow as the truth. Since the truth must now accommodate and submit to my lie, the truth has less value than my lie. Because of the powerful homosexual agenda in the United States, Americans are forced to be swallow the lie that a trans-gender person’s fake vagina is as good as a real vagina. Americans are forced to swallow the lie that a man’s anus or fecal orifice is a ‘sex organ’. Americans are forced to swallow the nonsense that ‘two mommies’ or ‘two daddies’ can have a child together. And if you challenge the homosexual lie that is falsely peddled as the 'truth', you will be destroyed by the American Establishment that is now totally controlled by Jews and homosexuals.

True sexuality has produced billions of people around the world. Everyone that exists was produced by true sexuality. Every Korean that ever existed, every Japanese that ever existed, every Chinese person that ever existed, every European that ever existed, and etc. were created by true sexuality between man and woman. But we don’t have True Sexuality Pride Day. We don’t have True Marriage Pride Day. Instead, the sick and decadent West is now all about ‘gay pride’, and it keeps pushing the fantasy of ‘gay parents’ even though homosexuality never ever produced a single life and never will. This ‘gay agenda’ is a globlalist agenda pushed by the Jews who are trying to legitimize Minority Supremacism as the New Normal. Since most nations have no Jews, Jews use homosexuals as their globalist proxies. If South Korea comes under the domination of its homosexual elites, they will not defend Korea or work for Korea. They will serve as the running dogs of their Zionist globalist masters. While there have been patriotic homosexuals like Yukio Mishima of Japan, a lot of homosexuals tend to be vain, narcissistic, rootless, and shallow, and they will gladly sell out their nation for their self-aggrandizement. They act like they’re kings and queens, the new aristocrats of the globalist order. Their mode is anti-humanist and anti-morality. Mishima had vain tendencies too, but his profound patriotism compelled him to defend Japan than serve foreigners.
Ugliness of South Korean Trans-Racial Narcissism. Vapid, Self-Centered, and Shallow.
North Korean Cult of the Great Leader Isn't Far Removed from the Western Cult of the Holy Homo Funded and Promoted by Jewish Oligarchs. Vapid, Shallow, Self-Centered, and Megalomaniacal.
Anyway, what is there for the Kim Dynasty to learn from the West today? Western popular culture is now mostly about ultra-narcissistic celebrities. The super-rich indulge in all sorts of excesses and whims. Crooks on Wall Street and Las Vegas collude with the government to fleece the people and wage Wars for Israel. And just consider the rotten culture of South Korea where rich people act like spoiled princelings. Rich people raise their sons and daughters to care only about money, privilege, self-indulgence, and luxury. South Koreans were angry with the behavior of the rich corporate daughter of the ‘Nut Rage’ controversy, but the ultra-narcissistic Pop Culture that they consume night and day suggest that they too fantasize about little else but super-wealth and super-privilege. Korean Pop Culture is one endless stream of Nut Rage with soulless celebrities and performers acting like they are the center of the universe. No one is instilled with moral or humanist values anymore. Uncultured masses of Koreans watch dumb TV shows that offer fantasies of luxury, riches, and privilege. Stupid and semi-pornographic K-pop showcases the worst kind of excesses, narcissism, self-indulgence, egotism, and vanity.
Kim Jong-Un and North Korean elites don't need any lesson on pig-like behavior. But the Current West's moral and cultural influence encourages people around the world to emulate the vain narcissism of homosexuals and insatiable megalomania of Jewish oligarchs whose power continues to crush the Palestinian people.
What lessons will the elites of North Korea draw from such garbage? In emulating the Current West, the North Korean elites will only be emboldened to act like bigger pigs, consume like bigger pigs, and indulge like bigger pigs. Indeed, the problem of Kim Jong-Un is that he has been ‘westernized’ in this manner. While studying in Europe, his main passions were the two Michaels: Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. Now, Jordan was a great basketball player and Jackson a highly talented pop star, but the celebrity culture and hysterical adulation around them were over-the-top and ridiculous. Jordan was treated like a god because he could dunk a basketball, and Jackson evidently could do no wrong despite his legal battles with numerous sex scandals. Is such celebrity-worship-and-mania healthy for a modern society? Should free and independent people in a democracy be so addicted to non-stop glitz and showbiz that promote and encourage egotism and self-worship? Has the West been well-served by foul creatures like madonna(the singer), Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, nasty rappers(who act as if the universe revolves around them), athletes(often trashily splashed with ugly tattoos), and shameless movie stars?
With the merging of popular entertainment and pornography, things are getting even more out of control. Indeed, what prevails in America is something like a Universal Kim-Jong-Il-ism. In North Korea, only Kim can be the piggish king-slob who acts like he’s the center of the universe. In America, many more idiots can act that way too. Just consider the TV show GIRLS with Lena Dunham, a fat ugly stupid young woman who thinks she is so special simply because she is what she is. If she had dictatorial powers, her nation wouldn’t be much different from North Korea.
Lena Dunham. What passes for 'role model' for young American girls in the new decadent order dominated by Jews and homosexuals.
While the West is infinitely freer than communist nations like North Korea, freedom is only as good as the values behind it and choices made with it. The Current West is still reasonably free, but freedom has been debased and degraded in the worship of decadence and trashy anti-values. Even Western media cannot be trusted anymore. US went to war over lies about Iraq and WMD. US destroyed Libya under false pretenses. US engineered the political coup in Ukraine that precipitated the ongoing crisis. Worse, the Western Media(which is owned and/or controlled by Jews and homosexuals) were complicit in these lies. Indeed, what now passes for journalism in the West is the ridiculous Rape Hysteria Hoax at UVA. Sabrina Rubin Erderly, Jewish reporter who was responsible for the outrageous lie, hasn't been fired and is still at her job. If you're Jewish or homosexual, you can get away with murder in the West.
In a way, there's a certain logic to the moral decline of the West. If homosexual men are so effusively praised simply because they indulge in sodomy and hang around celebrities, why shouldn’t a fat ugly stupid woman like Lena Dunham think herself so special simply because she looks and acts like a pig and happens to be part-Jewish? And then, there is George Takei, a funny-looking and untalented third-rate actor who was once part of the STAR TREK crew. Why has he been favored by the Jewish media to serve as the spokesman for the Asian-American community? Because he’s a homosexual whose anus is penetrated by some white guy who calls himself Takei’s ‘husband’. Takei’s ‘sexual orientation’ is the MAIN reason why someone so pitiful and untalented became a famous celebrity. The Asian-American community didn’t choose him to the be its representative. No, the Jewish-American community favored him and elevated him above all other Asian-Americans simply because he is ‘married’ to some white homosexual guy who ejaculates inside George’s anus. Jewish-Americans have chosen some ugly over-the-hill homosexual guy to be the face of Asian-American manhood. What’s pathetic is that stupid Asian-Americans don’t realize what an insult this is. Imagine if an Asian nation chose as the face of Jewish Community some ugly Jewish homosexual who can barely act.

