Friday, January 9, 2015

Why This Mania for 'Diversity' in South Korea?

Why do South Koreans think 'diversity' is a great thing? Personally, I can see the advantages of some diversity. More restaurants. A more colorful and interesting population. But too much diversity can lead to the erasure and even extinction of a race. At one time, Kosovo was Serbian land. But due to massive Albanian-Muslim influx, Serbians lost it forever.

So, while some degree of diversity can be good for Korea, excessive diversity can lead to the death of Korea. This is especially true if Korea were to adopt OPEN BORDERS policy. Suppose Korea becomes reunified in the future, and then suppose there's open borders policy between Korea and China. This is far more dangerous to Korea than to China. If all Koreans move to China, they would still be a small minority in China. But if just 5% of Chinese move to Korea, they would compromise nearly 50% of the population. Korea will eventually just be swallowed up by China, like Tibet is being flooded with Han Chinese. Do Koreans want that?

I think Koreans watch a lot of stupid TV shows and see 'diversity' as just some 'cool' stuff in movies and music videos. But too much diversity comes with lots of problems. Reality is not a fantasy you see on TV. Also, Hollywood movies are 90% fantasy.
On TV, everyone smiles and gets along. In reality, diversity leads to all sorts of conflicts, suspicions, and dangers. Also, keep in mind that too much diversity will lead to the sexual emasculation of the Korean men. Many white and black men come to Korea to look for Korean women. Indeed, many more foreign men come to Asia to look for women than foreign women come to Asia to look for men. This is because Asian women are prized by foreign men as being very feminine. But Asian men are held in contempt by foreign women as being un-masculine.
So, diversity affects the sexual game differently between Korean men and Korean women. Korean women will gain access to a wide array of foreign men, but Korean men will mostly just lose their women to foreign men since most foreign women don't want Korean men. In time, Korean women will come to despise Korean men as they go with foreign men who are taller and bigger. In America, many more Korean women marry non-Korean men than Korean men marry non-Korean women. This is because American society sees Asian women as desirable but see Asian men as undesirable. And Korean women absorb these perceptions. Korean-American women feel ashamed to go with Korean-American men. So, many of them go with non-Korean men. This is why a lot of Korean-American men go back to Korea to look for brides. In America, Korean-American men are rejected not only by non-Korean women but even by Korean-American women. If South Korea has open borders with the US, tons of American men will come to Korea and take Korean women while Korean men will lose their women and become emasculated.

Korean history is filled with stories of Korean women being dragged off by Mongols, Manchus, and Japanese. It's filled with stories of American G.I.s using Korean women as prostitutes. Korea has been 'fucked' by the whole world. Increasing diversity will mean more foreign men will come to Korea to take Korean women. And as Korean women compare taller foreign men with shorter Korean men, they will come to despise their own men. Is this good for Korea?

Some Koreans think they have an obligation to become diverse. This is because they are slavish and imitative of the West. While white people in the West don't care what Koreans think, Koreans have a big inferiority complex and always care about what white people in the West think about them. Koreans seek the attention and approval of whites in the West. So, if the West celebrates 'diversity', Koreans feel they must do likewise. If the West has 'gay marriage', Koreans feel they should follow suit. Koreans are like monkeys. Monkey see, Monkey do. Koreans see, Koreans do. If Koreans had self-confidence, they would not seek the attention and approval of whites in the West.
I think it's great that Koreans now learn from the West and the World. But Koreans should NOT be mindlessly slavish and imitative of the West. Koreans should think critically. Besides, the West is now corrupt and disgusting. Its government and media are run by globalist Jews. And its pop culture is mostly pornographic and Afro-ghetto that is obsessed with nothing but crass materialism, fighting, and fuc*ing. And American culture routinely deride and degrade Korean men as having the smallest penises in the world(though factually untrue). Korean-American women absorb these anti-Korean-male prejudices and prefer to go with non-Korean men whether they be white or black.

So, why should Korea become diverse? North America and South America became diverse because of centuries of conquest, invasion, genocide, slavery, and immigration. The natives were conquered by white colonizers. Whites spread diseases and wiped out tens of millions of natives. White men raped native women and produced mixed-race people. Then, whites brought over black slaves. Whites later brought over Chinese to work like slaves building the railroads. So, the diversity of the New World was brought forth by bloody conquest and exploitation.

In contrast, Korea wasn't conquered by the Spanish and the English. Koreans weren't wiped out by foreign diseases. They weren't raped in huge numbers by foreign colonizers. And Koreans didn't import millions of black slaves from Africa. Korea is not diverse because Korea wasn't conquered and because Koreans didn't traffic in the global slave trade.
So, why should Koreans be ashamed of their lack of diversity? Shouldn't they be proud of homogeneity? Korean homogeneity is proof that Koreans survived as a people and protected their land. It's also proof that Koreans, unlike whites in the New World, didn't bring millions of black slaves to Korea.

