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Koreans Need to Resist the Neo-Imperialist Globalist Propaganda of the Homosexual Agenda.

Korean collaborationist traitor adopt and display the Symbol of Globalist Judeo-Homo Imperialism.

Take a good look at the video below of the so-called ‘first lesbian kissing’ in a Korean drama.

More homosexual propaganda propagated by globalist Korean media elites who takes their cues and orders from America that is controlled by Jews and homosexuals.

Why is such filth being spread throughout Korean popular culture? Why are Korean youths being exposed to such garbage? Why does Korea need homosexual propaganda? How is it good for Korean society and Korean values?

Now, I know that homosexuals exist in all societies. Some people are born homosexual, and a civilized society need to acknowledge that such people exist. And such people should be left alone to find their own meaning in life and find their own happiness. Even so, homosexuality is a sexual deviance that understandably seems strange to most people for the simple reason that most people are NOT homosexual. If homosexuals naturally want to indulge in deviant and weird sexual behavior, most people naturally feel uneasy and uncomfortable with homosexual behavior. This isn’t ‘homophobia’ but natural feelings that straight people — or ‘heterosexuals’ — have about homosexuality. If homosexual men find pleasure by penetrating the anuses of other men with their penises, most straight-and-normal men find such behavior to be gross and disgusting. And rightfully so because a penis was meant to be complementary with a vagina, not with the fecal hole or anus of another man. After all, the penis ejaculates semen from the testes, and semen was created by nature to fertilize the egg in the ovary which is connected to the vagina. So, the penis and vagina were meant to be complementary in sex. The anus was designed by nature to excrete feces or ‘shit’. As for lesbians, their idea of ‘sex’ isn’t physically unclean or disgusting, but it is useless because it makes no sense for a hole(which is what a vagina is) to have ‘sex’ with another hole.
Anyway, if homosexual men and homosexual women want to have fun doing what they want they to do, I say let them. It shouldn’t be our business. And because it’s not our business, homosexuals should do it in the privacy of their own bedrooms or in their own social/cultural spheres.
But for some reason, homosexuals want to rub all of our noses in their sexual behavior. They want to pressure us to agree that their behavior as ‘normal’, ‘natural’, ‘wonderful’, ‘beautiful’, ‘noble, and so on. They want to force us to celebrate, praise, and honor their behavior. They say we should leave them alone, but they won’t leave us alone. They want to make us bend and assent to their demands. Why and how did homosexuals become so aggressive, insistent, demanding, and arrogant?

First, let me say that even though I don’t care for homosexuality and don’t like it, I do not oppose homosexual artists exploring what it means to be homosexual or telling homosexual-themed stories. Humanity comes in all shapes, colors, and forms. If art and literature are a search for and expression of truth, then there’s a reason to tell truthful stories about homosexuals. Besides, there have been many homosexual poets, artists, novelists, and film-makers through the ages. I’m not one to denigrate homosexual talent, nor do I think homosexual themes should be off limits.
But there’s a difference between truthful art/literature/films about homosexuality and homosexual propaganda driven by a political-ideological agenda, especially that of a foreign nation, namely the United States that is now dominated by Jews and homosexuals.
Consider films like MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE and C.R.A.Z.Y. The British film MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE doesn’t make for easy-viewing, but it has the courage of honesty. It doesn’t smooth over the problems of immigration, racial strife, homosexuality, and social breakdown in Britain. It is a genuine work of art if we define art as an expression of truth. C.R.A.Z.Y is one of the most honest and heartfelt films about growing up. Its leading character undergoes the crisis of coming to terms with his homosexuality and how it relates to his family, especially his father. It offers no easy answers, no pat formula of good guys vs bad guys. It’s a genuinely thoughtful movie that probes into the hearts of each of its characters.

