Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rap Music's Poisonous Influence on the Korean/American Community

There are some fun and interesting rap songs, and I can understand the appeal of rap music. It has an infectious beat(to some at least), and it's all about Fighting and Fuc*ing, two basic animal drives that energize youthful hormones.
At his core, man is an animal, and animalism is all about competition(fighting) for turf and females. And basic female instinct is to attract the toughest and most powerful males.
Though all of art and music can be said to be sublimated expressions of basic animal drives, Rap may be most direct and brazen in spewing forth the animal nature of man. And since blacks are the strongest and the most aggressive of all human races, other races are impressed by black prowess as singers, dancers, and sex beasts.

As Koreans and Korean-Americans are generally a crass, shallow, and materialistic people, they slavishly emulate and imitate whatever happens to be globally popular. Of course, 90% of global culture is created by American entertainment industry that is mostly owned/managed by Jews and dominated by lots of wild aggressive blacks in popular music(that has grown downright pornographic over the years).
Koreans, in their intense drive to catch up with the West, have forgotten about much of their own culture. And as Korean parents have driven their kids to rise in economic status and make a lot of money, kids gravitate toward brands and products that smack of power, privilege, and popularity.

But Koreans need to be wary of rap music/culture. First of all, Rap has an attitude problem. Indeed, 90% of rap is all about attitude, a very nasty & trashy one at that.

Now, consider the world and ponder all its wonders. Look at the sky. Look at the stars in the night. Consider the mountains and hills. The oceans and the five continents. Think of the plants and animals of nature. Think of the richness of the cultures of the world. Think of the books and literary masterpieces in the libraries. Think of your ancestors and the stories of their suffering and survival. Think of the histories of the world. Think of arts and cultures of various nations. Think of all the great art forms. Think of the great religions and their great prophets and visionaries. Think of the saints and martyrs. There is so much to learn, so much to see, so much to hear.
When we ponder the world, we should be filled with curiosity, respect, reverence, and humility. Planet Earth is just a speck in the universe, and we humans are like fireflies in the vast panorama of history. Our lives are short, and youth is even shorter. A mere flicker. So, the proper attitude is know our place in the world. From such an attitude, we can appreciate and understand our place in the larger history, larger world, larger humanity, larger universe. We need to know that there's a reality and truth much grander and greater than any of us. With such an attitude, we can embark on a meaningful journey of discovery and self-discovery.

But what kind of attitude does rap encourage and instill in its fans? An attitude that is childish, nasty, infantile, egocentric, self-centered, narcissistic, vicious, thuggish, and cocky. It just gives a middle finger to the world. According to rap culture, you don't have to know anything to know everything. A rapper cannot even be bothered to pull his pants up, but he mouths off F-bombs like a know-it-all.
A rapper thinks his problems are the biggest in the history of mankind. He bitches and whines, but he or she's totally deaf and blind to the problems of anyone else. Rappers are trashy divas who think their complaints constitute the greatest tragedy the world as ever known.
Rappers don't need to read books or attend schools. They don't need to learn anything to know everything. So, why do they think they know everything? ATTITUDE. They got the attitude of spoiled children who cry and whine about how the world should revolve around their bitchy little egos. Though some rappers bitch about how their childhood was miserable, they show no sympathy or compassion for others who are worse off.

With such an attitude, how does one develop the skills, manners, and maturity to learn about the bigger world filled with richness and wonders? If one thinks one's personal problems are the biggest tragedies in the world, how can one relate to real horrible tragedies like the Korean War or the Great Famine in North Korea in the 1990s where millions perished.
But rapper thugs and bitches only think of themselves. Even when they sing about social issues, the main focus is less on the issue than on their own self-righteous egotism.

20th century should be humbling to all Koreans. So many tragedies befell the Korean people. There were also triumphs attained through much hard work, collective effort, reforms, and sacrifice. Think of all the people who died in wars. Think of all the Koreans in the past who only knew toil and suffering to rebuild their nation from the ashes of war. Koreans need to learn, appreciate, and remember their history of tragedy as no people can be said to have a heritage or culture unless they preserve their heritage. After all, Jewish culture revolved around the Torah and the Talmud that served as repositories of Jewish memories, histories, tragedies, and wisdom. If ancient Jews had the attitude of rappers, they never would have bothered to write anything down and teach the lessons of their history to their children. If Koreans had acted like rappers for 2,500 yrs, they never would have built civilization or preserved any kind of national memory. Not that Koreans had the best attitude throughout history, but they at least had an attitude that showed appreciation for their ancestors and heritage. That is why the Korean people and nation survived as long as they did.