Anyway, this is what has become of the meaning of ‘pride’ in the Current West.
Given such idiocy that now prevails in American culture — where Bruce Jenner has been praised by Obama for the ‘courage’ of cutting off his genitals and dressing like a woman — , why would Kim Jong-Un learn anything of value from the West? The message of the West seems to be ‘indulge yourself’, ‘promote yourself’, ‘associate whatever you do, no matter how shameful or infantile, with Pride’, ‘act like you’re the center of the universe’, ‘indulge in extreme narcissism’, ‘go for limitless hedonism’, and etc. When the North Korean elites watch and emulate such globalist-Western behavior for themselves, why would they be concerned with the higher good, the needs of the people, and moral obligation to the nation? The themes of the Current West is self-indulgence and self-promotion. The more Kim Jong-Un and his circle take inspiration from vain and narcissistic imitators of Western Culture, the more corrupt and self-obsessed they will become. Members of Gaddafi's family certainly indulged in a lot of Western Pop Culture, but did it inspire them to become better people? Looks like the current Western culture only encouraged more self-indulgence among the Gaddafi clan. (It also made them stupid and blind to West's secret plan to oust Gaddafi and use Libya as the launching pad for terrorism in Syria to bring Assad down in the interest of Israel.)
Bak Jung-Hi, a serious man