Reality isn’t only about normal people. It’s about sinners, crooks, criminals, robbers, rapists, murderers, adulterers, cheaters, liars, sexual deviants, madmen, eccentrics, outcasts, and so on. So, there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be homosexual themes or characters in books, movies, or even TV shows.
But homosexual propaganda is a different matter. If art makes us think, explore, and ponder the questions of life and morality, propaganda merely tells us what is right and what is wrong. Thus, propaganda is a form of command. When those with the power over the media resort to propaganda, they are NOT asking us to think. They are demanding that we agree with what they show us. Propaganda serves the same function in all societies. Nazi propaganda was not meant to be disagreed with. Same was true of Soviet Stalinist propaganda. In Maoist China, everyone was expected to agree 100% with Chinese Communist propaganda. If you disagreed, you could be dragged off to prison. In North Korea, the official state propaganda is presented as the Truth. One must agree or else face the consequences.
Nature of Propaganda is to make you agree and obey.
Propaganda demands that you agree or else.
In propaganda, something is 100% correct or 100% wrong.
Though democracies are freer than totalitarian societies, much of the media in so-called ‘liberal democracies’ are still used propagandistically. Furthermore, even in a democracy(or free society), the media are often controlled by the government(like BBC in the Great Britain) or owned by a small number of super-corporations, as in the US, Japan, and South Korea. There is no genuine people’s media(though one can argue that the internet can serve that function).

So, let’s consider the Korean TV show that features the ‘first lesbian kissing’. The show is obviously not a work of art because it is too stupid and shallow. It’s a dumb entertainment show for dumb young people. One might say it’s just a part of popular culture. But it’s not just entertainment either because the ‘first lesbian kiss’ was obviously presented as a ‘moral’ and political message. It is trying to tell us something. It is commanding the viewers to agree that lesbianism is just great and wonderful. Especially with a pop song accompanying the kiss, the scene isn’t meant to be realistic but propagandistic. It essentially says THIS IS GREAT, and if you disagree, you’re a bad person, a ‘homophobic bigot’ who is against the wonderful kind of love that is lesbianism.
Though fools may defend the scene as being a message of ‘tolerance’, propaganda is never tolerant. The way the scene has been staged and presented doesn’t offer the viewer any choice but to agree or feel bad for not agreeing. As the scene glorifies and romanticizes lesbianism as something great and wonderful, the only options are to agree and feel good about oneself OR disagree and feel like ‘uncool homophobe’. ("Homophobia" is a misnomer since it’s natural for people to feel queasy about homosexuality that involves two or more men using their sex organs to penetrate the fecal holes of other men. A true phobia is an intense and panicked fear/response to something harmless. Almost no one has that kind of reaction to homosexuality. What most people feel naturally is that homosexuality is weird, deviant, and physically obscene, especially when practiced by male homosexuals because of the unclean nature of sodomy. Feelings of distaste or dislike are NOT a phobia. If anything, homosexuals seems to suffer from normal-phobia as they are the ones who cannot tolerate natural straight/heterosexual feelings about homosexuality. Though straight people can be brainwashed to think well of homosexuality — just like generations of people have been brainwashed to praise communism or practice foot-binding in China — , such attitude isn’t natural to their makeup. The natural default position of most people is to find homosexuality to be weird, perverse, and/or obscene.) Propaganda applies pressure on you to agree. Though the ‘first lesbian kissing’ scene may be presented as a plea for tolerance, the people who promote and push that sort of thing are intolerant and are trying to pressure and then force all Koreans, eventually by law, to believe and accept that homosexuality is just as naturally normal and healthy as true sexuality involving a man and a woman. Even when it pretends to be on the side of ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’, there’s something about propaganda that is essentially aggressive, manipulative, coercive, and dogmatic.
And if Koreans don’t oppose this piece of homosexual propaganda and choose to tolerate it, the homosexual agents in the Korean media and entertainment will keep showing more and more of it, and then, they will spread it in schools and government. Homosexuals are not merely seeking tolerance. They have a radical agenda to remake the entire culture & society and normalize all people and their children to the notion that homosexuals are like angels and gods.
In America, homosexuality was initially snuck in here and there in popular culture, but once Americans were normalized to homosexuality as the "New Normal", the dam eventually burst, and there is now non-stop homosexual propaganda everywhere in schools, government, politics, and entertainment. Today in America, one cannot succeed in life without the blessing and approval of homosexual elites who operate at all levels of government, media, academia, and business. Homosexuals are as actively engaged in controlling American society and politics as the Jews are.

