Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why the Multi-Culturalist Re-definition of Korean-ness Is a Total Disaster

The following commentary is a response to Peter Frost’s article on the changing demographics of South Korea under the influence of globalism dominated by America. As South Korea is essentially a political, economic, military, cultural, spiritual, and intellectual colony of the United States, Korean elites mindlessly imitate, absorb, disseminate, and enforce many of the tenets of Western Political Correctness — as defined by Jews and homosexuals — onto the Korean population. South Korean elites and Korean-Americans, in their social interaction with Americans and Europeans, never stand up for Korean independence, sovereignty, beliefs, and values. Instead, they get apologetic and submissive when Westerners excoriate Korea of being backward or not properly ‘evolved’ in things like ‘gay marriage’. If arrogant Americans sneer and insult Korea for not moving forward on ‘gay marriage’, Korean-Americans and South Korean elites grovel, get down in their knees, say sorry, and promise that they will use all their power to change the minds of ‘stupid’ Koreans whose values and culture are demeaned as hopelessly inferior and backward vis-a-vis the prevailing ideologies and ‘values’ of the West. South Korean elites and Korean-Americans are essentially gutless and craven collaborationists who serve their foreign masters, and of course, Western elites, especially Jews and homos, are much amused by the pathetic theatrics of Koreans who roll over like dogs. As Korean masses tend to be sheepish and conformist, they are easily swayed by the Korean elites, especially as Korean youths have been severed from their own historical and cultural roots. Of course, most Americans are just as conformist and mindless, which is why so many Americans are so quick to change their minds and go along with whatever happens to be the prevailing fashions(as determined by the oligarchy that controls Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., etc.)

Anyway, Peter Frost’s central argument is it would be foolish for South Korea to promote multi-culturalism and ‘diversity’. As Korea is a small nation with limited natural resources, its main sources of strength have been unity, ability, and cohesiveness. If Korea were a huge empire-nation with lots of natural resources — like Russia or Brazil — , it would have various options in the economic field. But the South Korean economy is driven purely by brain power, ability, discipline, and hard work. Thus, South Korea has very limited options. It has to concentrate on what really works and not waste time and energy on risky experiments that could make things worse than better. (Also, no experiment is as risky and dangerous as one that messes with demographics. An bad idea may cause a lot of harm, but it can eventually be rejected and be rid of. Consider the role of communism in the 20th century. Terrible idea, but it came to be discredited and discarded. Russia and Eastern Europe are no longer communist. China is ruled by the Communist Party but really practices capitalism. North Korea is under a terrible ideology but one that will pass away one day. Ideas come and go. But demographic changes are permanent, and it is very difficult to get rid of a people who’ve settled in your land. Mexican government invited Anglo-Americans to settle and develop Texas and other parts of the Southwest that were then parts of Mexico. But Anglo-American settlers, instead of being subservient and loyal to Mexico, claimed the territories for the United States, and, as a result, Mexico lost the entire Southwest territories to the United States. If Russia were to allow open immigration of Chinese into Siberia, it will eventually lose Siberia to the Chinese. Demography is destiny, as it’s often been said. At one time, Palestine was over 90% Palestinian, but the massive arrival of Jews transformed it permanently into a ‘Jewish state’. When massive demographic changes take place, the process can theoretically be reversed, but it involves much violence and even bloodshed, and most nations don’t have stomach for such anymore. So, if Koreans want to avoid such a problem in the future, they must strictly control immigration and encourage Koreans to have more Korean children. When the Japanese colonialism ended in Korea, Koreans used force and even violence to uproot and expel many Japanese who’d settled in Korea. Because Japanese had settled in Korea as armed invaders, Korean violence was considered to be morally defensible and had the backing of Americans and Soviets who were the new occupiers of Korea.
But what will happen in the future when so many non-Koreans arrive not as invaders but as immigrants and migrants looking for a better life? There are billions of poor people around the world who’d like to come to South Korea just for a better life even though they don’t care one bit about Korean race, culture, and history. Because they will be seen as ‘victims’ and the ‘powerless’, there will be moral pressure to tolerate their ever-increasing presence in the name of ‘compassion’ and ‘diversity’. But if the trends continue, the entire demographic and cultural character of Korea will be drastically altered, indeed forever. Look at London that is now more than 50% filled with foreigners. And the immigrants keep on coming. When immigration reaches a certain level, it is really a demographic form of mass imperialism.
In the past, the native populations resisted such demographic changes to preserve their own nation and sovereignty. After all, non-white nations around the world eventually rose up and threw out the European imperialist masters/settlers in the cause of national independence; they wanted to take back their nation and have it belong to their own people forever. Then, Koreans should have every right to preserve Korea as Korea. The problem is that the younger generation of Koreans have been  culturally and emotionally severed from their parents and grandparents, and, as a result, they absorb most of their influences from globalist pop culture that promotes pornography and trashy attitudes. Furthermore, their ideas come from teachers trained in the West or educators steeped in Western-style Political Correctness that pressures Koreans to value globalist values and standards ABOVE Korean identity and values. So, young Koreans today feel an ever decreasing sense of connection to their own blood & soil and instead feel a frivolous connection to all the trashy and shallow images and sounds of Western-dominated pop culture that promotes decadence, infantilism, styles of prostitution, and ultra-narcissism. Furthermore, Koreans, like foolish Europeans, try to model their national policy on America. Massive immigration made more sense in the United States because of its vast spaces and natural resources that needed newcomers to exploit and build up. Also, because United States lacked have deep roots — at least those comparable to Old World nations — , it could more easily extol the conceit of creating a New Identity. In contrast, Old World nations have deeply rooted identities, ones that are essential to what they are. If Old World nations emulate the American way, they will sever their trees from their roots. And that can only spell the demise and death of their identities and cultures under the pressure of globalism. Just as the Old Testament has to be appreciated in accordance to its own assumptions and values than be judged by ideas in the New Testament, the Old World nations must preserve and protect their own ideas, images, and values that make them unique and special. For them to imitate the New World would be like Jews remaking their own culture and tradition in accordance to the New Testament. If Jews did that, they would no longer be Jews. Likewise, if Old World nations were to imitate New World(America or Brazil), they would lose what is most special and unique about them. The irony of this is that Jews, who have the deepest sense of roots in the Old World, are pushing hardest to weaken and undermine the racial, cultural, and historical bonds among gentile Old World nations. Why would Jews, who have such a rich sense of their own history, try to weaken the identities of others? While Jews prize their own sense of race and culture as the source of their power, they hate the same thing in other peoples as an obstacle to Jewish power. So, it is the agenda of Jews to boost and buttress their own sense of identity and power while weakening the same thing among gentile nations all over the world.)

As intelligence and ability count for so much in Korea(a nation with little land and natural resources), Koreans should maintain a population that is generally more intelligent than the world average. Therefore, massive immigration from nations with lower IQ can be fatal to Korea. (Of course, the other danger is arrival of immigrants who are considerably smarter. If lots of Jews arrived in Korea and used their superior intelligence to take over banks, media, elite universities, entertainment, law firms, and the courts — and bought up all the politicians like Jews have done in the US — , then you bet that Jews will work to destroy Korean identity and unity to secure their own elite power. But then, the American-educated Korean elites and Korean-Americans, being such running dogs and collaborators of American Power, are doing one heck of job on their own in undermining and destroying their own nation. Even if Jewish and homosexual elites don’t control South Korea directly, they nevertheless exert tremendous pressure because they control the minds of American-educated Korean elites and Korean-Americans who will go to any length to win the approval of Americans.) Also, if poor foreigners keep arriving and having kids, they may form a growing underclass with lower IQ. And then there will be social clashes and tension between Koreans and underclass non-Koreans. Not only will Korea be burdened with an expanding population(that is less intelligent) but the Korean economy/society will suffer from racial and cultural divisions and conflicts. It’s bad enough that there are bitter class divisions in Korea, but at the very least, all Koreans feel as Koreans because they are bound by blood and history. But if the growing underclass becomes non-Korean, then the conflict will be racial/cultural as well as economic, and then Korea will be saddled with a problem much like the racial tension in America between whites and blacks.

(Of course, it’s possible that some super-rich Korean elites seek to diversify the work force to drive down wages and also to suppress the anger of less privileged Koreans by accusing them of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’ against the newcomers. Indeed, the British elites do this to their own people. They have all the wealth, privilege, and power, but they morally browbeat and neutralize the white masses by shaming them for being ‘racist’ against foreigners and immigrants. Thus, the rich British elites have gained easy moral superiority over the poorer white masses. Likewise, Korean elites may use Political Correctness for their own economic interests. If the masses of Korean workers and lower classes demand economic justice, the Korean elites will just attack and denounce them of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Thus, ‘diversity’ comes to serve the interests of the rich elite class. Korean elites, in promoting ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’, can glibly ignore the economic plight of their fellow countrymen who can easily be denounced and silenced as ‘racist’ for opposing massive immigration. The rich elites are all about self-interest and not to be trusted.) Some might argue that non-Koreans and Koreans will racially mix and become one, but if more Koreans marry non-Koreans with lower intelligence, then the Korean gene pool will, in time, become less intelligent — it is like children of Jewish men and ‘dumb blondes’(shiksas) tend to be less intelligent. As Koreans have only intelligence to rely on for their economic success, massive blood-mixing with peoples of lower intelligence will be damaging to Korea.

Now, because most Korean and Korean-Americans intellectuals, thinkers, and policy makers have been indoctrinated in the West, they’ve been taught that there is no genetic basis for differences in intelligence, but that is of course a lie. It is a lie pushed by Jews(who are smarter) because they don’t want gentiles to notice the real reason for Jewish power. If gentiles realized that Jews are indeed smarter and therefore will likely wield power/influence over the gentiles indefinitely, gentiles could become envious and resentful. So, Jews use the media and academia to perpetuate the lie that all races and ethnic groups are equal in intelligence, and the only reason why some nations do better in schools and economy is due to culture and history. Because Korean and Korean-American intellectuals lack vision, courage, and individuality, they don’t question or resist this obvious lie that is ironically enforced by Ashkenazi Jews who are clearly more intelligent than non-Jews. A Korean is someone who studies hard but never thinks and instead swallows uncritically and unquestioningly what has been taught to him by the teacher or figure of authority. It goes to show that intelligence isn’t enough. The very smart may know how to learn but not how to think courageously and critically. In this regard, South Korean elites and Korean-Americans are no less brainwashed than crazy North Koreans are. They just happen to be brainwashed with different ideas. And of course, every system enforces its own official truths(that are really lies)by punishing those who go against the grain and notice things that they are not supposed to be noticed. Rick Sanchez noticed that Jews dominate the media, and he’s been blacklisted ever since. Jason Richwine noticed that immigrants from Latin America generally tend to have lower intelligence than American whites, and he got fired as a result. James Watson, the great scientist, noticed that black Africans have lower intelligence than other races, and this got him shunned and blacklisted. As Korean-Americans and Korean elites studying in America are a bunch of conformist sheep who seek the approval of their American professors, they just mindlessly swallow whatever is taught to them by American institutions that are now completely controlled by Jews and their homosexual allies. Many Korean-Americans act like they’re so wild and free, but even this behavior is just mindless imitation of whatever happens to be popular or fashionable at the moment. Korean-Americans never try to find their own voices. They just take on and imitate the voices of black rappers, their politically correct professors, or trashy pop celebrities. Even when Korean-Americans get together in their own clubs or communities, all they do is mindlessly imitate others.

