Friday, March 13, 2015

South Korea between North Korea and Korean-America. What Is To Be Done?

Though the Korean diaspora is a worldwide phenomenon, the overseas Korean community that really matters is in the United States, not least because Korean-American attitudes tend to affect and shape Korean attitudes toward themselves and the rest of the world. Therefore, the following discussion will deal mainly with the Korean-American community as it relates to South Korea.

South Korea is situated between two visions of Koreas. There’s North Korea and Korean-America. North Korea isn’t only geographically connected to South Korea but is an integral part of Korea, no more and no less than South Korea. If Korea happens to be divided in half between North and South, it’s only because the government of the United States at the end of WWII decided to cut Korea like a cake and serve the upper half to the Soviet Union then ruled by Josef Stalin.
The historical irony is incredible. According to the Western narrative, the evil Fuhrer of Germany conspired with the evil tyrant of the Soviet Union, and together they divided Poland, an ‘innocent’ nation, between themselves. The Allied Narrative condemns Nazi Germany and defends Great Britain and France’s decision to declare war on Germany.
And yet, what the regime of Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Harry Truman did with Korea at the closing of World War II was essentially a replay of Poland being divided in half in 1939 by the two monsters with the famous mustaches. Both United States and the Soviet Union called it ‘liberation’, and it was true enough that Korea was no longer under Japanese occupation. But North Korea was condemned to turn into a communist slave state in which Korean-style authoritarianism would merge with Soviet style totalitarianism; and South Korea was fated to essentially become a political and economic satellite of the United States.

In their own ways, both the USSR and US were generous with the Koreas during the Cold War for propaganda purposes, but both North and South became dependent client states of the great powers. (But then, accommodating themselves to such a fate wasn’t necessarily anything new in Korean history. Korea had long accustomed itself to being a tributary kingdom of China the Middle Kingdom.) Worse, by having divided Korea in half, Roosevelt/Truman set the grounds, wittingly or unwittingly, for the disaster of the Korean War. (Koreans dodged the bullet during World War II as most of Korea was hardly touched by the war directly, but in five years, Korea became ground zero for the full fury of the Cold War in a conflict that some historians consider to be most intense in history — sort of like World War III fought entirely in a tiny peninsula. Though called the ‘Korean War’, it was something much bigger than a civil war between Koreans. It essentially became a global war between United States backed by the UN and China backed up by the Soviet Union, the other great superpower.) Naturally, as Korea had been artificially divided by the great powers, both South Koreans and North Koreans wanted reunification. But the logic of power dictated that the Northern regime(installed by Stalin) wanted Korea united under communism, and the Southern regime(installed by the United States) wanted Korea united under Rhee’s pro-American autocratic government. Soviets eventually withdrew but armed Kim Il-Sung to the teeth for an invasion that both Stalin and Mao green-lit. United States, naively or cynically, declared that South Korea was safe and not worth protecting with US soldiers. Poorly armed, South Korea was left vulnerable to attack from the North. And then, the Dean Acheson publicly declared that the United States was committed to defending Japan but not South Korea.
The statement served as a green light for the North to attack. After all, US had openly declared to the world that it isn’t concerned about South Korea. And given that US did little to stop the communist takeover of China — if anything, many in US media and government supported Mao and the communists — , there were good reasons for North Korea to believe that US wouldn’t come to the aid of South Korea. But when the North came close to uniting all of Korea — with 90% of South Korea under their control — , the Truman administration changed its tune and decided to defend South Korea. And then, the war got really serious, with US dumping huge amounts of its leftover bombs from WWII on North Korea and committing what some people have come to see as a form of ‘holocaust’.

Was United States merely clueless? Or were there forces within the US government, especially tied to the military-industrial complex, that provoked a war in Korea for the interests of war-profiteering and Cold War machinations? Two years before the Korean War, Palestine was also divided with the backing of the US and USSR. It was divided between Palestinian territory and Jewish territory. Both peoples were given equal amounts of land even though there were many more Palestinians than Jews in the area at the time. Like Korea was divided according to the whim of the great powers without any indigenous Korean input, Palestinians had no say in the ‘partition’ of Palestine into Arab and Jewish territories. Palestinians naturally rose up against this national insult and injustice, but the Jews were well-prepared to ethnically cleanse them and take most of both territories. To this day, Palestinians live under occupation — worse than Koreans under Japanese Occupation — , but Americans sympathize with Zionist imperialists than with long-suffering Palestinians. That ought to tell us something about the true nature of so-called American morality, concern for ‘human rights’, and national self-determination. It’s almost certain that Jews and Americans(and Soviets) knew how the Palestinians would react, and the Zionists, with arms from the Soviet Union(by the way of Czechoslovakia), soon maneuvered to take nearly all of Palestine from Palestinians in what the Palestinians have come to remember as the Nakba.

Did the US government really know what it was doing when it drew the Acheson line? Surely, there were many in the government who were ignorant, misinformed, confused, or simply unconcerned about what was happening in Asia. But were there dark forces manipulating geopolitics to foment war in Korea to feed the military-industrial complex and to heighten Cold War tensions? Perhaps, we will never know, but given recent events like the Iraq War, Libya War, Syrian War, and Ukraine War — all of which involved the dark hand of ‘Neocon’ machinations — , it would be naive to swallow the official narrative that the United States were simply ‘taken by surprise’ by ‘communist aggression’. South Koreans have raised much ire about Japanese wrongs during the Occupation and the Pacific War, but they’ve yet to confront the truth of America’s(and Russia’s) responsibility in the division of Korea and the ensuing war that led to the deaths of 3 to 4 million Koreans, the bulk of them in the North were US bombing was relentless against mostly civilian targets.

Anyway, Korea has been divided since 1945. With the booming economy of South Korea since the 1970s and with the fall of communism in most parts of the world — and with China shifting from communist economics to semi-capitalist economics — , the contrasts between the South and the North couldn’t be starker. Even diehard international leftists admit North Korea is ruled by a vile regime, an economic basket-case, and a hellish dystopia governed by a moribund ideology. Even Bruce Cumings, who has made a career out of squeezing apologia out of North Korea, admits North Korea is ruled by a very nasty and unpleasant regime. Also, due to North Korea’s emphasis on racial and national pride, the neo-liberal and globalist ‘progressives’ in the West now prefer South Korea that is more amenable to copying the social, political, and cultural trends of the United States and the EU.

If anything, Western ‘progressives’ find North Korea to be too ‘right-wing’ in its passionate nationalism and racial/cultural consciousness. They see South Koreans as obedient running dogs of the globalist ideology dominated by Jews and homosexuals of America and Europe. South Koreans are such mindless lemmings hungry for approval from Americans/Europeans that many of them collaborate with the West to push ‘gay marriage’ on South Korea. (In their way of thinking, Korea has no culture and values except to admire, respect, imitate, and obey the Jewish-homosexual-controlled West that is said to be 'more evolved' in the neo-imperialist lingo.) And just as cake shops and flower shops in America are being sued, fined, and shut down for refusing to cater to ‘gay weddings’, there are many Korean collaborationist globalists who want the same kind of the law to be implemented in South Korea. Not only will ‘gay marriage’ be forced on South Korea but any baker or business that refuses to cater to ‘gay weddings’ be driven out of business and their proprietors may even be imprisoned.