Deng Xiaoping, a serious man

Lee Kuan Yew, a serious man

Kim Jong-Un, a trashy clown influenced by shallow decadent American pop/celebrity culture.
And that’s why we’ve now arrived at a strange irony. It could be that men like Bak Jung-Hi(aka Park Chung Hee), Chiang Kai-Shek, Deng Xiaoping, and Lee Kuan Yew were better-suited to modernize their nations precisely because they were NOT affected by the kind of excessive Western Culture that prevails today. Besides, Western Culture in the past wasn’t as crazy, lurid, and trashy as it has become lately. Bak Jung-Hi grew up under the Japanese and then struggled for power in a world when men were expected to grow up and act like men. Though far from perfect, he had a vision of society and nation beyond his own self-interest and self-aggrandizement. Deng spent most of his younger days struggling for Chinese independence and communism. Though communism would turn out to be horribly damaging for China, Deng was motivated by a moral commitment toward achieving something good for all Chinese. In that sense, he was a true patriot. Chiang Kai-Shek’s rule was hampered by corruption and war with Japan that paved the way for Civil War with the communists and exile to Taiwan. But whatever his faults, he too was genuinely and deeply motivated by patriotism and the dream of restoring China to its rightful place in the world. Lee Kuan Yew studied in Great Britain at a time when Western Culture wasn’t debased, trashy, and foul. Though he came to resent British imperialist attitudes, he also found much about the British to admire and emulate. All these men didn’t take things for granted. They were all motivated by something bigger than themselves. And they grew up in times and places where boys were pressured to grow into men, act like men, and take on adult tasks. And back then, the Core Values of the West emphasized the higher good, the culture of dignity & restraint, humanism, virtues of discipline and responsibility, and the grander vision. Asian leaders and thinkers of the past were inspired by a West that was indeed ahead of the rest in values and achievement — despite the horrors of World War I and World War II. They were also shaped by their own societies that urged boys to put away childish things, grow into manhood, and become serious people — instead of getting tattoos, spending endless hours playing with their hair, playing stupid video games, fiddling with electronic gadgets, and imitating decadent Western homosexuals.
Vladimir Putin, a serious man who took inspiration from Asian modernizers like Lee Kuan Yew, Bak Jung-Hi, and Deng Xiaoping. Korea needs to raise men like Putin, not crank out wussy 'flower boys' powdered and costumed by decadent homosexuals.
The reason why Vladimir Putin is more impressive than most world leaders is he grew up under a sober cultural system that stressed the importance of real manhood, maturity, and seriousness. Though communism turned out to be an economic dead-end, it did promote certain humanist principles, and it did curtail the narcissistic/hedonistic excesses of consumer-capitalism that has become a soul-destroyer in the West. In contrast to the humanist culture of maturity, manhood, and seriousness, what does the decadent homosexual community in the West stand for? It stands for individual vanity, preening narcissism, a culture of lies(whereby a fake vagina of a trans-gender man is said to be the equal of a real vagina and whereby we are forced to believe in the fantasy of ‘two daddies’ or ‘two mommies’), trashy exhibitionism(just check out any ‘gay pride’ parades and their shameless excesses), and pure self-absorption.

When homosexuality had been illegal or disapproved in the past, homosexuals sublimated their wilder and kinkier tendencies toward more productive and useful endeavors and expressions. But once homosexuals were allowed to come out of the closet, they’ve shamelessly acted as if they’re the greatest things in the universe. And why? After all, what does anal-penetration among men have to do with ‘pride’ or ‘dignity’? A lot of homosexuals seem to care for little else but their own self-aggrandizement and self-promotion, but then, this is to be expected because homosexual men have the combination of male aggressiveness and female vanity. They are like the killer robot in THE TERMINATOR crossed with the wicked queen in SNOW WHITE. Combine the two qualities, and you have a people who aggressively demand to be treated like kings and queens. Homosexuals now see us as their serfs and peons. We are supposed to serve them and praise them and celebrate them and worship them. We are supposed to wave a thousand ‘rainbow’ flags in their honor just like brainwashed & slavish North Korean masses have to wave thousands of banners in honor of the Kim Dynasty.

Given the nature of homosexuals, the ‘gay agenda’ was never just about equality. It’s been about homosexuals seeking mastery and supremacy over others. And Koreans need to be vigilant and wary of Korean homosexuals who will happily serve and collaborate with the Zionist-supremacist-globalists in turning South Korea into an even more slavish vassal of the United States.
Just ask yourself. Why would Jewish oligarchs push the ‘gay agenda’ on South Korea? (Indeed, would South Korea even have ‘gay pride parade’ if not for American pressure and influence? Would Koreans have come up with something so idiotic and trashy on their own? Of course not. It is a foul American import.) Does anyone really think Jews care about the interest or well-being of Koreans? No, Jews merely see South Koreans as their toys and puppets to use against China. Jews want the permanent division of North Korea and South Korea so that the South can be turned into a permanent colony of the United States that is now controlled by Jewish and homosexual power. Deceitful Jews claim that they are for human rights. If so, why do Jews continue to oppress and tyrannize the Palestinian people who’ve been treated worse than Koreans under the Japanese? If Jews are so morally decent and into human rights, why don’t Jews confess their role in 20th century communism that led to the deaths of millions? (Compared to Jews, the Japanese have done much to confront the darker aspects of their modern history, though not as much as the Germans. Most Jews have never faced up to their role in the slave trade, imperialism, communism, Zionist oppression of Palestinians, and moral subversion in America.) Jews don’t care about Koreans. Jews only want to use Koreans as their running dogs, and Koreans are eagerly obliging because Koreans are whores who will sell their souls for attention and approval from the big powers. Jews look upon Koreans like adults look upon children or dogs. In truth, the global ‘gay agenda’ is controlled by Jews, and its power centers are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, and etc.  Koreans don’t control the ‘gay agenda’. So, if childish South Koreans succumb to the ‘gay agenda’, they will effectively be bowing down to the power of Jewish-America. The ‘gay agenda’ is the Jewish proxy of taking power around the world. This is why nations that are still sovereign and independent of American Power do not allow the ‘gay agenda’ to rule their nation. They see it as the TOOL and WEAPON of an America that is now ruled by two Minority Elite: Jews and their allies, the homosexuals.
Homosexual Power = Jewish Power
Jewish & Homosexual Takeover of America.
The ‘gay agenda’ has been mis-characterized in the United States as the homosexual struggle for ‘tolerance’ and ‘equality’. It is a lie. Homosexuality became tolerated all across America long ago. Due to America’s moderately libertarian ethos, even American conservatives came around to letting homosexuals carry on with their deviant lifestyles. Once homosexuals got tolerance, they decided it wasn't enough. They began to demand that Americans ‘accept’ and ‘welcome’ homosexuality as being just as wonderful and worthy as true sexuality. So, Americans were pressured to accept the idiotic notion of ‘two mommies’ and ‘two daddies’ even though two lesbians or two homosexual men cannot produce any life through ‘gay sex’ that involves vagina + vagina or penis + anus, the organ designed by nature for defecation and flatulence.

