Monday, February 2, 2015

How Korean-American Men Can Cope in the Sexual Game vis-a-vis Korean-American Women

It is a fact that many Korean-American Women despise and hold Korean-American men in contempt, as least as lovers. At best, Korean-American men are okay as fathers, brothers, cousins, co-workers, and friends, but not as lovers and husbands.
For most of Korean history, Korean men only knew Korean women, and Korean women only knew Korean men. So, Korean men and Korean women loved one another and had children together. This went on for thousands of years.
But as Korea opened up to the world, Koreans began to compare themselves to other peoples, and Koreans have become filled with inferiority complex. This is especially true of Korean women. Korea is the Plastic Surgery capital of the world because Korean women want to look ‘white’. They will deny this, but most surgical procedures try to make Asian women more ‘western’. If Korean women want to look more white, it also means they want to have white-looking babies. In Hong Kong, single women who seek artificial insemination often request Scandinavian sperm. Asian women don’t want to have babies that look Asian. They want babies that look white. This is also true in America. Single Korean-American women(who want to have babies on their own) don’t want Asian sperm. They want white sperm. And those who are into Rap culture want black sperm because they think everything black is so ‘cool’ and ‘badass’.
Because Asian youth grow up watching pop culture 24/7 and since pop culture promotes white beauty and black styles, Asians want to look and act more white or black.
In America, Asian women are sexually very popular, but Asian men are sexually least popular. Not only Asian men but white men, black men, brown men, and Jewish men want Asian women. But white women, black women, brown women, Jewish women, and even Asian women don’t want Asian men who are seen as a bunch of short geeks, nerds, and losers. So, while many Asian-American women go with non-Asian men, non-Asian women generally don’t go with Asian-American men. So, a lot of Asian-American men are without women and will die celibate. Their lives will revolve around playing video games and taking up other hobbies. They will never mature to full manhood with wife and children. Of course, some Asian-American men go back to Asia and find Asian wives and bring them over here. Asian-American men are popular back in Asia because they don’t have to compete with non-Asian men. Also, they can promise Asian women that if they marry them, they will bring them to America and buy them big houses. But, is this what Korean-American men should be doing? When Korea had a population surplus, this made sense. But today, Korean demographics is in serious trouble. The Korean population will shrink by 40% every generation. The current birthrate is 1.1 per woman. Korean-American men should NOT be bringing Korean women to America. But, there’s another reason why they should not. It’s because their Korean-American daughter will growing up despising her father as a man. She will tell herself, "I don’t want to marry anyone like my father". Why not? Because American popular culture tells her that Asian men are nerds and dorks and unmanly. Also, Asian men are absent in cool areas like sports and popular sex-drenched music. Also, Korean-American girls growing up in America will notice that Asian men are shorter than non-Asian men. Also, we now live in a pornographic age when girls from young age talk about graphic sex all day. And much of their discussion is about penis size. As Asian men generally have smaller penises than non-Asian men, Korean-American girls will be ashamed to be associated with Korean-American men. Imagine a Korean-American girl married to a Korean-American man. Suppose she has Korean-American female friends married to a white guy and a black guy. The one married to a white guy will say her husband is so great because he’s tall and has angular facial features. The one married to a black guy will say her husband is so great because he’s muscular and has a big penis. But the one married to the Korean-American guy will feel ashamed that her husband isn’t manly enough. This is why many Korean-Americans have made a racial-sexual decision to not to date or marry Korean-American guys. And of course, non-Asian women feel the same way about Asian men. Therefore, many Asian-American men, rejected not only by non-Asian women but even by the women of their own race, find themselves without girlfriends and wives. So, they go to Asia to get wives. But whoever heard of an Asian-American woman going back to Asia to find an Asian husband? Asian-American women can have sex with or marry men of just about any race.