Anyway, the following commentary is a response to Mr. Frost’s article on changes in South Korean attitudes about race and immigration. As Mr. Frost isn’t an Asian himself, he has no personal stake in the future of South Korea. Nevertheless, his thoughts and concerns are worth considering because his advice — generous and selfless — to Koreans is for them to think and act for their own national survival and interest. Today, it is Western conservatives — real conservatives than fake ones who run the Republican Party — like Frost that want nations around the world to be free, independent, and unique, whereas it is Western Liberals or Progressives who try to push globalism into every corner of the globe and turn every nation into a mindless puppet-slave of the Jewish-Homosexual Agenda.

Mr. Frost isn’t trying to gain control, power, or influence over Koreans. There is no means for him to profit from his advice to Koreans. Rather, he’s well-aware that South Koreans have achieved something remarkable in the past several decades, and he thinks Koreans should honestly assess what made their success possible. Was it ‘diversity’ or was it homogeneity, unity, and cohesiveness? Was it genetic mixing with the rest of the world(like happened in Peru, Bolivian, and etc) or the relatively higher intelligence of Koreans?
Korean intelligence isn’t remarkable compared to European intelligence and clearly inferior to Ashkenazi intelligence, but mountains of data have shown that it is measurably higher than that of non-East-Asian Asians, the native folks of Latin Americans, Arabs, and Africans. Many such peoples have much larger land masses and much greater resources than South Korea. If South Koreans have out-performed most of them, it is only due to their human capital. This is also true of most European nations that are small or medium sized. Lacking in size and natural resources, their success owed to their human capital of mostly homogeneous populations with superior intelligence and creativity by world standards. Of course, such a fact — and it is a fact — is prohibited by Political Correctness, and anyone who dares to express it will be destroyed in America. In Europe where free speech is all but gone, the ‘heretic’ can be destroyed, fined, and even imprisoned.

The West, because of its legacy of imperialism and racial domination of non-whites on the basis of ‘white supremacy’, is now morally allergic to any notion of racial differences. But truth has nothing to do with historical guilt complexes. Facts are facts.
For example, if tall people were to oppress short people due to height differences, it does not mean that short people are not shorter than tall people. Suppose the oppression comes to an end, and tall people no longer oppress short people, and both groups are guaranteed equal rights under the law. But the fact remains that tall people are still taller than short people.
It’s true that certain white Europeans once gained dominance over non-whites, and one of the rationales for white rule was white superiority in intelligence. But then, the Age of Empire eventually came to an end, and non-whites sought independence from whites. That was all very good, but it still didn’t mean that non-whites and whites were equal in everything. As studies have shown over the years, whites and East Asians are more or less equal in intelligence. Whites may have an edge in creativity and individuality over East Asians, a matter as much of personality and emotions as of intelligence. As for Ashkenazi Jews, research has shown, time and time again, that they are smarter than whites and East Asians by half or even one full standard deviation. As for blacks, their intelligence is generally lower, but in physical capabilities like speed, ability, dexterity, and power, they clearly have an advantage over non-blacks, and this is why little Jamaica produces faster runners than all of China, India, Japan, Korea, Europe, Russia, and Arab countries combined. Anyone who fails to notice this is either willfully blind, hopeless brainwashed, or just plain dishonest.

Anyway, Mr. Frost has no personal stake in Korea. He seeks no power or profit in relation to Korea. He merely admires what Koreans have achieved in the past several decades, and he thinks Koreans should be honest and clear-headed in preserving the real sources of their strength and advantages. He also thinks every culture is special and unique and has a right to preserve itself.
In contrast, the Jewish elites, homosexual globalists, and multi-culturalists want to gain control of Korea. They want to turn Korean elites and Korean-Americans into subservient dogs who reject truth & honesty and instead bow down to Western Political Correctness. They don’t want Koreans to do what is good for Korea but to do what is good for globalism(that is shaped and controlled by Jews and their homosexual allies). They want Koreans to abandon Korean identity, interests, uniqueness, values, and culture; they want Koreans to redefine Korean-ness in terms of ‘Western’ pop culture, homosexual decadence, Jewish-globalist interest, and interracial-ism that will eventually turn Korea into something like Hawaii or Puerto Rico: essentially the 51st state of America or a commonwealth, instead of remaining as a truly independent and sovereign nation. They want to undermine Korean-ness as a rich identity rooted in blood, soil, history, & culture. They want it to be redefined as a global brand, like KFC or Starbucks. Korean-ness is something to be traded like commodities on the stock market change. It is to be a piece of clothing one can take on and off than a matter of flesh and blood. As South Koreans have become even more economic-obsessed and materialist, they measure all things in terms of short-term profit, popularity, and Western approval. So, if adopting something like ‘gay marriage’ will make Korean products more 'cool' in America and Europe, that’s the ONLY thing Korean elites care about. Also, as Koreans are so mindlessly worshipful of power and wealth, they seek the approval of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Because such people live in New York, San Francisco, London, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, Koreans are desperate to redefine Korean-ness in anyway that will make it more ‘cool’ and ‘more evolved’ in the eyes of the elites who commandeer American globo-neo-imperialism.

Anyway, this is the response to Peter Frost’s article:

There are many angles to this subject. It could be Koreans are dumb about what's going on and headed for a disaster. Or maybe they are not as dumb as we think.

As many have noted, 'multiculturalism' means different things to different peoples.
It seems, for the time being, most of the minorities who are counted as 'multi-cultural' in Korea are fellow Koreans from abroad or fellow East Asians like Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. By Western Standards, this might not be thought of as 'multi-cultural'.
Maybe Koreans want the cachet of 'multiculturalism' to win approval from the West without practicing the kind of full-fledged multiculturalism that is prevalent in the West.
Multi-Culturalism European-style.
Europe, for instance, is importing huge numbers of people from OUTSIDE Europe whereas Koreans are mostly taking people from Asia, esp East Asia. So, Korean definition of 'multiculturalism' is rather inflated by western standards. When even Korean ethnics from other nations are considered as 'foreigners', something is rather fishy about Korean multiculturalism.

On the other hand, because Korea has been so insular and homogeneous for so long, it could be the case that even foreigners from neighboring East Asian nations can be a bit jarring to Koreans than a Hindu-American might be to a white person in America. (It could be that the combination of Korean cultural insularity and idealized globalist images of ‘diversity’ has blinded Koreans to dangers ahead. As Korea has been predominantly Korean for so long, many Koreans may take it for granted that Korea will always remain Korean — like the Hare taking for granted that it will always win the race against the Tortoise. Because Korea, for most of its history, has been a safely situated/protected peninsula, the invasions were few and far between, and Koreans didn’t need to struggle often to protect and preserve their land, identity, and culture. Even without the extra effort, their survival as a race and culture was guaranteed as they were safely isolated from the world. This made Koreans insular and suspicious of & hostile toward foreigners, but they nevertheless took  their own survival for granted. Indeed, the Korean de-emphasis of their own military throughout history shows that Koreans took their survival for granted, especially as they could rely on the benign great power of China when things got tough, as during the Japanese invasion of the late 16th century. Ironically, the greatest military buildup on the Korean peninsula hasn’t been to protect Korea from foreigners but to protect the ‘two Koreas’ from one another. Koreans can be stupid and easy to ‘divide and rule’ by foreign powers. Anyway, there’s also the idealized image of ‘diversity’ in Hollywood movies, European movies, and American TV shows that are surely seen by many Koreans. Many Koreans surely have no idea of the full extent of problems caused by ‘diversity’ in Europe and America — all the robberies, rapes, murders, and racial tensions. And Korean TV, as it is controlled by Korean elites brainwashed by globalist elites, follows the same guidelines by showing idealized portraits of interracial couples or diversity while suppressing views and narratives that honestly takes notice of the problems of ‘diversity’. For example, why do foreign men, especially white and black, come to Korea? The Korean elites who run the media, having been brainwashed by Western Political Correctness, would like to believe that it’s all about the wonders of different races learning to love one another on an equal basis, but that is to ignore the obvious biological differences that come into play. Almost all whites and blacks who come to Korea looking for ‘love’ are males because they see Korean women as easy pickings. They come with the same attitude to Japan and other parts of Asia. White and black men, being taller and bigger, figure they will naturally be racially-and-sexually preferred by Korean women who, upon comparing the men of different races, will prefer American or European men over their own yellow men. So, whites and blacks arrive in Korea for sexual conquest and sexual colonization. It is not on the basis of equality. White and black men prize Korean women for their femininity, but white women and black women don’t come to Korea looking for yellow men--except in some odd cases--because American society devalues and demeans Asian manhood as deficient and inferior. Even when Asians marry non-Asians in America, many more Asian women marry outside the race than Asian men do, and the best of Asian women go to the other races while Asian men marry the ugliest leftovers of the other races. So, when America pushes race-mixing on Korea, it is not on an equal basis. It means, "We white and black guys will take your women, but you yellow guys won’t get many of our women who despise yellow men." This is a fact, but American-educated Korean elites and Korean-Americans are so brainwashed and deluded with bogus mantras about ‘equality’ that they think race-mixing is all about the equal sharing of love. Ignorant Korean men think they will get as lucky with white women as Korean women are with white men. America is a society that talks incessantly about ‘equality’ but in reality favors the Jews, homosexuals, and urban gentry over all others. Americans preach ‘equality’ around the world but serves the globalist interests of Jewish billionaires and favors Israel/Zionism over the Palestinians, Iranians, and others in the Middle East. American preaching about ‘equality’ is just a ruse to push the Jewish-and-homosexual globalist imperialism on the entire world. Jews are richest, most powerful, and most privilege people in America, but they also raise the most fuss about ‘equality’.  Jewish/American rhetoric about ‘equality’ is really a ruse to push an agenda to make Jewish-American power greater and richer than all the others. After all, if Jews are for equality, why do they support Jewish-only-immigration for Israel but push multi-cultural immigration on all European and Asian nations? Think about it. What happens to a nation when it trusts Jews? Jews who control the government and media pushed the Iraq War in 2003 with brazen lies about WMD and spreading democracy, but what happened to Iraq and the Middle East as a result? In the end, Jews messed up the Middle East for the interests of Jewish/Zionist power. Anyone who thinks Jews want equality between Jews and gentiles is either crazy or deluded. If Jews care so much about equality, how come they see nothing wrong with Jews, who are 2% of the US population, owning up to 45% of the national wealth? Anyway, the promotion of interracial relationships really amounts to the American white/black sexual colonization of Asia whereby white men and black men take yellow women who, in time, come to see their own men as racial-and-sexual inferiors who are unworthy to impregnate Korean wombs. How does it serve Korean race, pride, and dignity to promote the kind of sexual relationships where Korean women come to racially-and-sexually despise their own men in preference of men of other races? Some equality. Anyway, the insularity of Koreans make them take things for granted instead of panicking. And the naive idealism of Koreans influenced by pop culture and politically correct education may have infused an overly rosy view of what ‘diversity’ has in store for them.)

Maybe, Koreans really are too dim and slow to see the dangers, not least because they are so slavish about winning approval of the West. Ian Buruma has a chapter about Korea in his book GOD'S DUST. He says Koreans are very nationalistic, but their wounded pride is really grounded inferiority complex. There is a burning desire to be recognized and approved as worthy by the ‘great nations of the world'. Jews don’t care what Koreans think, Germans don’t care what Koreans think, Italians don’t care what Koreans think, and Americans don’t care what Koreans think. How they feel about themselves has nothing to do with what Koreans think about them. But Koreans, being so insecure, care a great deal about how the great powers think. Their pride isn’t firm and self-sufficient. Rather, Koreans exaggerate their pride, but it’s mostly bluster to hide their craving for approval from ‘superior powers’. So, when a ‘great nation’ sprinkles a bit of praise or recognition on Korea, Koreans grovel and roll over like dogs for a little more. Their thin bluster of standalone pride evaporates instantly when a ‘great power’ pets Korea on the head. If you praise a dog for a certain trick, it will go out of its way to do more such tricks to win more adulation. This is why Koreans have hated dogs and eaten them. Deep down inside, they see in the lowly dog what they repress about themselves: that their pride is phony and what they really want to do is grovel for recognition from social superiors or ‘great powers’. Koreans care more about winning the Nobel Prize in literature than in genuine appreciation of literature. Koreans read less and less as they waste more time on video-games, trashy K-pop, and shallow soap operas. They don’t care about the true worth of literature, and their only interest is to snag a Nobel Prize so that they can go to Japan with childish bragging rights and say, "We got a prize from the West too." (If Koreans had any sense, they’d know that the Nobel Prize in literature long ago lost its luster, and it’s considered something of an ‘affirmative action’ joke that goes around the world, and one will surely land on Korea one day.) Korea doesn't so much want a place in the sun as bask in the glory of the sun(of the great nations).