Of course, South Koreans would never have come up with something as stupid and crazy as ‘gay marriage’ on their own. But as South Koreans are into monkey-see-monkey-do mentality vis-a-vis the United States, they mindlessly imitate Americans and seek American approval. (Since ‘gay marriage’ is such an alien concept to the majority of Koreans, Korean elites urge patience on Western elites who demand that South Korea and Taiwan — the two satellite East Asian states of American neo-imperialism — accept ‘gay marriage’ as soon as possible. South Korean elites have promised Western elites that ‘gay marriage’ will be a reality in South Korea sometime in the future, but first, the younger generation of South Koreans will have to be converted through popular culture — TV shows, movies, and pop songs will feature more homosexuals while vilifying people who oppose the ‘gay agenda’ as ‘haters’ and ‘homophobic’ bigots — and through public education that will copy American Political Correctness. Since most young South Koreans are lacking in critical faculty and individuality, they will mindlessly swallow whatever is fed to them in classrooms and through TVs and internet that is globally dominated by American Jews. (Korean-Americans take pride in their 'individuality', but it is mindless imitation of American culture & 'values' and not true individuality of independent thinking. What passes for Korean-American individuality is agreeing 100% with American fashions and trends in just about everything. It is teachers-pet-individualism.) Because ‘gay marriage’ will be seen as an alien idea if foreigners forcibly push it on Korea, Americans seek out Korean-American and South Korean collaborators who are eager-to-please in relation to powerful Americans and rich Europeans whom South Korean elites look upon with the greatest admiration and awe. For example, South Koreans flip out whenever one of their own is given a prize by America and Europe. Winning the approval of Americans or Europeans is what South Koreans crave most, and this is especially true of South Korean elites who want American and European elites to look upon them as ‘honorary whites’. If the latest cool thing among white people is ‘gay marriage’, South Korean elites want the same for South Korea to score favorable points with America and Europe. And by being the first East Asian nation to accept ‘gay marriage’, South Koreans want to send a message loud and clear to Americans and Europeans that they, the Koreans, are more ‘advanced’, ‘progressive’, and ‘more white’ than other East Asians who have yet to ‘evolve’ toward worshiping homosexuals.

Also, Western elites have a sent a subtle message to South Korea that its products won’t be ‘cool’ and popular in America unless South Korea has ‘gay marriage’. As South Korean elites put profits before principles, they will sell out their country for more dollars and cents. And since the South Korean elites control the media and politicians, they can change public opinion very quickly. To be sure, there is a lot of South Korean resentment against America, but it has less to do with differences in principles than with the anxiety of not being regarded as equals. But then, how can Americans ever truly respect South Koreans as equals when so much of South Korean pride hinges on slavishly hungering for recognition from Americans and Europeans? After all, American pride or European pride doesn’t depend on what Asians think of them. But South Korean pride, far from being self-sufficient, is dependent on how OTHER nations(especially in the West) see Korea. Indeed, if Americans really want to spread ‘gay marriage’ in South Korea, they only need to feign respect for South Korea as an ‘equal partner’ for having consented to the ‘gay agenda’. South Korea will be so grateful that it will keep copying whatever social or political trends that flow out of America in order to be recognized as an ‘equal partner’ by the US. But, can a nation said to be an equal partner when its pride depends on slavishly copying another nation and seeking its approval?)

North Korea is geographically connected to South Korea but politically, economically, and even culturally so far away. Korean-America is thousands of miles away from South Korea but politically, economically, and culturally so very close, indeed so much that one could argue that South Korea is increasingly becoming a commonwealth or even the 51st state of the United States than a sovereign nation with independent ideology, laws, and values.
In the past, there were several Americas in terms of power and influence: Anglo-America, Catholic America, Protestant America, Liberal America, Marxist America, Conservative America, Jewish-America, Irish-America, Italian-America, Northern America, the American South, Western America, and etc. and all these Americas balanced one another out. But today, Jewish-America essentially controls both political parties, Wall Street, Ivy League universities, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, big media, federal government, intelligence services, and foreign policy. Also, Jews have chosen homosexuals as their main partners-in-crime.
If South Koreans in the past had many different Americas to draw inspiration from, today there is only the power of Jewish-America(and its allies Homo-America). Both Democrats and Republicans ignore the plight of Palestinians and praise Israel to high heaven. Both parties rely heavily on Jewish donors on Wall Street and other big industries. If Jews want ‘gay marriage’, all Americans are pressured to agree because Jewish oligarchs in the media, finance, and government can smear, blackmail, and destroy anyone who opposes the ‘gay’ agenda. Even Christian churches are caving to ‘same-sex marriage’. American schools now teach children that the fecal anus of Chris Hughes or Chris Crocker is the sexual and biological equivalent of a woman’s vagina that produces the miracle of life and children. And if you disagree, you’re not only said to be wrong but diagnosed as being afflicted with a ‘phobia’(or 'homophobia'), condemned as a ‘hater’, fired and blacklisted from your position, and mocked as ‘less evolved’(as if you’re a subhuman ape and not a fully developed human being). This is the only America that now exists for South Koreans to emulate. As all American groups fear, obey, and submit to Jewish-and-homosexual America, Korean-Americans(who are slavish and conformist to begin with) follow suit. Since Korean-Americans have a direct connection with South Korea — not only through travel and visitations but through social networking and the internet — , South Korea is being rapidly impacted by trends prevalent among Korean-Americans. This is worrying because, despite all the freedoms and opportunities enjoyed by Korean-Americans, they have no sense of national, cultural, or political independence. If Korean-America becomes the model for South Korea, then South Korea might as well give up its nationhood, identity, heritage, & culture and just become an East Asian verison of Puerto Rico or Hawaii, a mere extension of the United States.

