Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What Is Cuck-Korea or CucKorea?

Korea is like a Dog to the US Globalist Power.
What is Cuck-Korea or CucKorea? In light of the infamous meme emanating from the Alt-Right, it is useful to think of South Korea and Korean-America in similar terms, though the term may also apply to North Korea in a different context. The Alt-Right meme is ‘cuckservative’, and it refers to a white conservative who serves the interests of other peoples than his own. After all, the core principle of conservatism is to honor, defend, and preserve one’s own identity, territory, interests, and destiny. But most white American and European conservatives have become hapless and spineless ‘cuckservatives’ who stand up not for white American or European interests but for the interests of OTHER peoples, especially Jews(and some degree of blacks — and even Muslims in Europe). The term ‘cuckservative’ is a portmanteau of ‘cuckold’ and ‘conservative’. The term ‘cuckold’ in this case has both metaphoric meaning and sexual-racial connotation. Metaphorically, it refers to a peculiarly invasive strategic behavior among certain organisms of tricking the host organism into serving the parasites and their young. The most famous example is the cuckoo bird that deposits its eggs in the nest of other species of birds, such as reed warblers. The cuckoo hatchling destroys the eggs or the hatchlings of the host birds that are fooled in taking care of the cuckoo chick as their own. So, even though the cuckoo hatchling is an invasive usurper, the host birds expend all their energy toward feeding and raising it. In human terms, a ‘cuckold’ is a man who unknowingly raises the child of another man who secretly impregnated his wife. The behavior of the cuckoo bird and other similar organisms can be seen the video below:

But there is another meaning to ‘cuckold’ in the American parlance, and it has to do with interracial sex involving black men and white married couples. The cuckold-fetish-as-social-phenomenon isn’t about a man’s wife secretly becoming pregnant with another man’s child. Indeed, it’s not about pregnancy at all but about the game of extra-marital sex. Also, the husband knowingly participates in the act by observing his wife having sex with another man(usually black, more muscular, and with a bigger penis). This is almost always about white man watching his white wife(though the wife could be Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, or whatever) having sex with a black man. It produces both agony and joy of masochism for the white man who, at once, wallows in self-pitying humiliation and thrills in the sight of his wife getting excited by the act.
Cuckold phenomenon is especially charged for the white man vis-a-vis the black man because the white man had dominated humanity for several centuries, indeed to the point where white males came to be synonymous with world power. And the white man especially gained dominance over the black-man-as-slave in the New World. For so very long, white male self-image became one of strength and pride, indeed mastery of the world. So, it was especially humiliating for the white man to lose to the black man in sports and then in sex. It is all the more disturbing because the cuckold phenomenon not only subverts the ‘racist’ dominance of the white man over other races but also undermines the Liberal notion that all races are equal. It would have been less problematic for the white man to abandon racial superiority in favor of racial equality. But black dominance in sports and street/school violence has proven beyond a doubt that the white man is no match for the black man in physical confrontations. And over the years, increasing numbers of white women have taken notice and abandoned white males in favor of black ones. Indeed, many white women even prefer tough abusive black boyfriends to nice but weaker white boyfriends.

In the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, true racial equality has failed to materialize in the US. Social critics blame this on the ‘legacy of slavery’, and that factor certainly can’t be overlooked. But, American social reality also reflects lingering racial differences rooted in nature and biology. Jews dominate finance, media, academia, law, and high-tech because of their higher intelligence. Blacks dominate sports because they are stronger and more muscular. They dominate popular music because they have louder voices. And black males dominate interracial sex because increasing numbers of white women are turned on by black muscle and larger penis. And because white women are seen as the most desirable, many black men reject black women and chase after white ones.
Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rights Movement was premised on the notion that all races were equal under the skin and that racial differences would gradually fade away as social barriers were removed. Instead, America ended up with a new reality whereby different races excelled in different things, thus leading to new widening inequalities. And the most traumatic realization for white male psychology was that the white man cannot measure up to the black man in the ‘tough guy’ department. In a nutshell, one could argue that Power of Nature destroyed the promises of the Civil Rights Movement. Nature demonstrated beyond a doubt that racial differences are real. Getting rid of social barriers brought forces of nature into play, and nature chose the new winners and losers. And Nature ignores the rules of Politically Correctness. Nature sneers at ideology and plays by its own rules.
'Cuckservative' meme
Anyway, the meme ‘cuckservative’ is the political equivalent of ‘cuckolding’ as a sexual practice. If a sexual ‘cuckold’ is a white man who surrenders his manhood and submits to the superiority of the black man who is allowed, indeed welcomed, to have sex with his wife in front of his eyes, the political ‘cuckservative’ is a craven ‘conservative’ who prefers to serve the interests of other groups than his own. As with sexual cuckoldry, ‘cuckservatism’ is all about power relations. In the case of sexual cuckoldry, the white man invariably surrenders his wife and his pride to the dominance of the black man who is deemed superior for having more muscle, bigger penis, and more stamina. The white man admits that the black man is his superior, therefore believing that his wife should enjoy sex with the black man while he willingly succumbs to the inferior status of the submissive cuckold.
In the case of ‘cuckservatism’, it’s mostly a matter of white gentile conservatives serving the interests of Jews, blacks, and homosexuals. But above all, it is the Jews whom the ‘cuckservatives’ serve most loyally since Jewish elites control American finance, media, law, and government. Jews are more heavily represented in the Democratic Party, but they also dominate the Republican Party establishment. Among the richest donors to GOP(Republican Party) candidates are Jewish oligarchs. Indeed, most American politicians are little more than puppets or errand boys for the Jewish elites.
But the GOP is slavish not only for financial reasons. There are also historical and moral considerations. Because the religion of America is ‘white guilt’ about Black Slavery and the Holocaust — all white gentiles have been smeared with the collective guilt of ‘antisemitism’ — , the Republicans are at a disadvantage. Because Jews have controlled the media and academia, they got to decide which Historical Narratives and Moral Themes should dominate public consciousness. Jewish Power Elites almost always suppress all narratives and themes that involve Jewish historical crimes. Jews only emphasize ‘historical crimes’ carried out by white gentiles against the Jews and their useful allies. Jews hardly mention the fact that black slaves were captured by black Africans and sold to whites. Jews only emphasize ‘white guilt’ to gain moral and emotional control over white people who are paralyzed by white ‘historical sins’. Jews fear the prospect of white people gaining unity and identity since such awareness might grow into white pride and power that could challenge Jewish domination of America. Jews want white people to keep on feeling sorry like dogs.

Because the West is steeped in Christian culture — even in our post-Christian age — , Jews understand very well that the Guilt Mechanism is the key to controlling white people. In the West, white people have been made to feel especially guilty about Black Slavery and the Holocaust. Because most Jews and blacks, as holy victims, are in the Democratic Party, the Democrats have a Moral Advantage over the Republican Party. Since Republican Party has been unable to win over blacks, it desperately tried to score moral points by welcoming and pandering to Jewish Neo-conservatives. By serving the Neo-conservatives(or Neocons) even more fanatically than the Democratic Party serves Jewish interests, the GOP hoped to gain moral traction, especially in regard to Israel(that is said to be threatened by evil ‘Islamofascists’). Because white gentiles are at a moral and financial disadvantage in relation to the Jews, the GOP has gone to extreme lengths to serve the Jews and win their blessing. So, over time, the GOP became the party that serves Jewish interests than the interests of most Republican voters who are NOT Jewish and, if anything, have been harmed by Neocon policies such as ‘free trade’, ‘open borders’, ‘affirmative action’, and Wars for Israel.
Many conscientious conservatives and the honest voices on the Alt-Right have called out on the phoniness of America’s Conservative Establishment that is all-too-beholden to Jewish money and influence. Besides, why should white conservatives repress or reject their own racial identity and cultural heritage while pledging to do everything that advantages the pride and power of Jews? If Jews can work for Jewish identity and power, why can’t white European-American gentiles work for their own identity and power? According to American Conservatism, white people must NOT have a meaningful racial identity and cultural heritage. As for white, European, or Western historical narrative, it is to be controlled by Jews who overload it with elements that instill ‘white guilt’ and effectively paralyze the potential for white identity and white unity.

Now, why would the concept of ‘cuckoldry’ apply to Korea as in Cuck-Korea or CucKorea?
For starters, to any honest observer of modern Korean history and social reality, the answer should be rather obvious. Just like white gentile ‘cuckservatives’ serve Jewish interests than their own, Koreans or CucKoreans have been serving the interests of the Great Power, namely the ruling elite of the United States. And this servitude has operated on many levels: geo-political, social, cultural, intellectual/ideological, military-imperial, and sexual. Over the years, South Koreans and Korean-Americans have internalized a feeling of inferiority and backwardness(or ‘less-evolved-ness’) vis-a-vis America. Most Koreans think that Koreans and especially Korean-Americans exist solely to imitate, follow, obey, emulate, celebrate, serve, and seek the approval of the American Power and the American Way.
To an extent, such an attitude is understandable because it was objectively demonstrable that the US and the West were more advanced than the East in many areas: science, technology, medicine, philosophy, justice & theory of ethics, political management, & liberty. While the East also produced many thinkers who pondered the major themes of life, it was the West that led in the revolution of mind and heart. And even today, there are good reasons for Koreans to look to America since American individualism allows forward-thinking experiments in socio-political policy and moral progress. Korea is still too bound by a culture of hierarchy and obedience to produce the kind of individual and free thinking that is more often found in the West. In Asia, younger scholars are expected to defer to elders and wait their turn. Thus, much time and energy are lost in conforming to such an order than in the service of new insights, bold research, and honest criticism. Koreans, especially in the institutions, are afraid to say things that might upset the applecart and make older people lose face. There is a positive side to this because respect for age and experience is a genuine virtue. But facts and truth, the objectives of the scholarly profession, must favor commitment to honesty and courage over saving face and deference. Another problem with Korea is the rampant culture of corruption that permeates all of society. As the film BARKING DOGS NEVER BITE well illustrates, South Korea maintains a respectable facade over the compromised interior.

Of course, every society dons a pretty mask to hide ugly truths, but this discrepancy is more striking in Korea because of its long Confucian tradition and conceit of dignity, honesty, and truth when, in fact, most Koreans only paid lip-service to such virtues. Much too often, one’s position in life is Korea has been secured by bribery and connections than by honestly assessed merit. Furthermore, it’s difficult to judge merit in many fields since true individuality is stifled in Korea. Because Korean individualism is weak, many people are afraid to speak out against corruption lest they be seen as ‘trouble-makers’ than honored as truth-tellers. There was once a lively protest movement, but it showed that while Koreans can act as a group, they don’t necessarily know how to act as individuals. While collective protests can be useful on occasion, true social progress comes not from massive displays of force but from everyday behavior of individuals in all areas of life. Even if collective action were to officially change social/national policy, if individuals fail to live up to and practice the principles of Rule of Law, Korean society will revert to business-as-usual despite change in the law. (Why is Mexico far more corrupt than other democracies? Despite laws that are not unlike those in advanced democracies, Mexico has too many individuals who disregard principles and bend the rules as they please.) It’s easy to show courage in a crowd of protesters organized by others. It’s far more difficult to be brave as an individual on a daily basis. It’s easy to be one of the thousands shouting "End corruption". It is not so easy to blow the whistle on corruption as an individual in an industry or institution. It isn’t easy to be Edward Snowden, and sadly, his troubles suggest that the West is becoming more like the East in its concentration of power and suppression of individual conscience. (South Korea abounds in trashy faux-individuality of dressing like whores and dyeing one’s hair in the colors of anime characters, but that’s not true individuality. Certain Korean film directors are to be lauded for true individualism, a commitment to truth and personal vision, which cannot be said K-Pop trash. If anything, pop culture destroys true individuality because it urges impressionable young people to conform to fads and fashions[marketed by the cynical entertainment industry]than to think on their own. Also, individuality defined by looks and style tends to have a depreciating effect on the individuality marked by critique and intellect.)

Now, United States is no paradise. Worse, the insane cult of Political Correctness has undermined freedom of inquiry, research, and debate in both US and the EU. There are many subjects, topics, and issues that American academics and journalist are afraid to go near, and if they do, they do so with disingenuous terminology and PC jargons. There is a climate of fear in the academia and media. The justification for Political Correctness is ostensibly the need for sensitivity for the ‘less privileged groups’(usually non-white), but the bigger(albeit unstated)reason is that Jews rule America and want to keep white gentile Americans feeling guilty and shameful about ‘historical sins’ and ‘white privilege’ so that they, the whites, will never summon up the requisite pride and confidence to come together and challenge Jewish Power. Another reason for Political Correctness is the abject fear of blacks. Because blacks are physically stronger, vocally more aggressive in their demands — even though blacks themselves cause most of the problems that sometimes lead to huge controversies — , and lacking in self-criticism & self-reflection, white people(as well as Asian, Hispanic, and Jewish peoples) are afraid of blacks and try to calm them down with faux-sensitive talk of the need for more ‘sensitivity’ and ‘justice’. Privileged white & Jewish ‘progressives’ try to appease black rage(which terrifies them) by treating blacks like children. Indeed, white Americans(and Jewish and Asian Americans) essentially see blacks as children who are bigger and stronger than adults. Since blacks are bigger & stronger and can easily beat up non-blacks and since many blacks(though certainly not all) are lacking in self-criticism, introspection, and empathy for other groups, the unspoken policy among non-blacks is to indulge angry blacks in a ‘special’ way. Treat them like children who are bigger than you. Since reasoned argument doesn’t work with blacks, pretend to understand them, care about them, and throw them some candy. Appease them in the hope that they will calm down and stop screaming, shaking their fists, and rioting. This is Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sander’s approach to blacks even though the Democratic Party since Bill Clinton’s presidency has been locking up record numbers of blacks and using gentrification to relocate blacks away from posh urban areas. Furthermore, because the New American Myth revolves around the holiness of MLK(Martin Luther King) and nobility of the ‘Negro’ stemming from slavery and past discrimination(usually referred to as ‘Jim Crow’), all Americans make believe that blacks are born with the holy blood of noble suffering, indeed as if victim-nobility is passed generation to generation by blood. Because of such a view, it doesn’t matter if blacks burn down cities, beat up teachers, make all sorts of threats, and lie endlessly with their ‘hate hoaxes’. Blacks must be revered, coddled, indulged, and appeased. And this ‘white guilt’ must be shared by non-black minorities as well.

So, even though there are lots of black-on-Asian violence in the US, Asians must also share in the ‘white guilt’ and feel sorry for blacks and side with blacks against whites(and even against Asians) even though Asians generally prefer to live with whites than with blacks and even though most anti-Asian racial violence comes from blacks. Because Asians are uninspired and wimpy, they are afraid to come up with their own racial or cultural narrative. Instead, they adopt the styles, attitudes, and narrative of other peoples. Since America is still a white-majority society, Asian-Americans adopt white attitudes and outlooks. If whites say whites must feel ‘white guilt’ about blacks, Asian-Americans(in their mental colonization by whites) also share in this ‘guilt’ even though Asians had NOTHING to do with black slavery in America or with ‘Jim Crow’.