One reason why there’s an increase in homosexual content and propaganda in Korean popular culture is because a disproportionate number of homosexuals gravitate toward arts & culture. It’s true enough that many homosexuals do have a knack for creativity and expression. Homosexuals have played a significant role in the arts & cultures of all peoples and nations, and this should be acknowledged even by people who don’t like homosexuality. But there’s a difference between homosexuals using their talent to create art/entertainment AND homosexuals using their power to spread ‘gay’ propaganda. Emboldened by the rise of homosexual power in America and Europe, Korean homosexuals are also trying to attain elitist-supremacist power in South Korea. And they are favored by American neo-imperialists who are seeking useful collaborators to spread the globalist gospel of minority-elite-power and multi-culturalism. And homosexuals in nations all around the world are happy to serve as collaborators of American neo-imperialist globalism. Homosexuals are naturally snobby and snotty. They are narcissistic and love power & privilege. They naturally want to rule and dominate others. So, Korean homosexuals are more than willing to work with American globalist-imperialists to change Korean society and turn it upside down so that Korea will be ruled by its homosexual minority elites than by majority of ‘heterosexual’ straight people.

Now, why do America and EU suddenly want to increase the power of homosexuals? It’s because America is now ruled by Jews, and EU is just a satellite of the US. Why do Jews want to increase homosexual power? Jews are allied with homosexuals because Jews run Hollywood, music industry, and many arts & entertainment industries in which homosexuals are prominent. Jewish profits depend to a considerable extent on homosexual input and talent. After all, conservatives are not known for interest or investment in arts and culture.
But there’s another reason, a more important one, as to why Jews are pushing the homosexual agenda. Jews are only 2% of US population, but they are ruling elites. It is not natural or normal for the 2% to rule over the 98% that are gentile. So, Jewish elites want 98% of Americans who are gentile to get used to the ‘New Normal’ of elite minority rule. Jews hope that if most straight Americans can be made to obey and serve the homosexual minority, then the gentile majority will also meekly serve the Jewish elite minority. Jews are trying to change the political and social mind-set of Americans. Americans are being conditioned to accept the ‘New Normal’ of elite minority rule, especially that of Jews and homosexuals. So, Jews and homosexuals see eye-to-eye. Their power and privilege are vested in spreading the idea to all Americans that it is normal and natural that 98% of Americans who are not Jewish or homosexual should be ruled by the 2% that is either Jewish and/or homosexual. In today’s America, bakeries and flower shops are sued and destroyed if they don’t cater to ‘gay weddings’: Big companies will fire or won’t promote anyone who won’t support the ‘gay agenda’ or ‘gay marriage’: Americans no longer have a choice. They must support Israel, they must praise Jews, they must serve AIPAC, they must celebrate homosexuality, they must bless ‘gay marriage’, and they must attack and vilify anyone who resists and opposes the ‘gay agenda or Jewish supremacist power.

In South Korea, it’s not just the homosexuals who are collaborating with American globalist Judeo-homo-imperialism. Many Korean elites studied in America and were trained to be ideological pet monkeys of Jews and homosexuals. They don’t serve Korean interests and power but serve Jewish-American and homo-American interests and agendas. They seek the approval and attention of powerful Jews and privileged homos who dominate the elite institutions and industries of America. Some of them sincerely believe that the global ‘gay agenda’ is good for Korea because they are convinced that America is 100% right about everything. Their idea of good and bad goes like this: ‘America is good’ and ‘anti-America is bad’. So, if America has ‘this’ and if Korea doesn’t have it, then Korea is bad and must strive must have ‘this’ too. So, Korea must work hard to become just like America. This slavish mentality has long roots in Korean history. For thousands of years, Koreans slavishly imitated China. North Korea during the Cold War slavishly imitated Soviet Stalinism. And today’s South Korea slavishly imitates whatever comes out of America.