Conservatives in South Korea need to reassess their relationship with the United States. They are used to understanding America through old paradigms. During the Cold War, United States was seen as the indispensable protector of South Korea against North Korea, China, and the USSR. Also, conservative South Koreans believed, correctly in the past, that many Americans shared their basic values of patriotism, family, tradition, and racial identity & pride. During the Cold War, most Americans, even liberals, would have laughed at the notion of ‘gay marriage’ and couldn’t have foreseen a future when bakeries would be shut down because they refused to bake ‘gay wedding cakes’. The America that was once held in high esteem by conservative South Koreans is gone forever. If anything, even most of today’s American Conservatives are little more than craven running dogs of Jewish-and-homosexual power. Rich oligarchs of both political parties support ‘gay marriage’ because the homosexual agenda shifts the political concerns away from workers and poor people toward snobby homosexuals who socialize with rich and famous people in the culture of narcissism and celebrity. The culture of haughty narcissism is most powerful in the homosexual community, and it’s always been the case since the beginning of history. It’s no wonder that Wall Street flies the ‘gay flag’ and endorses the homosexual agenda as substitute for the classic concerns of the political left centered around issues of class, labor, wages, and the underprivileged. Though it’s true enough that homosexuals had been discriminated against in the past, the problem is that homosexuals are, by nature, quasi-aristocratic and snobby. Likewise, the Jewish domination of the political left was bound to be problematic because Jews, with their higher IQs, superior skills, and tribal networking, were destined to make more money and gain more privilege than all other groups. When Jewish oligarchs and haughty homosexuals now control the American ‘left’, whatever remains of the so-called ‘progressive’ movement has essentially been Andy-Warhol-ized and Jeff-Koons-ized. It’s turned into a fashionable farce.
Yet, this is now the America that shapes Korean-Americans, and this is the kind of influence Korean-Americans and Koreans-educated-in-America are bringing to South Korea.
Worship of 'Gays' is what the New America is all about. It is favored by Wall Street oligarchs.
Even more dangerous is the crazy ideology of multi-culturalism that has overtaken the West. There was a time when America was 90% white. Today, it’s down to 63%, and over 50% of newborns in America are non-white. Traditional America was mostly white and sought to maintain its demographic integrity. Though this might be called ‘racist’ or ‘nationalist’, the Old America was also more respectful of other nations’ right to maintain their own demographic integrity in a spirit of self-determination. So, if Europe should be mostly white, it was also understood that Asian nations should be mostly Asian. After all, the anti-imperialist wars were about Third World nations struggling to drive out foreign imperialists and to regain national independence and identity. Imperialism comes in various forms. (Koreans may appreciate the landmark 1965 immigration law that opened the United States to the entire world, but they also need to realize that if South Korea adopts a similar policy, Koreans in South Korea will end up like whites in America and Europe: a dwindling majority fated to become a minority in their own nation. Also, Korean immigration to the US has been a mixed blessing. While Korean-Americans may do well in America and conflate their own success with Korean power, the fact is Korean-Americans don’t have much of a future in terms of presence and power in America because Korean-Americans will be vastly outnumbered by peoples of other races & nationalities and also because assimilation & race-mixing will dilute any meaningful sense of Korean-ness among Korean-Americans who will, in time, just become generic Americans racially and culturally. So even though Korean immigration to America looks like a success story, it is only for Korean-Americans as individuals, not as a racial-cultural-national entity. The Korean diaspora, unlike the Jewish diaspora, has no racial and cultural will to survive and maintain its uniqueness in terms of blood, heritage, and destiny. Korean-Americans, instead of representing and serving an independent and proud sense of Korean power, will eventually just meld in with America and serve the dominant elites of America that happens to be Jewish and homosexual.) There’s political imperialism, economic imperialism, military imperialism, and demographic imperialism. Most dangerous is the demographic kind. Foreign political elites can be overthrown or replaced, as happened in Hong Kong and Singapore. Ridding a nation of economic imperialism can be painful, but it can be done. Russia is currently suffering due to economic imperialist machinations of the Jewish-controlled America and EU, but it’s still managing to hold onto its national sovereignty that refuses to yield to homo-imperialism used as a proxy by globalist Jews to weaken and undermine majority values of gentile nations.
Military imperialism can be brutal, but it too can be fought and driven out. Filipinos fought viciously to liberate themselves from Americans. Vietnamese fought long and hard to drive out the military domination of France and the United States.
But the effects of demographic imperialism are very difficult to reverse. Asian-Indians could drive out the British since they outnumbered the Anglo imperialists by a huge margin. But there is no way the indigenous peoples of Australia or Hawaii will ever regain their native lands. They are outnumbered by whites and Asians by a huge margin. And Palestinians will never reclaim Palestine since so many Jews live there in what is now called ‘Israel’. Demographic imperialism can accompany military imperialism. To the New World, great numbers of conquerors, settlers, and/or immigrants arrived with money and guns. They defeated the natives with firearms and occupied the lands for themselves. Japanese with guns and capital also arrived in Korea in huge numbers during the colonial period, and if the process had continued unabated, Koreans might have lost much of Korea forever to the Japanese.

But demographic imperialism can happen without guns and capital. As long as huge numbers of people keep arriving, they can effectively take over much of the land and relegate the original population to secondary status. That seems to be happening in Tibet where waves of Han Chinese, in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘multi-culturalism’, are doing to Tibetans what Zionist Jews did to Palestinians and what Japanese did with Koreans(in the name of creating a multi-cultural Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere). Of course, Han Chinese in Tibet have the backing of the Chinese military if need be. But even in France and Great Britain, masses of poor Pakistanis, Asian-Indians, Jamaicans, and Africans continue to arrive in huge numbers to replace the native white population of French or Britons. It’s easier to overthrow a foreign military than a foreign population. If Mexico were to militarily invade the United States, Americans could fight and drive back the Mexicans. The real problem is Mexicans invade America through waves and waves of illegal and legal immigration, and California, which once used to be solidly majority Anglo-American, has become majority Mexican-American within a few generations. Chinese/Indian/African immigration can do to South Korea what Latin American immigration did to California that now has more Mexicans and Asians than white people. But because Korean-Americans are such mental-slaves of Jewish-American globalism, many of them feel that Koreans becoming a minority in their own nation is some kind of blessing and honor. They live not for the Korean nation but for the approval of globalist-imperialists elites. (If Korea were to unite and if there were open borders between China and Korea, Chinese could take over Korea like Mexicans have taken over much of California. Indeed, one blessing of the division of Korea could be that the existence of communist North Korea prevented waves of anti-communist Chinese from flooding into Korea during the Cold War.)

Jews see the value of increasing diversity in America because, as minority elites, they fear the power of a united and homogeneous gentile majority. When a large gentile majority join forces, it can challenge the power of the Jewish minority that has advantages in intelligence, verbal ability, and wealth-creation. But if the gentile majority is weakened in numbers and furthermore divided by ideology — ‘liberal’ vs ‘conservative’ — , then the Jewish elites can play the game of ‘divide and rule’. And by promoting the ‘gay agenda’, Jews make the vast majority of straight people get used to the idea of being ruled by a minority elite, such as that of homosexuals. Jews figure, "If the vast majority of straight people worship and submit to the small homosexual elite, then the vast majority of gentiles(especially whites) will similarly worship and serve the Jewish minority elites." In both cases, we have overwhelming majorities becoming accustomed to sacrificing their own rules and values in favor of the privileges of minority elites.

Since this is the new template for America, it has also become the world-view of Korean-Americans who think and act in monkey-see-monkey-do fashion. As Korean-Americans are oh-so-eager to win the approval of Americans, they will try to be even more pro-Jewish, pro-homosexual, and pro-multicultural than Americans are. Indeed, this has been one of the psychological traits of Koreans throughout the ages. As a satellite kingdom of China, Koreans both imbibed the Middle Kingdom's arrogance & chauvinism and developed a slavish attitude toward its giant neighbor. In emulating China, Korea wanted to feel important and great too. But in recognizing China as the greater power, Korea also meekly sought its approval. So, how did Koreans resolve this psychological complex of wanting to both imitate and serve China’s chauvinism and greatness? Koreans did it by slavishly trying to be even more Confucian than the Chinese. By trying to be perfect Confucians, Koreans would demonstrate to China what good students they are. But in trying to out-Chinese the Chinese, Koreans could also flatter themselves that they might be even better than the Chinese. This mentality continues to this day. So, South Korean Christians have tended to be fanatical in their fervent devotion to Christianity: More Christian-than-Western-Christian. North Korean Stalinists outdid Stalin in running a totalitarian state. South Korean capitalists tried to be more extreme in global competitiveness. And South Korean and Korean-American materialism can be crasser than the Ugly Americans. And Korean-American Political Correctness is more humorlessly extreme and earnest than the Political Correctness of other groups. And of course, in the Vietnam War, South Korean troops were more ruthless in their aggression and blood-lust than even the Americans were. If North Korea went out of its way to be more communist than other communist nations, South Koreans sought to be more anti-communist than other anti-communist nations. Koreans act like slavish/imitative dogs, but their slavishness is so ‘pure’ and committed that it almost becomes a point of delusional pride and empowerment. Koreans imitate things to such extremes that it becomes a kind of ‘originality’.