By arguing that homosexuality is just as ‘normal’, ‘natural’, and ‘rational’ as true sexuality is, homosexuals(with the full support of the very powerful Jewish community) pushed for ‘gay marriage’, ‘same-sex marriage’, or ‘marriage equality’. (These homosexuals and Jews are very ‘creative’ with language.) And if someone spoke the truth about homosexuality and pointed out that it is a deviant abnormality, he was branded and attacked as a ‘homophobe’ by the vast media/academia complex controlled by Jews. Under intense social, economic, and even legal  pressure — as some cities adopted policies for the firing of anyone who was critical of homosexuality — , honest critics of homosexuals were silenced with the threat of losing their jobs and positions. Just like communists and fellow-travelers were threatened with job loss during the ‘McCarthy Era’, people were threatened with firing and blacklisting from their jobs and positions if they dared to express any views that were critical of homosexuals(or of Jews, e.g. just consider the careers of Rick Sanchez, Steven Salaita, and Helen Thomas who were unceremoniously fired and banned because they dared to challenge Jewish or Zionist power. Zi-Carthyism has destroyed many more lives than ‘McCarthyism’ ever did.)
Of course, if you willfully ignore reality and pretend that homosexuality makes as much sense as true sexuality, you are praised as a ‘rational’ person who cares about justice and ‘equality’. But is it really honest and fair to say unequal things are of equal value? Is it fair to say a piece of copper is as good as a piece of gold in the name of ‘metal equality’? Is it fair to say 2 + 2 = 5 is just as good as 2 + 2 = 4 in the name of ‘math equality’? By forcing all of America to swallow the nonsense that homosexuality is just as good as true sexuality, homosexuals have essentially gained supremacist powers over the nation. They can now tell lies and insist that their lies are of equal value with truths — or even of higher value than truths.
If you say a lie is as good as the truth, then you are saying the lie is better than the truth because truth will have to be compromised to accommodate the lie. If you say cancer cells are just as good as healthy cells are, you are corrupting medical truth; you have to deny the truth that healthy cells are better than cancer cells to promote the lie(that cancer cells are just as good healthy normal cells) as the 'new truth'. In destroying the truth, you are favoring the lie about cancer cells(being good) over the truth about healthy cells that are better than cancer cells(that are actually deadly). When what is inferior/toxic is made to be equal with what is superior/healthy, truth has to be compromised to make room for the lie. In thus degrading the truth, the overall effect is to favor and promote the lie over the truth. Because the notion that homosexuality is just as good as true sexuality is a lie, what is called ‘marriage equality’ is effectively a form of homosexual supremacism. It means lies told by homosexuals must be favored over the truth about true sexuality. We are now to believe that a homosexual’s anus is just as much a sex organ as a woman’s vagina. We are to believe that a trans-gender man’s fake vagina is just as good as a real vagina. We are to believe that children raised by ‘homosexual couples’ are the products of ‘two mommies’ or ‘two daddies’. So, even though a lesbian relies on a man to get pregnant, society pretends that she ‘had the baby’ with her lesbian lover, the ‘other mommy’. And Korean-Americans and increasing numbers of Koreans are going along with such lies since they have no tradition or culture of independent thinking. The whore-like Korean way is to submit to whichever happens to be the greatest and richest power in the world. Since Jewish-controlled US dominates the world, Koreans just swallow everything American and regurgitate it as the absolute truth. Since American media and universities are dominated by Jewish-and-Homo Political Correctness, the Korean mind functions only within the framework permitted by dominant globalist institutions. (Even Korean anti-Americanism follows the rules of 'anti-Americanism' dictated by American institutions.)
Koreans have been utterly brainwashed by American Pop Culture(that is controlled by Jews and homosexuals) and Political Correctness that promote homosexuals as angels and saints, all the while dehumanizing people who champion true sexuality over homosexuality as the New Deviants who are supposedly mentally ill with something called ‘homophobia’.
Korean-Americans are very insecure(with inferiority complex) and seek approval by adopting whatever happens to be the prevailing trend and/or dogma in America. They have no courage, no vision, and no principles. They just follow along and obey whatever happens to be most fashionable at the moment in Hollywood, American music/dance industry, and fashion.
In North Korea, Koreans mindlessly swallow the nonsense about the greatness of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. In America, Korean-Americans just mindlessly follow and obey whatever comes down the sewage pipe of Pop Culture and whatever is handed them over the drug counter of Political Correctness. As for South Koreans, they rely on other peoples and other nations to do the thinking for them. South Koreans are afraid to think on their own and always look to the West as the superior standard-bearer and leader of the Official Truth. Instead of marching for Korean sovereignty against globalist domination, Korean dogs march for globalist domination against the last vestiges of Korean dignity and independence.
Mindless North Koreans supporting the Kim Regime. At the very least, they are standing for Korean Independence.
Mindless South Koreans supporting the homosexual globalist imperialism. South Korea as the cultural colony of United States. South Koreans take pride in being whores of US influence and pressure. Koreans are like monkeys. Korean see, Korean do.
South Korea is no longer an independent nation-state. It is just an imitative colony of the American Empire, no different from Puerto Rico or Hawaii. South Korean elites have no backbone to defend Korean heritage, values, pride, or honor. If America says South Korea better have a 'gay pride' parade, then South Korean elites obey and follow. Pro-American South Korean conservatives need to think again. America is no longer the patriotic Christian nation that they once knew. The New America is a decadent empire controlled by Jewish oligarchs and homosexuals elites, and they are spreading the virus of the 'gay agenda' to South Korea, especially with the help of Korean-Americans who are little more than collaborationist-agents of American power.
South Korean homosexuals don't even know how to be original. They must mindlessly imitate American-style 'gay culture'. This is the kind of cultural and 'moral' example that America now stands for. Long ago, selfless American Christian missionaries came to a poor and backward Korea to spread the Word of God, to build not only churches but hospitals, universities, and community networks for moral progress, spiritual uplift, and social/economic development. They went to another nation, learned its language, and devoted their entire lives to helping a downtrodden people rise from the bottom. Today, decadent and selfish American homosexuals and their Korean-American lapdogs immersed in materialism, narcissism, and greed go to South Korea to spread the 'gay' style of self-absorption, exhibitionism, sexual perversion, shameless pornographic behavior, and moral nihilism. Whatever one may say of American missionaries of the past, they were morally committed to lending aid to a poor people. They were men and women of courage, dignity, and seriousness. But the 'gay' emissaries from America now come to a much richer South Korea and 'preach' nothing but degenerate hedonism, sexual promiscuity, and the culture of debauchery. This is what passes for 'social progress' in the West. That the South Korean elites are gutless and spineless in the face of this proves that South Korea is under economic blackmail from the United States. US demonstrated with Russia that any nation that resists the 'gay agenda' can will be targeted for destruction. Luckily for Russia, it has vast resources and arsenal to resist American power. But South Korea, always the running dog of America, gutlessly follow along, just like Japan and Taiwan, two other Asian colonies of the American Empire.
Christian-American Influence in Old Korea. Selfless missionaries building hospitals and setting a moral example of Good Work for Koreans. Today, the New America(controlled by Jews and homosexuals) funnels vast sums of money around the world to spread sexual decadence and degeneration. It promotes the pornographic culture of Hollywood and the thug-whore attitudes of Rap culture. It pressures all of its colonies(like South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan) to allow massive 'gay pride' parades as victory celebration of US globalism. When people become rich, is it always the case that they soon forget core morel and humanistic values and turn to decadence and debauchery?
As South Korea goes ‘global’, it is ever more eager to win the plaudits and approval of the great powers like America and EU, and therefore, South Koreans are turning into mental and moral slaves of the globalist empire that is now centered in New York. Patriotic Koreans with moral courage must wake up to the fact that homosexuals in Korea are NOT merely seeking tolerance and freedom. They are reaching for the same privilege that homosexuals in America have: The power to spread lies, the power to brainwash children with homosexual propaganda, the power to repress and penalize any speech that his critical about homosexuality, endless parades and pageants to celebrate the kitschy glory of homosexuals and trans-gender freaks, and the degradation of all true values and morals. Homosexuals seek not only the freedom to be homosexual. They seek the supremacist power to force everyone to glorify homosexuals, to praise homosexuals, and to worship homosexuals. They also seek the power to destroy anyone who won’t comply with this globalist agenda pushed by Jewish Power around the world, especially in US colonies like South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, and etc.