Indeed, American view of Asians fall into women-as-prostitute and men-as-servant mentality. American men have a long history of dominating Asia militarily. American men militarily lorded over Asia and enjoyed Asian women as prostitutes and girlfriends. And they found it easy to get Asian women in Asia because Asian women quickly realize that American men are bigger and richer than Asian men. American men also found Asian men to be servile and passive. Remember that when Germans defeated and occupied France, countless French women threw themselves at German soldiers. Likewise, Asian women see white and black men as sexual-racial victors over Asian men, therefore they throw themselves at non-Asian men. In female psychology, there’s no sense of racial solidarity or loyalty; there is just worship of the Alpha Male and contempt for the loser Beta Male. She may feel pity for the beta male, but the pity soon turns into contempt. There are many cases in America of black guys beating up and humiliating Asian guys, but increasing number of Asian women go with black guys than sticking with Asian guys. Why? Same reason why so many French women went with Nazi occupiers when Germany handily defeated France in 1940. America has a long history of seeing Asian men as passively surrendering their turf and women to American invaders and overlords. So, even as Asian women sexually served American men, Asian men served as ‘coolies’, lackeys, and waterboys. And this perception is very much alive in America DESPITE the so-called Asian-American ‘success story’. American men expect Asian women to ‘put out’ to them. They figure that Asian women, upon comparing Asian men with (white/black)American men, will reject their own kind and spread their legs to American men. And if we judge the Asian-American community by its actions(as opposed to its words as Asian-American women will officially deny that they despise the men of their own race), American perceptions are very much part of Asian-American reality. Great many Asian-American women have decided to racially-sexually reject men of their own race and choose the ‘superior’ men of other races. And Asian-American men don’t protest but passively resign themselves to defeat/humiliation and work diligently as nerds and laborers to contribute to the American economy. Asian-American men work and pay taxes to support the American economy while Asian-American women opt to have babies with non-Asian men.

Of course, some Asian-American women feel a bit guilty about this. After all, Asian-American daughters are the products of their Asian fathers. So, their rejection of Asian-American men is tantamount to saying, "I don’t ever want to marry a man like my father. His ilk isn’t good enough for me." But no daughter wants to hate her father. Therefore, what Asian-American girls try to do is be extra-nice to their fathers. They sexually reject the men of their own race, and they would never marry men who look like their fathers. But by playing the dutiful daughter, they can pretend that they’ve remained loyal to their Asian heritage and culture. "Dad, I don’t want to marry anyone like you, but here’s a set of golf clubs for Father’s Day." They may even try to remind their children that they’re half-Asian. But if Asian consciousness is SO important to these Asian-American women, why did they reject the men of their own race? Why did they willfully make a racial-sexual decision to reject the seeds of the men of their own race while receiving the seeds of men of other races?
As Asian-American girls were raised with other Asian-Americans, surely they had ample opportunities to find Asian-American men, especially since so many Asian-American men are without women. But the fact that so many Asian-American women choose to marry outside the race means that they sexually despise Asian-American men. They want to have babies that look Eurasian or Afro-Asian.
But then, even as they sexually reject Asian-American men, they demand that they be culturally accepted by the Asian community. They think, "Asian-American men are not good enough for me, but my part-Asian children are just as good for the Asian community." They want to have the cake and eat it too. I would argue that Asian community should reject those who reject it. Sexual rejection is a form of rejection. A race exists because men and women of that race choose to have children together. If every Jew marries a non-Jew for the next 200 yrs, there won’t be any Jews left. Eventually, there might be people who are 1/4 Jewish, 1/8 Jewish, 1/16 Jewish, and etc. but people with such divided loyalties can’t be said to be anything. (To be sure, Jewishness, even when mixed, is more likely to survive as a cultural consciousness than Korean-American-ness is. Jews are a great people and have a great culture respected all around the world. Also, Jewishness is so revered in America that even someone who’s 1/4 Jewish may insist on his/her Jewishness because it’s deemed so noble, profound, tragic, and awesome to be Jewish. But what is Korean-ness associated with American culture? Smelly Kimchee, dog-eating, and yellow-faced clowns imitating rappers because, apparently even after 2,500 yrs of history, there’s nothing of Korean culture to be proud of. This is why, in order for Korean culture and identity to be preserved, it is necessary to emphasize the unity of race and culture. Korean cultural identity alone cannot compete with something like Jewish identity/culture. Even someone who is 1/4 or even 1/8 Jewish wants to be identified as a Jew. Besides, because Jews are powerful in Wall Street, Hollywood, Washington, Las Vegas, and etc, being even part-Jewish makes for good resume to win favors from fellow tribalists. But there’s no cultural, social, or economic advantage in being Korean or part Korean in America. Indeed, when even pure-blooded Korean girls are so eager to erase themselves genetically by receiving the seeds of non-Korean men — and never ever from Korean men — , Korean-Americans mustn’t delude themselves that Korean consciousness will survive massive race-mixing. Korean culture and identity can only be preserved by the racial-cultural unity of Koreans, something that is nearly impossible in America because too many Korean-American women despise Korean-American men as lovers. Indeed in many cases, the ONLY reason Korean-American women will marry Korean-American men is if the latter have lots of money. And Korean-American men try to win Korean-American women by showering them with gifts and money. But how shallow and corrupt is that? The idea of trying to impress the women of your own race with money because they hate you racially and sexually.)
Of course, it’s not true that every Asian-American who marries non-Asian chose to do so out of ‘auto-racist’ reasons — hatred of one’s own race. While it’s true that many Asian-American have a willful determination NOT to marry an Asian-American male, some Asian-American women marry men of other races for individual reasons. They just happen to meet and fall in love. But when we look at the overall statistics, who can deny that many Asian-American women have a willful hatred and contempt for Asian-American men. Even though their private sexual organs, the vaginas, were created by the union of their Asian fathers and Asian mothers, they’ve decided that their vaginas are only to be opened to men of other races because Asian-American men are deemed to be racially-sexually inferior and unworthy of implanting their semen into wombs of Asian-American women.