So, even though Korean Christians are mostly mindless imitators of a foreign religion, they feel themselves to be truer than most other Christians. And South Korean pop culture — especially K-Pop and Soap Operas — take vapid mindlessness and trashy narcissism to new extremes, but Koreans take pride in having outdone the trashiness of globalist culture. Koreans mistake effort with effect. By excessively imitating something, they believe they have perfected it and fulfilled its true meaning and purpose. It’s no wonder that Korea has produced such ridiculous megalomaniacs as Kim Il-Sung and Rev. Mhoon, men who hardly came up with an original idea but pretended to be visionaries on the basis of extreme adoption and implementation of foreign ideas. It is as if, since Koreans cannot lay claim to anyting on the basis of original creativity, Koreans lay claim to ideas of other nations by priding themselves as the most fervent devotees and proselytizers.
As for Korean-Americans, they try to win approval from New America by trying to be even more politically correct than Americans are. Since ‘diversity’ is a such a catchword in the current political lexicon, Korean-Americans and American-trained Koreans want to spread the cult of ‘diversity’ in South Korea. They are so hungry for the approval of Americans and Europeans that winning Western approval means more to them than saving and preserving the Korean race, culture, and nation. So, even if the cult of diversity and massive immigration were to make Koreans minorities in their own nation(and create all sorts of social and ethnic problems in South Korea), Korean-Americans don’t care. Their main goal in life is to win the approval of Americans because they so totally and mindlessly swallowed the Politically Correct tenets of ‘diversity’.
Multiculturalism Chinese-style in Tibet... like Japanese-style multiculturalism in Korea during the Colonial Period.
Indeed, Korean-Americans and American-trained-Koreans feel ashamed and apologetic that South Korea isn’t sufficiently ‘diverse’, like Hawaii or Tibet for instance. Never mind that the original people of Hawaii lost their homeland to white conquerors and Asian settlers. Never mind that Tibetans are losing their homeland to Han Chinese. And never mind that Palestinians live under Zionist-imperialist occupation in a land on which they'd once comprised the solid majority. Just like Korean collaborators during the colonial period sought to win the approval of the Japanese by accepting the ‘diversification’ of Korea(via massive influx of Japanese immigrants), Korean-Americans and American-educated-Koreans desperately seek American approval by trying to turn South Korea into something like Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Korean-Americans and American-educated-Koreans are so ignorant, shallow, and lacking in genuine racial, cultural, and national pride that they don’t realize that Korean homogeneity is something to be proud of than something to be ashamed of. Korea is homogeneous because it wasn’t conquered and raped like Peru, Mexico, and Bolivia was by the Spanish Conquistadors. And Korea is homogeneous because it didn’t conquer other nations and didn’t bring millions of foreign slaves to toil on Korean soil. But instead of trying to appreciate and defend their own history and condition, Korean-Americans and American-educated-Koreans merely swallow the political correct cult of ‘diversity’ and feel ashamed that Korea isn’t as diverse like Hawaii, Tibet, West Bank, Syria, Peru, and Brazil(which is diverse because Portuguese invaded the territory and brought over millions of African slaves). Also, Korean-Americans don’t seem to realize that Korea wasn’t stolen from any other people, therefore Koreans have no reason to feel any kind of ‘historical guilt’ about living on the land of their own ancestors. If anything, it is the American government that should feel guilt(if indeed ‘historical guilt’ has any validity — I don’t think it does) for initially supporting Japanese colonization of Korea, for artificially dividing Korea and handing the northern half to totalitarian Soviet Union, for instigating the Korean War in which millions perished, and using South Korean troops as attack dogs in the Vietnam War.
The diversity of Peru is the result of Spanish conquest, 'genocide', mass rape, and slavery of the Americas. Is diversity such a great thing? Would Koreans have liked it if what was done to the native peoples of the Americas were done to them? The natives of the Americas are close racial cousins of East Asians. But they are forever a subjugated people living under white rule because 'diversity' was forced on them. 
And of course, the price of South Korea’s survival as a defacto protectorate of the United States(to keep it safe from communism) was that its women had to offered up as prostitutes to American troops(though, to be sure, not on the scale in South Vietnam where virtually the entire nation was turned into a whorehouse by the Americans but then with the help of South Korean officers and soldiers who also exploited Vietnamese women as virtual sex slaves; indeed, given this sordid history of sexual dynamics, it isn't difficult to understand why the culture of prostitution comes so easily to Koreans in forms such as K-pop that celebrates little more than Korean women as sex dolls, interchangeable mannequins, and white-wanna-be robots overdone with plastic surgery and blonde-dyed hair; Koreans not only tried to be more Confucian than the Chinese, more communist than the Soviets, more Christian than Western Christians, and more capitalist than Americans, and more politically correct than European ‘progressives’; Koreans even try to be more-white-than-white through surgery, hair-dyeing, and makeup.)

Anyway, South Korea is caught between North Korea and Korean-America. And it is time we carefully assess what this means to the future of South Korea and Korea as a whole.
Given the state of affairs in North Korea, one would be hard-pressed to find anything positive to say about that sorry nation. But something has value not only for what it is but for what it is not, especially in contrast to other things. For example, though South Korea has serious problems, it tends to be overpraised because its achievements are always contrasted to the dire economic straits and the political tyranny of North Korea. But just as the good things of South Korea are made more impressive in contrast to North Korea, some of the positives of North Korea are discernible in contrast to South Korea. While North Korea has little that is good in terms of economics and political liberty, it does have some positive attributes in terms of what it is not. It is not a prostitute-whore nation that South Korea is in relation to a great power, namely the United States. While it’s true that North Korea has also been dependent on great powers(China and USSR), it has always been more defiant and independent than South Korea. Not necessarily in a good way, but there is something to be said for national independence. South Korea is infinitely richer and freer in terms of individual liberty than North Korea, but its progress has come at the cost of prostituting itself to the United States. Indeed, in recent years, South Korea has grown more, not less, dependent on and slavish to the Americans, not least because America has become the sole superpower since the end of the Cold War. Also, the rise of globalism has hollowed out nationalist and patriotic feelings in many advanced nations. Because South Korean elites(many of whom were trained in America or Europe or taught by professors trained in the West) seek the approval of the post-nationalist West, they also try to weaken and undermine Korean patriotism, especially as it stands in the way of neo-liberal globalist economic policies that favor the upper classes of South Korea who identify with foreign elites than with the people of their own race, culture, and nation.

Also, if Old America pushed only basic human rights and democratization on the world, the New America that is ruled by Jews(the only people whose nationalism in the form of Zionism is permissible in the West) and homosexuals seeks to fundamentally alter the demographics of South Korea by encouraging massive immigration(as is happening to Europe) and turning Korean values upside down by making the worship of homosexuals the main priority of Korean morality and culture. Just as mindlessly extremist Korean Christians tried to convert all Koreans to a foreign religion, the mindlessly extremist Politically Correct Korean-Americans and American-trained-Koreans try to convert all Koreans to worship of homosexuals because homo-philia is the new religion of the West that is now dominated by globalist Jewish elites.

Though South Korea is a democracy, even democracies are essentially ruled and governed by elites who control most of the powerful industries and institutions. And these elites care more about their own wealth, vanity, status, privilege, and power than anything else. Since South Korean elites desperately seek the approval of Western elites, they use their control of elite institutions and industries to spread ‘gay’ propaganda all over the nation because homo-philia is the American Way. And once South Korea is turned into a homo-worshiping paradise, Korean elites bask in the joy of being showered with praise by their American masters.
In a way, South Korean democracy is more dangerous than South Korean dictatorship of the past. When South Korea was ruled by Park Chung-Hee(or Bak Jung-Hi) and Chun Doo-wan(or Jun Duwan), most Koreans knew they didn’t enjoy political freedom. Also, as the military rulers were backed by the US, many South Koreans were skeptical of American power and influence. But because South Korea is now a democracy, most people assume that they are free and equal under the law. And since democratic South Korea and democratic America are said to be allies, many South Koreans think everything American is good for South Korea. And because America praise some token Korean and Korean-American celebrities, South Koreans have become addicted to the illusion of ‘Cool Korea’.