Personally, I am for the right of homosexuals to be homosexual and do their thing in their private spheres. But a decent and healthy society should not allow homosexuals, who are sexual deviants who indulge in perverse ‘sex’ acts, to go around marching and celebrating what they do as something to be proud of. If sexual deviancy should be celebrated, why not ‘incest pride parade’, ‘polygamy pride parade’, ‘adultery pride parade’ — especially as adultery is no longer illegal in South Korea — , ‘pedophile pride parade’, and ‘bestiality pride parade’? Homosexuals should do their thing in their own private space. They have no right to foul up public space in celebration of their sexual deviancy and debauchery, especially as these parades tend to be ugly, trashy, and pornographic in nature.
Globalist Jewish Zionists use the globalist 'gay agenda' to 'pinkwash' their cruel colonization and oppression of Palestinians. If South Koreans really want a meaningful mass parade, it should be in support of the long-suffering Palestinian people. When Korea was under Japanese colonization, the world was silent, and no one cared. Palestinians are suffering, so why are Koreans silent? Oh yeah, they are too busy seeking attention and approval from American Jewish-Zionists who use the 'gay agenda' as their proxy of global control. 
And homosexuals and their supporters should not be allowed to march around with a FOREIGN flag; the homosexual ‘rainbow’ flag is the symbol of Jewish-American-dominated neo-imperialism that seeks opportunistic collaborators willing to serve globalist-homosexual power than defend their own nation from cultural imperialism. Given modern Korean history of colonization and servitude to foreign powers, South Koreans must resist undue foreign influence, especially if it is imperialist and subversive in nature, as theglobalist 'gay agenda' that emanates from Jewish-controlled New York certainly is. Are Koreans such slavish whores who are so hungry for global approval and attention that they are willing to degrade their own heritage, desecrate the soil of their ancestors, and sell their own souls to be petted like a dog by the likes of George Soros, Wall Street Jews, and Hollywood homosexuals?