Korean nationalism has a component of envy and resentment. So, if Koreans are treated with kid gloves(hiding a iron fist to be sure) by a great power, they fall all over themselves in slavish gratitude and try to win more approval. It’s like Suki Kim debased herself in front of Jon Stewart to win approval from Americans as the good Korean-American who sneers at North Koreans who don’t share any the ‘values’ promoted by America. True, North Korea is ruled by a vile regime, but wasn’t it the United States that created it by cutting Korea and handing one half to Stalin? Didn’t US do something similar to Palestine that led to the massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians who still live under Occupation and oppression? True, North Korea is run by evil men, but why doesn’t Suki Kim bring up the issue of how FDR colluded with Stalin to cut her nation in half like a cake? Why doesn’t she tell the Jewish Jon Stewart that Jewish-Americans summoned the power of the United States to destroy an entirely innocent people, the Palestinians? She bashes North Korea in front of Americans to be petted on the head as a good Korean-American girl but is entirely silent about America’s role in the divisions of Korea(a legacy that remains to haunt Korea to this day) and Palestine(that led to Zionist imperialist oppression over the innocent Palestinians whose fate as an oppressed people seems to be forever, not least due to American backing of Zionism).

Americans are trying to butter up this slavish dog-like aspect of Korean-ness by over-praising Korean pop culture and its diplomatic 'role in the world'. So, US backs Ban Ki-Moon as UN secretary general. He hasn't done anything of significance, and it is a bullshit role, but Koreans are full of themselves that one of their own is 'running the UN'. Of course, UN is just a puppet-tool of the great powers, especially the US and its satellite EU nations, but Koreans just love the symbolism. And when Obama invited Psy the trashy idiot of the worthless song 'Gangnam Style', Koreans were full of pride that one of their own won fame and recognition from America. Never mind he’s a lumpy ugly pile of turd, more an object of bemused ridicule than anything else. And when Kim Dae-Jung won the Nobel Peace prize — the most worthless crap in the world(Obama would get one for having done nothing at all) — , Koreans were flipping out that one of their own finally got a Nobel. It was hilarious watching the Korean conniptions on BBC. It was like watching primitive African tribesmen falling all over themselves to grab a used cigar discarded by a white man.
There are also Korean-American celebrities promoted by Hollywood and TV in minor roles. They get worthless bit parts or are used for comic relief, but Koreans are full of pride that some of their own are making a splash in America.

And of course, there's the so-called Korean Wave(that should really be called the Korean Sewage). The French Wave, with Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, had artistic value. The British Invasion, led by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, heralded a genuine revolution in Pop Music. Korean Wave is mostly trashy K-pop where robotic sex whores with plastic surgeries and/or blonde wigs gyrate their bodies mechanically according to formula. For a nation that wrings so many tears about how Japanese used Korean women as prostitutes during World War II, it sure goes out of its way to promote its young girls as brain-dead and soulless prostitute-performers for the world to gawk at.
There’s also Korean soap opera that is insipid, shallow, inane, narcissistic, and soulless — and increasingly the platform for globalist homosexual propaganda. But because it has garnered some popularity around the world, Koreans are awful proud of themselves as global players even though their pop culture has no lasting value whatsoever. (There is an interesting Korean cinema movement, however. But then, because so many Korean art film-makers win accolades abroad, they become more attuned to foreign sensibilities than those of their own countrymen.)
There's also the issue of North Korea, an embarrassment on a huge scale. Because North Korea has associated nationalism and homogeneity with idiocy, tyranny, and slavery, South Koreans go out of their way to distance themselves from the North by highlighting how different they themselves are from those savage idiots in the North. So, Korean-American writers and activists never tire of doing lectures, writing books, and making documentaries about how horrible North Korea is in order to win approval from Westerners, especially Americans who saved the South from the North and made the economic development possible by opening US markets to Korean products. Also, as US has allowed massive immigration from Korea, Koreans want to show that they too can be like great Americans by doing the same thing and opening up Korea to boatloads of foreigners — even though South Korea is only about the size of Indiana and would be swamped and overrun in no time if it were to have open immigration from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and etc.

Of course, it takes historical amnesia for South Koreans to maintain the myth that US was the heroic savior of South Korea from North Korea. After all, it was Roosevelt/Truman's regime that created North Korea by dividing Korea like a piece of steak and handing over the northern half to USSR, thus enabling Stalin could turn the north into a communist slave state. Stalin didn't come up with the plan to divide Korea. It wasn't the Korean people's idea. It was Roosevelt/Truman's regime's idea to divide Korea and give one half to Stalin, thereby setting the stage for the Korean War, which was triggered when US openly declared, with the Acheson Line, that US would protect Japan but not South Korea from communism -- a ridiculous notion because Japan wasn't threatened by communist invasion. It was a green light for the North to attack, especially as Kim Il Sung secured Stalin and Mao's blessing. When North did attack and nearly unified Korea, US changed its mind and then dumped all the bombs and firepower left over from WWII on Korea. It was great for the profits of the American military-industrial complex while millions of Korean civilians were killed or maimed by US bombing. US war crimes in North Korea equal Japanese lunacy in China and Indonesia. But because South Korea has been ruled by puppets of the US, the official narrative has portrayed US as this wonderfully generous ally that saved South Korea from the communist North. Koreans are willfully amnesiac about the fact that the Roosevelt/Truman regime was the one who cut Korea and offered half to totalitarian Stalin to do as he please. Roosevelt's invitation to Stalin to occupy north China also ensured communist victory over all of China. But since South Korea is a puppet satellite state of the US, the people have been fed a historical fiction.
Of course, it's true, in the strictest sense, that Americans did save the South from the North.
But consider the larger context. The North was created when the Roosevelt/Truman regime offered half of Korea to Stalin without consulting a single Korean. Of course the Roosevelt/Truman regime didn't consult Koreans since no Korean would have agreed with it — just like no Palestinian would have agreed with the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Palestine territories that set the stage for the Jewish-Palestinian War that led to Palestinians losing ALL of Palestine that was made into the new nation of ‘Israel’. Just like the division of Korea, the division of Palestine was forced on Palestinians by US and USSR, with US leading the charge. Palestine was, at one time, over 90% Palestinian. But thanks to massive 'multi-cultural immigration' of Jews, Palestinians lost their homeland forever, and many still live under occupation in apartheid conditions that have the full financial, political, and military blessings of the United States, the nation that purportedly stands for ‘human rights’ and ‘equality’ all over the world.

Koreans are whoreans or whore-eans. Korea is Whorea. Koreans bark loudly about what Japan did to Korea during the colonial period, but they are utterly silent about what US did to Korea. It wasn't the Japanese who divided Korea. It was the Roosevelt/Truman regime that willfully divided a nation that had nothing to do with WWII. Whatever one thinks of Germany, it was divided because it triggered World War II and invaded the USSR. Korea was a victim nation, but, it got ‘punished’ from the end of WWII to the end of Korean War. The great powers played games and messed things up, and Koreans ended up paying the price. After 3 or 4 million dead in the Korean War, the country remained divided just as before. If at least unification had been achieved, the human toll might have been worth the price. But all those people died in vain as Korea ended up as it had been before the war.

But then, who divided Korea? Who set the grounds for the Korean War by dividing the nation and handing one half to mass killer tyrant Stalin? And which nation dropped more bombs on North Korea than in all of the Pacific theater in World War II? US didn't just attack military targets but went out of its way to kill as many civilians as possible. And yet, South Koreans serve as slaves to the US while still nagging about what Japan did during WWII. South Koreans act big and tough toward Japan, but it's really just cowardice. Koreans scream at Japan because Japan is a defeated and politically powerless nation. After all, ever since Japan lost WWII, it's been the geisha shoeshine boy of the US. Both Japan and South Korea were allowed to get rich but only in total political obeisance to the US that can destroy their economies overnight. So, South Korea’s ragging on Japan is like one whore ragging one another, one dog barking at another. (The narrative that US liberated Korea from Japan also requires some degree of amnesia. Initially, US gave full blessing to Japan in the colonization of Korea. Besides, Roosevelt had promised Japan that it could keep Taiwan, Korea, and Manchuria as long as it pulled out from rest of China. US-as-liberator narrative is a mere accident of history. And even the liberation imposed by US divided the nation in half and handed over half to Stalinist slavery. So, just as US made and then unmade Saddam Hussein in Iraq, US aided and then destroyed Japan in the colonization of Korea.)

But of course, there's much to be said of the positive influences of the US on South Korea, at least when the US was run by Anglo-Americans. American missionaries did a lot of selfless work in building churches, hospitals, schools, and universities. US industries and markets provided South Korea with the opportunity to learn technology and build a modern economy(though, to be sure, much of the investment capital came from Japan and Germany than from the US). And US universities educated generations of Korean elites(and there was a time when American universities were not a den of political correctness dictated by tyrannical Jews and homosexuals). And American-style democracy was a great inspiration to the protest movement in the 80s(even though anti-American sentiments ran high among the students).
But there was a price to pay. Just as Japan economically benefited in the 1950s from the destruction of Korean War, Korean economy got jump-started in the 1960s from South Koreans serving as attack dogs of Americans in the Vietnam War. Even now, it’s been said there are Vietnamese whose faces turn white when you mention South Korean troops in the war. Good many Korean soldiers were brutal and vicious, not much better than Japanese soldiers in Nanking. Serving as mercenary collaborators of Americans, they helped build the Korean economy but by aiding and abetting the American destruction of another Asian nation. Of course, the North Vietnamese were communists and fighting for a vile ideology(and they committed their share of atrocities), but they were still fighting for patriotism and national pride whereas South Vietnam(especially Saigon) had been reduced to a vast whore house of the American military. South Korea played mini-me in this sordid affair, running their own whorehouses and treating Vietnamese women as sex slaves. (At the very least, Vietnamese can take pride in having unified their nation and driven the enemy occupiers out. Vietnamese defeated the French empire, American empire, and fought off the Chinese empire. There's real pride in that, whereas Korean history in the 20th century is one of constant dependency and toady behavior to bigger powers. Koreans bitch about how their women were treated as 'sex slaves' by the Japanese during WWII, but Koreans do a great job showing off, via mainly K-pop and other trash, that they are experts at acting like whores and prostitutes to the world. No personality, no soul, no identity. Just mannequin-like whores with plastic-surgery-altered faces going through programmatic sex doll motions. Utterly interchangeable with other sex robot dolls. This is the female ideal promoted by Korea, but Koreans bitch about their history of sexual exploitation by bigger nations. Maybe bigger nations treated Korea as a whore because Koreans are so good at it. Besides, Korean men have never been slouches in treating their women like dogs — and Korean women have never been slouches in heartlessly treating dogs like objects.)