Now, do white people or black people adopt what might be called ‘Japanese guilt’ for what the Japanese did in China and Korea? Or, do whites or blacks adopt what might be ‘Chinese guilt’ for what his happening in Tibet? Of course not. But Asian-Americans and even Asians in Asia feel they must adopt ‘white guilt’, as well as ‘black rap attitude’ because they have no identity and culture of their own. Therefore, Asian political sympathies are often shaped by what white and black people feel. If white people especially feel sorry for Jews and blacks because of the Holocaust and American slavery, Korean-Americans and even Koreans in Korea feel they must feel the same even though their own history had NOTHING to do with American slavery and European ‘antisemitism’.
What we have here is like a Colonization of Guilt, i.e. white people have colonized Asian minds with ‘white guilt’, and black people have colonized Asian souls with ‘black pride’. Korean minds, having been intellectually and culturally colonized by America, is a combination of ‘white guilt’ and ‘black pride’. Koreans morality is about serving the American Moral Narrative, and Korean pride is about borrowing the pride of blacks by imitating Rap, the culture of crime, drugs, thuggery, egomania, and prostitution in the black community.(White preferential compassion for blacks also has to do with the fact that blacks are perceived as ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ because blacks dominate sports, pop music, and sex culture. So, paradoxically, white favoritism of blacks as ‘victims’ is premised on the perception of blacks as ‘victors’. In contrast, there is far less white sympathy for American Indians — even though their victimization at the hands of whites was more tragic — because American Indians, a people of Asiatic origin, are not dominant in sports, pop music, and sex culture. And because whites see Asians as the ‘uncool’ race, no amount of black-on-Asian violence will garner much sympathy from whites for Asian victims. Worse, even Asian-Americans have internalized this white preference of blacks, especially since Asian-Americans are so trashily and mindlessly immersed in rap music and worship of black-dominated sports. This is why black-on-Asian violence remains a ‘dirty secret’, something that even Asians don’t dare to touch.) At any rate, there are so many cases of American Political Correctness gone crazy:

Given that repressive Political Correctness dominates so much of Western Discourse, one would think Korean or Asian academia and media would seek greater independence in research and discussion of social and historical matters. Indeed, one might assume there would be more intellectual freedom in the East since the Western intellectual thought and culture are now held hostage by PC domination. In certain areas of study, this is true enough, ironically in China, hardly a bastion of intellectual freedom. So often, the degree of intellectual freedom is a matter of social, historical, and political contexts. The powers-that-be selectively devise and enforce narratives that promote certain views while discouraging and even banning other kinds of views. In the West, Jews have gained dominant elite power, so they selectively formulate narratives and interpretations that encourage the kind of research and discussion that portrays Jews as heroes, saints, and/or eternal victims(of evil white gentiles) while discouraging and even prohibiting any views that question Jewish ‘historical crimes’ and abuses of power. Any criticism of Jewish character, culture, history, or power is summarily smeared and silenced as ‘antisemitic’, and the career of anyone who happens to be critical of Jewish power is destroyed. And such policy is enforced not only against white gentiles but against all peoples, such as Palestinians, who’ve been brutally oppressed by Jewish Zionists since the late 1940s. Even so-called ‘progressives’ like Bernie Sanders fully support the oppression of Palestinians, which is surely worse than what the Japanese did to Koreans in the Colonial Era(but Koreans usually side/collaborate with Jews because Jews are considered as more ‘cool’ than the Palestinians who cultural nobodies like Koreans used to be). Jews, who once supported the use of boycotts against Southern Segregation, are now using their political muscle to punish any business that dares to boycott brutal Zionist Occupation of Palestinian lands.

Anyway, even if the Western media and academia are hampered by Political Correctness, it is matter of ideology. Therefore, as long as the subject or topic is not taboo according to PC, freedom of research and discourse are not only allowed by encouraged in the West. The spirit of the West favors individuality and integrity in intellectual matters as long as they don’t upset the taboos of Political Correctness or PC. All societies have taboos depending on who gets to control the histories and narratives. In Korea, it is generally taboo to admire or praise any aspect of Japanese colonization of Korea. In South Korea, the elites ban favorable views of North Korea, and in North Korea, praise of South Korea can lead to serious punishment, even death. When Japan colonized Korea, it was taboo to be critical of Japanese rule. So, taboos are determined by who-has-the-power-to-control-the-narrative-and-symbols.
Jewish issues are more sensitive in Europe because Holocaust happened over there. In Russia, it is against the law to demean Soviet military actions during World War II. In South Korea, you can get in trouble with the law and/or the public if one is suspected of being pro-North Korea or praising Japanese colonialism. And the West is no different in this regard. Rules of Political Correctness in the West are determined by the Jewish elites who have the power to write and control the historical narrative. Nevertheless, as long as one works in areas that are safe from PC intrusion, genuine spirit of individual freedom still exists in the West.
Asian Conformism.
This isn’t true in Asia. Indeed, even if nations like Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan were sincerely committed to freedom of speech and open discourse, they would very likely lag the West for cultural and possibly even genetic reasons. Culturally, the education system of Asia stresses obsessive preparation to pass exams in order to enter top colleges. As such, students don’t learn how to think independently. They are only focused on studying ‘correctly’ in order to pass tests. They are not interested in ‘rocking the boat’ by learning how to think as individuals. Also, students who exhibit independence of mind may be disapproved by teachers or shunned by fellow students. He or she might be seen as presumptuous, disruptive, or disrespectful.
Given that the kind of students in Asia who make it to elite schools are the ones who most obsessively played by the rules, they are not good candidates for independent thinking. And since so much effort was expended to pass exams to be admitted into good colleges, students who do make the cut approach college as a vacation resort than a serious place of study. Therefore, intellectual culture suffers in the Asian academia.
So, if Asian college students want to learn something of value, they tend to attend American Universities, or even European ones. Look at the roster of Korean professors at top South Korean universities, and almost all of them were educated in America. (Unsurprisingly, these professors unwittingly end up playing the roles of collaborator-puppets of the globalist Jewish-American Empire. Since Asians in higher education don’t know how to think independently or critically, they suck up everything taught in American universities and return to Korea to regurgitate them to Korean students who, out of mindless respect for teachers, absorb them uncritically. Since American Elite Education is controlled by Jews, homosexuals, and globalist-Liberals, it is loaded with ideological and intellectual biases that favor American-dominated globalist agenda. [It appears the Chinese know a little more than childlike Koreans about the extent of Jewish power in America.] It is then not surprising that South Korean professors who studied in the US are little more than dog-like purveyors of America’s globalist-imperialism just like Korean professors educated in Japan during the Colonial period served — wittingly or unwittingly — as collaborators of the Empire of Japan in their creation of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere in which Korean collaborators felt honored to play a key role. Today, Korean-Americans and South Koreans feel honored to play the role of imitative dogs of the US Empire in military domination, promotion of political correctness, and spread of filthy popular culture that extols mindless thug violence and trashy whore antics.)
But there may also be a genetic factor as to why Asians lag in individuality as well:
"Mr. Wade argues that science and industry did not first arise in China partly because of millennia of conformist pressure. Chinese were relatively meritocratic, with the Mandarinate open to anyone, but the examinations mainly tested rote memorization. Mr. Wade points also out that Chinese rulers showed an utterly un-European lack of interest in science and exploration, and argues that this reflected long-bred traits of conformity and submission to authority."
Han Dynasty Civil Service Examination. Chinese Education stressed adherence to Official Wisdom and suppressed independent rational discourse that came to define the West. Even though modern Asians have adopted Westernization, they(especially Koreans) still slavishly and mindlessly copy and imitate than learn to think and figure things on their own. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions, but the general rule among Asians is submission to whatever happen to be 'official', 'authoritative', or 'most popular'. One reason why Koreans are so slavish to American Pop Culture is because they mindlessly worship and follow whatever happens to be the most powerful or 'popular' in the world. Koreans love playing toadies to the Big Boss or Big Brother. South Koreans serve Jewish-Homosexual American Power as slavishly as North Koreans serve the Kim Dynasty. Even socially & politically free South Koreans and Korean-Americans act like imitative slaves of Officialdom.
Some may argue that the reasons are purely cultural, but then, culture is partly an outgrowth and manifestation of the genetic traits of a people? After all, even when different peoples are given the same culture, they make different uses of it. Whites, blacks, and Asians practice Christianity differently. Blacks are more likely to be ‘colorful’ and rowdy, the Asians least so even though they worship the same God.