Of course, the South Korean elites are allied with homosexuals since they too are vain, narcissistic, and self-centered. They too will sell out their own country just to win the approval of the neo-aristocratic globalist rich in America and Europe. South Korean elites look down on their own people and boost their self-esteem by rubbing shoulders with and begging for approval from the globalist rich in America and Europe. And Korean-Americans, who know NOTHING about their own culture, heritage, and history, mindlessly ape whatever trashy behavior they see on American TV and movies, and they export that garbage back to South Korea.

Given the nature of what is going on in the Current West, it is unlikely that the North Korean elites will become wiser, more humane, and more caring about their own nation/people as they become more exposed to Western influence. North Korean elites force their own people to consume only propaganda, but they themselves enjoy access to South Korean culture and Western culture. And what do they see and what do they learn? What kind of message do they draw from the West and South Korea? They see wanton consumerism, self-obsession of celebrities, trashy values of politicians who serve and suck up to super-rich Jewish oligarchs, homosexual-influenced entertainment that promotes ultra-narcissism, rap music culture that is all about self-centered megalomania, and shameless hedonism. If North Korean elites get their ideas and values from such decadent Western influence, why would they want to reform society for noble reasons? Why would they bother to think about the higher good and the larger good?

The current Western value system encourages people to care only about ‘me, me, and me’. It is all about self-promotion of vanity and narcissism, especially among the super-rich and minority elites like Jews and homosexuals. So, Bruce Jenner gets a sex-change operation and goes by the name of ‘Caitlyn Jenner’, but we are supposed to take him seriously. We are supposed to praise him(or ‘her’) like North Koreans are supposed to praise the Kim Jong-Un as a great leader.
If you disrespect Kim or crack jokes about him in North Korea, you can end up in prison or end up dead. If you make a joke about Jews or homosexuals in America, you can lose your job and be blacklisted forever. It’s really just a matter of degree. North Korean punishment is much harsher, but America is also about destroying the lives of those who refuse to submit to the globalist agenda pushed by Jews and homosexuals.
America is no longer about the people, the moral majority, the higher good. It is about the masses abandoning their power of reason, sense, and values to serve the supremacist agenda of super-rich Jews and ultra-vain homosexuals. It is about people worshiping stupid celebrities like Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner and Kim Kardashian whose only claim to fame is having a big butt and whoring herself out to rich rap stars. American values now come from Hollywood and Las Vegas than from churches, family, heritage/history, and intellectual commitment to the truth. American Liberals are degenerate and trashy. American Conservatives do little else but sing praise to Israel and Zionist-imperialists.
Thus, the ‘values’ of the Current West only encourage dictators around the world to think of nothing but ‘me, me, and me’. The West is no longer about realism and humanism; it is about elitism and trans-humanism, a power-mad fantasy of wanting to be more-than-human through surgery, make-believe, and genetic manipulation.

One wonders if men like Bak Jung-Hi, Deng Xiaoping, and Lee Kew Yuan would have embarked on necessary reforms for the greater good if their souls and characters had been shaped by current Western culture. I seriously doubt it. Despite all their faults and despite all the problems of the world that shaped them, they came to adulthood when boys were expected to mature and think about serious matters. They were serious men who cared about their nations, cultures, and histories than self-absorbed pigs who only cared about themselves. And back then, the political and moral themes of the Modern West stressed seriousness, the higher good, the needs of the people, freedom of speech, and the need to favor truth over lies.

But, what is the theme of the Current West? It is all about worshiping Jews and homosexuals. It is all about self-centered hedonism and narcissism. Though Political Correctness makes a lot of noise about ‘social justice’, it is really about privileged college professors(who don’t know anything about reality) brainwashing spoiled bratty college kids to obsess over trivial stuff like ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘trigger warnings’ than about honestly confronting and discussing the real problems facing the world. Political Correctness is also about the Jewish-controlled media using their power and influence to suppress and penalize any sign of nationalism and populism in gentile nations that may come to challenge the globalist domination of Jews.

