Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Koreans Need to Beware of Collaborationist Elites Who Imitate the Decadent West

Korea has a long history of collaborating with foreign powers. It isn't difficult to understand why. As a small and weak kingdom/country, Korea was often at the mercy of bigger/stronger powers. Also, as Chinese history was older and its culture more advanced than those of Korea, Koreans took a junior partner role in its relation with giant neighbor. Over thousands of years, Koreans learned to get along with the Chinese. A lot of good came of this, but Koreans were never equal with the Chinese. Koreans understood themselves to be a 'little brother' to a 'bigger brother'.

And when Mongols and Manchus later invaded Korea, Koreans had no choice but to collaborate with the invaders in order to survive. And of course, in the 20th century when the Japanese colonized Korea, many Korean elites opted to collaborate with the Japanese who had the guns and power. Japan did develop Korea industrially, but Koreans had to pay the price of being second-class citizens in their own country.

When Japan was defeated in World War II, United States divided Korea in half and gave the northern half to Josef Stalin, the totalitarian ruler of the Soviet Union. In the south, the elites collaborated with American occupiers, and in the north the newly installed communist leaders collaborated with the Soviet Union.

So, Korean history has been one long story of collaborating with bigger powers. Sometimes, collaboration was necessary. Furthermore, Korea learned useful and valuable things from the bigger/stronger nations it collaborated with. But there were also times when Koreans collaborated for reasons that were craven, cowardly, submissive, imitative, and/or desperate for approval from nations/peoples deemed to be superior to the Koreans.

Today, the biggest danger comes from Korean elites who studied in the West, especially the United States. In the past, US was dominated by Anglo-American elites who stood for ideas such as Christian values, human rights, individuality, and liberty. Today, Anglo-American elites are a thing of the past. US is now ruled by Jewish elites and their homosexual allies. So, the prevailing value system in America is now all about 'what is good for Jews' and 'what is good for homos'.

United States, in service of Jewish goals, will destroy any nation that Israel/Zionists don't like. So, the Arab/Muslim Middle East has been demolished in the past two decades by America foreign policy designed and dictated by Jewish-American elites. And because Jews are angry at Russia for preventing Jewish takeover of the entire nation, American Jews have been pulling all sorts of dirty tricks to undermine the Russian economy and politics. And since homosexuals are angry at Russia for not allowing 'gay pride' parades and 'gay marriage', they've been working with Jews to destroy Russia's image around the world.

If you think what Japan did to Korea was horrible, think of what Zionists did to the Palestinians. At least Korea survived and Koreans still occupy Korean land. In what was once Palestine, most Palestinians have been expelled and replaced by Jewish Zionist-Imperialists. Israel defends itself by declaring itself a democracy, but imagine if Japanese stole Korean land and set up a democracy with Japanese colonists. Would the democratization of Korea under Japanese rule with a mostly Japanese population justify the Japanese ethnic cleaning of Koreans from their own homeland?

America is now an evil nation where Jews steal trillions on Wall Street. It is a nation where businessmen are driven out of business for not accommodating homosexual demands. State after state in America has been forced to accept 'homosexual marriage'. If bakers refuse to bake 'gay wedding cakes', their businesses are shut down. They are sued, fined, and even imprisoned.

And yet, Korean and Korean-American elites studying in America soak up all the rotten and trashy values of America. Why? They are collaborating like so many Koreans have done through the ages. They are so impressed by American wealth, power, privilege, and glamour that they blindly and mindlessly imitate everything 'American'.
And they are slavish to Americans and white people; they act like dogs seeking approval from their masters. Korean and Korean-American elites in the US feel themselves to be superior to Koreans in Korea because they themselves slavishly kiss the ass of Jewish/homo elites. Korean and Korean-American elites in America timidly apologize to their white/Jewish/homo rulers because Korea still doesn't have 'gay marriage' and 'open borders immigration'.

Korean and Korean-American elites never ask the truly crucial question: WHAT IS REALLY GOOD FOR KOREA? Their main priority is to win the approval of Jewish-and-homo American elites. And because they are so slavish, they never stop to think about or question the agendas of the Jews and homos who rule America. Instead, they are willing to say or think anything to gain approval and status by serving their American masters.

Korean history is shameful for its mindless collaboration with bigger foreign powers.
Of course, it's great to learn from other nations and take in new ideas. But Koreans need to be critical of foreign ideas. Koreans must challenge and question them instead of just swallowing them.
Koreans know how to learn but they don't know how to think. The truth is neither in the mindless rejection or mindless acceptance of foreign ideas. Furthermore, no idea or agenda should be accepted and embraced solely for the sake of gaining the approval and acceptance of powers deemed to be bigger and more powerful. If the very survival of Korea depended on it, it'd be understandable. This is why it's wrong to be too harshly critical of Koreans who collaborated with the brutal Japanese.

But Korean and Korean-American elites who collaborate with their American masters are doing so for the sake of vanity and privilege. They've noticed that the richest cities and the most powerful institutions of America are owned by Liberals, Jews, and homos. And so, Korean and Korean-American elites go out of their way to imitate and win approval from people richer and more powerful than they are.

But a truly good people need to learn to be defiant and independent in their thought. If Koreans just cave to Western standards, they will only demonstrate to the world that they are no better than dogs. Also, the fact that Korean and Korean-American elites care most of all about winning the approval of the Western elites would imply that they despise non-elite Koreans who make up most of Korea. Korean and Korean-American elites feel closer to global elites than to their own countrymen.

While there should be room for homosexuals in Korea, a free and independent Korea must not bend over to the sick decadent demands of America that is now controlled by Jews and homos. It's one thing to allow homosexuals to be free, but it's downright insane to pretend that homosexuality has equal value with real sexuality that is healthy and produces life. After all, even homosexuals were produced through real sexuality or heterosexuality. The idea of 'gay marriage' presupposes that homosexuality has equal biological and moral footing with real sexuality. But can two men sticking their penises into each other's anus be the biological or moral equivalent of man and woman performing real sex to produce the miracle of life?

Koreans must not collaborate with the sick globalist order controlled by Jews and homos who run America. And Koreans mustn't base their self-worth and national worth on how much approval and attention they garner from America, which is now sick and decadent war-mongering nation that brought upon horrible death and destruction the Middle East.

American Jewish and homo groups are now funding pro-homo groups and movements in South Korea. Also, the US government(that is totally dominated by Jews and homos) and its Korean-American lackeys are secretly exerting pressure on the South Korean business community. They are saying that if South Korea won't allow 'gay marriage', its business will suffer in the US; however, if South Korea is the first Asian nation to allow 'gay marriage', it will be showered with special economic prizes. In other words, US sees South Korea as its prostitute and dog. 'Gay marriage' is Jewish-and-homo cultural imperialism all over the world. During the Japanese colonization of Korea, Japanese tried to force Japanese names, language, and culture on Koreans.
Today, American cultural imperialists are trying to force 'gay marriage' on Koreans.
Will Koreans go along like dogs and collaborate? Or, will Koreans finally be defiant and defend true Korean marriage from the decadent brand of marriage perverted by Jews and homos in America?

If Korea is a trashy and materialistic nation that only cares about fashions and life styles, it will go with 'gay marriage'. But if Koreans have a sense of roots, heritage, and history, they will realize that 'gay marriage' is an affront to the Korean race, culture, and history.

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