Some might argue that Asian-Americans are more individualistic and independent-minded than Asians in Asia, and outwardly this may appear so. Asian-Americans absorb American attitudes & culture, and they feel, think, and act more like outspoken Americans. But much of this is little more than mimicry. After all, Jews, blacks, and Italian-Americans developed their own styles and manners of expression. In contrast, Korean-Americans who are, for example, into rap culture are only imitating the black style and attitudes. They have failed to develop something uniquely and compellingly their own. And notwithstanding genuinely daring and original(at least comparatively speaking) thinkers like Amy Chua, most Asian-American scholars and activists usually just parrot whatever happens to be the prevailing fashion in ideas and attitudes. Asian-Americans never lead the way in coming up with new ideas in the West. Francis Fukuyama may be something of an exception, but the End of History theory wasn’t exactly profound. Some might cite Satoshi Kanazawa, but he’s been too much of a goof to take seriously. (Though Asian societies are more ‘conformist’ than Western ones, paradoxically Asians in Asia tend to be more original than ones in the West. Surrounded by fellow Asians and steeped in Asian culture, they feel more confident in saying their say and dreaming their vision. Akira Kurosawa and Yukio Mishima might not have achieved much if they’d grown up in America.) Most Asian-American scholars, thinkers, and activists have been followers and toadies, not leaders or independent/contrarian voices. With increasing representation of Asian-Americans in media and academia, one might think they would play the kind of role that Jews played in American cultural and intellectual life in the 20th century. But it hasn’t been the case. If up-and-coming Jewish writers and intellectuals in the earlier century had the energy, vision, and ‘chutzpah’ to challenge the prevailing truisms and orthodoxies of WASP-controlled America, Asian-Americans generally go along with the New Orthodoxy as established and enforced by Jews, homosexuals, and their white Liberal mental-servants. Asian-Americans never question the meaning of such loaded terms as ‘racism’, ‘homophobia’, ‘sexism’, ‘antisemitism’, and etc. that are used(and often abused) effectively to silence free debate in America. Instead, Asian-Americans swallow the pre-established dogmas whole hog and dutifully play the role of teacher’s pets. Increasing numbers of Asian-Americans may now have presence in media and academia, but there’s been little indication that they have the stuff to challenge and change paradigms like Jewish-Americans did many times over all throughout the 20th century.
Typical Asian trash whose so-called 'pride' derives from feeling ashamed of being Asian and desperately trying to look 'Aryan'. MTV Kore-Aryan-mania. The new 'Korean Identity' is about rejecting one's own genetics and taking on 'Aryan' appearance and putting on 'black' attitude. Imitative Trash of Asia.
There are some South Koreans and Korean-Americans who effect the outward style of the ‘radical’ or ‘bad girl’, but it’s in pure nonsensical imitation of MTV fashion or Hollywood mondo trasho. Since it’s oh-so-cool to get tattoos and nose-rings, some ‘edgy’ and ‘radical’ Korean-Americans follow in kind and pretend to be ‘different’ and ‘free-thinking’. As trashy as the current Western style may be, at least white people, black people, and Jewish people can take credit in coming up with their own styles and attitudes. In contrast, there is no Korean-American style. There is just inane Korean-American imitation of whites, Korean-American imitation of Evangelicals, Korean-American imitation of black rappers, Korean-American imitation of the homosexual agenda, Korean-American imitation of Political Correctness.
So, instead of questioning and challenging trendy but trivial political fashions like ‘micro-aggressions’, ‘triggering’, or ‘cultural appropriation’, colorless and dull Asian-Americans just follow lockstep behind the ideological fashions devised by other groups. Instead of developing and devising their own cultural narratives and unique perspectives, Asian-Americans — especially Korean-Americans who worship Americanism as a religion — imitate and even serve narratives and themes of other groups. Just like so many Korean-American women have become mistresses of successful American men, Korean-American community is like a mistress to America. One is more likely to see Asian-Americans supporting the homo agenda, Black Lives Matter nonsense, or Jewish-Zionist interests than their own agenda and interests. (In contrast, you don’t see non-Asians giving a damn about Asian matters. So, neither do Asian-Americans who are too busy 'cucking' out to the interests of OTHER groups. Indeed, it took Ron Unz, a non-Asian, to highlight the problems of Affirmative Action and how it may be rigged to favor Jews over Asian-Americans and white gentiles. Unz wrote: "Such timidity[of Asian-Americans} is far from surprising. Most prominent Asian activists are either affiliated with universities or have close ties with individuals who are. Regularly denouncing the perceived misdeeds of ‘white supremacists,’ rightwingers, or even merely Republicans is an easy position to take given that those groups possess negligible influence within the academic community. But Harvard University and its peers dominate higher education like a colossus, and leveling criticism against such targets is hardly conducive to academic career advancement. Thus Asians found in ethnic studies departments readily seek out the most obscure and insignificant examples of anti-Asian discrimination in throughout the wider world but remain totally silent about the massively visible biases in the most prestigious portions of their own academy.") And even when Asian-Americans challenge racial stereotypes, they do so in the most stereotypical manner. For example, Asian-American girls, in order to combat the stereotype of the ‘demure’ and ‘submissive’ Asian-American female, go out of their way to act ugly and demented like punk rockers. Instead of searching for true independence and individuality, they counter one stereotype by adopting(or appropriating) another. Their counter-stereotype is just another stereotype since they imitate established norms of rebellion(sort of nonsense on MTV) to score ‘coolness’ points with the non-Asian community. It’s just another form of conformism because their main motivation is to win approval from Americans whose official feminist-laced dogma says that women must be nasty and outspoken.
The imitative mindlessness of Asian-Americans or Asian-Canadians can be seen in this photograph. Look at the Asian woman second from right. Asians in America or Canada would never have come up with an idea, good or bad, like 'going topless in the summer. But since a bunch of pampered & deranged white women(with nothing better to do) made it a cause celebre, the Asian woman in the photo decided to join in too. Whether good or bad, Asians follow the lead of other peoples. They might as well be a race of lemmings.
Anyway, how does the concept of ‘cuckoldry’ apply to Koreans and Korean-Americans?
Just as ‘cuckservatives’ believe that they should serve Jews(and blacks and even homosexuals) instead of serving their own racial-cultural identity and interests, the majority of Koreans and most Korean-Americans believe that the main role of Korea and Koreans is to serve the Globalist Empire as controlled by Jewish-controlled America. Such attitude among Koreans has existed in one form or another long before Korea became occupied by the United States. For over millennia, the kingdom of Korea, as the small state next to big and mighty Empire of China, came to see itself as a servant, or mini-me of the bigger and greater power.
Korea as Mini-Me of a Greater Power
So, Korea developed an outlook of servitude and devotion to a power greater than itself. If Chinese felt they were part of a Middle Kingdom(the most important civilization in the world) and if Japanese felt they were unique in identity, culture, and values(geographically separate from continental Asia, especially as Japan had never been invaded prior to 1945), Koreans just saw themselves as the toadies of China or whomever happened to rule China(such as Mongols or Manchus). Indeed, even Vietnam developed more of an independent mindset. Because relations between China and Vietnam was often hostile — Beijing was much further away from Vietnam than from Korea — , Vietnamese developed more of a fierce fighting spirit and culture of resistance. Indeed, with zealous national will, they managed to defeat the French Empire, American Empire, and beat back the Chinese Empire(in the late 1970s). Also, because Vietnam was situated next to weaker Cambodia and Laos, it also developed a culture of self-importance and superiority vis-a-vis weaker neighbors. In contrast, Korea had pretty good relations with China for most of its history on condition that it bowed down to Chinese superiority. Also, as Korea only bordered bigger and mightier China, its entire political culture and power-dynamics came to be defined in terms of leaning ton one side to serve the Great Power. Korea had no weaker powers to contend with or lord over(and feel superior to), like the Vietnamese did with Cambodians and Laotians. So, Koreans historically developed a mindset of servitude to the one and only great power. Koreans don’t know how to stand straight and firm. They only know how to lean in one direction(of the great power). Korean isolationism was different from Japanese isolationism. Japan eventually developed a sense of centeredness. Even though Japanese didn’t see themselves as being at the center of the world(like the Chinese did with their concept of the Middle Kingdom), they regarded themselves as special and unique. Even if they didn’t see themselves as the best or greatest, they still valued their own identity and culture as precious and valuable in their own right. In contrast, even in their isolation, Koreans saw themselves as beholden to the greater power of China. (Of course, Japan is also becoming ‘Koreanized’ since the end of World War II. Having been invaded and humiliated by Americans and having grown utterly dependent on America for security and economy, Japanese pride of specialness and uniqueness has eroded. Japanese now see themselves increasingly as a mere extension of America. Japanese men no longer even feel deserving of their own women, increasing number of whom are going with bigger white and black men. Japan is now Cuck-pan.)
In the modern era, Korea was torn out of the Chinese orbit, but old habits die hard. In the first half of the twentieth century, Korea fell into the orbit of Japan, the new great power of Asia. Even though some Korean patriots resisted, most Koreans kept their heads low or even collaborated with the Japanese. To some extent, we can’t blame them because most people simply want to survive. They are ‘cowards’. Most people will not stick their necks out to defend their people or nation at the risk of losing their privileges, not to mention lives. Also, Japanese used carrots as well as sticks, and many Koreans were given opportunities to do pretty well(and even grow rich) under the Japanese. Koreans may look down on such traitors, but hasn’t South Korea essentially been a military, political, cultural, and sexual colony of the US since the end of WWII? Of course, Koreans gained lots of positive things from Americans, but then, it’s also true that Korea during Japanese colonization made considerable progress. At the very least, Japanese kept Korea whole whereas US colluded with USSR to cut and divide Korea like a cake, thus making Koreans hate and kill fellow Koreans in a horrible bloodbath.
In this sense, America has been just as much a curse, as well as a blessing, as the Japanese had been. Some will argue that Japanese went so far as to attempting to wipe out Korean identity and culture. But isn’t US-dominated globalism having the same effect on Korea? In some ways, the American way is more insidious and dangerous because it works like a mind-trick or con-game. Japanese attempt to wipe out Korean-ness was obvious, brutal, and blatant, and Koreans knew what was being done to them — it was like Turks trying to destroy Kurdish identity & heritage and assimilate into Turkishness. Japanese tried to ban Korean language and replaced Korean names with Japanese names.
Jewish-Americans work more subtly and deviously. They pretend to respect Korean culture and history but encourage Koreans to ‘globalize’ Korean identity into a marketable brand so that anyone can become ‘Korean’, like anyone can order a burger at McDonalds or cup of coffee at Starbucks. ‘Korea to Go’! According to this new concept of ‘Korean-ness’, if 10 million Mexicans, Africans, or Europeans come to Korea, learn some Korean language, and apply for citizenship, they are just as Korean as real Koreans. Once Korean identity is severed from its racial, cultural, and historical roots, it becomes shallow, generic, interchangeable, and meaningless. Korean identity becomes like putting on a mask, a baseball cap, or a t-shirt. Americans try to weaken and destroy Korean-ness not be banning it outright but by drugging and diluting it into the pool of globalism. So, the Korean Olympic track & field team rejects all real Korean candidates and recruits from Kenyan-African as the ‘new Korean’ to run for Korea.
If Japanese tried to force a Korean marathoner to run as a ‘Japanese’, Americans train and pressure Korean elites to broaden and dilute the meaning of Korean-ness to the point where Korea is to be represented in the Olympics by a non-Korean who is to be declared just as Korean as real Koreans. So, one’s racial, cultural, and historical roots in Korea don’t matter. Even if both of your parents have roots in Korea for over 2,000 yrs, you are no more Korean than a newcomer from Africa, Middle East, or Europe without a single drop of Korean blood and no ancestral/cultural/historical roots in Korea.
Sohn Kee-Chung(or Son Ghi-Jung) wanted to run as a Korean for Korea, but he was forced to run as a 'Japanese'. In New Global Korea where so many Koreans use plastic surgery & hair-dyeing to look 'Aryan' and imitate ghetto culture to feel 'black', the Korean Olympic Team rejects genuine Korean runners and recruits a Kenyan to run as a new 'Korean'. This is what has become of Korea under US-dominated globalism. And if Son Ghi-Jung was loyal to his motherland in his heart even if he was forced to run as a Japanese in body, the Kenyan runner is freely willing to abandon the nation of his father, mother, and ancestors to run for South Korea simply because he wants easy money and better life in more developed South Korea. His considerations are purely materialistic. Globalism perverts and corrupts all in its worship of Mammon and Celebrity. And I suppose if the Kenyan guy tires of Korean-ness and wants to be a new 'Japanese' or new 'German', he will ditch Korea and run for another country if the price is right. Korean-ness used to be priceless. Now, it's 'Korea for Sale'. It's a whore nation or Whorea. Of course, Koreans think it's so cool that a black guy is representing Korea since US and EU, the richest regions on Earth, have made blackness-in-sports so cool. Since so many advanced nations have black athletes, Korea feels it needs one too to show that it belongs in the Club Globo.
Diversity has always been the product of imperialism. Korea has been relatively homogenous because it was invaded less by other peoples(and besides, the invaders were fellow East Asians) and because it never invaded other peoples and brought them to Korea as slaves. But instead of feeling moral pride over this, the neo-imperialism of globalism shames Korea as being too ‘homogenous’ and ‘racist’, even though the much celebrated ‘diversity’ of the West is the product of massive imperialism, conquest, and enslavement-or-exploitation of other peoples.
'Diversity', something that the 'progressive' West takes so much pride in, has been the product of invasion, conquest, enslavement of other peoples, and even partial genocide. Should Palestinians celebrate 'diversity' of having been invaded and ruled by Jewish Zionists? Should Tibetans celebrate the 'diversity' of being ruled by Han Chinese. By the way, if the West loves 'diversity' so much, why was it so eager to break apart the diverse empire of the Soviet Union? You see, the West promotes or opposes 'diversity' depending on how it serves Western interests. Since Soviet Union was big and powerful, the West wanted all its diverse regions to break apart. But notice that the West doesn't pressure Israel to increase its diversity by allowing non-Jewish immigration or the Right of Return of Palestinians who'd been expelled from their homelands in 1948-1949. Since Jews rule the West and want Israel to be dominated by Jews, the West fully supports the Zionist policy of JEWISH-ONLY-IMMIGRATION. But since Jews want to weaken East Asia, they use Western media to urge Japan and Korea to open up to massive non-Asian immigration.
Because Koreans are mental and ideological slaves of America as the New Great Power — following China and Japan — , they rely on and employ American terminology, narratives, and ideological biases to understand the world. Koreans and Korean-Americans, being incapable of individual and independent thought, just take Western ideological assumptions & cultural trends and project them on Korea even though Korea has its own unique history and perspectives. If Koreans were to develop their own narrative, they should be pressing America to confess its wrongs and ‘crimes’ against Korea, especially in having supported Japanese colonization(prior to becoming enemies in WWII) and in having colluded with the USSR to cut Korea like a cake and set Koreans against one another in a horrific war where anywhere from three to four million Koreans perished, many in the holocaust from the skies raining with bombs from US planes. But, Koreans and Korean-Americans seem incapable of forming their own narrative. Instead, they act like slavish dogs before Americans and constantly apologize about South Korea not being everything (Jewish & homosexual)Americans want it to be. For example, most Korean-Americans are ashamed that Korea is less ‘evolved’ and inferior to America because Korea isn’t sufficiently ‘diverse’ and hasn’t yet legalized ‘gay marriage’. Never mind that the New World is diverse because of white conquest of natives and white enslavement of blacks. And never mind that the homosexual agenda has been promoted and enforced by powerful Jewish elites who merely use ‘gays’ as globalist-imperialist proxies to subvert and weaken the moral culture and pride of majority gentile populations. Even though US should be ‘apologizing’ to Koreans for what it did in 1945, Korean-Americans and even South Koreans grovel at the feet of America and beg forgiveness that South Korea isn’t fully to America’s liking. The Korean mentality suffers from battered-wife-syndrome. It prizes nothing more than approval from the US even though US treats Korea like a piece on a global chessboard and keeps provoking tensions with North Korea so that the Koreas will never unite. US wants to keep South Korea as its bitch and toady forever.
Sexually, politically, militarily, culturally, and ideologically, US will always see Korea as its whore and dog. But ever since South Korea became rich and Korean-Americans made the social-climb, they've become oblivious to the inequality of the power dynamics between US and Korea since they've been blinded by money, narcissism, and hedonism. Koreans now enjoy being the prostitute of the US since it pays handsomely. As far as most Americans are concerned, Korea should OBEY and PUT OUT to America on command. Americans don't believe anything that is independently Korean has any value. Instead, the only proper value for Korea is to follow America. Only the American Way is right for Korea, and therefore, Korea must simply follow in the footsteps of America. Refusal to do so means Korea is a bad whore or bad dog and must be taught a lesson. So, if US has 'gay marriage' and Korea doesn't, US doesn't respect Korea's reasons for not having it. US believes itself and only itself to be correct, and Korea must comply eventually because Korea's role is to obey and follow its master, the US. And Korean-Americans, as cuck-collaborators of the American Empire, fully agree.
Anyway, given Korean and Korean-American behavior, the term CucKorea isn’t much of a stretch. South Korea and Korean-Americans live for America’s approval. They worship America. They feel inferior to America and worship & imitate America as their master. Modern Korean Culture amounts to little more than observing what Americans ideas & fashions and fanatically imitating them. That is what passes for ‘progressivism’ in Korea.
In the past, even mere imitation did much good since America and Europe were indeed far ahead of the East not only in science and technology but in philosophy, ethics, legal theory & practice, and political organization. But the world has much changed, and we can no longer take fore granted that the West is more advanced in everything. Indeed, there is much about the West that is rotten, decadent, and putrid. Besides, if the West is so right and correct all the time, how come it abandoned so many of its fashions and passions since the 1960s? The constant change in the West is partly sign of health and dynamism but also a sign of triviality, impatience, and petulance. In order to properly understand the world, people need to observe carefully and think critically.
But Koreans don’t think about anything. They just worship whatever happens to be the Great Power & Wealth. The mere fact that US is the most powerful, richest, ‘coolest’, and ‘most badass’ nation on Earth is enough for Koreans to impulsively imitate the US without hesitation. In some ways, Korean imitation of America even tries to outdo America. Since Koreans lack true originality and individuality, they cannot claim the pride of invention or innovation for anything. They can only ‘own’ something through sheer fanaticism. So, Korean Confucianism long ago was even more fanatical than Chinese Confucianism. North Korean communism was far more extreme than even Soviet Stalinism. Korean capitalism became even more vulgar-materialist than American capitalism. (Koreans take nouveau riche antics to the limit. Korean parents will brag that their sons have Rolex watches. They will conspicuously drive around in BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus[even if they are heavily in debt] to show off that they are better than lowly Koreans who own a Hyundai or Kia. Some Korean parents spoil their children silly, raising them like princelings or princesses, and indeed the tyrant-clown of North Korea was raised in such manner. And there is also the phenomenon of Nouveau Sexy. Korean and Korean-American girls are so desperate to look hot, horny, and sexy[especially because Korea lacked the ‘cool’ factor for so long] that they try to outdo even American vulgarity and trashiness. They don’t just get natural tans but get scorched near-black in tanning spas and come out looking toasted. They do ridiculous things with their hair. They wear tight mini-skirts and show their cleavages and act like the whore in FULL METAL JACKET. And trashy Korean-American guys in Los Angeles area are into Nouveau Cool culture. Because Korea was deficient in the cult of the ‘cool’, the so-called ‘Korea Wave’ — mostly flotsam of K-Pop whore-culture and inane Korean Soap Opera that appeals to vapid women and vain homosexuals — makes Korean guys and girls finally feel ‘proud’. So, in fashion and style, Korean-Americans go out of their way to be so ‘cool’ by strutting around and imitating rappers, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and other vulgar trash. Given the ugly state that American pop culture has sunk to, the media often recruit Korean-Americans steeped in trash culture to serve as the Voice of Korean Identity and Culture.)
Sheeeeeiiiit!! Daaaaang!! He be so cool cuz he be imitating ghetto culture and shit. I am SO impressed!!
One of the original dumb-butts of Korean-American Trash Culture. My oh my, he is soooooooo cool, ain't he? He has a Big Tattoo!! How original!! How individualistic, given that millions of white and blacks fools did it already. What a great way to show appreciation to your parents, because, of course, they gave you life so that you can imitate ghetto thugs and splatter graffiti all over your skin. And I'm sure the Korean-American community is honored to have 'Koreatown' painted on his chest. And it would surely be a greater honor if he tattooed a Korean flag on his ass.
Koreans no longer believe in the value of anything Korean unless it somehow serves, flatters, or seeks approval from Americans. So, the Korean Olympic Committee will reject its own Korean people and recruit a Kenyan-African in the hope of winning multi-culti and Afrophiliac approval from America. (And maybe China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and etc. can also get some fast black African guy to run for them and win for their nations. Surely if a Kenyan can become a ‘Korean’, he can just as easily be ‘Japanese’, ‘Vietnamese’, ‘Chinese’, ‘Mongolian’, ‘Siamese’, ‘Malaysian’, ‘Laotian’, and etc. Thus, Korea will have led the way in de-Asianizing Asian sports by having Africans run as new ‘Asians’. Since Europe has done it, of course Korea must follow since Koreans are all about monkey-see-monkey-do. (Never mind Europe is destroying itself through the combination of low birthrates, mass immigration, and race-mixing.) It doesn’t occur to globo-crazy Koreans that the meaning of national sports isn’t simply to win. It’s about saying "this is us, whether we win or lose." After all, if national representation in the Olympics is all about winning, then all nations should get blacks to play in their basketball teams and hire big Iranians or Russians for their weight-lifting competitions. Korea is trying to remodel itself on the New World that seems so vast, rich, and powerful. But the New World is the product of imperialism, and its diversity came at the expense of the natives who, to this day, live in permanent state of dispossession and defeat. American Indians live in Reservations and depend on welfare and casino revenues to get by. The indigenous peoples of Latin America live under the power of white(Spanish) elites, are often brutalized by blacks(imported as slaves by whites), and mistreated by mestizos, the mixed-raced product of Spanish Conquistador rape of native women. It’s true that white conquerors and settlers in the New World achieved great things and constructed great powerful nations that brought forth much progress and prosperity. But Korean history is unique and different, and Koreans must define their own identity and culture without grafting the New World model onto them. Diversity is something the New World must grapple with because of its history of conquest, genocide, slavery, and massive immigration, which not only displaced indigenous natives but is now displacing white populations as well. Because cities like New York and Los Angeles are defined by constant change, it doesn’t matter to Americans if they were once populated and/or dominated by whites but are today becoming overrun with non-whites. If Koreans were to adopt such model for Korea, then it doesn’t matter if Seoul becomes, in the coming decades, majority Asian-Hindu, black African, or Chinese. If Koreans treat their own country like Americans treat California, then it doesn’t matter if Koreans are outnumbered in their ancestral homeland(for over 2,000 yrs) by massive influx of foreigners. Should Koreans see their nation as sacred motherland with ancient roots or some social experiment of ceaseless change whereupon it may cease to be majority Korean in the near future?
Diversity is unstable. Syria is being ripped apart by diversity. Diversity also undermines democracy since people vote along ethnic than ethic lines. Empires are unstable because they rule over diverse peoples. So, empires eventually break apart into more homogeneous units called nations that are more stable. Jews say 'diversity is our strength', and by 'our', they mean their own, not everybody's. As ruling minority elites, Jews fear a united homogeneous gentile majority. So, Jews seek to increase diversity among their gentile subjects and set them against one another, just like British imperialist elites manipulated and exploited diversity in India to make various groups distrust one another than unite together to overthrow British rule. Anyway, if empires are unstable because of 'diversity', then nations are stable because they are more homogeneous. Given that the whole point of nationhood was to reject and depart from the troublesome diversity of  empire, it makes no sense to increase diversity within the nation. That way, a nation just turns into a mini-empire,and again you have instability.
Given the problems of diversity, it makes no sense for Koreans to increase diversity in Korea because diversity often leads to dissension, distrust, and endless social tensions. If diversity is so good, maybe Manchuria, Korean, and half of Japan should be forged into one nation. This nation would certainly be more diverse than Korea or Japan. But, who thinks this new concoction will work better than Manchuria(as part of China), Korea, and Japan as separate entities? Isn’t it obvious from the Middle East that diversity is a powder keg. Also, diversity leads to ethnic politics, which usually turns poisonous. In a Korea that is all Korean, disagreements would be about policies and values. But if Korea were 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Indian, 1/4 Filipino, and 1/4 Korean, everyone would vote along ethnic lines, and national cohesion and trust would be near-impossible. Diversity in Brazil may be colorful and ‘vibrant’ on the outside, but it’s the source of never-ending headaches and traumas. While diversity can sometimes work(especially if there is a commanding majority, as in Singapore which is dominated by Chinese), it usually works far less well than homogeneity. (If Koreans have lots of problems with fellow Koreans — yes, they do — , things will become worse with too many non-Koreans. Foolishly, many Koreans may idealize foreigners because foreigners, in small numbers, seem to behave and act respectful in Korea. But things will change if there are too many of them. Also, because Koreans constantly bicker with fellow Koreans, they may romanticize foreigners in fits of escapist fantasy. But such always turns out to be a pipe dream.) So, why do Koreans try to increase diversity? Because the Cult of Diversity has become the new religion of America(and the West), and Koreans and Korean-Americans are incapable of thinking beyond the paradigm of following, imitating, appeasing, and seeking the approval of the Great Power. When Korea was in the Chinese political-cultural orbit, Koreans fanatically tried to prove themselves as the most Confucian of peoples, indeed even more so than the Chinese themselves. Today, as Korea is in the orbit of the Jewish-American Empire — most white American gentiles are brainwashed servile subjects of the Jewish elites — , and Koreans and Korean-American bend over backwards to prove that Koreans and Korean-American are the most deserving of American approval since they try so hard to Americanize in every way.
Of course, such Korean/American servility is masked by the fact that America pretends to be about ‘social justice’ and the power of ‘diversity’ that now champions the interests of underprivileged non-white minorities. But in fact, so-called ‘multi-culturalism’ doesn’t regard all races and groups in the same way. ‘Affirmative Action’ favors all blacks — even recent immigrants from Africa — over all Asian-Americans, even those from poor families and/or with roots in America going back to the 19th century. The national media controlled by Jews and Liberal whites sweep stories of black-on-Asian crime under the rug. In cases of black vs Hispanic violence, Jewish media favor blacks. Jews have no problem with blacks dominating sports in football and basketball — there are virtually no Asians(or Mexicans) in professional contact sports — , but the Liberal Jewish-controlled medai keep using code-words — they complain about ‘not enough blacks and browns’, but they are really upset that Asians are out-competing white Liberals and even some Jews — to pontificate about ‘too many Asians’ in elite schools. Obama makes a lot of noise about how black students are disproportionately suspended by makes no mention of the fact that this is so because black students are more likely to be aggressive, unruly, and threatening-bullying to white students, Hispanic students, and Asian students. Also, while Jewish-and-Homo-controlled Hollywood is careful not to portray Jews, Homosexuals, and blacks as villains or in an insensitive light, it routinely features Asian villains in the mode of ‘yellow peril’. Also, most romantic relationships of Asians in Western entertainment are about white males(and sometimes black males) with Asian females, as if to suggest that Asian males are not even deserving of their women. Western entertainment presents Asian males essentially as eunuchs or cooter(aka pooter)boys. Even when it comes to trashy K-Pop, Western interest(to the extent that it exists) favors the Korean females to Korean males. Also, while Asian college students try to learn something about black history, Jewish history, and homosexual history — if only because such themes are promoted and enforced everywhere and also because Jews, blacks, and homosexuals hog the limelight of being ‘cool’ or ‘fashionable’ — , it’s rare that blacks, Jews, and homosexuals give a shit about Asia unless it’s about yellow girls dressing and acting like whores. They only care about Asia as a servant populace that should take cues from the dominant West. Americans are convinced that they are more advanced than and superior to all Asian nations in every respect. Americans think they are ‘more evolved’ than Asians because Asia has yet to legalize ‘gay marriage’. America see itself as master and leader and sees Asia as servant and follower. Americans pompously lecture to Asians about how Asians have a long way to go before catching up with ‘Western values’. Westerners are so conceited, arrogant, and chauvinistic(even in their putrid decadence) that they believe in the right to lecture to other peoples about right and wrong. (Jewish-Americans wouldn’t tolerate Asians coming to America to lecture about Jewish abuses on Wall Street, Jewish-led wars in the Middle East that destroyed millions of lives, and brutal Zionist oppression of Palestinians, but Jewish-Americans think they have some divine right to lecture Asians about how Asia is morally inferior because it doesn’t have Holocaust Memorials and Museums. And Homosexual-Americans wouldn’t tolerate Asians coming to America to lecture about homosexual abuses of power whereby men & women of conscience have had their businesses destroyed for upholding the true meaning of marriage. But homosexual-Americans treat Asia as their bitch to boss around. They think Asia is their own playground. Vietnam won the war against US military imperialism but is now falling under the influence of homosexual-imperialism which is a proxy of Jewish globalism. America goes to Vietnam and says, "We’ll give you more aid and trade if you surrender to our homosexual agenda." Thus, Vietnam is turning into America’s whore-nation once again.) And Americans especially have a condescending attitude about Koreans because Koreans are so slavish, doglike, naive, and ‘innocent’ about the way of power. While Americans respect the power and glory of China and recognize Japan as a unique and special civilization, they see Korea as just a yellow dog whose only reason-for-being is to please its American Master. Because Koreans were so slavish in adopting Christianity and worshiping American power, Americans see Koreans as a people without real identity & culture who hunger for the superiority of others. (Also, Korean mindset tends to work in extremes. It is allergic to grey areas, nuances, subtleties, paradoxes, and ironies. Like Korean food, there is only the extreme of bland and spicy. Emotionally, Koreans are hot or cold. Socially, they are very closed or very open. Politically, they tend to be overly obedient or overly violent. Modern Korean politics has been defined by both extreme tyranny and extreme defiance, and we see this in North Korea, a tyrannical slave state that defines itself by its defiance against the US, the most powerful nation on Earth and master over South Korea as loyal dog. Traditionally, Korea was overly closed and conservative. But paradoxically, this tendency for extremities can turn Korea from arch-conservatism to hyper-liberalism, from fearful ‘xenophobia’ to defenseless ‘xenophilia’. When Korea was opened up to the world, Koreans admired foreign things & wanted them and admired foreign peoples[especially white Americans] & wanted to be like them. But, the traditional sense of Korean-ness checked the tendency to become soul-slaves of all-things-foreign and maintained some degree of Korean pride and identity. But once Koreans embraced globalism and abandoned their trepidations, they came out of the closet as shameless trans-racial lunatics not unlike Michael Jackson who longed to be like a white woman raising white children as his ‘own’. If homosexuals come out of the closet to declare their pride of being ‘gay’, Koreans come out of the closet to declare their shame of looking Korean and their passion for plastic surgery and hair-dyeing to look ‘Western’ instead.) When US was a Christian nation, South Koreans were the most slavish imitators of American-style Christianity. The New America is no longer a Christian nation, but its attitude toward Korea is the same. America leads, Korea follows. Since Americans believe that Korea has no culture or values(of any worth) of its own, it seems only right that Korea should learn from America and duly obey & follow. Americans may believe China is backward but cannot deny its great history. Also, China is a genuinely sovereign nation that continues to grow in power, possible to challenge US in the Pacific. And even though Japan lost the war and became a shoeshine-boy/geisha to America, America still remembers how the Japanese had once challenged the West and fought with great courage and reckless bravery in the Pacific War. It took two atom bombs to finish off Japan.
Great Chinese Empire
Japanese Challenge in the Pacific
In contrast, Korea just seemed like a silly rabbit passed around by the big powers in modern times. And Koreans were weak in offering any kind of resistance and all-too-easily sucked up to whatever happened to be the Great Power. As the Korean tradition of authoritarianism had long trained Koreans to bow down to power, the Korean nation sought a new great nation to serve in the absence of Chinese domination of Asia. Also, Koreans abandoned their own culture and adopted Christianity like naive children, indeed like no other people. Also, even though Americans divided Korea with the USSR, Koreans stupidly welcomed both Russians and Americans as liberators when, in fact, both were the new Occupiers whose only interest was to turn their part of Korea into a client state. So, Stalin installed Kim Il-Sung, a dim-bulb with the imagination of a village clerk if not idiot. And Americans installed their puppet, the doddering pigheaded fool Syngman Rhee(or Ih Syng-mahn). But most amazing was the sheer stupidity of the Korean people in accepting the new state of affairs. Americans and Soviets soon realized that Koreans are more like yellow dogs than thinking humans. When Poland was divided by Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, Poles knew what had happened. They knew their nation had been butchered by two great powers. And when Germany was divided after World War II, Germans in both the West and East understood the nature of their fate. Their one nation was divided in two by the great powers; therefore, there was no reason for West Germans and East Germans to hate one another. Even as West Germans came under American influence and East Germans came under Soviet influence, they knew they were all Germans who’d been divided because of Allied Occupation. Germans also understood that their defeat and division was the logical result of Germany’s aggressions in World War II. So, there was some justification for the punishment meted out to Germany.
Poland divided after Nazi and Soviet Invasion
Germany divided by US and USSR after WWII
Arbitrary Political Crime against Korea by US and USSR. The tragic consequence of this crime continues to this day, but NO ONE --- not Koreans and not Americans --- ever brings it up. Instead, US keeps provoking tensions to keep South Korea as its whore indefinitely. And Koreans, being good little dogs, just go along. In a just world, US would fess up to what it did in 1945. It would end all sanctions against North Korea. And then, South Korea and US would wait for the North to gradually reform and work towards to reuniting with the South. But US doesn't want that because it would lose South Korea as its whore-puppet. Koreans and Korean-American collaborators live with the myth that Korea was 'liberated' by the US and that the heroic US 'saved' South Korea from evil North Korea. But in fact, the long-awaited liberation of Korea was negated by the US when it called on USSR to occupy half of Korea, thus allowing half to fall under Stalinist tyranny. As for the South, it just became a military and economic dependent on the US and even became a shameful supplier of countless yellow wombs for American men to use as incubators of American babies.
In contrast, Korea was the ‘victim’ nation under Japanese colonization. So, there was no reason for it to be ‘punished’ and divided. But divided it was anyway simply because the great powers could do so and get away with it. But the Korean people in the North and South didn’t rise up en masse and demand immediate unification. Instead, like stupid dogs, Koreans in the North were easily persuaded to hate Koreans in the South, and Koreans in the South were easily made to hate Koreans in the North. Americans discovered that Koreans are like dogs in the dog-fighting pit. Koreans can easily be set against one another. As Koreans have been bred to mindlessly worship Power, those in the North came to serve the USSR, and those in the South put out to the US. Even when US was killing millions of Korean civilians with indiscriminate bombing in the North, those in the South cheered on the Americans who were happily killing ‘gooks’.
Americans also noticed that Korean-Americans can easily be turned into cucky collaborators of the Empire. Korean-Americans are at the forefront of pressuring South Korea to go for open borders, diversity, ‘multi-culturalism’, global rebranding of Korean-ness(so that Korea will cease to be an independent nation-state and become a defacto 51st state or commonwealth of the US like Puerto Rico), and etc. You never see Korean-Americans defend Korea or the Korean Way. Instead, they believe that America is right about everything and that South Korea exists only to serve, imitate, and follow America. If America has ‘gay marriage’, how dare South Korea not have it too! How dare South Korea not have laws to destroy the careers or businesses of those who won’t bend over the homo agenda! How dare they! Korean-Americans, being so eager to win approval of their American Masters, fume and say stuff like, "I’m so ashamed of being Korea because Korea doesn’t have ‘gay marriage’." Korean-Americans want to win approval(from ‘cool’, ‘hip’, and/or ‘badass’ Americans) as the ‘good’ Koreans in contrast to ‘inferior’ Koreans in South Korea(and especially North Korea) who have yet to be ‘more evolved’ by standards of American globalist-imperialism.