But what kind of attitude does rap culture instill in Korean youths? One of ignorance + arrogance. Rappers think they don't need knowledge and learning. They don't need schooling. They demand respect but show no respect to others. They all imitate and ape one another while pretending to be original and individualistic. Their idea of conversation is talking shit to one another, especially saying stupid things about each other's mother.

Black American community has lost its way. In the 60s and 70s, there were some blacks who sought to rediscover their roots and culture. But those blacks have been forgotten. Since the 1980s, rap culture came to define black American culture, and it's all about amnesia, arrogance, thuggery, prostitution, drugs, guns, and etc. It celebrates ignorance, sexual debauchery, arrogance, and brutality. The rap idea of woman is a whore or 'ho', or 'bitchass skankass ho'.
Why do so many Koreans adopt the attitude of rap? Are they a bunch of lemmings? A bunch of imitative puppets without a culture of their own? Are Koreans too childish and impulsive to develop and cultivate a more mature and intelligent attitude about life?

Attitude is important because it defines one's relation to the world. A person with bad attitude will misinterpret reality and mistreat others. A person with a useful attitude will be filled with curiosity, appreciation, and wonderment about the world.

Indeed, the reason why Korea lagged behind is because of its bad attitude throughout history toward the larger world. As the imitative puppet of China, Koreans for a long long time saw themselves as civilized while deriding the rest of the world as 'barbaric'. So, Koreans lagged behind while the 'barbaric' West made great progress with their greater curiosity, maturity, and intelligence outlook on the world. Korean attitude through the ages blinded Korea with xenophobic arrogance and hurt its chances to learn new ideas and make progress.
And North Korea has a bad attitude. It's leader is like some communist rapper thug who thinks he's the center of the universe. He's some spoiled brat who thinks he knows everything since he owns North Korea like his private bling.

Given this aspect of Korean history, Koreans need to adopt the right kind of attitude. And Rap is the wrong kind of attitude for Koreans. Look at the black American community. Its bad attitude has led to broken families, crime-ridden neighborhoods, gun violence, gangsterism, children born out of wedlock, failure in schools, and etc. Yet, blacks never deal honestly with their problems because their attitude is so stupid and childish. Even a black guy who ever read a book thinks he knows everything since he thinks he's so 'badass' with all that rap culture shit. Blacks fail in school. Many black families don't have a single book in the entire house. Blacks are so filled with the bad attitude of rap that they are blind to their own stupidity and childishness.

So, why are Koreans adopting the nasty and stupid attitude(and styles) of rap? Such an attitude doesn't instill respect and reverence for the great histories, cultures, arts, ideas, and achievements of mankind through the ages. Koreans need to adopt a cultural attitude that encourages them to learn more, think more, see more, and explore more. Rap culture is insular and self-contained. Though a global phenomenon, it's all about a bunch of young thuggish clowns who refuse to mature emotionally or intellectually. It's about being stuck in the rut of youthful thuggery and obnoxiousness.

Beside, there's a lot of black-on-Asian violence in American public schools. When Asian-American youths are targeted by stronger and bigger black thugs steeped in rap culture, does it make sense for Asian-Americans to celebrate and imitate the very culture of thuggery that has come to define the black American community?

Koreans and Korean-Americans need to develop their own culture of manhood and womanhood that are based on responsibility, maturity, sensibility, and intelligence. It's embarrassing that Koreans boast of a history that goes back 2,500 yrs, but the minute they come to America, their culture amounts to mindless imitation of black ghetto culture that celebrates mayhem, murder, rape, debauchery, violence, aggression, infantilism, lasciviousness, and apelike antics.

Koreans need to grow up. And Korean parents need to raise their kids better. But because Korean parents stress nothing but status and money, their children grew up imitative of everything that is stupid, crass, and childish in America.

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