But in fact, Americans are only tossing a bone to the Korean dog that is happy to roll over and play fetch. Indeed, notice that Americans generally praise South Koreans who act the trashiest, shallowest, and the stupidest. American media favor South Koreans who act like pimps, prostitutes, and clowns such as Margaret Cho. There is no genuine American interest in real Korean history, culture, heritage, literature, folk music, and values. Rather, the American agenda is to encourage all of South Korea to become trashy imitators of MTV & Hollywood and become vapid consumers who get plastic surgery and dye their hair to become ‘white’ or shake their butts in imitation of hip-hop culture and act ‘black’.

And consider Korean soap opera that now serves as a vehicle for homosexual propaganda so that South Korea will become the first Asian nation to legalize ‘gay marriage’. Americans have brainwashed Korean-Americans and American-trained-Koreans into believing that Korean Pride is all about imitating American decadence and seeking American approval. According to American neo-imperialism, Korean pride should NOT be about the Korean race, culture, history, heritage, and nation. Korean pride should be about mindlessly imitating New America in which Jewish elites have forced ‘gay marriage’ on the entire nation through control of government, the law, finance, and media. According to the New American agenda, Koreans should only feel pride by mindlessly aping and imitating American pop culture and America’s decadent values that favor minority elites over the values, virtues, and norms of the great majority.
Trashy and stupid Psy who imitates the worst of American pop culture but is praised by America as the 'best of Korea'.
North Korea is a rotten nation in terms of what it is — a totalitarian tyranny ruled by the vain, greedy, and stupid Kim dynasty — , but it does have some positives in terms of what it is not. It is not a mindless running dog and cultural colony of the United States. It is not slavish to the globalist world order dominated by Jews and homosexuals who now rule US and EU. When United States invaded Iraq without any justification, South Korea played servile dog to American imperialism. North Korea did not. Though North Korea has economically leaned towards China, it is not a toady or servant of China either. In contrast, South Korea has been a total dog of the Americans. To be sure, Park Jung-Hee(or Bak Jung-Hi), in his own way, tried to be defiant and embark upon an independent course, but nearly all leaders since his death have been servile dogs of America that increasingly came under the control of Jewish globalists. Indeed, relations between South Korea and North Korea were made worse by Neocons who hate North Korea not for issues of human rights but because North Korea has done business with nations hated by Israel. It was really all about Jewish interests.

North Korea is ruled by a monstrous regime(that is more invested in family power than national interest), and its people have suffered greatly as the result. But at the very least, North Korea can take some measure of pride in being defiant of bigger powers, in maintaining its national sovereignty, in being proud than ashamed and apologetic for its racial homogeneity and nationalist consciousness, in not offering its women as prostitutes to American soldiers, in not promoting the mania for plastic surgery that is predicated on the racial inferiority complex that Koreans are uglier than other races and therefore must go under the knife to look attractive, and in not allowing massive immigration that could lead to the native population gradually being replaced by foreign populations(as in London, which is now made up of less than 50% British-born population. Of course, plenty of Korean-Americans and American-educated-Koreans would love to see a Seoul that is less than 50% Korean because they can then win the approval of Americans and Europeans who keep pushing ‘diversity’ on South Korea. These Korean-Americans and American-educated-Koreans never ask why Jewish-Americans push open immigration on South Korea but support Jewish-only-immigration for Israel. Indeed, even Palestinians who were born in Israel before their expulsion in 1948 are not allowed to return).

In terms of domestic politics and economic policy, North Korea is a total failure. But it isn’t a failure when it comes to national pride, national sovereignty, racial & cultural consciousness, and fierce sense of independence from other nations. In contrast, even though South Korea is economically richer than North Korea and politically a democracy, it has become a virtual slave of American globalism economically, culturally, and morally. What passes for South Korean morality is about little more than seeking the approval of Americans. Korean-American mindset in America is essentially, "Me from South Korea, me good dog. Me hate North Korea, a bad dog. Me good dog, please pet me, Dear Master. Me such good dog, me devote my energy to spreading homosexual propaganda in South Korea and make it first Asian nation with ‘gay marriage’, and then you American master throw me a bone and me roll over." That is what counts as ‘Korean values’ among Korean-Americans and American-educated-Koreans. They are complete servile dogs and whores of the New America dominated by Jewish globalist imperialists and homosexual proxies of Jewish power.

But, of course, there are positives to be said for Korean-America. Despite the rise in political correctness and censoriousness in America, there are still lots of freedom in America, at least as long as one doesn’t challenge Jewish power and homosexual privilege. There are lots of opportunities in America, especially in high-tech areas. And many Korean-Americans have found success in America, and some Korean-Americans have even contributed to American culture as a whole. In this sense, America has been as much a blessing as a curse to Korea. America divided Korea, America rained countless bombs on Korea & killed/maimed millions, and America sees South Korea as its political, economic, and cultural servant in East Asia, BUT America has also provided South Korea with markets, technology, knowledge, model for democracy and rule of law, and a destination for immigration and opportunities for individual success.

On the other hand, South Koreans must realize that Korean-America doesn’t have much of a future as a distinctly Korean community. With extremely low birth rates, South Korean immigration to America will eventually dry up. In contrast, Asian-Indians and Chinese-Americans will continue to pour into America, and Asian-America will be defined far more by Asian-Indian-Americans and Chinese-Americans than by Korean-Americans. As Korean immigration to America slows, future generations of Korean-Americans will eventually assimilate and lose their Korean-ness. Indeed, even most full-blooded Korean-Americans don’t care about Korea, know nothing about Korean history & culture, barely speak the language if they do at all, and etc.(Unlike Asian-Indians & Chinese who take pride in the centrality of their civilizations in their respective geographical spheres of influence and unlike Jews who’ve prided themselves as the Chosen of God, Koreans never developed a powerful sense of Korean-ness independent of other civilizations deemed greater. For thousands of years, Korea saw itself as a planet revolving around the Chinese sun, and Korean-Americans see themselves as a tiny planet revolving around white/black/Jewish/homosexual America. If Chinese-Americans, Asian-Indians, and Jewish-Americans feel special and great even away from their home countries, Korean-Americans feel subservient to nations deemed greater than Korea. Chinese, Asian-Indians, and Jews have long grown accustomed to seeing themselves as the center of the universe, whereas the cultural outlook of Koreans has been to see themselves as a satellite of a much greater power. Therefore, Korean-Americans are more likely to completely lose their racial and cultural identity and surrender themselves totally to something like Christianity, Political Correctness, Homophilia, or American Pop Culture.)

Also, a huge number of Korean-American women marry outside the race because they look down on Korean-American men as inferior to non-Asian men. But a good amount of Korean-American men also marry outside the race. If full-blooded Korean-Americans hardly care about Korean race, culture, and identity, what is the chance of a half-Korean kid caring about Korea? And the half-Korean kid will likely marry a non-Korean, and then, his or her kids will be 1/4 Korean. And the kids will likely marry non-Korean and then, their kids will be 1/8 Korean, and so on. So, eventually, the Korean-American community will gradually fade and become part of white America, Jewish America, black America, brown America, and etc. As individuals, they may do well in life, but they will essentially be Americans with only weak traces of Korean ancestry and nothing more. They may acknowledge that one of their ancestors ate kimchee and came from Asian nation. But that will be the extent of their Korean consciousness.