Of course, many Korean-Americans fail to notice their cuckish servility to America since American Political Correctness is cleverly contrived to fool non-whites into feeling that they are challenging the white American Power and Privilege. After all, much of Political Correctness is about fighting ‘white privilege’, ‘white power’, ‘white racism’, and so on. Because so many naive non-white minorities in America think that America is still dominated by white gentiles, they think that all this anti-white rhetoric & agenda are empowering to minorities such as themselves. But the truth is America is really ruled by Jewish elites who control globalism. It is no accident that AIPAC is the most powerful Lobby in America. And even many non-explicitly Jewish Lobbies are controlled by Jews. Due to their higher intelligence, tradition of intellectual culture, pushy personalities, tribal networking, long experience with business & finance, and immunity from criticism due to the Holocaust cult, Jews have gained preeminence in key institutions or sectors such as Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Ivy League universities, countless think-tanks, and so much more. So, the real rulers of the US are Jews, not ‘white people’. So, all this attack on ‘white power’ is not an attack on real power. If anything, Jews are trying to conceal and guard their own power by making non-whites and even naive ‘guilt-ridden’ Liberal whites vent all their rage, hatred, and hostility at ‘white people’(meaning white gentiles). By making ‘white people’ the bad guys, Jews have cleverly fooled non-whites that the US is controlled by people like Mormons, Southern hillbillies, Texas cowboys, Evangelical simpletons, and etc. In truth, Jews rule America. Sure, there are many rich and well-positioned white gentiles in business and government. Consider Bill Gates, Tim Cook, and Warren Buffett. But even the richest white gentiles have no moral capital(as opposed to mere material capital) because Jews rewrote the national narrative to blame white people(white gentiles) for many of the worst ‘historical crimes’. For some conscientious Jews, the charade of Jewish powerlessness is simply too ridiculous, and they spill the beans on the truth. Joel Stein did as much when he declared that, yes, Jews do control Hollywood and much else as well, like Wall Street. Of course, he was soon out of a job, but that only confirms the degree of Jewish power that won’t tolerate honest talk about Jewish power. Look at the top donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and it’s Jews Galore. And it is no different in the GOP camp. While David Duke is a shady character, it says something about US political culture that the ‘former wizard of the KKK’ speaks more Truth to Power than does the free press whose job is to investigate and challenge the powers-that-be. (With the rise of Asian-Americans in journalism, one might think they would play the role that Jews once played in opposition to dominant Wasp or White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant power, but Asian-Americans appear to lack the boldness, courage, individuality, and commitment necessary for such a role. They just crave status in the media and play it safe so that their parents can show off, "my child successful in media!" To be sure, Jewish thinkers and journalists in the past were better-positioned to be more daring since they were promoted and protected by powerful Jews who owned and controlled much of the media. So, Jewish media hired Jewish reporters to attack Wasp bastions of power wherever such existed. But if any Asian-American reporter or thinker dares to discuss the topic of Jewish Power, he or she could easily be destroyed and blacklisted by Jews who control the media. Indeed, even brash blacks and resentful Hispanics in the media know that they better tread carefully on the issue of Jewish power because they could end up like Rick Sanchez. Even a seasoned and much-respected reporter like Helen Thomas wasn’t spared after she said European-Zionist-imperialists should return Palestine[aka ‘Israel’] to the Palestinians. If Jews had demanded Korea than Palestine as location for their ‘homeland’, if Koreans had suffered the fate of Palestinians at the hands of Jews, and if a Korean-American journalist had said that Jews should return Korea to Koreans, you bet that he or she would be blacklisted and destroyed in America. Jews pose as friends of Koreans and urge Koreans to identify with Israelis as ‘fellow victims’ — Jews also pretend to understand Korean suffering under the Japanese because Jews were victims of ‘antisemitism’, but, at the same time, remind Koreans that Korean suffering comes nowhere near Jewish suffering — , but the truth is that what Jews did to Palestinians is much worse than what Japanese did to Koreans — and US division of Korea with the USSR and the bombing of North Korea constitute the great War Crimes of the 20th century. Also, just as Japanese sexually abused Koreans, Israeli Jews enslaved and exploited many Slavic women since the end of the Cold War. But then, Koreans shouldn’t flatter themselves because they have enslaved and exploited their own women. Jews at least treat other Jews as human beings even if they treat non-Jews like cattle. But too often, Koreans have treated fellow Koreans like subhuman trash. North Korea treats its people like chattel, South Korea exhorts the people to worship and serve the American Empire, and Korean-Americans serve Jewish Power with total abandon and hate on any Korean or Korean-American who won’t follow in the Politically Correct agenda pushed by Jews. Korean-Americans, having adopted American PC, think they are morally superior to ‘lesser Koreans’ and sneer at Koreans as ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobic’, and ‘xenophobic’. Because they live in America and imbibed all the PC cliches, they think they are so much better than those ‘less evolved’ Koreans in Korea. They are completely blind to how hypocritical America is, how trashy its culture has become, how decadent and indulgent its elites have become, how aggressive and imperialistic the US military has become, and how parasitically Wall Street does business. US is the country that aided and abetted the Jews in the total ethnic cleansing of an innocent people, the Palestinians. US is a nation that now celebrates its culture and ‘values’ by staging massive Wall-Street-Las-Vegas-Hollywood-Silicon-Valley oligarch-funded ‘gay pride’ parades. America is now a nation that will destroy the career of anyone who doesn’t agree that homosexuality is the biological and moral equivalent of real sexuality. What now passes for American culture is garbage like Lena Dunham’s GIRLS, the vileness of Miley Cyrus, and the thuggery of rappers who wallow in fantasies of mayhem and rape. Yet, because Korean-Americans live in the richest and most powerful nation on Earth and soak up all its sham-hypocritical bullshit, they think they are better and ‘more evolved’ than Koreans in Korea, Russians in Russia, Iranians in Iran, Chinese in China, etc. You see, those people over there are ‘less evolved’ and less human because they are not fully onboard with ‘gay pride’ celebration. That is how ‘American values’ work today. Of course, South Koreans are trying very hard to catch up with US trends and fashions. After all, South Korea is CucKorea and can only conceive of culture, values, and truth in terms of imitating America and winning American approval. If America didn’t have ‘gay marriage’, no one in South Korea would be calling for it. But since US has it, South Korean elites feel they must have it too because US is rich, powerful, and ‘cool’ and because South Korean products might be more appealing to ‘gay’-obsessed Americans who are so ignorant and brainwashed by the media that they believe that 25% of Americans are homosexual when the number is closer to 2%. Just as Korean Christians in the past defined national pride in terms of imitating and winning the approval of Christian America[when US was indeed a predominantly Christian nation], today’s younger generation of Koreans measure national pride in terms of how much South Korea resembles America that is currently all about worship of homosexuals and ‘diversity’; therefore their ONLY conception of what-is-good-for-Korea is to praise homosexuals and have blacks immigrate to Korea, sexually colonize Korean women, and win trophies. For most nations, seven decades of prostituting their women to foreign occupiers would be a point of shame. But for Korea, a whore nation, it is a point of pride that South Korea has been prime pussy and womb-provider for American soldiers and ex-patriots. If Vietnamese men fought to drive out Americans who were turning Vietnamese women into whores in Saigon and elsewhere in South Vietnam, South Korea feels honored that Americans have chosen Korean pussy as the prime yellow meat of Asia. South Koreans are proud to compete with the likes of Philippines and Thailand as Sex Destination of American men. And Korean women get plastic surgery and use hair-dyeing to look ‘western’, indeed as if to pretend that their fathers are white and not Korean. And Korean girls immersed in Rap Culture think it’s so cool to be sexually colonized by black men, even when many of these black men take off and leave Korean women to raise the kids as single mothers. Korean-Americans never protest that their own home country has been used as a cheap pussy by the American Empire for seven decades. Since interracialism is promoted in the US, Korean-Americans fully support the sexual colonization of Korea. Also, because Korean-Americans and even Koreans internalize Western/American perception of Asia in general and Korea in particular, both Korean/American men and Korean/American women now see themselves through current Western Bias[that favors some races over others in the sexual hierarchy for reasons that range from cultural to biological]. According to the current West, Asian women have considerable market value as sex objects whereas Asian men have the lowest market value. So, Asian men have no right to Asian women who, with higher market value, should go with superior white men or black men instead. In the past, Korean men and even Korean women may have objected to the idea of race-mixing, but both Koreans and Korean-Americans are so brainwashed by American globlalism that they now embrace interracialism that leads to inferior Korean men losing their women to superior white and black men. Indeed, Korea now even rejects its own athletes in a track and field event and gets a black African to run instead. And Korean men now welcome this black guy to have sex with Korean women to have mulatto babies. Korean men, having accepted their inferior status, now celebrate their own defeat at the hands of white men and black men. They feel undeserving of Korean wombs that are to be offered to the superior men of other races. For seven decades, the interracial dynamics in Korea and Korean-America has overwhelmingly been that of white males and black females fuc*ing Korean females. Indeed, white males and black males often come to Asia — Japan, Korea, Philippines, etc — with the assumption that ‘Asian girls are easy’ because, once exposed to pretty white boys and studly black guy, Asian girls will likely lose interest in Asian males. Korean males used to be angry about this in the past, but they’ve been castrated by political correctness and now celebrate the fact that Korean women reject them, no longer want to mate with them & have their children and instead want to surrender their bodies, wombs, love, and devotion to white men and black men. Brainwashed Korean men and especially Korean-American men now celebrate the fact that Korean wombs are closed off to Korean men; Korean males fear being called ‘racist’ by whites and blacks more than their reproductive defeat with their own women. As Asian males tend to be passive and submissive, they crave nothing more than social approval from the West even if it means their sexual humiliation and defeat. Korean males are the biggest cuckolds of the 21st century because they’re not only losing their women to other men on an individual basis but on a collective-national-racial basis. Even though Korean women who reject their own men do so out of conviction that Korean men are racially and sexually inferior to white men and black men, they are celebrated for overcoming ‘racism’ while Korean men who are shunted aside and rejected by their own women are condemned for ‘racism’ if they oppose the sexual colonization of their race/nation by white/black men and condemn the betrayal of their women with whom they’d evolved for thousands of years. Especially with Western-trained homosexuals dominating Korean Pop Culture that encourages Korean boys to be ‘cute’, effeminate, and put cosmetics on their faces, we now have a generation of Korean males who grow up as girlish boys and never mature into manhood. As beta-girly-men, they have no racial pride, no sexual pride, and no manly pride. They just act coquettish and ‘cute’ while they celebrate the sexual colonization of South Korea by the US[with the collaboration of Korean-Americans] that sees South Korea as its pussy and womb-provider.)
Euna Lee(winner of Glamour Award for The Journalist, LOL) and Laura Ling: Two Asian-American Attention-Whores run to their white husbands. LOL. Now, if they wanted to become Americans and have kids with non-Asian men, that's one thing. But why do they pretend to care about Asia? Why not just stay in America and be American? If they do care about Asia, they must surely know that Asia is not just about a culture and history but about a race. If they care about their Asian race, why do they reject Asian men and only open their wombs to white men? Why don't they want to have Asian babies? Why do they want babies that look white or half-white than Asian? If they want to assimilate into Americanism because they maybe see Asian males as inferior(could that be the reason?), that's one thing and understandable given that immigrants are supposed to assimilate into the melting pot and given that women like taller men. But these two Attention-Whores want to have the cake and eat it too. They reject Asian men and refuse to have Asian kids, possibly because they regard Asian men as inferior. Perhaps, they see white men as superior and want to have white-looking kids. Okay, fine. But then, they also pretend that they care about their heritage and identity by making a big fuss about Asian issues. They practice anti-Asian genetics but preach Asian concerns. But what do their personal experiences and choices illustrate? Isn't it about Asian women rejecting Asian men and refusing to have Asian kids? They want kids that are half-white presumably because they worship whiteness and disdain Asianness. By the way, why do so many Asians make a big fuss about the nastiness of North Korea before an American audience? Yes, North Korea is a miserable place, but it would be less miserable if not for international sanctions applied by the US. If Israel or South Korea were economically choked off like North Korea, they would be pretty miserable too. True, North Korean economic plan has been disastrous, but US has never admitted to its historical responsibility in dividing Korea. Also, is US necessarily any better when it used sanctions to starve and kill up to 500,000 women and children in Iraq? Madeline Albright said it was worth it. And if Euna Lee and Laura Ling really care about international justice, I dare them to travel to West Bank or Gaza and make a fuss about the state of Palestinians living under brutal Zionist occupation. Oh, but that would make them persona non grata in fancy media circles. I'm all for shedding light on the horrible regime in North Korea and the harsh conditions of North Koreans. But this should be done among Asians. Why Asians keep exposing the bad side of Asia before a Western audience is mind-boggling. Well, not really. Asian-Americans want to be thought of as the 'good Asians' by the Americans, so they highlight the bad sides of Asia before an American audience to suggest that "WE, the 'good' Asian-Americans, are much better than those 'bad' Asians over there, so please praise us and pet our heads because we are such good yellow dogs." Parading bad stuff about Asia before an American audience to gain favor as the 'good Asians' is now a familiar sport among Asian-Americans. Asians should air dirty laundry, but this should be done among themselves. It is not up to Americans to care or fix problems of Asia. Asians must do it themselves. Also, much of the negative coverage by Asian-American journalists about North Korea or other Asian nations is just Political Theater & Pornography. It is not going to inspire any American to do anything. They will just feel glibly and smugly superior. Worse, such human rights concerns may be appropriated by war mongers and neo-imperialists as justification for invasion and destruction -- like what US did to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. Also, approaching North Korea from a human rights angle misses the larger point where the US is concerned. Yes, North Korea is a hell from a human rights viewpoint. But that isn't the concern of the US, nor its responsibility. Koreans must fix their problems on their own. The ONLY American responsibility in regard North Korea and Korea in general is to finally come clean on the great crime of dividing Korea in 1945 that laid the foundation of the political and national tragedy that lasts to this day. Koreans and Korean-Americans should pressure US to gradually undo what was done when Korea was divided against its own will. America is ONLY responsible for that. Human Rights abuse in Korea must be handled by Koreans  themselves since it is their moral failure. The proper way for the US to redeem itself is to stop provoking North Korea that, nasty as it is, is no threat to any nation. If US should really clamp down on an overly aggressive and hostile nation, it is Israel and itself, for together they have destabilized the entire Middle East and North Africa and directly and indirectly killed over a million people. Besides, Israel violates every international law on nuclear weapons and possesses 300 illegal nuclear bombs. That Korean-Americans seek moral validation and approval from the arms of a criminal neo-imperialist nation like the US is truly hilarious. True, America has done a lot of good in Asia, but it has also done a lot of bad, and its arbitrary division of Korea and its actions in the Korean War -- as well as Vietnam War -- call for sober reflection and reevaluation. But Korean-Americans are too stupid and brainwashed for such endeavor.
Anyway, the term Cuck-Korea or CucKorea is most appropriate. There is hardly an independent, sovereign, and confident sense of Korean-ness and certainly not of Korean-American-ness. Even the relatively more outspoken style of Korean-American-ness is just pale imitation of whatever happens to fashionable in America. Korean-Americans are never leaders in ideas, attitudes, styles, and fashions. They are mere followers, slavish ones at that. So, if Americans turn trashy, Korean-Americans try to be just as trashy or even trashier to compensate for their lack of originality. Again, because Koreans fail to distinguish themselves as innovators or leaders, they seek to gain distinction and attention as the most fanatical acolytes or imitators.
Korean-Americans, whether in imitating academic Political Correctness or pop culture trash, are not unlike South Korean troops in Vietnam. As attack dogs of the United States, slavish South Koreans sought to win approval of Americans by being even more murderous and destructive than American soldiers against the Vietnamese populace. So, if Americans went into a village and pillaged, raped, and killed, South Korean soldiers had to prove their worth by doing it with twofold intensity. Likewise, the Korean-American rap culture tries to outdo black trashiness. It doesn’t occurs to Koreans or Korean-Americans to come up with their own styles. It’s one thing to borrow from other peoples and mold the influences into something to call one’s own. After all, white Rock stars took elements of ‘black music’ to create a genre that was called in some quarters as ‘white rock’, and of course, black people used white instruments and took elements from white musical traditions to create their own forms such as the blues or Negro spiritual. In contrast, Korean-American culture is about mindless imitation. And K-Pop is just Japanese video-game music to hip-hop & techno beat featuring vapid Korean girls remade with plastic surgery and hair-dyeing to look ‘white’.

