Thursday, February 12, 2015

Popularity of Plastic Surgery in Korea Proves How Shallow & Stupid Koreans Are.

There is a certain basic standard of beauty, but beauty or attractiveness is as much about the differences/uniqueness as about the ‘ideal’. For example, if everyone looked like a Barbie Doll, all the women in the world might be pretty, but they would also be boring. They would be ‘plastic’. Anyone with real aesthetic sense knows this. Any people with racial and cultural pride know this. Any individual with a strong sense of self knows this. But Koreans lack aesthetic sense, racial-cultural confidence, and individual pride. They just look to whatever happens to be the Prevailing Standard around the world and try to imitate it. So, if the Western Standard of beauty is dominant, Korean girls try to look ‘white’. (Though Korean women who get plastic surgery often insist they are not trying to look white, their requests for treatment usually make them look more like white people.) And if a certain kind of hyped look becomes fashionable in Korean culture — through trashy K-Pop where women strut around like prostitutes or through soap operas that showcase the inane fantasies of vapid pretty boys and girls — , so many young woman want exactly the same kind of looks.
And since Koreans lack a strong sense of individuality, anyone who lacks the Fashionable Look feels inadequate and wants to go to a plastic surgeon so that she(or even he) will look just like cartoon-like K-Pop or Soap Opera star. Koreans as a whole want to look white and hate looking Asian.
Korean-American women go for what might be called ‘ovarian plastic surgeries’ by marrying non-Korean men. Though they might not get plastic surgeries themselves, they want their own children to look white instead of ‘chinky’. So, they marry white men. As black pop culture has become prevalent in America, increasing number of Korean-American women now want children that look half-black. Koreans and Korean-Americans are mental slaves who always want to put out or surrender to the Prevailing Fashion, Norm, or Ideal. Just like all those North Koreans mindlessly surrendered to communism and all those South Koreans mindlessly surrendered to Christianity(the religion of America as the Great Power), many Korean and Korean-American women want to aesthetically surrender to the ‘superior race’.
So, Korean women get plastic surgeries to look more like ‘superior’ white people, and Korean-American women want to have kids with white or black men since whiteness and blackness are regarded as superior to yellowness. When a Korean-American woman holds an Eurasian or Afro-Asian baby in her hands, she feels so blessed because her child has been infused with the genes of the ‘superior race’. She is loathe to take the seeds of ‘inferior’ Asian men that will make her children look ‘ugly and chinky’. Indeed, many Korean-American women feel disgusted at the idea of having children with Asian men. Not only do they look down on Asian men as shorter and less manly but they are afraid that children they might have with Asian men will be inferior as ‘chinky little Asians’.They won’t admit it, but action speaks louder than words. Based on the behavior of many Asian-American women, we know that they see white men and black men as racially superior to Asian men. Asian-American women want Eurasian or Afro-Asian babies that are supposedly superior to pure Asian babies since mixed-race babies of Asian mothers received the genes of the superior races of whites or blacks.
Though Korean-American women feel this way more than Korean women do, plenty of Korean women feel the same way. Why do so many Korean women get plastic surgeries? Because they wish they’d been born of Asian mother and European father. They feel ugly because they look ‘too Asian’. So, they go to a plastic surgeon and ask to be altered so that they will look Eurasian. As the result, they all end up looking similar to one another. They may look pretty in the conventional sense, but they no longer look real or human. They look like interchangeable plastic dolls, and surely, only a people without sense of culture and genuine aesthetic sensibility would prefer such looks to what is human, unique, special, and different. What’s the point of making everyone look like a mannequin or one of those Japanese cartoon characters, most of whom look 99% alike except for hair color? That’s plastic and artificial, not human and organic.

True beauty is about differences as well as the basic standard. If you get rid of differences and just promote the basic standard, it leads to the mannequin-ization of the world. Also, it favors the Ideal over the Real. When the Ideal — usually a shallow or trashy image promoted by Pop Culture — overtakes the Real, people end up with unrealistic expectations of life. They will no longer be satisfied with real people in the real world since they are obsessed with the dream of attaining the Ideal in terms of how want to look, what kinds of lovers they want, and what kinds of children they want. This is a sickness ailing both South Korea and Japan. As both nations are so saturated with Pop Culture images, most Asian men are dissatisfied with Asian women, and most Asian women are dissatisfied with Asian men. They are hooked to Hollywood images and Hip Hop images of what is cool and what is not. Thus, Asian men and Asian women have come to devalue one another. Asian men dream of having girlfriends that look like Japanese anime characters, and Asian women dream of having white or black boyfriends with whom they can have ‘racially superior’ babies that look less Asian and more white/black. It’s no wonder that birthrates have plummeted in both nations. Men and women have developed unrealistic and self-loathing aesthetic sensibilities and sexual appetites.
What would be best for Asian societies is a revival of humanism. Humanism makes people appreciate fellow humans for what they are. It emphasizes character, morality, goodness, and personality. It’s not only about looks and whatever happens to be fashionable or ‘cool’, which are vapid and shallow qualities of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. And once Korean men and women learn to value each other as humans instead of mannequins or pop star ideals, they will have a better chance of appreciating each other as members of the shared race, culture, and nation. And then, the race and culture can survive and carry on. But what prevails today in Korean culture today is murderous to the soul and suicidal of the race. It’s turning young Korean women into whores and turning Korean men into a bunch of wanna-be pimps who judge everything based on looks. Worse, Korean concept of beauty lacks any real aesthetic sensibility since Koreans don’t understand that what is truly special about beauty is as much about the differences/eccentricities as about standards and models. Koreans need to value their differences from other races and nations instead of trying to look just like them. And every Korean individual needs to value his or her own special looks instead of trying to conform to some Ideal promoted by stupid K-Pop or Soap Operas. This isn’t to say that everyone is beautiful. Most people range from acceptable to attractive. Only a few people are truly beautiful. But whether beautiful, average, or ugly, we should value differences and variations than submit mindlessly to the Single Standard that promotes nothing but shallow conformism and rejection of self. Whether of the mind or body, we need to think and look differently as well as uphold the common standard. Yes, there are common standards to thoughts and beauty, but if everyone thought alike, they’d be robots, not humans. And if everyone looked alike, they’d be mannequins or anime cartoon characters, not real people.

Of course, there are certain exceptions when we can understand why someone who is especially deformed or ugly might want some kind of reconstructive surgery. But otherwise, we need to favor the Real that is human over the Ideal that too often fake and artificial.

If Jeanne Moreau were Korean, she would go to a Plastic Surgeon and ask to be made to look like a Barbie Doll. That’s how dumb Koreans are.


  1. I wouldn't say they are necessarily trying to look white. They don't look white at all.

    Not all Asians look like Koreans. Hence not all Asians have the features that Koreans are trying to get rid of (wide jaw, oversized cheekbones, moonlid, small eyes).

    These girls look like Asians that don't have the typical Korean look, but not white.

  2. Id say it has to do with the lack of self-esteem and the lack of individualism. Lack of resources and the poverty mindset of idealistic superiority: being perfect, doing perfect, etc. Its now a mix of Korean "hungry spirit," western media ideals (body types), and internet fodder. I remember some guy and I talking in the 90s saying how Korean guys didnt like big boobs, and now, its everything (and thanks to the milk and meat consumption boom in the 80s (US supported iirc), its a natural reality. Lovely stuff :)