Korean race, culture, identity, heritage, and nationhood cannot survive under such circumstances. If South Korea were to be dragged across the Pacific and adjoined to America and if all South Koreans acted like Korean-Americans, then all of South Korea will eventually vanish as Koreans will intermarry with other races and as non-Koreans will pour into South Korea just like Han Chinese are pouring into Tibet and just like masses of Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, have poured into California to the point where it went from an Anglo-majority state to an Anglo-minority state. If South Koreans only want to be a copy of America, then future model will be something like Hawaii or California. Such a South Korea may still be prosperous and democratic, but it will no longer be meaningfully Korean. Imagine if Japan had open immigration and became 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Indian, 1/4 Nigerian, and 1/4 Russian. Even if it were to remain rich and democratic, it would no longer be the Japan it had been for a thousand of years. And even if the Japanese wanted their original nation back, it would be impossible since they would constitute only 25% of the nation. The original Japanese would have to pretend that Indians, Nigerians, and Russians in Japan are ‘equally Japanese’, just like Tibetans have to swallow the official myth that Han Chinese in Tibet are also Tibetan and just like native Hawaiians have to swallow the hard reality that ‘Hawaiians’ also constitute whites, Asians, and blacks. Once the meaning of ‘Hawaiian’ went from a racial, cultural, and territorial idea to an imperialist, globalist, and legalist idea, the native Hawaiians were bound to lose the sacred land of their ancestors forever to foreign conquerors and settlers who established new laws that favored their own power and presence over that of the original Hawaiians. If Korean-America becomes the model for South Korea, then South Korea will eventually become Hawaiian-ized. Like Hawaii, South Korea might remain rich and prosperous, but it will no longer be authentically and truly Korean. Koreans will become like white Britons in London that is now a city with more foreigners than with white Britons. But because the new Great Britain swallowed the bogus Politically Correct tenet that Britishness is just a matter of the law and has nothing to do with race, culture, heritage, and territory, all white Britons are forced to accept the idea that any foreigner who arrives in the UK is just as British as the original inhabitants whose ancestry goes back thousands of years. (But, for some reason, all nations around the world must agree that Israel must be a Jewish state that has the right to accept ONLY people of Jewish blood and background.)

Anyway, even though North Korea is an oppressive nation without individual freedom, it is a nation in which Koreans can unapologetically be proud to be Korean, are encouraged to stand up for Korean identity and unity, are trained to feel defiant and independent vis-a-vis other nations(especially the big powers that have used Korea as a pawn in modern history), and work diligently to preserve and defend what is uniquely Korean.
In contrast, many Korean-Americans enjoy lots of personal liberties and professional opportunities, but they have no sense of Korean identity, Korean pride, or Korean heritage. They mindlessly imitate ugly rap ghetto culture(that celebrates thugs and sluts), mindlessly conform to political correctness(as formulated by Jews and homosexuals), mindlessly alter their faces and hairs to look more ‘white’ because they feel ashamed of looking Asian, and mindlessly long to mix with other races in the conviction that a mixed-blood baby is racially superior to a full-bloodied Korean baby. Korean-American women especially feel this way as they’ve adopted the American cultural perception that Asian-American men are racially-and-sexually inferior to the men of other races. Just as South Korean women addicted to Western popular culture get plastic surgery and dye their hair to look more white, Korean-American women want to have babies with men of other races in the belief that their babies will be superior to full-bloodied Asian babies because the babies will have white features or black features. Most Korean-Americans don’t care about Korea or Korean-ness. Their only concern regarding Korea is to make it more like America so that they won’t be so embarrassed about their identity being associated with a ‘less progressive nation’ or 'homogeneity' that has been turned into a dirty word by Jewish globalist elites that push 'diversity' on all nations except for Israel. This is one reason why so many Korean-Americans put down and attack North Korea.

Sure, North Korea is an awful place, but the reason why Korean-Americans put it down so mercilessly and self-righteously is to win the approval of Americans. Korean-Americans want to demonstrate that they themselves are so much 'cooler' and 'hipper' than those losers of North Korea who, by the way, are ‘racist’ to boot. North Koreans are presumably 'racist' for the simple reason that they want to preserve their race and culture. When North Koreans speak of Koreans as being a ‘clean race’, they don’t mean that Koreans are superior to other races. It means that Koreans are relatively clean because they haven't been invaded and raped as much as other races have been(especially by Western imperialists) and also because Koreans have not invaded other nations and brought over millions of foreigners as slaves and raped them and mixed blood with them. So, the ideology of clean blood in North Korea isn’t like Nazi ideology that was supremacist and imperialist. Nazis thought that they, as a pure-blooded people, were superior and had a right to invade and rule over other peoples. In contrast, the North Korean ideology of clean blood is anti-imperialist. It means Koreans should be proud that they weren't invaded-and-raped as much as peoples were and also because Koreans didn’t invade and enslave other peoples.

After all, the peoples of Latin America are very mixed in blood, but it’s the result of invasion, conquest, ‘genocide’, imperialism, mass rape, and slavery. If anything, it was race-mixing and diversity that have historically been linked with violence, plunder, genocide, conquest, imperialism, rape, and slavery of foreign peoples. Consider all the interracial rape and plunder carried out by the Mongols in Persia and Russia.

But Korean-Americans overlook all such considerations and denounce North Korean racial consciousness as ‘racism’ while praising the ‘diversity’ and mixed-blood demographics of the New World that were the result of conquest, imperialism, racial subjugation, slavery of other races, mass rape, and even genocide. Korean-Americans are either stupid or ignorant in their slavish obedience to political correctness. After all, if indeed North Korea should be denounced for its ideology of homogeneous blood, why isn’t Israel likewise denounced for its immigration policy that only welcomes Jews as citizens and its domestic laws that severely curtails marriages between Jews and Arabs? After all, even the so-called ‘liberal Jew’ Jared Diamond supports Jewish-Only-Immigration to Israel and believes DNA tests should be used to determine who is and isn’t a real Jew.

Of course, Korean-Americans and South Koreans need to denounce the oppressive state of affairs in North Korea. North Korea is a tyranny, and the regime there is responsible of unspeakable crimes. And its populace has been treated like cattle. It is indeed ironic that North Korea, a nation that prides itself so much on Korean identity and unity, has treated its people like slaves.
Indeed, the main failing of North Korea isn’t economics. South Korea is many times richer but only because it sold its national soul to American neo-imperialists. South Korea was allowed to become rich by playing the running dog and prostitute of the United States. A prostitute may be richer than a poor virtuous woman who didn’t sell her body, but the poor woman has more self-pride and dignity. If indeed North Korea were poor because it refused to play the prostitute and slave, it may be poorer in material wealth but richer in spirit. It’s like George Bailey in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE didn’t make a lot of money, but he’s the ‘richest man in town’ because of his big heart and virtuousness.
North Korea, though materially poorer, could have been spiritually and morally richer than South Korea, a nation that grew rich by playing toady to America. But, in fact, the North Korean regime, while extolling spartan virtues to the people, has indulged in all manner of extravagance, indeed more so than the super-rich in South Korea. Even when the people were starving, the ruling pigs of North Korea, like the swinish tyrants of George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM, spent lavish sums on luxury items, imported gourmet food, and vanity products. The rulers of North Korea have been among the worst in the 20th century. Che Guevara was an extremist and Ho Chi Minh was ruthless, but they were genuine revolutionaries who gave their lives to the cause and lived according to their principles. In contrast, North Korea tyrants have been swinish opportunists and mediocrities who merely used the rationale of communism to control the population like slaves while they themselves indulged in all manner of riches. We mustn’t have any illusions about the scum who rule North Korea.