In some ways, one could argue that globalist networking has undermined individual and local creativity the world over. When Korea was totally closed off from the world(except with China to some degree) and under rigid system of rule, creative possibilities were severely cramped. But things began to change, and new possibilities opened up as Korea connected with the world community. In that period, Korea was sufficiently national to develop its own attitudes, styles, and values but also increasingly international to welcome foreign ideas to inspire new possibilities. These influences were Japanese, American, European, and Russian(often by way of Japanese cultural filters). But with the power of the internet, Korea’s surrender to globalism, and the corrupting/collaborationist influence of Korean-Americans, South Korea has become just a wanna-be version of Hollywood and MTV. In its isolation, Koreans couldn’t conceive of anything of value outside Korea and China(and partly Japan). When Korea opened up, it began to adopt foreign influences but still valued itself as a race, history, and civilization. So, there was a balance of Korean culture and internationalism. Listen to Korean popular music of much of the 20th century up to the 1980s, and there’s an interesting interplay of distinctly native elements and foreign influences. Also, pop culture sensibility encompassed emotions and experiences of all ages, from young people to old people, and all walks of life. Also, because excessive narcissism and self-promotion was frowned upon, the music was about something more than me, me, me.
Today, Korean popular musical culture is dominated by vain and narcissistic homosexuals trained in America and seeking approval of Americans. They have no interest in Korean society, culture, or life as a whole. The only thing they care about is turning Korean girls into wanna-be-white-girls with fake blonde hair and plastic-surgery-remolded faces. And their only ideal for Korean males is to turn them into ‘cute’ boys who look even more effete than the girls. They look like androgynous transvestites with faces of five year old boys with make-up on their faces. And Korean and Korean-American feminists promote this ‘ideal’ among Korean men because (1) they have lost all respect for Korean manhood and believe Korean men should accept their ‘pussy boy’ status, especially as Korean and Korean-American feminists dream of offering their wombs to white men or black men (2) Korean feminists, as little sisters of Big American Sisters, seek approval by turning once male-strong South Korea into another Sweden where men have been castrated and have no guts to stand up and defend the land of their forefathers from massive foreign invasion from Africa and Muslim lands. (Indeed, all true Koreans
should be deeply offended by Europeans who push policies their own racial, cultural, and national survival. Koreans, who were nearly wiped off the map by the Japanese, should appreciate and champion all patriots who wish to preserve and defend their own nations from invaders and subversives. Just as Korea has the right to survive, so does every European nation. But many European peoples have been mentally infected with the Jewish virus that urges them to abandon their identity, open their borders, and welcome massive invasion by foreigners. Because Koreans associate their ‘liberation’ and national revival with the United States that defeated Japan, they tend to associate Americanism with Korean survival. And indeed, there was a time when the US was ruled by Anglo-Americans who were fine with Korea remaining Korean. But once the US came under the control of globalist Jews, it has used Korean-American collaborators and American-educated Koreans to pressure Korea to become like suicidal Europe. US now seeks to Soros-ize Korea. The disgusting and useless Ban Ki-Moon sides with Soros in the destruction of Europe. That means Korean elites like Ban want to do to Korea what is being done to Europe. They are mental slaves of globalist Jews. Meanwhile, no one demands that Jews in Israel open their borders to massive numbers of non-Jewish immigrants.) American feminism is controlled by Jewish women, and these Jewish feminists are in cahoots with the Jewish agenda of turning every gentile nation into a whore of globalism so that Jewish financiers could penetrate and gain dominance. It’s like what Paul Singer tried to do in South Korea. And we know George Soros’ record in South Korea as well. These are globalist parasites. Jews know that a nation is more difficult to penetrate and dominate if it is homogenous, united, racially conscious, historically rooted, and morally justified. Even as South Korea has been a political puppet of the US empire, its homogeneity made for unity and cohesiveness, despite the intemperate nature of Koreans to always throw tantrums. Also, Koreans knew their history in both the academic and familial sense. They took their studies seriously in schools, and Korean TV was filled with historical dramas, even if they weren’t very good. Also, because of Korea’s tragic history in the 20th century at the hands of the great powers, Koreans felt moral justification in their heated nationalism. Koreans felt wronged by Japan, Russia, China, and/or the US. North Koreans obviously hated Japanese and Americans most. South Koreans hated the Japanese and came to fear China and Russia. And despite South Korea’s close ties with US, there had long been an anti-American Left in South Korea that regarded the US as a colonizer and master than friend and partner. So, Jewish-American and homo-Western globalists sought ways to undermine racial/national unity in South Korea. And they arrived at two main strategies: (1) Since so many Korean academics and professionals received their education in the US, they would become unwitting collaborator agents of the US. (2) But more importantly, the globalists understood that the Korean-American community had become established in the US and could serve as the model and template for South Korea itself. In some ways, the Korean-American community became the most significant East Asian community in the US since the 1960s, though Chinese-American will surely overshadow Korean-America in the near future. (Even so, the US will value Korean-America over Chinese-America because, whereas South Korea is a loyal yellow dog of American Power, China is a sovereign nation and great power. US will remain anxious that Chinese-American loyalty will remain with China-as-potential-rival-of-the-US. Jews especially fear Chinese-Americans feeling toward China how Jewish-Americans feel toward Israel: dual loyalty. This is why Jews want Chinese-American women to have children with white or Jewish men. That way, Chinese-American women become the sexual and racial servants of white/Jewish America, and their children will identify more with whiteness or Jewishness. Also, it is demoralizing to Chinese-American men to see so many of their women reject their own men in favor of other men. Thus, Chinese-American men will feel like eunuchs and lose in racial/national confidence.) South Koreans became significant players in the Asian-American community because prosperous Japan saw no reason to send many people abroad. With growing economy and decreasing birthrates, most Japanese were content to remain in Japan. As for China, almost no one left during the Mao yrs, and Chinese emigration to the US only picked up steam in the late 80s. In contrast, desperately poor South Korea with high birthrates in the 60s and 70s grabbed the opportunity to emigrate to the US in huge numbers, made all the easier by the fact that South Korea was a political colony of the US that won trust and approval for its role of loyal attack dog in Vietnam, a nation fighting to drive out the Americans who were turning the women of Saigon into interracial whores of American soldiers, officers, bureaucrats, and etc. Indeed, as the documentary THE LAST DAYS IN VIETNAM shows, Americans took so many Vietnamese wives and mistresses when they fled. During American rule over South Vietnam, American men pretty much laid sexual claim to the women and treated them as their sexual property. South Korea was no different, offering over half a million wombs for American men to impregnate and use as incubators of their own children. Anyway, when the first wave of South Koreans arrived in the US, they barely spoke the language, and their children had yet to be acculturated. As the huge non-white immigration was something new in America, many Korean immigrants were met with some degree of suspicion or hostility from both white and black communities. But as US became more accustomed to massive immigration and as Korean-American children grew up Americanized, the Korean-American community gradually shifted from an immigrant community to an assimilated community. Americans took notice that Korean-Americans tend to be studious, slavish, imitative, and eager for approval. In other words, Korean-Americans made a perfect collaborator class of globalist stooges. (Indeed, even before massive Korean immigration to the US, Americans stationed in Korea couldn’t help but notice that many Koreans became fanatical Christians and eager missionaries of the American Way.) If these Korean-Americans-as-yellow-dog-collaborators could be promoted as models for South Korea itself, then South Korea would be more willing to lose its sense of independence, sovereignty, and unity. So, by promoting token Korea-Americans in the US and Koreans in the UN, Americans gave the impression that Koreans are now ‘cool’ global players. Koreans relished this sense of importance because they’d been used to being seen as secondary players to great China and rich Japan. By riding on the coattails of American Power, Koreans suddenly felt important. They relished token Korean-Americans making it in Hollywood(as bit players or yellow fever whores in relationships with non-Asian men), in government(as servile yellow dogs of globalist Zionist empire), in the academia(as intellectual toadies of Jewish and homosexual agenda-setters), and in the bedroom as wives of powerful American men. Indeed, it doesn’t offend Korean-Americans that America celebrates Korean-American culture by featuring Korean or Korean-American women who shut their wombs to Korean men in favor of white or black men with whom they prefer to have children. So, even though the American view of Koreans and Korean-Americans is "Koreans exist to serve us politically, sexually, and internationally", Koreans and Korean-Americans only feel slavish gratitude because Koreans are finally getting some attention. Even as dogs or whores, Koreans crave approval and attention from the Great Power. It was by imitating and serving the American Empire than Koreans have found their ‘place in the sun’. When a Korean or Korean-American woman produces children for other men, she is sexually and racially rejecting Korean-ness and having her children be raised mostly as a Jewish-American, white-American, or black-American(with Korean identity just being a side dish in the identity sweepstakes). But Korean and Korean-American men are suppose to celebrate their rejection by their own women and feel proud that Americans have ‘favored’ Korean women for sexual conquest and colonization. Koreans are proud that they are the #1 whores and cuckolds of America. In other words, the essence of Korean identity is not preserve its own blood, land, independence, and pride but to serve the Greater Power and seek its approval, thus gaining social advantage as toady riding on its coattails. So, if US decides to smash Iraq, Korean-American soldiers obey orders and kill people who never did any harm to Koreans or Korean-Americans. If US decides to smash Libya and topple Gaddafi, who had close business ties with South Korea, South Korea must remain mum and watch its investments in Libya go down the drains without complaint. Whatever US wants, South Korea and Korean-Americans must do and serve. At least when South Korea was a military dictatorship, many Koreans stood up against American support of tyranny. But since South Korea is nominally a democracy under US tutelage, even the Korean Left nowadays look to America with reverence and slavish worship. There is NO effective resistance or critique of American Power in South Korea anymore. As for Korean-Americans, they are either mindless drones muttering PC nonsense or third-rate imitative trash shaking their ass to ghetto music or sticking rings through their noses as a sign of ‘individuality’, when in fact they’re just dime-a-dozen monkey-see-monkey-do copycats of MTV trashiness.