At least when US was a Wasp-ruled nation with normal majority-rule morality grounded in Christian values and common sense, there were many positive cultural influences for South Korea to draw upon. Think of John Wayne movies about honor, truth, dignity, courage, and the like. Think of movies like SHANE and others. At least US wasn't promoting the likes of Masha Gessen back then. Gessen the pervert-freak, who was handpicked by Obama(a puppet of Jews and homosexuals) to serve as the voice of Radio Liberty(to undermine Russian sovereignty, values, and culture), is the new face of ‘Western values’ as redefined by Jewish and homosexual elites who now run the US. What passes for new ‘Western Values’ is promoting Pussy Riot to undermine the patriotic moral culture and spiritual regeneration of Russia that had been raped by Jewish swindlers in the 1990s, indeed far worse than how George Soros milked the Asian currency crisis to run off with billions.

There was a time when, as a white-majority-nation ruled by white gentile elites, America understood and appreciated Korea as a nation ruled by the Korean majority(even if it took political orders from its master the US). Today, US is more favorable toward minorities(or at least some of them), and the power of the white majority is in steep decline, and Koreans might favor this new America as one that is more accepting of Korean immigration and protection of minority interests. This is true to some extent, but it also means that (1) increased Korean immigration to America will mean the loss of Korean gene pool as most Koreans will, in time, just melt into larger American population and lose their Korean-ness forever (2) increasing number of Korean-Americans identifying more with America than with Korea as they become addicted to American hedonism and (3) shift in American foreign policy from favoring the norms of the majority population to favoring those of minorities, especially homosexuals and immigrants. As America is ruled by Jewish and homosexual elite minorities, they feel more rapport and sympathy with minorities in other nations around the world. This is why Jews and homosexuals in America are working with Korean collaborator homosexuals to spread ‘gay’ propaganda in Korea. And when Korea’s foreign immigrant community grows larger, Jews and homosexuals will encourage them to make trouble for the Korean majority with accusations of ‘racism’, thereby forcing Koreans to make more concessions to the globalist agenda of multi-culturalism and ‘diversity’. US is now Jewish-and-Homosexual-ruled, and as such, the new official ideology of the West is to favor the minority over the majority. So, when Vladimir Putin said Russia should be about majority identity and values, the globalist Jewish brigade waged war on him and all of Russia. Jews and homosexuals want Russian politics, media, and culture to favor Jewish and homosexual minority powers/privileges over Russian identity, interests, and values.

Of course, the current Jewish-homosexual-ruled US is pushing the homosexual agenda on every nation in order to favor minority privileges over the identity and interests of the majority. And the UN and the globalist homosexual lobby are just proxies of this new Western cultural-imperialism. So, the UN urged South Korea to abandon textbooks that emphasize how Korean-ness is racial, historical, and cultural as well as legal. UN wants to dilute and weaken 'Korean-ness' into merely a linguistic/legal concept so that ANYONE can be construed as 'Korean'. So, if a Filipino comes to Korea and speaks a little Korean and eats some Kimchi, he is as Korean as Koreans whose ancestry goes back 1000s of yrs and whose ancestors from time immemorial are buried in the Korean soil. If indeed Korean is merely legal, then anyone around the world who learns to speak some Korean, learns a bit about Korean society, and indulges in trashy Korean pop culture might as well be Korean. But what is the value of this kind of identity? If I learn some Armenian words, wear an Armenian hat, and eat some Armenian food, am I Armenian? If I beat on a bongo drum and wear a dashiki, am I Congolese? Such is a case of culture deracinated and made soulless. It's culture as a global brand, a Benetton ad, or a Coca Cola commercial.

If this is the new definition of 'Korean-ness', it means Koreans whose ancestors have lived, died, and been buried in Korea for 1000s of years are no more Korean than anyone else in the world who might learn some Korean words, eat some Kimchi, and watch some stupid Korean soap opera. Are Koreans really dumb enough to fall for this nonsense and degrade their own identity? Do they want to cut themselves from the very roots of their identity and redefine Korean-ness in terms of leaves flying in the wind? Maybe many Koreans feel this way because they now live in a world of pop-saturation. Children grow up hooked to video-games, comic books(especially Japanese kind where all the characters are made to look white/un-Asian), US movies, American TV shows like SEX AND THE CITY and other garbage, MTV, hip hop, and homo-style fashion. One gets the impression that young Koreans have no sense of history and no interest in anything that isn't 'cool', 'hip', 'up to date', 'latest hot thing', and etc. As Korean parents have few children, many kids grow up as the Only Child and have no sense of deep familial connection. Modern Korean parents don’t see eye-to-eye with their parents' generation, and they are so eager for their children to succeed in a fast-changing world that they urge their children to conform to the latest globalist fads. Koreans have become mindless conformist to the cult of the New, and anyone who ‘falls behind’ has been rendered 'irrelevant' and 'useless'. Thus, young Koreans today hardly feel any connection to their parents and grandparents. Also, in times past, where there was no TV and computers, much of social life revolved around talking with family members and hearing old stories and other family matters that directly or indirectly connected with Korean history, culture, and society. Through the stories of real people, young Koreans came to relate to real Korea in a personal, familial, and cultural way. But many young Koreans grow up doing little else but watching TV when not studying, and these shallow and inane TV shows disconnect them from all that is real about Korea and instead connect them with insipid and shallow fantasies that promote the kind of meaningless tripe favored by rootless globalism where everything is disposable. It also makes young people obsess too much about the ideal of ‘cool’, a superficially appealing but substantively meaningless quality.

Now, most ancestors all around the world were not cool. They were simple folks. And people today exist only because their ‘uncool’ ancestors existed and toiled and died on the land and produced families. Historical consciousness connects living people to their ancestors even though the latter were different in so many ways. Surely a young Korean today would have little in common to talk about with an adult Korean in 1950 and even less with an adult Korean in 1900. And yet, all young Koreans exist today only because their parents existed, and their parents existed because their own parents existed, and so on. So, even though Koreans now live in a fast-changing world and are very different from Koreans of the past, they are profoundly connected by history, culture, and blood to all the Koreans of the past.
But the mania for Pop Culture has made young people addicted to whatever happens to be hot and trendy at the moment, and the prevailing attitude is ‘the hell with everything else’. Pop Culture is like a drug that constantly produces new highs that abolish cultural, familial, and historical memory.

Though the rise of individualism could be of benefit in a nation like Korea that has favored familial pressures and communal norms that often stifled the self, the kind of trashy pseudo-individualism promoted in our times in tandem with popular culture actually discourages true individuality and makes impressionable young people conform mindlessly to the latest fashions in Popular Culture(that is always controlled by greedy and cynical elites who run the Korean entertainment industry, usually in imitation of America and Japan). Indeed, one needs only to look at Korean soap operas and K-pop to realize how formulaic and predictable Korean culture has become in the past two decades. Just about all K-pop stars and acts are interchangeable — their faces are more like masks, especially with all the hideous plastic surgery — , and if a few stick out more than others, it’s only because they are more lewd, not more talented. As for the Korean soap opera, it was always a lowly and artistically worthless form of entertainment, but some in the past at least had some connection to real people and dealt with real world problems whereas the newer ones mostly focus on the silly obsessions of insipid & narcissistic young people who exist only in their own bubbles.
Since so many young Koreans only know Popular Culture, they have no soulful blood-sweat-and-tears connection to the past. But this is the same everywhere around the world due to the dominance of American cultural globalist-imperialism. We've all become pop-addicted lunatics with little historical consciousness. Orthodox Jews and Israeli Jews may be the only exceptions because they do everything to maintain their sense of history, interests, identity, obligation to their forebears, and the unity of land and race and culture.
But most other modern peoples around the world? They like the new breed of Native Americans with their casinos. As long as Indians have their cash machines handed to them by Jews/white folks, they don't mind turning their reservations into resorts and vacation land for lawyers in love.

Though the human mind is capable of all sorts of sophisticated/complex tasks, the fact is we are mostly driven by emotions and sensations/drives. There are just several basic emotions — sadness, happiness, anger, envy, hate, fear, insecurity, anxiety, etc. — and just a few basic drives — hunger, thirst, lust, aggression, etc. And there's narcissism and ‘spiritual’ need to revere something.
All these emotions, drives, and sensibilities can easily be manipulated by the powers-that-be that control the media monopoly, the empire of images and sounds. Therefore, if the elites control the emotions and sensations of the people, they also control the minds of most people who aren't capable of independent thought and may not have been raised with a profound sense of blood, soil, and history that could resist the pervasive power of vapid globalism. If the media associate homosexuals with lots of ‘rainbow’ colors and present them as cheerful and clean, you've convinced many people that homosexuals are angels, indeed that they are next to godliness. And surely, South Koreans soak up American TV shows and movies, most of which are deceptive propaganda spewed out by an industry dominated by Jews & homosexuals and present a totally distorted image of the true America. Naive Koreans see unrealistic positive images of homosexuals, blacks, and 'diversity' as promoted by the Jewish-and-homosexual-dominated media and entertainment. Any honest observer should know by now that Jewish control of the US media is so absolute that Jews will brazenly lie to start wars, defame entire nations, spread hysteria, and drum up hatreds and hostilities. How the Jewish-controlled media reported the Sochi Olympics and the Ukraine Crisis(that was triggered by Jewish Neocons) and how they did everything in their power to undermine Russia(for its refusal to submit to the globalist homosexual agenda) should be a warning sign to all nations around the world as to what the Jewish-controlled US is capable of. Given US policy in the Middle East, North Africa, Ukraine, and Russia — and given that Jewish-and-homosexual elites have now threaten with destruction anyone who will not comply with the ‘gay’ agenda — , all honest and responsible people must see US as an evil nation. Not because most Americans are evil — they are not — but because American power is now monopolized by power-hungry Jews and pathological homosexuals whose lust for privilege, wealth, and control is insatiable in and outside America. Just like Jewish power forced all of America to swallow ‘gay marriage’, it will one day target South Korea like a wolf targets a rabbit. Jews, who can force all of America to submit to their agenda, view US colonies like South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan as easy pickings. Already, the collaborationist elites in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are working over-time to spread homosexual propaganda so that their population will be buttered up for the eventual ‘gay marriage’ push. As older Koreans focused on economic development, they don’t know how to fight the intellectual debate and the culture war. And as young Koreans only know Pop Culture and have been cut off from any deep rooted sense of Korean-ness, they are easy prey to the prevailing fashions in political correctness and/or ‘coolness’.

Because the US media power silences or suppresses dissident/alternative voices about the problems of 'diversity', many in the East have don’t have a clear picture of the racial problems in America. (And Hip Hop culture has glamorized the biggest social disaster in America: the social dysfunctions of the black underclass. What should be seen as an unmitigated disaster has come to be celebrated as empowerment and stylishness, especially as Koreans are like monkeys who mindlessly ape and imitate whatever is ‘cool’ in America.) After all, even white Liberals in northern American states don't know the full extent of the disaster. They get their news from the Jewish-dominated media that suppress so much of the reality of racial problems. Koreans don't know that blacks act violently in America toward other races because blacks are naturally stronger and more aggressive; blacks look down on other races as weak and slow. Koreans just see 'cool' black athletes and rappers on TV and think blackness is just fun for everyone. When faced with the true facts of racial differences, Korean-Americans don't think honestly and rationally but just mindlessly regurgitate the same mantra about 'racism' that's been shoved into their minds by political correctness.

And European movies generally show the positive side of 'diversity'.
Those are the kinds of false impression that South Koreans get from the world. The South Koreans masses get it from dumb TV shows and Hollywood movies. And South Korean elites soak it up from college classes, books, art films, and study-abroad-in-America. In some ways, Korean deficiency in English may make them more mindlessly politically correct. If you are fluent and well-grounded in English, you're more likely to think through what you've read, though, to be sure, this is not the case with most American students. But if you're struggling to read English, you might be too caught up in trying to make sense of the text to expend energy to debate it.
Also, there's almost no counter- or dissident view against political correctness in the West since all the universities, governments, entertainment networks, and media are so thoroughly controlled by the Jewish-homosexual Liberals who ruthlessly silence and blacklist anyone who's even mildly critical of the homo agenda. Every US Congressman is a whore of the Israeli Lobby. Even GOP doesn't do anything about amnesty of millions of illegal aliens.

