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Response to The National Interest's "Here's How to Deal with North Korea" by Terence Roehrig

We need to approach this with a bit of historical background and political context.

Before America spouts off about North Korea, it must begin with the historical admittance that North Korea is largely an American creation.
Roosevelt wanted Stalin to flush out the Japanese in North China. So, he offered Stalin Korea as a trophy. He offered ALL of Korea to Stalin. Had this deal been executed, all of Korea would have turned communist/Stalinist, and there would have been no divided Korea, no Korean War.
Korea would simply have been a communist-Stalinist tyranny, given to Stalin on a silver platter by Roosevelt. For Roosevelt, Korea was nothing. Korean people meant nothing. What did it matter if Koreans, after 35 yrs of Japanese colonization, came under Stalinist tyranny?

Roosevelt told Stalin to take all of Korea. Turn it into a Soviet puppet and satellite. Roosevelt had an affection for Stalin and felt zero sympathy for all of his victims.

But as the Soviet invasion of North Asia approached, Truman asked Stalin to take just half of Korea. Let's cut it like a cake, with USSR taking half and US taking half. Neither Stalin nor Truman cared on iota about how Koreans would feel about their nation being cut up thus. But Koreans were weak and had no say in their nation's fate. So, Stalin and Truman divided one people/nation and made it two. This division wasn't decided by Koreans. It was IMPOSED on Koreans by the great powers.

Around the same time, US and USSR also decided to do a number on the Palestine. Send Jewish refugees there in huge numbers, cut up Palestine in half and give half to Jews. Did Palestinians have any say in this? Zilch. Nada.
As with Korea, it as imposed on Palestine. Even though Palestinians outnumbered Jews by a huge margin in 1948, Jews got half the land. But then, Jews had powerful connections in US and USSR. Palestinians had none. Palestinians got angry and rightfully rebelled against this UN-mandated imposition. Zionists exploited the crisis and took ALL of Palestine.

Palestinians are living under the consequences of that decision to this day. To this day, neither US nor Russia has ever admitted their crime against the Palestinian people nor apologized.

Likewise, US never admitted that it cut up Korea, a nation that had nothing to do with WWII or Pearl Harbor. If any Asian nation deserved to get cut up, it was Japan. After all, Germany got divided in WWII. Germany and Japan were aggressors. Korea was a victim of Japan for 35 yrs. But the great powers decided to cut up Korea like it's a piece of cake.
So, one day, Koreans woke up to find out that their nation was suddenly divided. The great powers said Koreans were 'liberated', but the people in the North and people in the South were instantly made into enemies.
Just like Stalin and Hitler divided up Poland in 1939, US and USSR divided up Korea in 1945.

Dividing a nation that had done nothing wrong was a great crime. But US, that always pressures Japan to apologize about WWII, has never admitted it committed a crime in Korea and Palestine. In some ways, Palestinians got it worse. They lost their homeland forever to Zionist newcomers.
Korea, though divided, still belongs to Koreans. But one national family had been torn apart by two great powers that installed puppet regimes.

As terrible as things turned out for Palestinians--and US has never been an honest broker in the negotiations between Jews and Palestinians--, they didn't suffer anything like the Korean War. Stalin armed North to invade and unify the country. Meanwhile, US denied the South adequate arms to defend itself. Furthermore, US declared publicly and internationally that US would not commit to defending South Korea. Acheson specifically left South Korea out of US perimeter of defense. It might as well have been a green light to attack.
North invaded, and Korea was about to be unified. But then, America decided to change it mind AGAIN. It decided to get involved. Not only to get involved but to unite the peninsula and use it as launching pad for war against Mao's China. So, US dropped more bombs on North Korea than all the bombs dropped by all sides in the Pacific War in WWII. Possibly millions died in what was air holocaust. It was indiscriminate bombing of civilians.
US goes on and on about the Holocaust but never admitted this massive holocaust from the air on civilians in northern Korea.

After 3 yrs and expanded war with entry of Chinese forces, after so much destruction, the war ended along the 38th parallel. Great Powers trampled all over Korea and turned it into one vast wasteland of bomb craters and shells, with 3 to 4 million dead.

But the American narrative is 'we wonderful Americans saved South Korean from the evil communist north'. Never mind that America played an instrumental role in allowing Stalin to take Korea. Never mind that Truman divided Korea like a cake with Stalin. Never mind that US sent signals that encouraged the North to invade the South. Never mind that US committed massive air holocaust on North Korea, a great boon to the US military industrial complex. American narrative on North Korea is a joke.
And South Korea, as the prostitute of the US, has gone along with the ridiculous narrative of US as the noble savior of South Korea.