Under globalism, South Korea lost every last vestige of its resistance to American influence and power. And especially because Korean-Americans unwittingly played the role of collaborators, South Korea became even more of a colony of the US. Not just a military colony but cultural colony. If US had sent non-Koreans to control and change Korean popular culture, South Koreans may have resisted. But because so many American agents were Korean-Americans weaned on Hollywood, MTV, and/or educated in American colleges, South Korea lowered its guard and allowed these collaborator yellow dogs to remake South Korean popular culture to undermine Korean identity and heritage. South Korea always held America in awe but also felt fear and trepidation. After all, white and black Americans are still seen as foreigners. But, South Koreans were more trusting of Korean-Americans, especially bi-lingual ones that easily moved back and forth between Seoul and trashy K-town in L.A., one of the vilest places on Earth. Since US is all about worship of Jews(as Holocaust saints and intellectuals), blacks(as studs and athletes), and homosexuals(as the angels of the New Normal), Korean-American yellow dogs infused South Korean culture with such influences. So, Korean thinkers became programmed with American Political Correctness. Korean sports took cues from American sports and hired more blacks and even got an African to represent Korea because, apparently, Koreans with Korean blood going back thousands of years are no longer good enough to represent their own country. Koreans became open to interracialism whereby Korean men totally lose out while Korean women increasingly reject Korean men and prefer to have children with white men and black men who are deemed racially superior to Korean male losers. Some Korean men take pride in the fact that the bulk of interracial marriages in South Korea are between Korean men and non-Korean women, but this is really a sign of defeat for the Korean male. Many Korean men now marry desperately poor women from nations like Vietnam and Philippines because Korean women, with higher aspirations, don’t want to marry Korean men or have their children. So, this is not a triumph of love and Korean manhood. Korean men and non-Korean women are marrying out of desperation. Many Korean men cannot find Korean women who are either lost in the fantasy of Soap Opera romances or dream of moving to America to provide their wombs to non-Korean men. And women from poor Asian nations are not marrying Korean men out of love but out of desperation, for steady food and shelter. So, this is not the triumph of love. It is the reality of desperation and defeat. It is because Korean men are losing to white men and black men in their own nation — too many Korean women dream of going with foreign men — that they settle for desperately poor women from less developed Asian nations. The fact that so many Korean women get plastic surgery and dye their hair is proof that they wish their fathers were white. They want to look Eurasian or even totally European. If Korean women were offered a box into which they could walk in and walk out as a white women, over 50% would do so. Korean women don’t like the looks given to them by their fathers and mothers. They don’t want to marry a man who looks like their father. They want white or black husbands and want to give birth to ‘racially superior’ kids with ‘racially superior’ men. Some Korean women worship black men as powerful and strong. They want to give birth to a black baby who will grow up to be a strong man who will beat up Koreans. If a Korean mother gives birth a black son, and if this black son becomes a boxer and beats up a Korean, she will be so happy. This is how Koreans think. In the past, Korean men were upset over this, but as Korean culture has been totally taken over by collaborators and traitors, even Korean men now accept their own humiliation and defeat. They are happy to be cuckold-Koreans or CucKoreans. To be sure, the Korean media fool a lot of Korean men into thinking that interracialism means Korean men will get to have sex with beautiful blondes or hot black babes like Rihanna the sassy ‘ho’ and Diana Ross, a true marvel among ebony folk. So, even though the vast majority of interracial relations between Korea and US/West is about white men and black men taking Korean women while Korean men are left holding their limp dicks, stupid Korean men think they are hot stuff who’s gonna get extra ‘pussy’. It’s like in the movie THE SIXTH SENSE. Korean men, like ghosts, see what they want to see, not the truth or reality. They are a bunch of pathetic CucKoreans.

CucKorea means that Korean women want to use their wombs to produce babies for non-Korean men. CucKorea means Korean men are now okay with this, indeed even approve of it as they celebrate their own humiliation and defeat. Even though the official rationale is that it’s wonderful for all races to mix and love one another, the truth is that many Korean men have come to subconsciously accept their inferior status in the global sexual marketplace. Korean men, like ‘herbivore’ Japanese men, have come to accept the American Standards of manhood where white men and especially black men are king. So, naturally it is only right for Korean men to step aside and let white men and black men have their first picks among Asian women. Indeed, some Korean men feel honored that their women are taken by foreign men. Korean men even see the rise of mixed-raced children as a triumph of Korean-ness. So, if a half-Korean black American wins in football, Korean men think it’s a victory for Korean-ness. They ignore the fact that the half-Korean black American is the product of a Korean woman REJECTING Korean men as unworthy of her sexual desire and devotion. Mixed-raced Korean/Americans represent the sexual defeat of Korean men since most of them are the products of white or black men sexually conquering Korean women. Also, as the children take the names of their fathers — usually the dominant parent, even in absentia — they identify more with their father’s race than with their mother’s. After all, the woman ‘surrenders’ to the man in sex. The man penetrates and conquers the woman. So, a mixed-raced Korean/American child comes to see the Korean-ness of the mother as subservient to the white-ness, Jewish-ness, or black-ness of the father. Korean men have been so castrated by Political Correctness and so doped out on Popular Culture that they now accept their own sexual and racial defeat and demise, indeed not unlike what Europeans are doing in relation to Africans and Muslims. But if Europeans feel this way out of guilt for their past domination and exploitation of much of the world, Koreans(who never conquered or exploited anyone) feel and act this way because they are a race of cucKoreans whose entire modus operandi is serving and seeking approval of the Great Power. Since Hollywood, sports, and MTV promote white men and black men as superiors, Korean yellow boys have become so slavish toward them. Some Korean boys dye their hair blonde and try to look white. Others imitate rappers and try to act black. Some put makeup on their faces and act girly. Since they lose in the manly department, they try to attract girls by looking ‘cute’. But such pansy style appeals only to pubescent teenage girls.

Korea is CucKorea in politics as well. South Korea and Korean-America believe their main duty is serve the American Empire. They never put Korea first. It’s always about serving and seeking the approval of America. South Koreans and Korean-Americans believe America has the right to tell Koreans what to do. America has the right to judge Korea. America has the right to force demands on Korea. America has the right to preach values to Korea. If America says, Korea must listen. If American orders, Korea must do. Now, given Korea’s small geographical size and limited resources, it is understandable why Koreans would play the game of practical politics in relation to bigger/stronger nations. But one can be practical and still be independent of mind and spirit. Jews were like that. Before Jews gained elite power in the West, they often had to adapt to different realities and serve gentile elites and masters. But Jews never lost their sense of who they are or where they came from. In professional life, they may have had to compromise and do as they were told. But in terms of identity, culture, and spirit, Jews never forgot who they are. Even Jews who converted to Christianity for reasons of professional ambition privately kept their Jewishness intact. The conversion was often just a mask.

In contrast, Koreans lack a Korean soul. There is the Korean temperament, but it amounts to little more than childish tantrums that can easily be manipulated with carrots and sticks. Jews could do un-Jewish and even anti-Jewish things because they had to in order to survive, but deep in their hearts, they never gave up on their Jewishness. Jews understand the difference between the pragmatic and the ideal. Sometimes, for pragmatic reasons, one must betray one’s loyalties and principles to secure one’s place in the world. But within the ideal realm of the soul, one could still remain true to oneself. Jewishness isn’t merely about external displays of identity, like dress and food. There is a deep inner-core of Jewishness. But such is missing among Koreans. Korean-ness is mostly external. There is hardly any sense of the inner-Korean. Therefore, pragmatism becomes idealism among Koreans. Once Koreans get used to serving America, Koreans come to see their servitude as ideal, as the core essence of Korean-ness. Again, the Korean habit craves serving the Great Power, the Superior People. Koreans exist to serve America, to provide wombs for America, to celebrate the fact that Korean women reject Korean men in favor of non-Korean men, to provide soldiers to die in America’s wars, to welcome American lecturers and advisors to preach to Koreans how to improve Korea, to serve Anglo-Zionist-America’s grand strategy in Asia. South Korea welcomes its role as a pawn on the chessboard that is played by US and China, to some extent by Japan.