At one time, all of Hawaiian Islands belonged to the natives. Now, Hawaii is much more diverse, and the natives are minorities in their own ancestral homelands. Do Koreans want to end up like Hawaiians?

That said, Koreans should treat foreigners with decency and fairness. And I have no problem with foreigners coming to Korea to visit or to work. And if some fall in love with and marry Koreans, that's okay too.
But OPEN BORDERS policy would be horrible for Korea. Korea should be very selective in deciding who gets to come and settle in Korea.

Also, if Korea needs more people, Koreans should have more babies. Korea will remain Korea if it has a lot of Koreans. If Koreans don't breed and instead import millions of foreigners, Korea will eventually become another country.

After Koreans survived Japanese colonization, the division of Korea by Americans, the Korean War, and other calamities, do Koreans really want to hand over their nation to other peoples? Don't Koreans want to survive as a people?

If Korea had a high birthrate, it wouldn't matter so much. But Korea is dying with so many women not having children. When Koreans don't have kids but open Korea to massive influx of foreigners, Korea will fade away as a nation. Did Korea survive for 2,500 yrs just to vanish in several decades by the new elites who just want the approval of decadent western elites? Why are Koreans so slavishly imitative of everything Western?

Koreans need to understand that for most American people, Korean is only prized for its women as sex partners and its men to serve as computer geeks. "Hey, Korean women, suck my dick, and hey, Korean boys, fix my computer."

As for stuff like K-Pop, it presents Korean women as mannequin-like prostitutes. But then, prostituting themselves comes naturally to Koreans as South Korea is a just a political prostitute of the United States and the people of North Korea are prostitutes of the Kim Dynasty. When will Koreans learn to really stand up for themselves?

When an arrogant American accuses a Korea of being not diverse, the Korean should shout back that the Americas, both North America and South America, became diverse as the result of invasion, conquest, genocide, immigration-to-exploit-cheap-labor, slavery, and mass rape. Mexico became diverse because Spanish conquerors invaded the land and raped lots of women. And America and Brazil became diverse because they imported a lot of black slaves.
So, there is no need for Koreans to feel any shame for lacking racial diversity. They were not conquered by white imperialists and they didn't enslave blacks.

But the Korean elites studied in America and imitate Western ideology. They think they are better than Koreans because they traveled around the world and prefer the company of foreigners than of Koreans. They often put down and insult Koreans as not being 'progressive' enough. They think they are so much better because they seek the approval of Western elites. Consider the Seoul mayor who said he wants 'gay marriage' in Korea to a San Francisco newspaper. In America, bakers are sued and destroyed for not baking 'gay marriage' wedding cakes. Westernized Korean elites want a Korea where 'gay marriage' is legalized and where Korean bakers who won't bake 'gay wedding' cakes will be driven out of business. They are mindless ideological servants of Jews who run the American universities and government. They are vermin.

Of course, as Korea is economically dependent on US markets, America can exert pressure to force Korea open its borders and legalize 'gay marriage'. American neo-imperialists can say, 'you better take in tons of foreigners and you better have gay marriage, because if you don't, we will close our markets to your products'. Since Korea is an economic prostitute of the US, it will come under pressure to obey. But if Korea obeys such a command, it has no self-respect left.

Americans want to Hawaiian-ize Korea. At one time, Hawaiians owned Hawaii. Today, Hawaiians are minorities in their own homeland. That's what Americans did to Hawaiians.
Now, they are trying to do the same thing to Korea. They want open borders in Korea so that Korea will become less than 50% Korean in 50 yrs.

If Koreans go along with this, they are a race of slaves, not a race of patriots.


  1. Very nice article. It's very unusual of a Korean (assuming you, the blogger, are one) to be aware of the International Jewry.

    I would also point out that the diversity of North America is primarily due to mass immigration from non-Western countries. Indeed America had black slaves, fucked the natives and brought in other coloured people to exploit, but that was a distant past and the population of coloureds had always been less than 10% and the great majority of Americans were white--the trend that rapidly tapered away since that open border policy that was enacted half a century ago (which, again, JEWS did in order to destroy the West).

  2. Someone's a little touchy. Lol.

  3. People follow the money, and the internet has let Asia (outside Japan, it seems) know the money is in China and the glamorous life is in he west. Women usually want something or someone new and interesting, to peak their interest, and men are the keepers of the homestead (largely). Your whole premise is that Korea should be a place for Koreans, doing Korean things with Korean people, it seems. Simply put, thats never been the case, it was only public denied in speech from the maybe the 50s to the 90s, but intl marriages with local women have always happened, they just went abroad and didnt come back. Diversity in media? Its just something to look at. Korean tv is rather boring and lacking of content, dont you think. The US has the reality tv, and Korea has that and this.

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