Of course, North Korea is ruled by an evil regime and their view of history is even more ridiculous.
But one thing North Korea and US have in common is silence about the true nature of how Korea came to be divided. North Koreans don't want to discuss it because they will have to admit that North Korea was largely a creation of America. Had Roosevelt not promised Korea to Stalin, Soviets wouldn't have taken Korea. And if Stalin and Truman had not cut up Korea like a cake, it would never have been a divided country.

That is the historical context. Yes, North Korean regime is sick and disgusting. But to the extent that US played a key role in its creation, US should admit its historical record loud and clear. As long as US is unwilling to do that, it cannot be trusted.
On the issue of Korean history, US is worse than Japan on its record in WWII. As for the US role in the destruction of Palestine and the ongoing tyranny of the Palestinian people, US is a total disgrace.
I find it amusing that US should lecture Japan about its abuses in WWII but US is so silent about its own abuses in Philippines -- Japan recognized America's possession of Philippines just when US happily recognized Japan's takeover of Korea -- and its role in the Zionist colonization of Palestine. Today, Palestinians live under apartheid conditions in the West Bank, but US cheers on the Zionists. Such behavior ought to alert Koreans as to the true nature of Americans.

Let us recall that Roosevelt had offered a peace plan to Japan: If Japan pulled out of China proper, it could keep Manchuria, Korea, and Taiwan. And then, US would resume selling oil and steel to Japan. So, America never cared about Korea. If Japan had made the deal(instead of bombing Pearl Harbor), US would have been okay with Japan ruling over Manchuria, Korea, and Taiwan. And then, Korea would have been wiped off the map under Japanese colonization. And to this say, US would be shaking hands with Japanese and would be supporting Japanese rule over Korea, just like US fully supports Zionist occupation/colonization of Palestine.
And if Korean patriots were to commit acts of violence against Japanese to free themselves, US would have agreed with Japanese colonizers that Koreans are 'terrorists', what Palestinians have been labeled as for resistance.

So, this US-Korea partnership is purely an accident of history. America never had any goodwill toward Korea. To the US, Korea was just a piece of chess piece. Because Japan attacked US and its empire was destroyed, Korea fell into the possession of US and USSR. They toyed with it like two cats toying with a mouse.

That's the historical context.

Let's look at the current political and cultural context. US is currently run by Zionists and their allies. They see the world in terms of "Is it good for Israel?" They hate North Korea for the simple reason that it has been friendly with nations that Israel doesn't like.

So, even though the best thing for Koreans is to reduce tensions in the region and wait for North Korea to change its way, US goes out of its way to increase tensions. So, Bush II called North Korea one of the 'axis of evil' right after invading Iraq. North Koreans naturally panicked and accelerated its nuclear program to prevent a possible US invasion. Yes, even evil regimes try to defend themselves when backed into a corner. And why would any nation, good or bad, ever trust Americans?
After all, look what US did to Iraq and Libya. US and EU messed up Libya in the name of defending protesters, but they didn't lift a finger to save Palestinians when Israeli jets and missiles were turning Gaza into rubble. US also messed up Ukraine by funding thugs to overthrow a democratically elected government. US also used pussy riot and other subversive groups to undermine Russian culture, values, and sovereignty.
Yes, US is run by an evil regime too.

So, US doesn't want reduced tensions in Korea. If anything, US goes out of its way to increase tensions. US doesn't want Korea to be eventually reunited. If that were to happen, there would be no more need for US troop presence in South Korea. A united Korea would grow closer to China. A united Korea would no longer need to buy military systems from America.
Indeed, it is by increasing tensions between north and south that US can sell more weapons to south Korea. American War profiteers don't care about Koreans. They only care about money.

Also, a united Korea would grow more nationalistic. American globalists see South Korea as a cultural and political puppet of the US. Americans want South Koreans to reject their Korean identity and heritage and instead identify with Hollywood and MTV. Americans praise South Koreans who get blonde hair and plastic surgery to look white. Americans encourage South Korea to practice open borders so that South Korea will become diverse like a Latin American country whose diversity is the product of conquest, colonization, rape, and slave trade. US wants South Korea to become like Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the US. It wants South Korea to become like Hawaii. Not a sovereign nation but the 51st state of America. Wall Street Journal never tells Israel to take in non-Jewish immigrants but it tells South Korea to open the gates to massive non-Korean immigration.

If North and South were to unite, all Koreans will focus on nationalism, their own identity and pride. They will grow in national pride. Their main objective will be to work together to rebuild their nation that had been divided by great powers. Why would American globalists want that? American globalists want to deracinate Korea and make South Korea like Hawaii. In Hawaii, the native Hawaiians are now only 25% of the population. US wants a South Korea where Koreans will become a minority in their own homeland. Americans want Koreans to adopt 'gay marriage'. In America, cake shops and flower shops are sued and destroyed for not servicing 'gay weddings'. US wants South Korea to adopt 'gay marriage' and destroy all Korean businesses that won't cater to 'gay weddings'. And US is using Korean-Americans and American-educated Koreans as collaborators to totally change Korea along American vision. It's like the general said in FULL METAL JACKET. "Inside every gook is an American trying to get out." Just as Korean collaborators under Japanese rule helped their Japanese masters to turn Korea into Little Japan during colonization, Korean-Americans and American-educated Korean collaborators are doing the bidding of American overlords to turn South Korea into Little California. Those collaborators are nothing but running dogs of American globalism.