But then, South Korea also has an inflated sense of itself because of its rapid economic rise. In some ways, however, the economic success has made South Korea even more dependent on the US. More globalism means South Korea is ever more dependent on the US for everything. When US grew richer and stronger in the 19th century, it grew more self-sufficient. When South Korea grew richer, it grew even more dependent, especially on the US. This is why what seems like American generosity in economic policy is really a trap. In the short-term, it may indeed benefit South Korea to increase ‘free trade’ with the US. But in the long-term, South Korea will realize that its economy has become totally beholden to US policy.
South Koreans are CucKoreans but have fooled themselves that they are equal partners with nations like US and China. This is crazy because while US can destroy South Korean economy, South Korea can’t do anything to the US economy. China also has far more leverage over South Korea than vice versa. Also, Americans think it’s their right to pressure Korea to follow the American Way. No Korean is arrogant enough to come come to America and tell Americans to do things the Korean way or demand that American women offer their wombs to Korean men. But Americans think they have some divine right to be preaching Koreans about right-and-wrong and demanding that more Korean women should provide wombs for American men. American men feel they have a special claim on Asian wombs. And Koreans, having defined themselves as the Cucks of America, have embraced this state of affairs. The mental image of Uncle Sam having sex with a Korean woman while a Korean man watches would be an apt illustration of the relations between the two nations. After all, America is the nation that celebrates the Korean-American community by promoting the image of a Korean woman who rejects her own men and uses her wombs to produce children for white men or black men. Yet, Koreans, both in Korea and in the US, feel honored by this. They are so worshipful of Americans that they think it’s a great triumph for Korea if Korea is chosen by US as its favorite whore or dog.
The Yumi Hogan Clan aka Hogan's Ho's. It is always amusing to observe the conceit of Korean-American Pride. Just think about it. If indeed Korean-American women are so proud of being Korean, why do so many of them loathe and reject the idea of marrying Korean or Korean-American men? Why aren't they proud to have full-blooded Korean children? Why do they seek out non-Asian American men and why they want to have half-white or half-black kids?  Korean-American women believe that Asian-ness, especially Asian-male-ness, is distinctly inferior and that race-mixing is the way of race-improvement for inferior Asians. Another thing. Why do Korean-American men celebrate Hogan's Ho's as an example of Korean-American pride? Where is Korean-American male pride in being rejected by Korean-American women who prefer to have children with men of other races? If a Korean-American woman snubs a Korean-American male as a 'loser' and goes off with a man of another race, should the Korean-American guy celebrate it as Korean pride? Another thing. If these Korean-Americans are so conscious and proud of their Korean-ness, why are they diluting Korean-ness by race-mixing? Surely any identity will be weakened by mixing the race. A half-Korean will feel less Korean than a full-Korean, just like a quarter-Korean will feel less Korean than a half-Korean or a full-Korean. To say that one cares about Korean identity and then practice race-mixing is like saying one cares for pure orange juice but then adds coca-cola to it. The more the races mix, the more the identity is lost, especially for the minority group. Now, some would say it doesn't matter if one is Korean or white or whatever. It's just individual love, and love conquers all. Okay fine. If it's all about individualism and love, why even bring up the issue of Korean pride? Why should identity matter at all when all that matters most is individuality and color-blindness. If individuality calls for betraying and diluting your race, then do so. Just don't pretend that you care about identity and nationality.
Koreans need to realize that they are dogs and whores of America. After all, US can dictate Korean policy, but Korea cannot dictate US policy. US leads, Korea follows. US can order Korea not to do business with Iran, but Korea cannot order US not to do business with, say, Israel or Saudi Arabia. Americans would feel outraged if Korea dared to tell the US whom it could and couldn’t do business with. US devises its policy as it pleases. But US feels it has the right to tell Korea to adhere to US policy. And if Korea doesn’t comply? In so many ways ranging from blunt to subtle, US could destroy the Korean economy. Korea can do business only with nations approved by the US. America decides, Korea follows. Thus, Korean democracy is only partly useful. It allows for more freedom inside Korea to be sure, but globally Korea is a whore/dog of the US. Of course, US justifies its foreign policy and economic sanctions on moral grounds, but it’s just a cynical game rigged to serve the American elites that today happen to be Jews and homosexuals.
After all, even though North Korea is ruled by a vile regime, North Koreans never invaded any nation; they only inhabit their own nation. In contrast, US was created through imperialism and colonization. And so was Israel, where Palestinians live as second-class citizens like Koreans did under the Japanese. Also, even though North Korea has violated international rules on nuclear energy, so has Israel, a nation brought into existence by ethnic cleansing of an innocent people, indeed one that continues to illegally occupy West Bank and Golan Heights in contemptuous violation of international laws. So, why aren’t there any sanctions against Israel? If anything, US showers Israel with 3 or 4 billion dollars in aid every year. Sure, Israel is a democracy, and life is hell of a lot more pleasant in Israel — even for Palestinians — than it is for people in North Korea. But the problems of North Korea is a domestic matter. North Korea didn’t come into existence by stealing land from another people like Israel did. Also, North Korea is repressive and tyrannical, but it’s a case of Koreans ruling over Koreans. In contrast, Israel and West Bank are examples of imperialism, of one people dominating and oppressing another. And North Korea has rational reasons for wanting the Bomb. After all, US cooked up all manner of lies to destroy Iraq and other nations. US reneged on all its promises to Russia at the close of the Cold War. George H.W. Bush promised that NATO would not extend to the borders of Russia, but US did just that under Clinton’s presidency. And Gaddafi hoped for a new chapter in the relations with the US by giving up his WMD. But, US found some bogus excuse to topple him and have him be lynched to death. With US foreign policy being this cynical and bloodthirsty, why wouldn’t North Korea want the Bomb? It is the only effective defensive measure against the American Empire that, ever since the End of the Cold War and under the machinations of Jewish oligarchs like George Soros & Sheldon Adelson, has been gratuitously fomenting crises around the world in order to expand the power of Jewish Supremacy?

I don’t fault Korea’s whore-like place in the world. Given its history, it had to play whore to survive. The problem(and the shame) is Koreans have recently come to love its role as whore. There is no longer any sense of defiance, resistance, independence, or sovereignty. There is no sense of pride in simply being Korean. The only pride derives from imitating and seeking the approval of America. Park Chung-Hee aka Bak-Jung-Ih knew he had to play whore to survive. He even sent South Korean troops to South Vietnam in the role of attack dog for the US. But he knew the nature of the game. South Korea was militarily and economically weak and dependent on the US. At the time, China was communist and allied with North Korea. Japan was under the thumb of the US. So, South Korea had only limited means of maneuvering in this environment. He swallowed his pride and played whore to the US, but he nevertheless had a profound sense of his own identity and nationhood. He knew that South Korea could ever be an equal of great powers. He knew Koreans would always be seen as puppets and pets by Americans.
It’s true that many Koreans in the 60s and 70s came to see US as some paradise where streets were paved with gold. Their slavish worship of all-things-American was sort of like North Korea’s worship of the Krazy Kims. But prior to the rise of the internet, the communication between South Korea and US was limited. So, South Korea developed its own identity and sense of narrative. Also, South Korean culture was dominated by Koreans. But with the rise of the internet and the increasing influence of collaborationist Korean-American community whose ONLY vision of South Korea(or Korea as whole) is for it to be a defacto 51st state of the US, South Korea has become more and more like just a commonwealth of the US. And Korean-Americans and American-educated Koreans dominate the culture, media, and academia so much that the entire Korean Enterprise can be summarized as "We must work harder to win approval from Americans."

In other words, Koreans in the past knew they were whores but resented it and dreamed of rising above it. But Koreans today are happy to be whores of America, Zion, and Sodom. They are happy to be dominated by Korean-Americans who serve as collaborationist stooges of the Empire. In the past, whenever Korean-Americans lectured Koreans about right and wrong, Koreans felt angry at the toady know-it-all Korean-Americans(who think they are so much better than Koreans because they grew up in US, the richest and most powerful nation on Earth), but today’s Koreans sheepishly look up to Korean-Americans as the superior Koreans since Korean-Americans live in America, the Land of the ‘Cool’. Incidentally, American idea of ‘cool’ is some black guys walking around with their pants hanging low, singing songs about thuggery and how people they hate have mothers with stinking vaginas, and the like. Or it’s about a former decathlon athlete putting on a dress, getting a boob job, and declaring himself a woman. EU’s idea of cool is some guy with a beard winning Eurovision Contest. Why Koreans would want to win the approval of such a decadent nation is beyond me. Koreans are so ridiculous that they let others people define what is ‘cool’. A truly sensible people would see the cult of ‘cool’ for what it is. Style of entertainment, like 007 movies that are fun but not to be taken seriously. But when an entire national or global culture is defined by the vapid Cult of the ‘Cool’, you know people are becoming dumber and dumber, trashier and trashier.

Anyway, much more needs to be said about the phenomenon of CucKorea-ness, and it shallbe said. For the time being, Koreans need to realize that they are in need of some equilibrium. Koreans are a people out of balance. Koreans think in terms of ‘following’. It’s a mental habit that believes that Koreans must surrender and follow whatever happens to be the dominant power or trend. In North Korea, the regime got away so much nonsense because so many North Koreans have the mindless habit of just following the leader. In South Korea, there is a mindless slavishness of following American power. When American influence is good, South Korea lucks out. When it’s bad, South Korea goes over the cliff too. South Koreans aren’t capable of figuring out for themselves what is good and what is bad. They outsource such judgements and decisions to America. So, if America says THIS or THAT is good, South Koreans believe they must follow without question. Not in a million years would South Koreans have come up with something as trashy and ridiculous as ‘gay marriage’. But because decadent Americans have it, South Korean elites feel they must indoctrinate and prepare South Koreans into accepting it too. South Korean ‘progressivism’ isn’t about independence in thought or individual critical thinking. It means blindly and mindlessly following whatever happens to be called ‘progress’ in the West. And Korean-Americans are among the least thoughtful and the most brain-dead people in America. Sure, there is no shortage of Korean-Americans in academia and other brainy areas, but has any Korean-American come up with an original idea or independent thought? Has any Korean-American academic challenged the American paradigm? No, they are just teacher’s pets, sucking up whatever they’re taught and spewing it out to others. Just like their parents mindlessly surrendered to Christianity, young Korean-Americans mindlessly surrender to Political Correctness and trashy Pop Culture.

Lately, Koreans have expressed considerable interest in Jewish culture as possible model for Koreans. Since Jews are so rich and powerful, Koreans want to know what the secret is. But Koreans tend to learn the wrong lessons while remaining blind to the obvious truth right in front of their eyes. They think the secret of Jewish power is in the Talmud when it is actually in genetics and historical consciousness. Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQ because the smart daughters of successful merchants married distinguished Jewish scholars over the many generations. So, if Koreans want to compete with Jews, they should encourage smarter Koreans to have more children. Instead, many Koreans are not having children. Worse, as increasing numbers of Korean men marry women from other Asian nations with lower IQ, the overall Korean IQ will decrease. (European IQ’s are also decreasing due to massive immigration from lower IQ nations.) Already, more than 10% of newborns in South Korea are those of lower IQ Korean males(shunned by Korean women) and lower IQ foreign women from nations like Philippines. Given that Korea is land-poor and resource-poor, its only real advantages have been higher I.Q.(though well-below Ashkenazi Jewish average) and national cohesion due to racial/cultural homogeneity. But current Korean policy is devised to erode even those fragile advantages. Koreans ignore their real strengths as they chase after pipe-dreams of being ‘cool’ by imitating black ghetto culture and looking ‘white’ via plastic surgery & hair-dyeing. Koreans value fantasy over reality.
As increasing numbers of Korean men(rejected by Korean women) have children with women from nations with lower IQ and as smart Koreans have fewer children(because they care more about lifestyle than life itself), Korea will become less intelligent as generations pass.
One advantage South Korea has over most other Asian nations is higher IQ. This IQ advantage is shared by Japan, China, and Vietnam to some extent. Because of higher IQ(as well as cultural factors such as greater focus on education and work ethic), East Asians tend to dominate the economies of Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and etc. But South Koreans, having fallen for American Political Correctness, believe the politically correct nonsense that ‘race is just a myth’ and ‘there are no racial differences’. But if politically correct South Korean and Korean-Americans don’t believe in racial differences, why do so many Korean and Korean-American women notice racial differences among the men and prefer non-Asian men to Asian men? And if all races are equal in talent, why are so many top athletes in US and Europe black? And why is South Korea importing a black African to run for it in the Olympics? Why not a Bolivian Indian or a Laotian? Of course, races are real and racial differences exist. Even people who claim to be ‘progressive’ and deny the existence of racial differences in words behave otherwise in action. After all, why do so many ‘progressive’ whites and Asians seek out communities without too many blacks? Because blacks are physically stronger and more aggressive, thereby often beat up and intimidate other races. This is a fact, but Political Correctness prevents us from speaking the truth. If you speak such truth, you are denounced as a ‘racist’, fired from work, and hounded from respectable society. Since Asians tend to more conformist and most fearful of social rejection, they are most likely to adhere to all the PC cliches to win status and favors from the Jewish elites.
Insipid rabbit-faced Franny Choi calls for the abolition of white males. A typical SJW(social justice warrior) type, she thinks she is being daring and challenging authority. It never occurs to her ilk that all this attack on 'white privilege' is a trick devised Jews to distract people's attention from Jewish Power. After all, Jews also scare-monger about 'yellow peril' through movies like remake of RED DAWN to direct American anger at Asians than at Jews. And we get endless nonsense about how North Korea threatens the United States when it is the Jewish-controlled US that has provoked tensions allover the world. Jews like Victoria Nuland engineered the coup in Ukraine. Jewish media have also hyped anti-Muslim, anti-Russian, and anti-Iranian sentiments. As with 'white privilege', it is to divert our attention from the fact that JEWS, along with their homosexual allies, are the real Ruling Elites of the US and control Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Ivy League universities, top law firms, the courts and etc. By the way, speaking of Abolition of a Race, it is the East Asian race that is being 'abolished' or 'erased' in America. Not because white males hate Asians but because they like Asian females too much and because Asian females prefer white males over Asian males who are deemed inferior. And it is Liberal 'progressives' who are pressuring Korea to adopt policies that may well lead to the 'abolition' of Korean people. If  white American Conservatives advise Koreans to maintain their borders and racial/cultural identity, white Liberal 'progressive' Americans urge East Asian nations to surrender their identities and erase their borders just like West is doing. That way, not only will the West be 'abolished' by the rising of tide of color but so will the East. So, who is the real enemy of Asians? 
Anyway, if Koreans really want to learn valuable lessons about the Jews, they should carry out independent research. Koreans need to learn to think for themselves. Koreans should not expect a straight answer from the Jews about Jewish power. Why should hyper-competitive Jews give away their secrets? Jews didn’t last as long as they did and gain global predominance by sharing their secrets with the entire world. (Actually, Anglos and Germans have been far more generous in sharing the secrets to their success.) The real source of Jewish power is higher intelligence, tribal-networking, and historical consciousness. But Jews fool dimwit Koreans by recommending bogus books about the Talmud. It’d be like modern Chinese telling Africans that the reason for the rise of modern China owes to Taoist texts. Jews don’t share their secrets of power with gentiles. If Koreans want to learn the first lesson about Jews, it is DON’T TRUST THEM. But then, Jews don’t trust gentiles either. Indeed, even Jews tell jokes about their secretive nature on the issue of essential Jewishness. Only fools or crazies sincerely take advice from Jews. Jews pretend to be offering generous and kindly advice, but they are only maneuvering to further Jewish interests and power. So, George Soros, Richard Cohen, and the New York Times have advised Europeans to open their borders to unlimited immigration and migration for the good of Europe when such massive invasions will only lead to racial and cultural suicide. Jewish advisors to Russia in the 1990s paved the way for the biggest looting in human history. Jewish Neocons advised the Bush regime to invade and destroy the Middle East. The result? Tens of thousands of gentile soldiers dead or wounded, millions dead or displaced in the Middle East, and $2 trillion sunk in failed wars. The near-implosion of the GOP. These Jews would never support non-Jewish immigration to Israel, but they urge more immigration on Europe and Japan/Korea. American Jews don’t advise Israel to return Golan Heights that was stolen from Syria. Or to stop occupying West Bank.

So, if Koreans want to learn from Jews, the first lesson is DO NOT TRUST JEWS. (Jews will say such attitude is ‘antisemitic’, but Jews use that smear on anyone who dares to speak honestly about Jews. By the way, if Koreans don’t trust Japanese and Chinese, why should the trust Jews? Are Koreans really dumb enough to believe that Jews are more trustworthy than Japanese and Chinese? Jews are champion liars.) Koreans must independently study the Jews. They should be wary of Jewish advice since Jews are too ‘stingy’ to share their secrets with anyone. There is a reason why Michael Corleone doesn't trust Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER PART 2. Jews compete as an ethnic groups. Jews urge non-Jews to give up their identity while Jews cling to their own. It is to add advantage to Jewish power over gentile power. Koreans need to learn from Michael Corleone. Now, I don’t blame the Jews for being what they are. They are playing a smart game in the global competition. Indeed, why should any people give away the secret of their power. Jews developed their secret over thousands of years. They are not about to give it to others for free. Instead, they offer diversionary advice that fools people such as dimwit Koreans into looking in the wrong area for the source of Jewish power. Jews will often say it’s only about Jewish ‘culture’, but what sane person believes that any group of people will produce a bunch of Einsteins if they study the Talmud? Talmud is the product of Jewish intelligence, not the cause of it, and the cause of Jewish intelligence is genetics. But intelligence would have been insufficient. After all, Anglo Episcopalians have high IQ but lack a powerful sense of ethnic unity and historical consciousness. In contrast, Jews combined intelligence with identity. Their intelligence was in the service of identity whereas Episcopalians invested their intelligence in atomized individuality. A collective use of intelligence will beat individual uses of intelligence. It’s like an army of soldiers will defeat a random bunch of individual warriors.