Korean elites studied in America. They suffer from inferiority complex and seek the approval and attention of rich and powerful Americans in places like Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Harvard. They want to be able to say to American elites, "Korea has pro-gay culture too and even gay marriage" because they want to be petted on the head like dogs and approved by white people. Korean-Americans may act outgoing and individualistic, but 99% of what they say think, say, and do is nothing but imitation of American culture and ‘values’ that are now dominated by Jews and homosexuals.
But there’s also a cynical reason as to why Korean elites are pushing the ‘gay agenda’. It’s because they only care about money. Many rich Korean industrialists and businessmen don’t really care for ‘gay marriage’ and even find it disgusting. But they watch trends in America and EU — the hegemons of the globlalist economy — , and they realize that America and EU are preparing to economically punish any nation that won’t accept ‘gay marriage — consider how Russia has been vilified for banning ‘gay pride parades’, prohibiting homosexual propaganda in schools, and opposing ‘gay marriage’ — and economically reward any nation that surrenders to globalist Judeo-homo imperialism. As so many Americans now worship ‘gays’ as angels and value the ‘gay agenda’ more than God and religion — many Christian churches now fly the ‘gay rainbow’ banner, and many Christian churches in America are now essentially Jewish-homo-occupied territories — , businesses that hope to sell to Americans must prove their pro-homosexual credentials. Because homosexuality has been made almost holy and sacred in the decadent minds of American consumers whose fattened wallets dominate the international economy, the appeal of global products in America will depend on their associations with the ‘gay agenda’. Also, as South Korea feels economic competition from China and India, it’s trying to gain an favorable edge with American consumers by labeling its products as especially ‘gay-friendly’. It’s sham morality invoked to make more money. Koreans are good at being running dogs of bigger powers. British once pushed the opium trade on the Chinese. Today, Americans use globalist Pop Culture as opium to weaken, subvert, and corrupt other nations. By hooking Koreans to American-style junk culture and then by associating such culture with the gay agenda’, US is hoping to turn Koreans into essentially the cultural slaves of the Judeo-Homosexual Globalist Empire whose capitals are Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley.
The Flag of Japanese Imperialism
The Flag of British Imperialism
The Flag of Judeo-Homo Imperialism that US is hoping to plant on Korean soil with the help of Korean elites and homosexual collaborators.
British Imperialists planted the Union Jack all across their Empire, and Japanese Imperialists planted the Japanese flag in their colonies. Judeo-homo-imperialists are planting the ‘gay rainbow’ flags as their victory symbols all across the world. And their collaborators are the craven & greedy Korean elite collaborators(who will gladly sell out their nation for profits) and Korean homosexuals who want elite power and privilege like their counterparts in the US and EU.
Jews are especially savvy about using homo-imperialism because they want to cover up the full extent of Jewish power. Though Jews want to spread their power and influence all over the world, they are worried that people in other nations will grow fearful and resentful of Jewish power. So, Jews use homosexuals as their proxies and agents — just like the Soviet Union used Peace Groups as their proxies during the Cold War(which wasn’t so cold in Korea due to the division of Korea by Franklin Delano Roosevelt who handed the northern half of Korea to communist Stalin).
Jews know that homosexuals of every nation feel somewhat alienated and estranged from the majority population that is non-homosexual or even anti-homosexual. Therefore, many Korean homosexuals are willing to work with Jewish globalist-imperialists to take power in Korea. Jewish money and media will aid Korean homosexuals, and in return, Korean homosexuals will work as agents of American neo-imperialism to turn South Korea effectively into another Puerto Rico, Hawaii, or the 51st state of the United States.