Political Correctness attacks the freedom and liberty necessary for honest debates and discussions on social and political issues around the world. It shuts down any sincere discourse by having everyone bark like a rabid dog at ‘racism’, ‘homophobia’, and ‘antisemitism’.
If Koreans are truly free, they would ask what these terms really mean. Who came up with the definitions? And who has the power to invoke such terms to destroy certain individuals. To the extent that races exist and racial differences are real, why shouldn’t a free society discuss how such differences may impact society? After all, the main reason why much of the interracial crime in the United States is black-on-white, black-on-Hispanic, and black-on-Asian is because blacks are, on average, significantly stronger and more aggressive than other races. And science shows this to be true.
Also, it is ridiculous to say that people who are critical of the ‘gay agenda’ are suffering from some mental malady or ‘phobia’. The term ‘homophobia’ is a completely dishonest concoction. It was coined by some Jewish guy who sought to associate opposition to the ‘gay agenda’ as a form of mental sickness. So, now in America, if you don’t agree with ‘gay marriage’, you are accused of suffering from some kind of mental illness. It is a complete lie. There is no real medical condition known as ‘homophobia’. It was invented and disseminated by the Jewish media for propaganda purposes.
As for ‘antisemitism’, it is invoked time and time again to silence all honest discussion of Jewish power. In other words, if you notice and talk about Jewish power, you’re accused of being a Nazi and destroyed & blacklisted like Helen Thomas, Jim Clancy, or Rick Sanchez. When it comes to honest discussion of power, America is one of the least free nations because the main power in America, Jewish power, cannot be honestly discussed or challenged. Even though Jews rule America(and thereby much of the world), they still act like poor helpless ‘victims’. When the most powerful group in America cannot be challenged, how is it any different from the state of affairs in China where the Communist Party cannot be politically questioned or challenged?

The Current West, with its anti-values and political practices, is a bad examples for North Korea. In a way, the REAL PROBLEM of the North Korean elites is that they are not entirely different from Western elites(and South Korean elites who ape the Western globalist elites). The problem is that the Kim clan and the North Korean elites are extreme examples of what the Current West is about. After all, Kim Jong-Un is already steeped in Current Western Culture as he studied in the West and is an avid fan of American and South Korean popular culture. What he learned from the culture of the Current West is ultra-narcissism, hedonism, extreme self-regard, limitless greed, political correctness, suppression of honesty & truth, celebrity-mania, decadence, and worship of money & power. He learned to be a self-centered pig from both his father(who was also steeped in Western-style excesses) and from Western Culture.

Is it any surprise that the ‘gay agenda’ has been promoted so hysterically just when the 1% in the West have been growing richer and richer than the rest? If there’s one thing that the super-rich Liberals and the super-rich Conservatives agree on in America, it is their support of ‘gay marriage’. George Soros and Bill Gates on the ‘left’ AND Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson on the ‘right’ have all been for the ‘gay agenda’. So have Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Walmart. Why do rich people support it? Because this mania for ‘gays’ de-emphasizes volatile issues of class and race in a New Order where the 1% grows richer and richer -- a world where certain racial groups, especially Jews, are making more and more money(and gaining more and more power) while other racial groups, especially blacks, Hispanics, and working-class whites, are falling ever further behind. Rich people love homosexuals because ‘gays’ are vain and narcissistic and love to serve rich people. And Jews love homosexuals because most homosexuals in the US fully support the Zionist imperialist oppression of Palestinians. Jews remind and flatter homosexuals that Israel allows ‘gay pride’ parades whereas Muslims are anti-homosexual; therefore, homosexuals cozy up to the Jewish power even though Jewish influence in the Middle East and North Africa has devastated up to a million lives since the Gulf War.

It is time for Koreans to be serious about the nature of current Western values and power. There was a time when the influence of Western values did wonders for the East. Western influence introduced humanism, liberty, democracy, the concept of basic rights, tolerance, moral reform, humane treatment of animals, and individualism to the East that had become stagnant under extreme conservatism, despotism, dogmatism, and isolationism(and had also come under the predatory domination of imperialists, both European and Japanese). Furthermore, because of its culture of self-criticism, the West was able to recognize the dark side of its imperialist ventures and eventually allow self-rule to be restored to non-white peoples in Asia.
But today, there is no such self-criticism in the Current West. American Power thinks it can do just about anything because it claims to be so 'exceptional' and 'indispensable', slogans for neo-imperialism, of which the 'gay agenda' is a primary weapon. Because America and EU are controlled by Jews & homosexuals and because Jews are full of moral arrogance/narcissism while homosexuals are full of vanity & snobbery, they never stop to reflect on their aggressive use of neo-imperialism around the world to spread their vision of globalism that turns Korean elites into craven servants and turns Korean masses into mindless gluttons of trash culture and dumb behavior centered around tattoos, binge-drinking, dressing like prostitutes, drug use, loose & casual sex, and ghetto culture emanating from rap music.