Korean education, like most of Asian education, stresses learning by rote and reverence for teachers. So, Koreans are more likely to be slavish to whomever their teachers/masters are. Why did Koreans become such fanatical communists in the North? Why did so many Koreans become Christians almost overnight in the South? In the pre-modern era, why was Korean Confucianism even more extreme and absolute than Chinese Confucianism? Why is Korean crassness and materialism more trashy than materialist crassness in other parts of the world?
Once we note this pattern in the Korean mind-set, it is understandable why Koreans are acting like lemmings and falling over the cliff together. Koreans are whores, and they try harder at being whores than any other people. This is true of North Korea as well as the South. North Korea may take pride in being politically more independent than South Korea, and it is in the international arena. But its people are total whores to the ruling regime right out of George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM. So, if North Korean communism collapses, I suspect North Koreans who once groveled before Kim clan will almost overnight become whores to American-style materialism. Lemming whore mentality has persisted throughout Korean history and culture.

It may well be the case that some Koreans, especially the elites, have this idea that Korean-ness can become like French-ness: A great global cultural standard, a matter of cultural prestige. Maybe the multi-cultural idea that anyone can become come to Korean and become ‘Korean’ means that Korean culture is so great that people all over the world will want to share in and partake of its glory. Since Koreans suffer from cultural inferiority complex, maybe the idea of non-Koreans choosing to learn Korean and even become 'Korean' is deeply flattering to the Korean ego, especially that of the elites.
But they are fooling themselves. French culture is infinitely greater than Korean culture, but the many diverse immigrant groups in France don't give a shit about high French culture, art, literature, history, and etc. They learn a trashy version of French lingo, just wanna have sex with French women, and culturally assimilate into American rap culture than into French history and culture. If French culture, a true glory of the world, cannot inspire immigrants to appreciate it, what chance does Korean history/culture have in inspiring non-Koreans to appreciate it? Also, the true worth of a culture comes from appreciation for what it is. If Korean culture isn't great, it should be appreciated as something that is good and valuable to Koreans. It should not be inflated out of proportion into some global brand for all the world. It's like you should respect your parents for what they are instead of trying to promote them as king and queen.

Also, how can non-Koreans in Korea feel a historical bond to Korean ancestors when their own ancestors are from other nations? When a Greek looks at a image or sculpture of ancient Greeks, there's a sense of connection not only of culture but of blood. He thinks "that was my people, my ancestors". When a black African looks at an old African artifact, he thinks, "that depicts my forebears, my ancestors."
Of course, anyone can appreciate the art and artifacts of other nations. I'm not Uzbek but I can appreciate Uzbek art and music. I'm not Italian but I can appreciate Italian paintings and etc. But I can never look at a Florentine painting and feel, "ah, my people, my ancestor." That privilege rightfully belongs to Italians.
Same goes for Korean history and culture. Koreans are not just a people who happen to speak Korean but a people who have survived and remained as Koreans because they have deep genetic roots in their homeland in which their ancestors had lived and died and been buried and returned to the earth for 1000s of yrs, even during pre-history. So, what kind of a foolish Korean would say, "I'm no more especially Korean than some Bangladeshi immigrant who just arrived and learned few words of Korean and eats Kimchi"? So, is that all that means to be Korean? It's all a matter of immigration laws written by Korean politicians and bureaucrats who, instead of defending and protecting their nation, serve as collaborator-servants of globalist imperialism that tries to turn South Korea into America's 51st state or a commonwealth like Puerto Rico?

So, all the history, culture, and blood of actual Koreans(that go back thousands of years) make them no more Korean than people who just freshly got off the boat in Korea? (Now, why would all those people want to abandon their own race, culture, and history to become Koreans? For them to say they are just as Korean as real Koreans would be an insult not only to Koreans but to their own race, culture, and history that they’d be abandoning in favor of new one in which they have no ancestral or cultural roots. A people who abandon their own race and culture cannot be trusted in their loyalty to new culture. Why should a people who betray and abandon their own identity be expected to show any real loyalty to the new identity they adopt? If someone betrays his own community of family and friends, would you trust him if he asked to join your community of family and friends? A person who turns his back on his own people and identity of origin is likely to turn his back on any new identity he adopts.) Why would Koreans want to follow in the footsteps of Britons, French, and other Europeans who've swallowed the Jewish-homosexual globalist propaganda that says race and culture are all just 'social constructs' and that anyone can become anyone. This is an annihilation of history, memory, race, and culture. Is Korean culture so vapid and shallow that anyone can become Korean just by learning a few words and eating Kim chi and shaking his or her ass to K-pop slop?

Why follow the lead of demented nations like Great Britain — once a great nation, now a pitiful nation that is afraid even to report on Muslim gang rapists of white girls — where being British now amounts to listening to rap, having a nose ring, having sex with men from all over the world, beating on bongo drums, getting dreadlocks, wearing baggy pants, rioting over soccer, and attacking critics of Muslims as 'Islamophobes' while, at the same time, urging Muslims to stop being 'homophobes'. What kind of national identity is that? It is crazy. But when London held the Summer Olympics, the globalist media praised it sky high, and I suppose childish Koreans got envious because their nation isn't similarly ‘diverse’. Koreans, instead of valuing their own race, culture, and nation on their own terms, have a tendency to imitate other nations that receive more praise from the globalist media(that is controlled by Jews). Instead of valuing their country for what it is, too many Koreans think in terms of changing Korea just to win more praise from America and Europe. It’s the mentality of a dog that has no autonomous self-worth and always feels the need to win approval of the great power. For most of Korean history, it was about being the running dog of China. During the Colonial era, it was all about collaborating to win the approval of the Japanese imperialists. Today, it’s all about winning the approval of America and Europe.

If Koreans are truly a proud people, why do they feel this need to win the approval of 'greater' nations? And why should Koreans feel ashamed for their relative lack of 'diversity'? Perhaps, the New World(the Americas) was bound to be diverse because the original inhabitants were conquered by white colonists. Thus, both North America and South America ended up with the conquering race and the conquered race that experienced genocide, slavery, and expulsion from their ancestral lands. Also, the New World brought over millions of African slaves. And then, it needed to ‘exploit’ labor by bringing more Europeans to run factories, Chinese coolies to build railroads, and Japanese farmers to grow strawberries. So, the history of 'diversity' in the West wasn't some happy enterprise but the product of conquest, genocide, slavery, and labor exploitation. There's much horror as well as glory and greatness to the New World story of diversity. Hawaii is much celebrated as a diverse place, but its original inhabitants are now only 25% of the population. Their ancestral lands are mostly owned and managed by whites and Asians. In effect, the original inhabitants lost their homeland to foreigners in exchange for 'diversity'. Do Koreans want to end up the same way in their own homeland?

Latin America is diverse because the original inhabitants(of distant ‘Asiatic’ origin who crossed the Bering Strait during the Ice Age) were conquered, enslaved, and ‘raped’ by white Conquistadors. Even today, the original inhabitants of Latin America live on the bottom stratum of society while whites and light-skinned mestizos rule most of the land. So, there's a lot of ugliness and horror associated with the history of diversity. Russians certainly didn't much enjoy diversity forced upon them by rapacious Mongol hordes.
So, why should Koreans feel inadequate and apologetic for their lack of diversity? Should they be ashamed that their nation wasn't conquered and raped like Peru and Philippines by the Spanish? Should they feel ashamed that their nation didn't import millions of black slaves from Africa? Koreans didn't commit those 'historical crimes', so why should they feel shame for their lack of diversity? Maybe white folks in the New World feel they must atone for having stolen the land from Indians. Maybe their way of atonement is to share America with all the world. (But how does this redress the ‘wrong’ done to Indians? It means that American Indians will have lost their lands not only to white folks but to diverse races/ethnic groups from all over the world. Imagine a people conquering your land and then atoning for their 'historical sin' by inviting lots of more people from all over the world to settle in your land as well.) What do Koreans have to atone for? Korea wasn't stolen from any other people. It has always belonged to the Korean people, and Koreans have defended it and survived on it for 1000s of years.

As for Europeans, maybe they want to atone for their history of imperialism. Because they'd conquered other lands and settled there, maybe they want to atone by sharing their wealth and lands with peoples from their former colonies — like with Indian immigrants in UK and Algerian immigrants in France. But Korea never conquered or colonized other nations. What moral responsibility do Koreans have in taking in huge amounts of immigrants from other nations?
Are Koreans trying to be as retarded as Swedes who, though not having colonized Africa and the Middle East, feel some moral compunction to open their nation to black Africans and Muslims? Why? It seems there's a blend of moral self-loathing and moral narcissism in such craziness. On the one hand, dumb Swedes feel "we are blond and blue-eyed, and that means we are like Nazis, so we must racially mix to become less white." On the other hand, dumb Swedes feel "we are so wonderful because we care so much, and we do right what 'racist' white Americans did wrong with non-white minorities." According to this view, the problems of minorities, mainly blacks, in the US are entirely due to whites. Hopefully in Sweden, African immigrants will flourish because Swedes are so full of goodwill. In fact, Somali immigrants and Muslims are messing up Sweden royally.

Now, I believe in the (John)Derbyshire Rule. I think any society can gain by some degree of genetic diversity. It's like adding salt and pepper to the meat. Some degree of racial mixing can be beneficial to any nation. But too much will forever alter the genetic integrity of a people. If 50 million Chinese settled in France and had babies with French folks, France would an Eurasian nation; it would no longer be a European one. Likewise, it's no problem if some non-Koreans come to Korea, marry Koreans, and their children become blended into the Korean gene pool. But when Koreans are having so few babies — the population is due to shrink by 40% with every generation — , it is downright racial suicide for Koreans to expand immigration so that Korea will become more ‘diverse’. Why does Korea have to be new Bangladesh, new India, new China, new Thailand, new Cambodia, or new Vietnam? Bangladeshis have Bangladesh, and they are not gonna allow it become New Korea. Indians have India, a huge nation with lots of people, and they are not going to let it become New Korea. Chinese have a huge nation — Manchuria alone is many times bigger than Korea — with a huge population, and they are not gonna allow it to be New Korea. Thais have their own country, and they are not going to allow Thailand to be New Korea. So, why do Koreans feel this need to turn their nation into a hodgepodge of Asian nations(and even non-Asian nations)? Are Koreans so hungry for Western approval that they will sell out their motherland to 'diversity' just so that Harvard and Hollywood elites will pat Koreans as good little dogs? Now, if Korea were a huge nation, I might understand the impulse behind the desire for more immigration. Nations like Canada and Australia are huge and still largely unsettled. Though I disapprove of their immigration policies, they have plenty of room for newcomers. But Korea is very small. There isn't much to share. Also, even though Korea is densely populated, its population isn't that big. Just 5% of China is the equal to the entire population of Korea. If all Koreans moved to India, India would still be overwhelmingly Indian. But if just 5% of Indians came to Korea, they would equal the entire population of Korea. Koreans would lose their nation. Is it worth losing your nation just to win the approval of decadent Western elites who take their orders from Jewish and homosexual elites? European elites are collaborationist scum working in cahoots with Jewish and homosexual elites in the wholesale racial and cultural suicide of their own peoples. They are like the Korean elites of the first half of the 20th century who’d collaborated with the Japanese colonists to win approval and favors from the Japanese Imperialist overlords.