But the problem isn’t only with the Korean elites. Popular culture and public education target all Koreans. Since the elites control popular culture industries and shape the school curriculum, they can use entertainment to normalize homosexual behavior and to vilify those who stand for traditional morality and patriotic national sovereignty. In America, Jews and homosexuals who control education and popular culture have conflated the American Flag with the ‘gay rainbow flag’. Thus, homosexual culture has become synonymous with American culture.
Homosexuals and Jews want to do the same thing in Korea. They want Koreans to identify the Korea flag with the ‘gay rainbow flag’. They want to use Korea as a testing ground, a guinea pig of Judeo-homosexual neo-imperialism emanating from America. Instead of Koreans identifying with Korean tradition, Korean race, Korean culture, and Korean values, Jews and homosexuals(American and Korean) want Koreans to identify with globalist culture, Hollywood values, MTV images, and Judeo-homosexual dogma. Since so many young Korean youths are mindless consumers of popular culture and unthinking drones of public education system, they can easily be brainwashed to conform to the New Normal of glorifying, praising, and serving homosexual elite power(that will primarily be linked to globalist Jewish power).

One thing Koreans need to understand is that United States is no longer the nation that their fathers and grandfathers knew. US used to be ruled by white gentile majority. It used to be a Christian and humanist nation that spread basic human rights and solid mainstream values through art, entertainment, and education. Since the 1990s under Bill Clinton, US has become a Jewish-and-homosexual-dominated nation. It has become a nation ruled by globalist oligarchs that seek to weaken and destroy all national boundaries and borders EXCEPT those of Israel. Jews are all for Jewish nationalism and Zionism in Israel, but they are opposed to nationalism and patriotism of all other peoples. George Soros(of the ‘left’) and the Koch Brothers(of the ‘right’) are both for ‘gay marriage’ and open border immigration. They are globalist and pro-oligarchic and anti-nationalist(except for Israel).
When US was once ruled by white gentile majority, its rulers respected and accepted that Koreans wanted to be ruled by Koreans. US was majority-ruled and Korea was majority-ruled. But today, as US is minority-ruled(mainly by Jews and homosexuals), they want other nations to follow suit and also be minority-ruled. So, Jews keep urging more immigration for Europe and Asia in the name of boosting ‘diversity’(even though Jews never urge Israel to allow non-Jewish immigration). (Jews especially want to diversify East Asia since the recent economic success of East Asia would indicate that racial homogeneity can serve as the basis for growth and progress. And indeed, homogeneous East Asia has done better than most nations around the world that are far more diverse. Since the success of East Asia goes against the grain of the Narrative favored by New America, Jews are trying to persuade East Asians that their future success depends on more diversity. But if East Asia depends on diversity for economic success, how did the Japanese economy grow so fast in the 1960s and 1970s? How did the Korean and Taiwanese economies grow so fast in the 1980s? Why did the Chinese economy grow so fast in the 1990s? One thing fo sure, Jews don’t seem to think that more diversity is good for the Israeli economy. Because of dangerously low birthrates in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, one can surely make a case for more people, but then, Koreans, Taiwanese, and Japanese should be having more kids. But for some strange reason, Jews never recommend that East Asians and Europeans have more kids. Instead, they urge Europeans and East Asians to cede their ancestral lands to waves of foreigners who have no personal or collective attachment to Europe or Asia.)
Because US is now ruled by the minority elites of Jews and homos, they look at a nation like Korea and want to increase its diversity so that the homogenous unity of Koreans will be broken and fade away. Jews want Korean elites to forsake their own people and collaborate with globalist elites. They want Korean homosexuals to gain social, cultural, and moral dominance over the vast majority of straight normal-sexual Koreans. And Jews especially prize South Korea because both its right-wing and left-wing elites have been molded by American education in places like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, and other institutions that are now completely dominated by Jews, homosexuals, and politically correct globalists. Whether leftist or rightist, American-trained Korean intellectuals and elites are little more than running dogs of trends, fashions, and dogmas prevailing in the powerful institutions and industries of America that own most of the wealth, hold most of the power and influence, and control most of the politicians.
As China and Japan tend to be more independent-minded in their national consciousness and policies, it’s more difficult for Americans to push their agenda on those nations. But as South Korea essentially developed in the shadow of American power, Korean elites tend to be mindless drones and slaves of American influence.
At least in the past when America was ruled by straight and normal white majorities, American power at least respected the Korean nationalist desire for some degree of sovereignty and majority/mainstream values. American rulers back then felt that America should operate according to its majority values and that Korea should operate according to its own majority values. But today, the new rulers of America, the Jews and homosexuals, not only radically changed the nature of American politics and culture but want to do likewise to Korean culture and society. They want Korea to be multi-culturalized and homo-elite-ruled, thus becoming like a copycat mini-me of the New America, a nation where 98% of Americans who are gentiles bow down to Jews and where 97% of Americans who are straight bend over to homosexuals.