But such feeling exist not only in Asian-America but in Asia itself. As Asian youths grow up with pop culture 24/7 — earlier generations had much less TV time and no internet, therefore their sense of Asian-ness came more from community, family, customs, and etc. — and hooked to globalist internet, their idea of coolness comes from America that is saturated with American sports(where Asian men have no presence), pop culture/music(that is increasingly pornified and devoid of Asian men), and American celebrity culture(that has a place for Asian-American women as mamasan or Suzie Wongs but no room for Asian-American men except as nerds and geeks).

So, Asian-American men are losing the sexual battle. Asian-American women are winning. And this is especially true in the Korean-American community. Korean-Americans are known to be the most crass, shallow, materialistic, vulgar, trashy, and obnoxious among all Asian-Americans. Why is this? Is it because Koreans have more an impulsive nature and tend to indulge in things in excess: drinking, smoking, partying, loose sex, and etc? Is it because Koreans, unlike Chinese, have less of a cultural pride? Chinese can take pride in being part of a great civilization. Korean civilization, in contrast, was just an imitation of the Chinese. The Korean Way has been to worship and imitate whatever happens to be The Greater Culture. For thousands of years, Koreans looked up to China as the Great Nation. During the first half of the 20th century, most Koreans collaborated with the Great Japanese. And since the 1950s, South Koreans have worshiped everything American since America is the great power. So, many Koreans mindlessly surrendered to Christianity. They surrendered to Hollywood norms. And many Korean-American parents don’t even allow their children to speak the Korean language in the house. The Korean way is to be servile dogs to whomever is deemed to be superior. Korean parents teach this mind-set to their kids, so Korean-American kids are mindlessly slavish to whatever happens to be ‘hot and cool’ and whoever happens to be ‘rich and glamorous’. And Korean-American women are eager to marry up with ‘superior’ men and don’t want to be stuck with ‘inferior’ Korean-American men. Korean-American men are seen as Hyundai cars of manhood. In Korea, majority of Koreans buy Korean cars, but in America, many Korean-Americans don’t want to be associated with such an ‘inferior product’ and want to drive a Mercedes, Lexus, or BMW. Same applies in the sexual marketplace. Korean-American women see Korean-American men as a bunch of Hyundais.