Incidentally, Japanese argument for Japan-Korean unity was very much like multiculturalist mania today. Japanese said Korea belongs to both Japanese and Koreans equally than just to the Koreans. Indeed, Japanese went further and said they were for the unity and cooperation of all Asian nations under the benign rule of the Japanese. So, why should any Asian nation resist? Just collaborate so that all of Asia will be one united empire of brotherhood, the Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. Under this logic, there was no more need for Korean-ness since Koreans could now all be 'Japanese'.
If Japanese colonialism tried to do away with Korean identity by banning Korean names and language, multi-culturalism tries to do away with Korean identity in a more subtle way by saying ANYONE can become Korean. According to this logic, anyone in any part of the world should have the right to come to Korea and become Korean if he or she feels like it. All he or she has to do is learn some Korean, eat Kim chi, and shake his/her ass to K-pop. With Korean-ism reduced to something so shallow, what the hell would a Korean be? Besides, if anyone can become Korean, why even insist that they must learn the Korean language? Gee, maybe that's linguistically intolerant, almost as horrible as being 'racist'? Since language is a 'social construct', why not say any language is 'Korean' or counts as 'alternative Korean'. So, if a Chinese guy says he feels like speaking Chinese in Korea and demands that Koreans should accommodate his 'linguistic right' in the name of ‘language equality’, maybe Chinese language should be accepted as just as Korean as the Korean language. If Koreans really want to be American without an official language, then Korean should do away with 'language-ism' as well. Why, it's discriminatory against other languages!!! And just like in America, maybe the immigration narrative should replace the original native history. This new narrative could emphasize how some Mongol or Thai person made his journey to Korean to become 'Korean' and remake Korea into a glorious multi-culti nation. It would denounce traditional Korea as too homogeneous, xenophobic, exclusive, 'racist', and etc. Use the new immigration narrative to piss on the entire history and ancestry of Koreans who didn't enjoy the fruitful blessings of 'diversity' that was foisted upon Peru and Philippines by Spanish imperialists(or on the Spanish by the North African Moors).

Globalism has led to inflation of Korean self-esteem and confidence. Because Korea became a global player with Samsung and other gadgets, they think they matter so much. But consumer products are here today, gone tomorrow. After all, what happened to K-mart and Sears Roebuck? A nation, race, and culture are more than about global products. North Korea has no global presence in international trade, but it's just as Korean as South Korea because it's composed of people of Korean race, culture, and language. West Germany and East Germany were economically very different but they were still one people because both were populated with Germans. If East Germany had been emptied of Germans and replaced by Hungarians or Poles, would unification have made sense? No, it would have been as impossible as reunifying Kosovo with Serbia since Muslim Albanians had pretty much taken over all of Kosovo. Race, culture, and identity matter.

Korea may be a global player in consumer products and trashy pop culture. But China is fast catching up in the consumer electronics market. And trashy K-pop stars of today will be forgotten in a few months and replaced by a new crop of whores and idiots. Consumer products and pop culture can be nice and/or fun, but they cannot serve as the primary basis of a race, nation, and culture. For thousand of years, Koreans didn't have K-pop and cellphones, but they were just as Korean as Koreans today. It was because they were racially and culturally Korean and maintained their historical consciousness as a people. Ethnicity is deep. It's not about trends and fashions in business and popular culture. Who remembers who was the pickle merchant in Poland 300 yrs ago? But Poles remember the legends of their ancestors who fought and died defending their homeland.
When Jews and globalists promote homosexual propaganda, they are trying to sever other peoples from their ancestral ties. Homo ‘sex’ doesn't produce children. Homosexuals feel little connection to their ancestral past. They cannot produce life. Their allegiances are horizontal — connected to other homosexuals around the world — than vertically linked with their ancestors of the past and descendants of the future(as most of them will not have kids and certainly can’t have them through homosexuality). Hoosexuals are natural globo-cosmopolitans. While there is something good to be said for cosmopolitanism — a cultivated curiosity and adventurousness about the world — , it alone isn't enough to sustain a race and people. If all Israelis were to become total cosmopolitans, they would no longer maintain their commitment to Jewish identity, Jewish bloodlines, Jewish history, Jewish love of their Holy Land, and etc. They would merely see themselves as radical individuals completely interchangeable with any other individuals in the world. If all Jewish individuals were to leave Israel and be replaced with Chinese cosmopolitans or Turkish cosmopolitans, would it still be a Jewish state or nation? Of course not. We should all use cosmopolitanism as a tool, but it cannot replace a people’s core identity based on race, culture, and nation.

Koreans may be a global player in doing business and tagging along as the running dog of the US(and increasingly as servile dog to rising China as well), but Koreans need to understand that Koreans can only survive as Koreans in Korea, a very small nation. Sure, there is a Korean diaspora all over the world, but those communities will eventually vanish. As Korea now has very low birthrate, there will be fewer Korean emigration to other nations. In time, Korean-Americans will assimilate and mix with other races and become part of generic white/black/brown/Jewish America. Same with Koreans in Latin America. While immigrant Koreans might keep up with the language and be active in the Korean-immigrant community, their children will mix with other races and have part-Korean kids who will then mix more and become even less Korean. If full-blooded Korean immigrants in other nations hardly keep up with Korean-ness and know almost nothing of Korean identity/history, what’s the chances of half-Korean or quarter-Korean or eighth-Korean descendants maintaining Korean identity. There simply aren’t enough Koreans to become dominant in other nations. Korean immigrants and over-seas workers are not going to have a permanent impact on Southeast Asia, India, Africa, Latin America, America, or Canada. They will assimilate and eventually their children and children’s children will lose their Korean identity and historical memory.
And despite Korean self-delusion about ‘cool global Korea’, Korean cultural and racial identity simply cannot compete with others. If someone is 1/4 German, 1/4 Italian, 1/4 Jewish, and 1/4 Korean, which identity will he or she favor? German culture is a great one with Beethoven and Bach. Italian culture is linked with the Roman Empire and Renaissance. Jewish culture is 3,500 yrs old and one of the greatest in the world. Korean culture simply doesn’t come anywhere close. Of course, a culture doesn’t have to be great to have value. If Korean culture has meaning for Koreans, that’s all that matters as to why it should be preserved. Most cultures around the world are not great, but they mean a great deal to the people who belong to that culture. And unless a people preserve their own culture, it will be lost forever. If Uzbeks or Azerbaijanis wanna neglect and forget their identity and culture, who’s gonna stop them? Likewise, if Koreans want to abandon their identity and culture, no one is going to stop them or give a damn.
It is entirely up to Koreans to preserve their race, identity, culture, and history. No one is going to do it for them. One thing for sure, Jewish-homosexual-ruled America is urging Koreans to surrender their core sense of identity rooted in race, culture, and history, just like Japanese colonialists once urged Koreans to do the same. Japanese said, "Just become the Other Japanese and members of the larger Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere". And Americans say, "Just become global and part of mixed-up interchangeable humanity." Japanese said any Korean can and must become Japanese, and Americans say anyone should be allowed to become Korean. Since Korean elites are a bunch of collaborationist whores, they are doing for their Jewish-and-homosexual American masters what their forebears once did for the Japanese imperialist masters. And of course North Koreans were slavish to their Russian and Chinese masters during the Cold War. Still, Russians and Chinese never insisted that North Korea make itself less Korean or redefine Korean-ness so as to render it meaningless. And Traditional America that was ruled by Anglo-Americans respected the Korean desire to keep Korea uniquely Korean. But the New American ruled by Jews and homosexuals constantly apply pressure to degrade and weaken the true meaning of Korean-ness while urging Koreans to accept total nonsense like ‘gay marriage’. If the fake marriage of ‘gay marriage’ can be made equal to real marriage, then one can make a parallel argument that anyone can become ‘Korean’. Proponents of ‘gay marriage’ invoke ‘marriage equality’. Proponents of ‘multi-culturalism’ may argue in the name of ‘Korean Equality’ that anyone can be said to be ‘equally Korean’ just by showing up in Korea and demanding citizenship. If South Korean laws go this way, South Koreans will grow further apart from North Koreans(who are their true brothers and sisters by blood, history, and culture) as their nation becomes swallowed by globalism like a rabbit being swallowed by a python.

In fact, most Koreans who move permanently to other nations will just be a drop in the bucket and mix with the whole. In time they and their children will abandon and forget their Korean-ness. They will racially mix with the larger majority natives and culturally adopt the norms of the dominant culture. Korea is the ONLY place where Korean-ness can truly survive as a permanent identity and culture. But if Korea practices open doors immigration and allows non-Koreans(with the full backing of UN and the US) to dictate what it means to be ‘Korean’, then Korean-ness will be lost even in Korea, and then Korean-ness will be lost from the entire world. If Koreans are okay with that — just like idiotic Europeans are resigned to their own racial/cultural demise — , then what can we say? We would have to conclude that Koreans are a bunch of whores or whoreans who surrendered their nation, race, and culture to the globalist typhoon. They turned their nation into a McNation. Instead of KFC in Korea, it became a case of KFC as Korea. KFC in Korea is a good idea. But KFC as Korea means that Korea is just a soulless marketplace where even racial/cultural identity is just some interchangeable consumer brand.
Korean Wave K-Pop style is just another variation of the prostitute mentality that was inculcated into Asia by Western military domination and sexual colonization.
Also, Jews have taken over America and have promoted pornography to degrade gentile women into sex objects and whores. And Koreans, as the imitators of American culture, aspire to be globo-whores too.
Jews turn white gentile women into shameless prostitutes in porn and pop culture, and that is now the #1 inspiration for Koreans. The video below is K-pop before K-pop:

Racial and cultural identity has meaning in relation to a deep understanding and appreciation of the past. If one’s identity is only skin-deep like the latest fashion in pop culture, then one has no real meaning. One’s identity has just become a trashy narcissistic game of ‘me so horny’ trendiness. True identity is a matter of flesh and blood. It’s not just some clothes one can take on and off. If ‘Korean-ness’ is just some global brand, then a person could choose to be French for a few years, then choose to Turkish for next few yrs, then Egyptian for a few years, and then come to Korean and be Korean for a few years. And when he gets tired of that, he can choose to be Iranian for a few years, and etc. What is the meaning of identity and culture if it can be so easily taken on and off like clothes? True identity and culture are a matter of what you are even if you don’t want to be what you are. It is the flesh and blood you can’t take off. The only way you can really get rid of it is by race-mixing and by failing to pass down your history and culture to your children. It seems like South Koreans are sliding toward a mind-set that favors racial and cultural suicide. When their main cultural activity happens to revolve around playing games and sending messages on their Samsung cell phones, it’s difficult to maintain any meaningful sense of national, cultural, and racial consciousness.
But then, this is to be expected from South Koreans who indulge in skin-deep plastic surgery to look like members of another race. They reject the looks bestowed on them by their own ancestors and want to look like other races in facial features and hair color. Is it surprising that such vapid trans-racial idiots would be turned on by the cult of diversity? If Koreans, via plastic surgery and hair-dyeing, can pretend to be other races, I suppose the logic is that anyone can become Korean by eating kimchi and shaking one’s ass to the prostitution music of K-pop.

Don’t Koreans want one place in the world to call their rightful home? While many Koreans might have good lives in other nations, they can only be minorities and will fade away in time. They are not essential to those nations. If not a single Korean-American had ever arrived and lived in America, America would still be America. Korean-Americans are not essential to American history in the way Anglo-Americans who laid down the political, linguistic, economic, cultural, and otherwise foundations of America are. Same for Koreans in China. China is still China without Koreans, and Koreans in China can only be a tiny minority. Same goes for Koreans in Latin America, Middle East, and Europe. Individual Koreans may be successful and do well, but they are still part of an insignificant minority. Latin America is still Latin America without Koreans.