If Koreans were to remember their history & heritage and develop a properly tragic sense of their experience in the 20th century, they wouldn’t act so stupid and infantile, nor would they mindlessly cave to whatever trashy trends that spew out of the Current West that is no longer about moral values but about decadence and debauchery. The Current West is no longer a democracy that heeds the demands of the people but an oligarchy that dupes and manipulates the people with bread-and-circuses and cultural opiates.
Judging by the direction in which the West is headed, why would its influence inspire the North Korean elites to think beyond their own self-interest? When Bak Jung-Hi, Lee Kew Yuan, and Deng Xiaoping looked to the West, they not only saw individualism and consumerism but also themes of patriotism, values, truth, and opportunities. But when North Korean elites see the Current West, what are the lessons they are likely to draw? That Bruce Jenner is a hero because he cut off his penis and got a fake vagina and was, therefore, hailed by Barack Obama? When the world sees America today, they see Hollywood trash, the greed of Las Vegas, the crookedness of Wall Street, the rise of political correctness, the slavishness servitude toward homosexuals, and total media control by Jews who’ve steered US foreign policy to endless wars in the Middle East and a major tragedy in Ukraine, all because Jews put their interests above those of all other peoples and nations. The only lesson that North Korean elites will draw from the Current West is ‘greed is good’ and ‘narcissistic debauchery is great’. But then, they’ve known that already for a long time. So, the Current West only confirms what the North Korean elites have been practicing for a long time.

Suki Kim recently wrote a book called WITHOUT YOU, THERE IS NO US. It is a book about how students in North Korea are made to believe that their main goal in life is to worship and serve the oligarchic elites of North Korea headed by the Kim clan. While US is still infinitely freer in terms of personal liberty, the current cultural theme of America isn't all that different from what prevails in North Korea. In the US, American children have been raised to believe that they are worthless unless they worship and serve Jews and homosexuals. And in France, a prominent politician even said there "France without Jews is not France." (Can you imagine a Japanese saying "Japan without Koreans isn't Japan" or a Korean saying "Korea without Vietnamese is not Korea?" or a Frenchman saying "France without Gypsies is not France?" Jews always get special attention and recognition above all other peoples.) He said it as defense of French Jews who’d come under attack by Muslim immigrants, but then, he didn’t mention that fact that Jews have been at the forefront of pushing for increased immigration from the Third World. It’s as if Jews can do on wrong even when they do wrong. In America, all politicians of both parties support Israel no matter what Israel does. And now, everyone in America is required to sing praises to homosexuals and turn city streets into massive ‘gay pride’ rallies. Americans might as well say, in slavish servitude to Jews and homosexuals, "without you, there is no us." Jews and homosexuals are the Kim Jong-Un’s of America. Americans must serve them, obey them, praise them, celebrate them, and even worship them. There is saying, "the fish rots from the head." It could be said, "the world rots from America" because, after all, Jewish-and-homosexual-controlled America is the sole superpower and seeks to undermine national sovereignty all over the world and infect every nation with the filth of the ‘gay agenda’. That South Korea is utterly helpless against this tide shows that it will only rot, morally and spiritually, along with America, its morally degenerate master.
Lindsey Graham, American puppet politician of Jewish oligarchs such as Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban who support Jewish nationalism in Israel but promote globalist decadence among gentiles.


  1. I never read conspiracy theories, but as a (hetero) Jew who has been around SK for near 20 years, I will agree with a lot of what you say. Ive seen Korean youth go from more nationalistic to being real pussies. The K-chicks are better balanced than the men nowadays! I have no idea how I ended up here today, but it was a good read. That said, Korea has always been cronyistic and history a con to hide this, and I dont see it getting better. I see in the my countryside city I live, more mixed kids and foreign laborers (myself included) taking the space. Its sad, but its the result of being nationalistc in a country that cant afford to be self sufficient. That said, I love living here, but I got over the Uri rhetoric long ago. Oh well.

  2. Oh, I also disagree with homosexuality, but I dont believe in a Theocracy in the modern sense of society. People should be free to do what they want, but I do agree and dont not support having to accept anyone. Some people dont like me because Im a Jew, but I defend their right, as long as it doesnt affect my livelihood. Hell, Ive lived in Korea for all this time, some people discrimate against me because of 100 different reasons, all that would be taboo in the west. Bootstraps!

  3. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Jewish conspiracy, the gay agenda, and North Korea.

  4. My advice for you . . people always disappoint. The species is a mammalian form of cockroach or leech. Do not have children. Enjoy your life. Fuck everyone else.

  5. Nazi terrorism. ideological homophobia by radical christian sharia to violate human rights and impose the dictatorial inquisition of the vaticanist teocracy again.

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