That said, there are nevertheless certain themes and realities about North Korea that need to be appreciated and even emulated. After all, in a hundred years, even if North Korea continues as it does, it will still be the land of Koreans filled with Koreans who’ve preserved their race, culture, identity, heritage, and land. In contrast, in a hundred years hence, most of the descendants of Korean-Americans will be half-Koreans, quarter Koreans, or one-eighth Koreans. And they won’t know much if anything about Korean identity, culture, or history. In two hundred years, even if North Korea continues as it does today, it will still be Korea ruled and inhabited by Koreans. In contrast, in two hundred years, there will barely be any traces of Korean-ness among Korean-Americans, most of whom will have become mixed and diluted racially and culturally with the other races of Americans.
The Kim Dynasty. The worthless and cruel leaders who don't deserve the loyalty of the long-suffering-and-sacrificing people of North Korea.
In the end, if you really care about Korea, Korean-ness, Korean identity, and Korean culture, then even the miserable North Korea is a better bet than Korean-America. North Korea, despite all its evils and horrors, will remain proudly and resolutely a nation of Koreans. In contrast, Korean-Americans will fade away and become other peoples, especially as so many Korean-Americans feel inferiority complex for racial, cultural, or moral reasons. Some Korean-Americans feel racial inferiority because they don’t look white or can’t dance like blacks. Some Korean-Americans feel moral inferiority because North Korea is often mocked in the US media and because South Korea isn’t diverse like Mexico and doesn’t have ‘gay marriage’, at least not yet. While Korean-Americans profess to be proud of their identity and heritage, people must be judged by their actions than by their words. And in terms of their actions, Korean-Americans do everything to deny their own Korean identity, culture, language, values, and history. Indeed, many of them don’t even know their own history and heritage. Their pride amounts to sharing Korean beef ribs and kimchee with foreigners. Korean-American female pride comes from dressing like sluts to attract non-Asian men so that they can have Eurasian or Afro-Asian babies. Korean-American women may feel pride as objects of ‘yellow fever’, but the pride is associated with being desired by non-Asian men because Korean-American women see Asian-American males as ‘losers’. Thus, Korean-American female sexual pride is paradoxically anti-Korean. Its pride is premised on attracting non-Korean men with whom to have mixed race babies because Korean-American women see full-blooded Korean babies as inferior to mixed-race babies with non-Asian facial features(usually white but sometimes black). Indeed, such contradictory sense of pride has long been ingrained in the Korean consciousness because, due to the fact of Korea being a small and weak nation, foreign men generally took Korean women than Korean men took foreign women. Even though Korea hasn’t been invaded often — at least compared to other regions like Greece, Poland, and Turkey — , it was usually the victim nation in major conflicts. Korea got the worse of invasions by Mongols, Japanese, Manchurians, the Japanese again, the Russians, and the Americans. In each of these invasions/occupations, foreign men took Korean women, often by rape and enslavement but also by seduction and allurement of power. Just as Korean men in the modern era became accustomed to politically submitting to bigger foreign powers, Korean women became accustomed to sexually surrendering to men of stronger and bigger nations. Because the Korean-American women see the Korean-American men as servants of the American Master, they want to go with the American Master and have babies with him than with Korean-American men who are mere servants of Americanism. Such is the way of Korean-America. It is one of political servitude and sexual surrender.

It is what North Korea is defiant against. North Korea, ridiculous and repressive as it is, remains resolute in its refusal to put out as a whore to America. South Koreans and Korean-Americans might see America as a benevolent power, but American relations with South Korea can change overnight. Americans no more care about South Koreans than about Palestinians, Iraqis, Libyans, Iranians, and Syrians. In the 1980s, Americans characterized Japanese in terms of yellow peril while being sympathetic to China then undergoing reform. Today, Americans pretend to be on good terms with Japan while making China out to be the new target of its yellow peril campaign. So, there are no permanent friendships among nations, and weaker-and-smaller nations should always be wary of being overly dependent and servile to bigger powers. Also, American political morality(when it comes to international relations) is more about expediency and national self-interest(especially that of the Jewish and homosexual elites that now rule America) than about universal principles and higher values.

If indeed Americans are so benevolent and decent, why do most of them feel no sympathy for Palestinians who still suffer under Zionist occupation made possible by US and USSR soon after World War II?
(Koreans need to understand that for most of the Japanese colonial period in Korea, Americans praised the Japanese for 'civilizing' and modernizing the Koreans.)
Of course, Americans are no better and no worse in their hypocrisy when it comes to foreign policy, which has always been a form of gangsterism. Diplomacy is really about ‘national interest’, not about ‘human rights’. There’s nothing consistent about foreign policy. Consider how United States became closer to China in the 1970s even though Maoist China was far more radically communist than the Soviet Union that had considerably liberalized since the end of Stalinism. Today, Jews who control America have waged a ‘new cold war’ against Russia because they don’t like Russia’s emphasis on patriotism, tradition, heritage, Christian roots, and Slavic pride.

So, Koreans need to be hard-nosed and realistic about how Americans really feel about Korea. American elites, now mostly Jewish and homosexual, see South Korea as a useful puppet and dog. Jewish-Americans and homosexual globalists want South Koreans to emulate trashy and shallow Korean-Americans. They also want South Koreans to identify more with other races and cultures than with their own kind, especially those in North Korea. They want South Korean youths to feel closer to American youths than with their own parents, grandparents, and ancestors. And most of all, Americans want to drive a wedge between North Korea and South Korea because if South Koreans identify more with North Koreans(as part of the same national family), South Koreans will become more patriotic, nationalistic, and conservative. Americans want South Koreans to think globally than nationally. If South Koreans think nationally, they will feel that they have more in common with North Koreans despite differences in political systems and the DMZ because, after all, both South Koreans and North Koreans are, first and foremost, Koreans bound and united by race, culture, and history as one people. But if South Koreans are made to think and feel primarily in terms of global pop culture, Hollywood movies, MTV culture, politically correctness, homosexual worship(emanating from the West), plastic surgery(so that Koreans will look less Korean and more white), and the cult of ‘diversity’, then they will feel that they have more in common with Americans, Asian-Indians, Indonesians, Malaysians, Mexicans, and Nigerians than they do with North Koreans because the new multicultural concept of ‘Korean-ness’ will be defined not by roots, race, culture, heritage, & soil but on vague notions of some ‘global village’ and the narcissistic cult of the 'cool'. Globalism seeks to define Korean-ness as a form of celebrity brand and destroy Korean-ness as a real culture and history. While it’s true that Koreans need to do business with and learn from all nations around the world, Korean-ness will not survive if it’s redefined along the lines of some generic globalism dominated by the United States.

Incidentally, if this new globo-meaning of Korean-ness is good for Koreans, why don’t Jews in Israel adopt something similar for Israel? Of course, deep down inside, Jews really want to strengthen their own sense of Jewishness while weakening the blood-and-soil identities and consciousnesses of other races and peoples.  After all, Golda Meir and Zionists have said time and time again, "there’s no such thing as a Palestinian." So, Jews want Koreans to believe that there is really no such thing as a "Korean". So, Koreans should move to other nations and meld with other races and ethnic groups since there’s no special meaning to being "Korean". And Korea should open its gates to any number of immigrants because just about anyone can become a "Korean" by coming to Korea, speaking a few words of Korean, and eating some Kimchee. That is the globalist definition of 'Korean-ness', the kind that is embraced by Korean-America that is all too happy to melt away and fade into other races and ethnic groups in America.

Fortunately for South Korea, the option isn’t a simple one of choosing one extreme or the other. North Korea may be nationalist, proud, and defiant, but it is also horribly repressive, isolated, arrogant, and ridiculous. Korean-America may enjoy freedom and opportunities, but it is deracinated, decadent, racially self-loathing(why else would so many Korean-American women want to have babies with non-Korean men?), culturally trashy, morally apologetic, eager-to-please, and servile to whites, Jews, and homosexuals. North Korea will survive as Korea indefinitely, but it will be an unfree and repressive society. Korean-American individuals will do well professionally and make good money, but they won’t survive for long as a Korean race and culture.