It is only in Korea that a Korean is truly at home. It is only in Korea where Korean-ness is truly significant, essential, and fundamental to the nation. If Korea had no Koreans, it would not be a nation. A Russia without Koreans is still Russia. But Korea without Koreans is no longer Korea. So, Koreans should, at the very least, defend and preserve their nation as their own because it’s the only place in the world that is their true homeland, the only place in the world where they comprise the great majority, where they have ancestral ties to the land, where their language is the main mode of communication, where their history unfolded from the beginning of time. Almost all the Koreans that ever existed lived, died, and were buried in that small piece of land. The flesh and bones of Korean ancestors become the dust and dirt that people walk on today. When Koreans walk on Korean soil, they’re not simply walking on dirt but on the remains of their ancestors who were returned to the earth. So, if Koreans feel no special bond to their own land and just want to turn Korea into a shopping mall & globalist fun-house and bring in tons of foreigners to take over the country, then Koreans have lost their soul and their minds. They’ve become just like stupid Europeans who are pissing away their great and glorious racial and cultural heritage by turning their ancestral lands over to Muslims and Africans. What kind of people would do that? It’s tantamount to pissing on the graves of one’s ancestors. Your ancestors lived, struggled, and fought to preserve the land for your people, but you, in order to win approval from Jewish-homosexual globalist, want to turn it into some MTV shopping mall for any bunch of people from around the world? Now, I got nothing against shopping malls, but they are for shopping. Mall isn’t what a nation is about. The Great Mall of China isn’t the same thing as the Great Wall of China that was built to protect China from barbarians.

If Koreans lose their homeland, they will have no place to call their home. Even their own country will be like any other part of the world where Koreans are merely a minority. Do Koreans want to Kosovo-ize Korea? Kosovo was once the sacred homeland of Serbians. But the massive demographic arrival of Albanian Muslims permanently changed its character. Serbians lost their sacred homeland forever. Palestinians lost their homeland forever as the result of ‘immigration’ policies that brought in massive influxes of Jews. Hawaiians have become minorities in their own homeland forever. The indigenous peoples of Latin America don’t even run their own nations. They’ve been conquered, enslaved, and subjugated; their racial bloodlines have been mixed by rape and miscegenation.

Koreans and Europeans may argue that their commitment to globalism, race-mixing, and open borders is done freely and willingly. But do the vast majorities of Europeans and Koreans really want this or have they been brainwashed or coerced by the globalists? In truth, both Europe and Korea are not free nations. They are satellite colonies of the neo-imperialist US that is ruled by the Jewish-homosexual elites. US can destroy the economies of EU and Korea. US is now exerting pressure on Korea to embrace ‘same sex marriage’ with the promise that Korea will win economic favors if it obeys... or else be punished. As South Koreans feel the pinch from economic competition from China, they seek any kind of advantage, even if it means selling its soul to the globalism of Jewish-homosexual oligarchs who now rule America. (The fact that white gentile homosexuals side with Jews than with their own race and culture should alert Koreans as to the nature of Korean homosexuals. Korean homosexuals will betray their own race, culture, and history if they could gain elite privileges in alliance with globalist Jews and homosexuals. Many homosexuals the world over are vain, arrogant, and snobby in that way. Tim Cook of Apple is white gentile from the American South, but he totally sides with the Jews to destroy the white Christian identity and culture of his ancestors. But, of course, not all homosexuals are like this. Yukio Mishima was a great patriot who defended the honor of Japan to the end.) Many Koreans want to collaborate with their American overlords like their ancestors collaborated with the Japanese. In some ways, American neo-colonialism is more dangerous(in an insidious way) than the Japanese imperialism was. Under the Japanese, at least Koreans knew they were under the occupation by a foreign nation. But Americans exert their power more subtly. It creates the illusion that South Korea is an ‘equal partner’ when South Korea is just a running dog of the US.
If Korea is a free nation, does it have the freedom to do business with Iran? Or with Russia? Or, must Korea win the approval of the US? If Korea acts on its own in defiance of US wishes, US can exert political and business pressure to destroy Korea. Also, as US has made ‘same sex marriage’ sacrosanct, it can ruin the reputation of any nation that won’t embrace it as well. If Korea wants to be a ‘cool nation’ selling stuff to US for the foreseeable future, it may have to accept ‘same sex marriage’ so that American consumers won’t see Koreans as ‘uncool’. So, will Koreans give up their values and truths just to win market share in a decadent Jewish-homo-ruled America? Koreans are NOT free. They are economic puppets of the US. Koreans must surely have noticed how US used its muscle to bend the EU to participate in the diplomatic and political War Against Russia. Koreans are whores. Even though their fate under the Japanese was similar to that of Palestinians under the Zionists, Koreans(especially deranged Korean Christian Zionists) side with Israel. Even though Tibetans live under Chinese occupation just like Koreans once lived under Japanese occupation, Koreans say nothing about China’s multi-cultural tyranny over Tibet. Because Jews rule America and because China is now a great power, Koreans just slavishly bow down to US and China. If Koreans did this only strategically in order to survive, it would be understandable. But, so many Koreans not only surrender their hands and feet to globalism but their hearts, souls, and vaginas.

US, in order to globalize and eradicate traditional Korea, flatters Koreans that they are significant players in the New World Order. But Koreans are nothing more than stick figures, puppets, grocery clerks, running dogs, and waterboys of Americans. South Korea is like Manchukuo under the Japanese. Japanese pretended that it was aiding independent Manchuria from foreigners, but in fact, Manchurians were reduced to running dogs of the Japanese.
Popular culture increasingly features Korean-Americans and Koreans in a more prominent way, but what kind of Korean and Korean-American behavior do Americans praise and encourage most? Americans encourage Koreans acting like worthless rappers(imitating black ghetto culture), acting like mamasan ‘me so horny’ whores, or acting like yellow coon comedians debasing their own. Koreans, ever so hungry for approval from the ‘superior’ races of whites and blacks, will go to any lengths to act the clown, flunky, toady, or fool. As for guys like Ban Ki-Moon, they’re just pathetic servants of America. They are nothing but running dogs of UN-style globalism controlled by US and EU. US promotes Korea’s enlarged role in the world, but it’s all just an illusion. Koreans have no real power but must just rubber-stamp everything endorsed by Americans. Just as Japanese colonialists used Korean soldiers and officials in running their empire, American neo-imperialists are recruiting Koreans to participate in the globalist order. Koreans may feel flattered, but they have no real power and no independence. They must do the bidding of Jews and homosexuals who run Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, American government, and etc. While there are smart and successful Koreans, Koreans and Korean-Americans simply don’t have the brain power and know-how to rule America, let alone the world, in the way that Jews and homosexuals do. Koreans must resist the false temptation of globalist power offered by the US whose real agenda is to deracinate and dissolve Korea as a nation strong in its sense of race and culture.

In the past several decades, the most successful parts of the non-white world were in homogeneous East Asia: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Though Singapore is said to be multi-cultural, it has been overwhelmingly Chinese. This success story goes against the Politically Correct Narrative that ‘diversity is a strength’. The East Asian story suggests homogeneity + unity + diligence + intelligence = success. In contrast, most diverse nations around the world have been less successful and torn by endless strife. Just look at the Middle East and South Africa. But the US narrative says ‘diversity is our strength’. So, East Asia is urged to diversify with the false promise that doing so will make them stronger and richer when, in fact, it’s totally false. Are Koreans dumb enough for fall for this line?

Of course, there’s the problem of Korean population decline. In the case of rural Korean men and lower-class Korean men, it’s understandable why they may have chosen to bring over foreign women to be their brides. Men want to marry, and upwardly mobile Korean women don’t want to marry them. Also, many Korean women now prefer to be single for the rest of their lives. And it’s also understandable that many Koreans now don’t want to do ‘demeaning’ labor. In a way, it’s Confucianism rearing its ugly head again. As a form of status-obsessed ideology, Confucianism honored the educated elites with ‘clean jobs’ while disdaining those doing ‘dirty’ manual labor. As awful as Mao was — and he was very awful — , his attack on Confucianism in China was somewhat understandable. The positive side of communism was in emphasizing that all workers and all kinds of labor are meaningful and dignified. And there was some of this in National Socialism too, what with its vision of rows and rows of German workers with shovels building roads and digging ditches. When Korea was poor, people did what they had to do to make a living. But ever since Korea became moderately rich, everyone seems to be obsessed with status again. To save their face and pride, they don’t want to do ‘dirty’ work. Especially as ‘dirty’ foreigners have become associated with certain kinds of ‘lowly’ work, even poor Koreans seem to avoid certain jobs despite huge unemployment problems. It could be that what Korea needs is a bit of communism or national socialism. Just a bit. Maybe there should be a national workforce program that requires ALL young people to do volunteer work with their hands. It might send a message that no work is below anyone’s dignity. Any work, no matter how ‘lowly’, is dignified since work makes the world go around.

But class-status-obsessed Koreans are all about face and pride. So, even those who need some work refuse to work at ‘dirty’ jobs, and those jobs go to foreigners. Since foreigners are often exploited and paid low wages, those jobs become even less appealing with the arrival of more and more foreigners.
Also, Koreans seem to raise kids as bragging rights according to certain news stories. Parents want their children to go to good schools and make lots of money so that they can brag about their kids. Otherwise, they don’t want to have kids at all. There’s no love for kids simply because kids are precious. It’s all about bragging rights and status comparison. In some ways, modern Koreans are shallower and stupider than poor dirty Koreans of the past, but this is true of Europe as well. In the past, people had kids because family was part of life. Today, it’s all about either bragging rights in Korea or self-fulfilment in the West. If Koreans want to maintain a racial and cultural sense of Korea, they need to focus on creating families and family life. But if they want to create a new soulless concept of Korean-ness as being all about economics and globalism, then it doesn’t matter if foreigners flood into Korea and forever change the fundamental genetic and cultural character of Korea. One way or another, Korea would only be about money and nothing else.

But is a true nation only about money and luxuries? About power and privilege? Such a nation cannot last long. Do the rich Koreans and Korean elites care about nothing more than winning the approval of the Western gentile elites(who no longer feel any deep connection to their race & culture and merely collaborate with their Jewish and homosexual masters)? Do Korean elites feel closer to foreign elites than to their own people who are part of the national family? Do Korean elites prefer to serve the richer and more powerful foreign elites than to lead, guide, and defend their own people as Moses did for his people? Are Korean elites all about serving the American pharaohs of Jews and homosexuals?
Do Korean elites really want to turn Seoul into something like London that is now over 50% of non-British? Or into Paris where 50% of newborns are non-French? This is what happens when identity surrenders to ideology. This is what happens when economics take priority over blood bonds.

Of course, Koreans should treat foreigners in Korea with decency and goodwill. But Koreans should also insist that Korea is essentially a Korean nation for Koreans. Foreigners can come to work in Korea. They can come as tourists. They can come and work as professionals. But when it comes to citizenship, Koreans should insist that Koreans have every right to ensure that Korea will be a nation of real Koreans. While non-Koreans should be allowed to marry into Korean nation, there has to be a limit to this. After all, if every Korean man and every Korean woman married a non-Korean foreigner, Korea would no longer be Korea. And then if all their half-Korean kids married non-Koreans, everyone would be only 1/4 Korean. Three fourths of their identity would be something else than Korean. It would lead to dual, triple, or quadruple loyalty. The idea that non-Koreans in huge numbers will be just as Korean as real Koreans are is ridiculous. Look at the US. Many Mexican-Americans feel close to Mexico than to the US. Jewish-Americans didn’t assimilate into Anglo-America but took over America and changed the rules to serve Jewish interests. Black Americans look to Africa than to Europe as their ancestral homeland even though they speak English. And this is after 300 yrs in America. And in Europe, many Muslims have greater loyalty to their Islamic homelands than to decadent and soulless Europe. Many African immigrants still feel more African than European. Chinese-Americans have a dual loyalty. Koreans in Japan have dual loyalty. Even after a hundred years, they maintain their separateness from the Japanese. And it’s not only because of Japanese discrimination but because many Koreans in Japanese believe in keeping their separate identity. So, the idea that non-Koreans can just become good little loyal Koreans is a lot of nonsense.