But apart from Jewish intelligence and tribal networking, the reason why Jews have survived for so long — even without a homeland to call their own — is because they controlled their own history & narrative. Also, they fused their creed with blood. Judaism, unlike Christianity and Islam, is a blood religion or ethno-religion. It is not just about what you believe but what you are by ancestry. Though there have been converts to Judaism, Jewish tradition emphasized the importance of being born Jewish. Therefore, even when modern Jews marry non-Jews, the children are Jewish by blood and because the Jewish spouse pushily insists on raising the kids as Jewish. Since Jews are pushy while Koreans are relative passive — and because many more Jewish men marry Korean women than vice versa — the offsprings of Jewish-Korean marriages are mostly raised as Jews. The Asian wife yields her identity and offers her womb to the Jewish husband to use to create Jewish children. Jewish have a pushy & insistent identity. Asians are comparatively passive and submissive. Jews have long believed that gentiles exist to serve them. Religious Jews still say things like that. Secular Jews disagree and even condemn such remarks on occasion, but when we observe the actual behavior of secular Jews, they seem to operate on the principle that gentiles exist mainly to serve Jews. Look how Jews have rigged American politics so that both parties pander to Jews 24/7.
Culturally(and possibly genetically) Asians have been bred to serve the higher authority — Asian societies ruthlessly killed and thus weeded out those with more rebellious or maverick temperaments or personalities; this was especially true in Japan, which is why so many Japanese are timid and submissive. Jewish and Asian relations are like Jews-as-the-man and Asians-as-the-woman. It is one of master and dog. This is true even in relations between Jewish men and Asian men. In all walks of life, the Jewish males set forth the agenda while Asian males slavishly follow. Look at Korean-American officials in the Bush and Obama administration. Jews set the main agenda, Korean-Americans play running dogs, all the while pretending to have power when they are nothing but grocery clerks. Even though hierarchy was important in traditional Jewish communities, Jews disdained and discouraged mindless slavishness and favored Jews clever in wit and debate. In contrast, Asian societies praised slavishness and servitude as a virtue. So, Jews feel natural in demanding that others serve them, and Asians feel natural in wanting to serve others. Jewish man says to Asian woman, "serve up your womb to have my babies", and the Asian woman says, "yes, master."

If Koreans want to learn from Jews, they need to ponder this truth: Jews, even is diaspora, kept their own narrative. And even when powerless and vulnerable, they regarded themselves as the center of the world since they were the Chosen of the Almighty God. Also, Jews wrote and remembered and defined themselves by their own. This ethno-centrism was crucial to the survival and success of Jews, and even though Amy Chua’s book TRIPLE PACKAGE has too many obligatory politically correct passages(especially about blacks and Jews), she does investigate the role of cultural mindset in the relative successes and failures of peoples. (But she hasn’t the guts to criticize Zionist imperialism over Palestinians. Maybe being Chinese, she regards Jewish domination over Arabs as akin to Chinese domination over Tibetans and Xinjiang. Chinese support Jewish imperialism in exchange for Jewish support of Chinese imperialism. But even her Chinese pride didn’t prevent her from rejecting ‘inferior’ Chinese men and offering up her womb to a Jewish guy to use to produce children who are raised as Jews than Chinese. She admits many Chinese-American women are the same way. They may be proud of Chinese culture and history, but they appear to be ashamed of Chinese men deemed unworthy of planting their unmanly seeds into yellow wombs that now enforce Exclusion Act against them. It must be strange for Chinese women to be proud of their culture but ashamed of their race, or at least the men of their race. Many Chinese-American women don’t want to mate with Chinese men or give birth to ‘loser’ Asian sons. But is pride of culture sustainable along with shame of race? Is the twisted logic of "I’m so proud of my culture, but I’d be ashamed to marry a man like my father" a healthy basis for civilizational survival? I read that countless Chinese men are single because of a huge female-deficit in China. Given such problems, shouldn’t Chinese women marry Chinese men for the sake of national and racial solidarity? And if Chinese men are hurting from female-deficit, is it ethical for white and black men to go to China to take wives? It’s like taking water from a thirsty man or food from a hungry child. China is woman-thirsty and woman-hungry, but the West keeps coming to grab more Chinese women, thereby leaving even more Chinese men without women. It goes to show that Western men don’t care about the good of Asia as a whole and only care about satisfying their libido with easy yellow meat. But male psychology is simple and brutish like the logic of sports: it’s about winners and losers, and if yellow men lose out, they better just suck it up. And since globalized Chinese women have come to despise their own men as inferior, they gladly go off with foreign men and offer up their wombs to white, Jewish, or black seeds. Also, female psychology feels contempt for ‘loser men’, and this explains why so many Asian women sneer and snicker at Asian men who look so weak and wussy when compared to other men in the global sexual marketplace. Still, because China is so big and have so many people, it can sustain itself as a race and culture even with the loss of many of its women. But when the much smaller South Korea follows a similar path, it could spell demographic doom for Korean in decades to come.)
Ellen Pao say "Me no marry loser Chinese boy. Me go Negro even if he gay." 
Michelle Rhee say, "Me no marry loser Korean boy. Me go Negro, even if he crook."
Anyway, the thing about Jews is they write their own history and control their own narrative. Jews don’t ask Chinese, Indians, Muslims, Christians, Russians, or blacks to tell them about what it means to be Jewish or what Jews must do. In contrast, dimwit Koreans don’t even control their history or narrative. Korean Christians look to the Bible for their ancestry. They care more about Abraham and Saul than about their own ancestors. As for Korean-Americans and South Koreans, their historical sense and narrative come from what they learn from Western academia and media that are controlled by Jews. Jews don’t allow non-Jews to define Jewishness, Jewish history, and Jewish destiny. In contrast, Koreans and Korean-Americans bow their heads and plead with Jews and whites to advise Koreans on the true meaning of Korean identity and destiny. Koreans are CucKoreans who don’t even have the confidence to define and defend their own identity and values.

Koreans have become so accustomed to their sense of inferiority in territory(a small country), economy(dependent on the US), sexuality(offering yellow wombs to white, black, and Jewish seeds), popular culture(Korean ‘cool’ as imitation of American ‘cool’), and intellect(dependence on American academia to train Korean scholars) that they have internalized subservience and cuckoldry as their essential national traits. There is no sense of resistance and resilience of identity, heritage, and territory.

North Korea had the chance to uphold Korean patriotism, but its blend of Stalinism + native authoritarianism only led to mindless tyranny. North Korea is not about true independence. It is about internal cuckoldry of the people to the vile Kim dynasty that uses their own people like prostitutes and slaves. It’s about enslavement than empowerment. Indeed, given that mindless obedience has been one of the hallmarks of Korean character, it’s hardly surprising that North Koreans are cucks of the Kim Dynasty, and South Koreans & Korean-Americans are the cucks of US. In North Korea, we see the worst aspect of Korean nature in pristine form. It is a perverse blend of impulsiveness and servitude. Sometimes, North Koreans seem like childish savages in their wild hysteria. Impulsiveness isn’t the same as genuine passion. It is animalistic, and an animalized people can only be controlled by tyranny. Mao Zedong animalized Chinese youths during the Cultural Revolution and soon had to resort to harsh measures to bring them under control and stop the destruction. Since North Korea doesn’t allow intellectual or spiritual development but only train young people to scream like moronic children in celebration of the Kim dynasty, it is a nation of dogs and tyrants. With underdeveloped minds, North Koreans know social order only through brutality and the whip.

But then, before Americans and South Koreans smugly feel superior to North Korea, they should look in the mirror because their peoples have also been animalized by lurid pop culture and the mania of narcissism and hedonism. Americans worship trashy rappers and thug athletes. South Koreans and Korean-Americans worship celebrities who worship themselves, their lives revolving around staring in the mirror, dyeing their hair blonde, and imitating rap hand gestures. Because US and South Korea are becoming more animalized, there is need for more social control via Political Correctness and tyrannical social controls.
Also, true individuality isn’t about giving into animal instincts. If the essence of individuality is being wild, than animals would be paragons of individuality since they fight and fuc* according to instinct. Since dogs, cats, rats, and rabbits live more by shameless instinct than humans do, they would be the best individuals. But in truth, there is no individuality in instinct. The basic instinct is the same in all humans and not much different from animals. It is about gluttony, lust, aggression, and greed. All those rap songs are about little more animal instincts of gluttony, lust, thuggery, and greed. Rise of animal instinct is the death of human individuality. Individuality requires independence from beastly instinct. An individual must be able to not only think for himself/herself but must rise above his/her animal instincts that urge him/her to surrender to loutishness of wild beasts and thugs. Because America and South Korea are becoming so animalized by popular culture — much of it dominated by black rapper thugs and black females whose pride rests on shaking their booty over and over and over — , their youths have become trashy and interchangeable. It’s all about donning baseball cap(or winter caps), getting tattoos, wearing blings, and flashing gang signs. Then, it is no wonder that something as ridiculous as ‘gay marriage’ and ‘trans-sexual’ lunacy would be the rage among young people in our sick age. Morons who conflate animal instinct with human individuality will conflate decadent ‘gay’ flamboyance with spirituality. American values in the 21st century in a nutshell: For individuality, imitate gangsta-rappers, and for spirituality, worship the vanity of prancing homosexual or some ‘trans-gender’ man who insists he is a woman because he got a boob job and wears a dress. ‘Woman of the Year’ indeed. There was a time when a fool like ‘Calliope Wong’ was seen as a joke. Now, we must celebrate him, her, or it because it would be ‘transphobic’ otherwise.

South Koreans and Korean Americans take pride in being superior to the poor and enslaved North Koreans. In material and civic terms, this is understandable as North Korea is a desperately poor nation ruled by fear, even terror. But then, what do South Koreans and Korean-Americans make of their freedom? To restore political independence of Korea? To speak truth to neo-imperialist American Power? To challenge cynical Chinese policy regarding Korea? To demand historical accountability from the US that still hasn’t acknowledged its role in the division of Korea?
No, Koreans and Korean-Americans merely cuck themselves out to their American masters. Koreans and Korean-Americans allow the West to define Korean identity and destiny as race and culture. Surrendering to globalism is surrendering to Jewish-and-Homosexual American Imperialism. Koreans think the future of Korea should be shaped by Wall Street Journal and New York Times editorial page. The West should decide, Korea should obey and follow.
Korean-Americans think the future of Korea should be decided by Jewish-dominated Harvard. And Koreans and Korean-Americans think the US has the right to pass judgement on Korea but never ever the other way around. US has the right to condemn South Korea for not having ‘gay marriage’, but South Koreans have no right to condemn America’s homosexual supremacism.
And US and Israel have the right to condemn North Korea, but North Korea has no right to condemn American destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Palestine. US and Israel have the right to say NO NUKE FOR NORTH KOREA but North Korea has no right to say NO NUKES FOR ISRAEL, A NATION FOUNDED ON MASSIVE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF PALESTINIANS WHOSE EXISTENCE IS NOT UNLIKE THAT OF KOREANS DURING JAPANESE COLONIZATION.
Jews even in exile controlled their own history and narrative. But Korean-Americans know NOTHING of their culture and history. Korean-American culture consists of Korean girls dressing like whores & imitating Beyonce and Korean boys imitating idiot rappers. Among the more educated, Korean-American culture consists of parroting PC devised and controlled by Jews and homosexuals.
Koreans say they want to learn from Jews but overlook the most important truth about Jews. Jews believe in themselves and always have. Even as wanderers-in-exile, they regarded themselves as special, as the Chosen. They didn’t let other peoples dictate to them what is good for Jews. Jews made their own decisions and conceived of their own identity, even against the greatest of odds. Even when Jews were forced to convert, most of them secretly clung to their own identity and heritage. This is why Jews, whether good or bad, are truly a great people. They have a master mentality, whereas Korean have a slave mentality. Even when Jews were robbed of everything, they were masters of their identity and history. But Korean-Americans and even Koreans are slaves of the narratives of others. They now even allow the West to dictate what Korea should be. They are CucKoreans.

Ultimately, Jews even came to challenge the Western narrative and dictate their own terms to white gentiles and Christians. Indeed, the current West has been forced to convert to the Jewish Narrative. If Europeans in the past tried to force Jews to convert to Christianity, Jews today force all white gentiles(and even non-white gentiles) to convert to the Holocaust Cult as the new religion, the ‘new christianity’ that worships Jews as a new messiah who died in the Holocaust for the sins of white gentiles.

Now, I don’t expect Koreans to dictate terms to non-Koreans. Let each people of each nation define their own identity and determine their own destiny independent of the overbearing power of Jewish-and-homosexual-dominated globalism.
But at the very least, Koreans should decide for themselves what is good for Korea and define their history, culture, and identity in terms that ensure their survival and sovereignty. If Koreans rely on Western globalists to define the meaning of Korean identity, the advice will be programmed to serve Western interests, not Korean interests.
While Korea should treat other nations and peoples as partners, they should also been seen as competitors. Koreans believing that Jews and Westerners have the best interest of Koreans at heart is recklessly naive and stupid. It is like one sports team trusting the advice of another sports team. Why would the competing team honestly offer advice that helps the opponent? US sometimes gives but its ultimate agenda is to take, especially for the benefit of its ruling Jewish elites who don’t give a damn about the vast majority of gentile folkls. While Korea may make more money in the short term, it will keep losing in sovereignty and independence. Korea becomes less like a nation-state and more like Hawaii or Puerto Rico, a mere extension of America. Should the Republic of Korea become just a big version K-Town of L.A., a community of punks, whores, and yellow trash? This is what Korean-American collaborators want for Korea: to become a mere copycat running dog of the US.

Koreans are like children or dogs constantly looking over their shoulders for Western approval. Koreans should be open-minded and learn from the world. But they also need to be cautious and critical. If Koreans in the past were mindlessly anti-foreign, Koreans today are mindless pro-foreign. Attitudes have changed but the basic mindset remains the same: lack of critical thinking, surrender of reason, blind faith in the dominant narrative and great power, and shameless imitation.
Korean history created a slave mentality, and we can still see it in North Korea. South Korea is not a slave state. It is more like a libertine prostitute(of the US) and enjoy social and political freedoms unimaginable in North Korea. But the mindset of South Koreans isn’t very different from that of North Koreans. Even with all that freedom, too many South Koreans have a slave mentality that mindlessly conforms to the prevailing trend or dominant power.
Just look at female fashion in South Korea. In the past, Koreans in their closed civilization only saw value in their own culture and were blind to the wonders of other civilizations and cultures. Today, South Koreans have become blind to their own specialness & uniqueness and mindlessly seek surgery, hair-dyeing, and race-mixing(as race-improvement) in total worship of all things Western, black, and ‘global’. One mindlessness has been replaced with another.
CucKorea. The mentality of South Koreans and Korean-Americans isn’t much different from that of the pimp and prostitute in the scene from Stanley Kubrick’s FULL METAL JACKET: Korean males worship white males and black males as superior men and offer their women to them. And Korean females reject Korean males and go off with white and black men. That is the future of Korean-America, and this CucKorean interracial model is also being used as a template for South Korea itself.

But for people who seek genuine independence, sovereignty, and pride, there is another way. It is the way presented by a figure on the Alt Right in the video below. The Alt Right community may not know much about Korea or any other nation. But it urges Koreans to value their own race, defend their own culture, preserve their own heritage, promote unity and cohesion. In contrast, ‘progressive’ globalist neo-imperialism of the US urges Korean men to put on cosmetics and act like K-pop girly boys, urges Korean women to reject their own men and offer their wombs to ‘superior’ men of other races, recommends that Korean adopt ‘open borders’ and welcome massive immigration until Koreans become minority in their own ancestral land, encourages Korea to reject its own sons and daughters as Olympic athletes and recruit black Africans as ‘new Koreans’, and praises young Koreans for getting ugly tattoos, insipid nose-rings, and imitating vain, narcissistic, anti-humanistic, and stuck-up attitudes of rappers and celebrities whose only credo is self-worship and celebration of homosexuality and trans-genderism. Alt Right offers the better advice. It wants Korea to survive as a race and nation. Globalism wants Korea to put out a as a whore to the Empire. Globalism may allow Korean elites to get richer. But what about the Korean masses? After all, globalism favors the 1% over the 99% all over the world. And no matter how rich one is, a whore is a whore. Money cannot buy respect for a whore-nation like CucKorea. The more Koreans crave globalist approval, the more the West will see Korea as just a dog to tame and whore to order about.