But if south and north were to unite, they will become more consciously Korean and proud. They will reconnect with their Korean roots and identity. They will come to appreciate Koreanness more.

While North Korea is a poor and nasty country, there is one thing that is more positive among North Koreans than among South Koreans. North Koreans are proud to be Korean. They are proud to look Korean and be Korean. In contrast, South Koreans have been culturally colonized by America. South Koreans hate the way they look. They go for plastic surgery to look white. Korean media choose actors and singers who look white. Koreans dye their hair blonde. South Koreans may be proud of their phones, cars, and computers, but as a race, they are a self-loathing people.

They are like a nation of Asian Michael Jacksons who want to change into a different race. Instead of appreciating their own race, heritage, and history, South Koreans are addicted to the opium of pop culture. They watch MTV and want to look like Americans.

British sold opium to turn Chinese into mind slaves who won't rise up and fight for China. US uses pop culture to turn people around the world into mentally colonized slaves of American colonialism. Notice that American interest in korean culture is all about trashy K-pop and idiots like Psy who act like clowns. Americans have no interest in Korean history, culture, heritage, and etc.

And stupid South Koreans, hooked to junky pop culture, have been severed from their roots. They look in the mirror and feel ugly because they don't look white. Like Michael Jackson, they try to change their face and hair to look like Americans.

South Korea may be an economic success story but it is a total disaster culturally and morally. It is a crass vapid wasteland of narcissism, hedonism, and trashiness. And if South Korea becomes ever more like this -- and even adopts something so decadently western like 'gay marriage', -- it will grow so apart from the North that reunification will become impossible.

North Korea is a horrible country, but at the very least, Koreans there are proud to be Korean. In the South, Koreans have democracy and money, but they hate themselves and want to look white.

South Korean women have become so self-loathing that they don't even want to have Asian-looking babies. And South Korean men have such hard time finding Korean wives that they import wives from Vietnam and other countries. And as South Korea fills up with foreigners and becomes less Korean, it will have less in common with North Koreans, and the two Koreas, tragically divided by the great powers, will never unite. And Americans will laugh and be happy about it.

North Korean regime is sick. But it cannot last forever. The proper thing is to avoid doing anything that might provoke the regime. Play it cool. Be patient. Let time heal the wounds. South Koreans must reject any American demand or action that will only inflame tensions in the region. South Koreans must know that US does NOT want Korea united. And South Koreans must know that US sees Korea as a puppet and prostitute. US pretends as though South Korea is a 'partner', but it's all just show. South Koreans should study how American deal with the Israel-Palestinian conflict. US pretends like it's a fair partner, but in reality, it totally favors Zionist Colonizers against Palestinians. Indeed, until Japan began to invade all of China, US and Japan were very close. And US had totally accepted and supported the Japanese colonization of Korea, just like US today totally accepts the Zionist colonization of Palestine.

And Americans have no special concern for Koreans. US will side with Japan and snub Koreans if it's in their interests.
In the 1980s, US felt hostile toward Japan and got closer to China.
Today, US feels hostile to China and cozies up to Japan.
There's no principle there. It's just a game of power play.

South Korea must deal with all nations, but it must not trust any. It must not trust United States that used lies and distortions to mess up the Middle East. Look what US policy did to Iraq, Syria, and Libya.
Look how US policy in Asia only raised tensions between South and North Korea.

koreans must stop acting like dogs. What US and USSR did in the Korean War was a form dog-fighting. They used Koreans like dogs to fight one another.

Koreans must stop being fooled. It will take time for South and North to finally reunify, but the first step must be reduced tensions.
While the North deserves blame for some of the tensions, it should be clear by now that the US loves provoking tensions as well.

US wants a divided Korea. US wants to sell weapons systems to South Korea.
US wants South Koreans to reject their own Koreanness and become addicted to globalist pop culture. US wants Koreans to practice open borders and want Koreans to mix blood with non-koreans so that South Koreans will become racially different from North Koreans. Once south koreans are thus made to identify more with non-Koreans, they will be less likely to reunite with North Koreans who are proud to be Korean in looks and blood.

US wants South Korea to adopt 'gay marriage' and destroy all businesses that wont' cater to 'gay weddings, as is already the case in the US.
IN other words, US wants South Korea as a colony of the US.

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