Of all the Korean diaspora community, the Korean-American is the most significant. But should Koreans be looking to Korean-Americans as a model? Korean-Americans tend to be either a trashy bunch who indulge in pop culture or politically correct drones who just parrot what their teachers have crammed into their heads. What passes for Korean-American pop culture is mainly stupid Korean-Americans imitating black culture of guns, whores, pimps, and thugs. Most Korean-Americans don’t seem to speak the language, have no knowledge of Korean history, have no sense of culture, and etc. They just try to win the approval of whites and blacks by mindlessly imitating everything that is trashy and shallow in American culture. As for Korean-American intellectual class, they are a bunch of unimaginative and colorless drones who just swallow all the politically correct nonsense taught to them by their professors. They never challenge their teachers and professors. They just serve as teacher’s pets to get good grades and earn positions. They study not for the truth but for privilege and status. And since Jews and homos control the academia and media, most Korean-American academics and media people just spout the same bullshit fed to them by their teachers, professors, and mentors.

Does Korea want to emulate and take advice from these bunch of idiots and drones? The trashy Korean-Americans will only teach Koreans(back in the homeland) about how to use drugs, binge drink, be promiscuous, imitate ghetto black thugs and whores, and etc. And so-called ‘intellectual’ Korean-Americans will go back to Korea to spread the same politically correct bullshit about ‘diversity’.
 It appears that Korean-Americans and Koreans are so dumb that they are willing to embrace even ‘white guilt’ when Korea isn’t guilty of any ‘historical crime’ or ‘historical sin’ against other nations. Koreans never invaded any nation, and Koreans never brought black slaves to Korea. And Koreans live on their own homeland that was NOT stolen from any other people. Korea is not like the Americas or Australia that were ‘stolen’ from other peoples. So, why do Koreans try to feel ‘guilty’ about ‘historical crimes’ they didn’t commit? Are they such whores of American whites that they even try to imitate ‘white guilt’?
If anything, it is the US that should confess how it once aided and abetted Japan in the colonization of Korea. US should confess how it divided Korea at the end of World War II and handed the northern half to Stalin. It is US that should confess how it committed near-genocidal bombing campaigns in North Korea during the Korean War. US should confess how it employed Korean mercenaries as vicious attack dogs in the Vietnam War.
Who are Americans to judge Koreans about anything? Who are Americans to be passing judgement on Koreans on its lack of ‘diversity’ or some crap? Why does Korea need ‘diversity’ or ‘diversity training’ when Koreans didn’t invade other nations or bring millions of black slaves to Korea? Why should Koreans bring upon themselves the fate of Hawaiian natives who are now a minority in their own homeland that is mostly occupied by whites and Asians?

Also, the sexual behavior of Korean-Americans should alert Koreans as to why diversity is disaster for Koreans. In the US, too many Korean-Americans intermarry with other races. So many children of Korean-Americans will be half-Koreans and then their children will be 1/4 Koreans and then their children will be 1/8 Koreans and so on. In America, it doesn’t matter since minorities should assimilate with the majority if they so choose.
Suppose Korea were dragged across the Pacific Ocean and conjoined to America as the 51st state. Suppose there’s open borders between Korea and America in celebration of ‘diversity’. What will happen to Korean-ness? So many Koreans will just marry and have kids with non-Koreans, and so many Americans will just move to Korea(as the 51st American state) and turn it into just another California, Oregon, or Colorado. And then there will no more distinct entity called Korea. Do Koreans really want this as their future? If so, they are dumb and deserve to fade from the earth.
Don’t Koreans feel any deep connection to their tragic land in which their ancestors survived the Japanese onslaught in the late 16th century? Don’t Koreans feel a sacred connection to the land in which 3 to 4 million of their countrymen perished during the Korean War? Did all those Koreans die in vain and did the survivors rebuild their nation in vain?
It would indeed have all been in vain if today’s Koreans feel a closer to diverse peoples all over the world than to their own ancestors who fought and struggled to survive so that their own descendants would keep ownership of their homeland. Do today’s Koreans feel closer to Bangladeshi and Madagascarians than to their ancestors and their own heritage? This isn’t to say that Koreans shouldn’t appreciate other races, peoples, nations, and cultures. Koreans have much to learn from other peoples and nations. And openness in trade and ideas have done wonders for Korea. But all said and done, a nation isn’t a nation unless it has a people bound by sacred memory, heritage, historical consciousness, and blood and soil. Without such a national mind-set, a nation is nothing more than a bazaar, a shopping mall, a Disneyland, a McDonalds, or Starbucks.
After the devastation of the Korean War, Korea had an economy smaller than that of many African nations. It had no global brands or companies. And yet, it was as Korean or even more Korean than it is today. Why? Because it was the land of Koreans and their culture and history. Even if a meteor hits Seoul tomorrow and wipes out all the economy, Korea will still be Korea as long as Koreans maintain their sense of blood and soil and sacred memory. One third of the Japanese economy was wiped out during World War II, but Japan still remained Japan because it was still Japan inhabited by Japanese with their own historical consciousness. Greece was under Turkish rule for over 300 yrs but it remained Greek because Greeks continued to live and breed on their own lands. Poland was once wiped off the map by Russians and Prussians, but the Polish nationhood still remained because Poles who spoke Polish and kept their historical memory never gave up. Thus, their nation was reconstituted again at the end of World War I. And even after World War II and even under Soviet occupation, Polish nation still survived because Poles never let go of their national and historical consciousness.

And yet, so many Greeks, Poles, and Koreans today are flushing their nations, identities, values, and memories down the toilet in their mindless worship of globalism. In a way, globalism is more dangerous and destructive than tyrannies of the past. When Greeks were under Turkish rule, they understood they were an occupied people. And Poles knew they weren’t free under Russians and Prussians. And Koreans knew they were a captive people under the Japanese. But globalism gives the false illusion to all these people that they are free, happy, and having a great time because they got internet, TV, movies, and videogames. But if a people addicted to hedonism and politically correct banalities surrender their identities, historical memories, and blood-and-soil connection to the land, can they be said to be free as a people?
Maybe they are free as individuals, but a nation is more than about libertine individuals looking for fun. It is about individuals sharing a sacred bond, common narratives, love of nation, and appreciation of their ancestors who survived through thick and thin to bequeath the sacred land to their descendants for posterity. Without such a sense of things, a nation cannot last. It cannot survive. If a nation is made up of self-centered individuals who only care about personal pleasures, it is bound to crumble and perish and blow away in the wind. It’s like eroded soil that no longer sticks to the ground. It’s like a tree without roots that topples over as its lifeless leaves blow away with the wind. A nation is nothing without a sense of roots. It’s that root sense of historical memory that binds a race and culture to a certain land. It’s why Jews in Israel are so much into race and culture and shared historical memory. Without such, Jews would just open up Israel to all neighboring Arabs, and then, Israel will no longer be a Jewish nation.

Why do Jews support Israel as a Jewish nation of sacred memory but advise all other nations to indulge in ‘diversity’ and decadent rejection of blood and soil? How come what is good for the Jewish nation is said to be bad for non-Jew nations? Why do Jews promote one thing for themselves but push another thing for other peoples and nations? Koreans must DO like the Zionist Jews do, NOT listen to what Jews SAY.
If Koreans favor globalism over nationalism, they will have lost their sense of roots. Korean textbooks, under pressure from the UN, have already been ordered to cut Korean identity from a sense of historical and genetic roots to the past. How can a nation without a sense of roots survive? And how can Koreans expect non-Korean foreigners to feel that they are equally Korean when the roots of foreigners are elsewhere — and when they came to Korea ONLY for shallow economic reasons? An Asian-Indian in Korea may learn to speak Korean, but he knows his true roots will always be in India.

It’s been said that Koreans have higher IQ than the international average. But IQ is no guarantee for emotional intelligence. After all, Germans are a smart people but so many of them gave themselves to the lunacy of Nazism. And Jews are a very smart people but so many fell for temptations of communism. Chinese are a smart people, but look what they did during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. Europeans are a smart people, but look how they messed up their great civilization with lunatic commitment to Political Correctness. An educational culture can sometimes produce stupider people because the commitment to learning can make young impressionable people swallow every politically correct nonsense fed to them by the teachers. In America and EU, the well-educated are often stupider than the less educated who happen to be less indoctrinated by their teachers and school curriculum. But then, the less educated are easily swayed by stupid popular culture that is now also overwhelmingly politically correct in their celebrations of wanton globalism, hedonism, pornography, and diversity.

Even smart people can lack emotional intelligence. Having low emotional intelligence makes people overly sappy, naive, childlike, impressionable, excitable, anxious to be liked and win approval, and addicted to easy pleasures. Koreans may have higher IQs than average, but their emotional intelligence is rather low. Too many happen to be overly earnest, insecure, wanting of approval, slavish, cowardly, conformist, and lacking in critical distance and perspective in their relation to the world. Just look at North Koreans bawling like babies before their great leader. Just look at South Korean Christians with their childish devotion to Christ. Just look at Korean women who get plastic surgeries to look like soap opera or K-pop stars. Look at Korean students who study not to learn the truth but only to pass exams to win approval from parents and society. Look at the sunken ferry accident and the ‘nut rage’ controversy. Look at Korean-Americans who slavishly imitate ghetto culture, try desperately to be ‘white’, try to win approval of their teachers, colleagues, and etc. There is little in the way of critical faculty in the Korean mind. Either impulsive or inert by nature, they either take a blind leap of faith or roboticly follow whatever is presented to them.

And of course, stuff like K-pop(that encourages Korean women to act like whores) and Korean soap operas haven’t done anything to develop the emotional intelligence of Koreans who are either childishly impulsive or colorlessly uninspired. Koreans lack a proper mechanism in the head that can actively strategize what is to be done about possible dangers. Koreans just leap at whatever excites the senses or just follow whatever is prescribed as the New Policy with the mind of a bureaucrat whose sense of obligation is only the duty to follow and do as told — like Adolf Eichmann.


  1. Isn't there a contradiction inherent in accusing Koreans of being emotionally unintelligent, childishly impulsive and colorlessly uninspired in a novelletishly long screed warning them against diluting their natural character?

  2. Do away with a comments section if you are not even going to post the most harmless of retorts. Refusing to post comments only serves to confirm the accusation of paranoia one could make from reading your stuff.

  3. Your comparing the Korean mindset with a western ideal of national pride (myself a westerner), also basing it on what Koreans speak of as an idealistic strong Korea internationally. Confucian students always bow to their teachers, the US (right or wrong) is a percieved teacher. In Asia, its Japan. The K-peeps may have anti-J rhetoric, but their whole system is largely based on Japanese structures (which are adopted from the rest of the world). I even hear more foreign loanwords even now that are Japanese, for Koreans, thats seen as progression and sophistication. You cant complain about the movement of people, you can only correct the movement of the people. Complaining (passivity) is Korea in a nut shell, not activism, thats why I never give ear to nationalism here. At least the voting was up in the last election, self esteem and no indiviualism or at least tangible cultural shfit from within.

  4. 99% of the music in the world nowadays are traced to Western influences, aka the Diatonic Scale.
    Before the diatonic scale, traditional music was played on the pentatonic scale which was similar everywhere else.

    1. That said, what is your view on this?

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