Anyway, even as Korean-American men lose the sexual battle, they can win the sexual war. They should make plans to return to Korea and settle down over there with Korean wife and children. Korean-American men must NOT bring Korean women to America. Their daughters will grow up despising their own fathers as men and will go with men of other races who are deemed to be superior. And their sons will grow up undesired by not only non-Asian women but by Asian women. Can Asian-American men really call United States their true home when it’s a society where even the women of their own race reject them and see them as unworthy? US is a great for business opportunities and sight-seeing, but it can never be the true homeland of Asian men. A true homeland for any group of men is where their women respect them and want to have children with them. If Korean-American men return to Korea and have children with Korean women, they will be in their true home. This isn’t to say that Koreans must only work in Korea. In our globalized age, Koreans work all over the world: America, Europe, the Middle East, Israel, Southeast Asia, and etc. But when it comes to their home-base, Korean men need to make Korea their true homeland . It’s like Israeli Jews work in Europe, America, Latin America, and etc. but they still maintain their family home-base in Israel. Likewise, Koreans can experience and work with the entire world, but when it comes to their home base, they must return to and defend Korea. And this is a golden opportunity for Korean-American men since so many Korean women are single. If Korean-American men return to Korea in huge numbers, marry Korean women, and have Korean babies, they can control the future of Korea. Sadly, too many Korean men have become unfit to be husband and fathers because the culture of cram-schooling and mindless conformity(to anachronistic social norms and trashy pop culture) have stunted their growth intellectually, culturally, morally, and emotionally. Of course, there are idiotic Korean-American men whose culture revolves around trashy ghetto rap music, dumb Hollywood movies, video games, and vulgar TV shows, but one advantage of Americanism is that allows greater maturation for those with independent voices(though, lately with all this Political Correctness, even America is turning into a dumb country where everyone must worship Jews and homosexuals or else be blacklisted and destroyed).

Anyway, if Korean-American men re-learn the language, relearn the culture, and return to Korea and have children with Korean women, they will win the sexual war. Sure, Korean-American women are winning the sexual battle by having sex and children with men of other races. But their children will only be half-Korean, and their children will become 1/4 Korean, then 1/8 Korean, and then 1/16 Korean. In time, Koreanness won’t mean anything to them. They will just generically become part of something else.
Consider the Jewish community. For thousands of years, some Jews left the community and married with non-Jews. In time, their children forgot their Jewishness and just became Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Greeks, Moroccans, Italians, and etc. They were culturally and racially lost to other peoples. But Jews who maintained their racial-cultural sense of Jewishness kept on producing new Jews by the union of Jewish men and Jewish women. If the Jewish community still exists, it is because of those Jews who clung to their sense of Jewishness. If all Jews had married with non-Jews long ago, Jewish identity and culture would have vanished a thousand years ago. Likewise in the modern era, it’s the Orthodox Jewish community that is winning the sexual war against the assimilationist Jewish community. Assimilationist Jews might find their ‘shikse babes’, but with the passing of each generation, it is becoming less and less Jewish. And many of them forget their Jewishness altogether. In contrast, the Orthodox Jewish community grows larger and more powerful since they maintain the racial-sexual unity within the race. They will determine the future of Jewish race and culture.

Likewise, the assimilationist Korean community will fade away into other races. But a Orthodox sense of Koreanness — or the Korthodox Community — will survive as a race and culture. Some might argue that mixed-race Korean-Americans will carry on with Korean identity, but I doubt it. If pure-blooded Korean-Americans have such weak sense of Korean history, culture, and identity, what chance is there that 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16th Korean-Americans will care about Koreanness? If someone is 1/4 Italian, 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Jewish, and 1/4 Korean, he or she will have to divide his/her cultural/racial loyalties four ways. That is too difficult, and therefore, he or she will just become a ‘generic American’ whose cultural identity is mostly defined by pop culture, fashion, and other shallow stuff that blows in and out with the wind.
If you mix orange juice with milk, it’s only half-orange juice. If you mix orange juice with milk, grape juice, and cola, it’s only 1/4 orange juice. Pretending that this mixed drink is as much an orange juice as a pure glass of orange juice is ludicrous.
Of course, culture isn’t only about race. There are Koreans who were adopted by the French and raised by French. They don’t know anything about Korean language and culture even though they are 100% Korean by blood. And since their own nation rejected them and since France adopted them and cared for them, I believe their main loyalties should be to France.
Identity isn’t just about race and it’s not just about culture. It’s a combination of both. I can learn Greek, but that doesn’t make me Greek. A Greek can learn Hindi, but that doesn’t make him Hindu. But a Greek by blood who speaks Greek is truly Greek.