What South Korea can do is take the best of both worlds. It can take the national theme of North Korea that is defiant, proud, unapologetic, and nationalistic. It can take some cues from Korean-Americans on how to lead more free lifestyles. In combining the resolute nationalism of North Korea and the lively freedom of Korean-American life, South Korea can learn to be both more proud as a race & culture and more adventurous as individuals. And by creating a new national mind-set on such terms, South Korea might be able to create a template that can be used one day to reunite with North Korea.
But for that to happen, all South Koreans must tell themselves everyday that, despite all the differences between South Korea and North Korea in terms of politics and recent history, all Koreans of the North and all Koreans of the South are equally Korean. All South Koreans must primarily identify with fellow Koreans in the North than with any other people.

True, South Korea is a democracy, India is a democracy, Japan is a democracy, and Philippines is a democracy, whereas North Korea is not a democracy. But does that mean South Koreans should identify more with Japanese, Indians, and Filipinos than with North Koreans? Only stupid and shallow Koreans will put abstract political principles over issues of blood and soil. If Koreans should define Korean-ness primarily in political or economic terms, then it means most Koreans for most of Korean history were not Korean since they didn’t practice democracy and modern capitalism. But in fact, Koreans a hundred years ago and two hundred years ago and three hundred years ago and four hundred years ago(when they struggled against and survived the horrendous onslaught of Japanese invasion)were just as Korean as Koreans today because they were Korean by race and culture. North Korea has no global corporation and no democracy, but every North Korean is just as Korean as any South Korean. Indeed, in some ways, North Koreans are even more Korean because they are proud to be Korean whereas so many South Koreans feel ugly and self-loathing about being and looking Korean, which is why so many of them get plastic surgeries and use hair-dyeing to de-Korean-ize themselves.

Whatever the differences between North Korea and South Korea, all South Koreans must always remind themselves that Koreans in the North are just as Korean as any Korean in the South. Though it’s a great thing for South Koreans to make friends with different peoples from all over the world, they must never forget that they are the same people as Koreans in the North. Jews understand this about themselves. When Israel was created, Jews came from Western democracies, from communist nations, from Middle Eastern nations, and etc. But they all felt as one people despite the different political systems they’d left behind because they were bound by race, culture, and historical consciousness.

Now, what is good for the Jews should be good for Koreans. Of course, Jews know this all too well. But even as Jews try to strengthen their own sense of Jewishness and Jewish power, they seek to weaken and subvert the national consciousness of other peoples in order to gain control over them. So, Jews tell South Koreans to look upon North Koreans as vermin and to identify more with non-Koreans than with fellow Koreans in the North. So, Jews in the State Department try to increase tension between the South and the North so that reconciliation between the South and the North will become ever more difficult. Jews who run America feel that if South Korea and North Korea grow closer together, the defiant nationalism of the North will come to affect the South. If the two Koreas unite peacefully, the South will teach the North to be more market-oriented, and the North will teach the South to be more proud and defiant. So, Jews like Wendy Sherman want to increase tensions between North Korea and South Korea so that South Koreans will keep leaning more on and learning more from America than on growing closer to their brethren in the North.
Wendy Sherman, like most American diplomats and foreign policy experts, is Jewish, and her interest in Korean affairs is not to serve Koreans or even Americans. It is to serve globalist Jewish interests, especially as pertaining to Israel. Her ilk hates North Korea not for its human rights abuses but because it remains defiant of the New World Order dominated by Jewish-controlled America that has, time and time again, destroyed nations that Jews and Israel don't like in the Middle East. Jews hate North Korea because North Korea has had ties with 'enemies of Israel'.
Of course, Jews have done the same thing in America. Jews don’t want to see the racial unity of white Americans. So, Jews manipulate the media to make Northern whites look down on Southern whites, and vice versa. If all white Americans were to unite as one, they might become racially and culturally conscious and pose a challenge to Jewish power. So, Jews use the media and academia to encourage whites in the North to hate and denounce whites in the South as ‘racists’ and ‘haters’.

But Jews themselves are united and agreed on the importance of Jewish identity, unity, and power. So, even though Liberal Zionists rule the Democratic Party whereas Neocons rule the Republican Party, there’s far less rancor among so-called ‘Liberal’ Jews and so-called ‘Conservative’ Jews than between white Liberal gentiles and white Conservative gentiles. For Jews of both political persuasions, Jewishness and Jewish power come before all other considerations.

Then, likewise, despite the differences and disagreements between South Koreans and North Koreans, the people of both nations must primarily see one another as part of one racial and cultural family. If such an outlook is good for Jews all around the world, why shouldn’t it be good for Koreans of the North and Koreans of the South, especially when it wasn’t Koreans themselves who divided Korea in half. It was America that, in a criminal act, divided Korea like a pie and gave one-half to Stalin.

And yet, the current American regime, instead of working to heal the wounds of division, keeps on provoking more tensions between the two Koreas in order to convince South Koreans to hate North Koreans and to keep serving as the running dog of America. If South Korea follows the path recommended by America and legalizes garbage like ‘gay marriage’ and greatly increases diversity with open immigration, then  South Korea will become ever more different from North Korea, and then it may become impossible to reunify the two nations. If South Korea is to reunify with North Korea, it must send a message to North Koreans that they are both one people of one race, one culture, and one heritage. If South Koreans foolishly follow the advice of Americans and turn Korean-ness into some value legal definition, then there is no more reason for South Korea to merge with North Korea than with any other nation or people. If the meaning of ‘Korean’ becomes universalized, it means any number of Filipinos, Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, or even Nigerians can become ‘Korean’. It will mean North Koreans are no more Korean than any immigrant group in South Korea. In that case, South Koreans might as well unify with the non-Korean world than with North Korea. Such is the logic of globalism over nationalism.

While South Korea, like any other modern nation, should remain open to the larger world in terms of ideas, trade, travel, and professional exchanges, it also needs to guard its national pride, racial & cultural identity, and its heritage. Without such a consciousness, nation is no longer an organic homeland with deep roots and sacred memory. It is only a shopping mall, a bazaar, a factory, or a theme park. A true nation should be racially deeper, culturally richer, and territorially sounder than what money can buy in the here-and-now. In the end, industries rise and fall, fashions come and go, and even ideologies are pushed aside by new ones. But a nation survives and lives on if its patriots preserve the constants of race, culture, language, and historical memory.

North Korea learned how to keep the race and culture, but it didn’t learn how to be free. Korean-America learned how to enjoy freedom and find individual success, but it forgot how to survive as a race and culture. But South Korea can learn how to keep the race and culture while also learning how to be free and individualistic. And once South Korea masters this formula, it can be one day be used, gradually or dramatically, to finally reunite the two Koreas into a single organic Korea in defiance of the globalism that is being urged on South Korea by Jewish-and-homosexual-controlled America.


  1. I din't read the whole article but I kind of get your strong points. I have a few points to make.

    -Asian america is far-fetched and its totally possible but, its the latinos pouring in to america then aisans.
    -you assume jews being one minded. but not true, even between the jews, because of their complex identity, there is a conflict. orthdox jews vs securlar jews,
    -you wanna see korean dominance all over the world, not unlikely, its possible but with the given land mass and limited population, not unless we are given some kind of a new piece of land.
    - you say jewish controlled, if you look at sucessful jews, they are mostly secular jewish, dont believe in jewish cause. zionism. just like korean americans, they forget hebrew and thier culture assimilate more into american culture.

    If you want to get this message to south korea you need to translate this into korea, only people that will understand this in english is asian koreans.

    good effort but reality check is important.

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