Anyway, if Korean-American men return to Korea and have lots of children with Korean women they will preserve Korean-ness, and their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will also preserve and continue with the line of Korean-ness that goes back 2,500 yrs(and further if we include barbarian and primitive Korea that had the same basic DNA). In contrast, Korean-American women might get their sexual pleasures by playing the role of mama-sans and Suzie Wongs, but their children will forget their Korean-ness and their children’s children will become even less Korean and just become generically ‘American’ which today means consuming trashy pop culture and worshiping homosexual elites from morning to night.

Consider the Jews. Jews who assimilated with non-Jews lost all sense of Jewishness. But Jews who maintained the racial-cultural-sexual unity of the community remained as Jews. They survived as a race and culture, and they came to do great things AS Jews. So, if Korean-American men want to win the sexual war against stuck-up Korean-American women who reject men of their own race with contempt, they need to relearn their language, return to Korea, and regenerate Korea with children they have with Korean women.


  1. Even though Im not K-A, Im white, but Ive seen this alot in all my time here. Isn't the big thing now is women are rejecting the dutiful Asian mindset of subserivence? They may love their parents, but alot of immigrant/2nd gen K-A boys are somehow trying to be "obedient" to their parents/showing their a good "Korean/K-A?" That's why there are so many farmers wives from SE Asia now. That outdated ideas of duty that infringe on their personal development. I will give money to my folks, but fuck will they influence who I will make my family/relations with. Thats the result of a dictatorship mindset! Oh well. I like K-chicks as well! Love, Honky.

  2. Also, Koreans are not a race.

    Jews can mix with others but if they keep their Jewish culture, and observe Jewish religious customs as dictated by their branch and Synagogue, they are Jewish.

    Korea means they were born in Korea, and are monolinguistic, Blood purity doesnt exist anywhere, only blood superiority, where one or a few types dominate. You can see all the different types of faces in Korea, even before the import of foreign brides...

    1. It depends on what meant by 'race'.

      Koreans are part of the East Asian or 'Mongoloid' race. They are a sub-race within that category.

      I disagree that 'blood purity' is same as 'blood superiority'. That is a
      Euro-centric view deriving from the Nazi experience.

      Koreans were into ethnocentrism for 1000s of yrs but they never invaded and conquered other peoples. They didn't bring black slaves from Africa.

      True, North Korea is a nasty place, and they do promote 'racial purity'. But it is not about superiority but unity and uniqueness. North Koreans don't say they are superior to other races. They say they have unique Korean features that are worth preserving. In contrast, South Koreans are racially self-loathing and go for plastic surgery to look members of other races.

      Also, North Korean concept of 'race purity' is defensive than offensive.
      If we look at the history of imperialism, the conquering race raped and took the women of the defeated race. That is how Latin America came to be. Conquering white imperialists raped tons of native women.
      Much of history of race-mixing has been about the conquering race using sexual might to take the women of the defeated race.

      Korea went through such race-mixing episode under Japanese rule when Japanese military raped thousands of Korean women.

      So, from the Korean perspective, 'pure blood' doesn't mean what it meant in Nazi Germany. It means Koreans should be proud that they were relatively less conquered and raped by other races.

    2. Im sorry, blood superiority is the wrong word, blood dominance is maybe a better word, I mean, where certain characteristics of the offspring will dominate. My English sucks now, lol. Also I cannot except Koreans doing ethnocentricism nor for 1000s of years. Also, the Japanese raping may be a fact, but its not a dominant factor of reproduction and producing of children at that time. I know old men and influential young men here love to say that, but as an outsider whos studied this stuff as well, I have to call foul. Its ok when the old country farmers spout this, but your making statements on a public forum, so Im free to disagree with that,

    3. Koreas a small country with a lingual isolante, they could never invade anything except the pojang macha! :)

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  4. 이 새끼 좆또라이ㄴ

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  6. Neglected Korean men should come to East Europe, since the most beautiful women live here and many of them like East Asian races!
    I heard from many Asian men that they are neglected in USA. If they dont want to overdominate our women, but want a culturally high and nice life, they may find some normal wife material here. I, myself have a Nepalese ( also Mongolian originated) boyfriend. We also dont use much of plastical surgery.

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