Of course, not all Korean homosexuals are collaborationist stooges of globalist Jews. Just like the Japanese novelist Yukio Mishima was homosexual but patriotic and pro-Japan, there are Korean homosexuals who are patriotic, pro-Korean, and opposed to globalist American imperialism. In truth, homosexuality is a natural phenomenon. Some people are born homosexual. Homosexuality is a natural abnormality, and on that note, we need to accept that some people are born that way and should have the freedom to find their own kind of happiness. Overt anti-homosexual politics and propaganda aren’t good for Korea, and tolerance is necessary in a free and democratic society.
But, South Korea must not look to America where praise for homosexuality is now mandatory and where criticism/critique of homosexuality is effectively banned. You can still say anti-homosexual things in America, but if you do, you can be fired and won’t be hired by any elite institution or industry. So, in the realm of power, anyone who is critical of homosexuality, homosexual lifestyle, or homosexual power has no freedom and no rights in America. If you exercise free speech in America and write/say something that is critical of Jewish power or homosexual privilege, you will effectively be silenced, fired, demoted, destroyed, or blacklisted. Jews and homosexuals no longer seek mere tolerance and freedom. They seek total domination and supremacist elite power over the gentile and/or straight(heterosexual) majorities.

Korea, as we know, has been a mostly homogeneous nation where the elites are the same people as the masses. Ideally, Korean elites should identify with and serve the Korean masses. This is what Jews and homos in America don’t like about Korea, Japan, and China. America used to be ruled by white gentiles and mostly populated with white gentiles. So, American rulers and American people used to be, more or less, one and the same. But over time, Jews(who make up only 2% of America) gained elite dominance over America. They don’t identify with the American masses but feel hostile toward them. So, Jews have been stressing the perverted ideal of the ‘New Normal’ whereby the masses of gentiles and straight people should accommodate themselves to being ruled by Jews and homosexuals as elite minorities.

Likewise, Jews and homos want to drive a wedge between the Korean elites and Korean masses. They want Korean globalist elites and their homosexual allies to take power in Korea. They want Korean elites to identify more with globalist elites(especially of America and EU) than with their own people. Already, American-educated Korean elites feel frustrated that too many ‘dumb and stupid Koreans’ are not as ‘progressive’ like Americans. Instead of trying to understand their own people, represent their own people, preserve and defend their own identity & culture, and defend Korean political independence, these US-trained Korean elites want to seek the approval of Washington, Harvard, New York Times, Hollywood, and San Francisco by spreading political correctness, multi-culturalism, and ‘gay marriage’ to Koreans when such things have no basis in Korean history and serves no purpose for the future survival and dignity of Korea.

America is now a sick nation. In science and technology, it is still number one and deserves admiration. And as it has a vast market and controls the global economy, all nations big and small must acknowledge American power and operate accordingly. But morally and intellectually, America is a totally corrupt, vile, and disgusting nation whose values have been twisted, distorted, and corrupted to serve the interests of the Jewish-and-homo minority elites. Just because Korean-Americans are minorities too doesn’t mean that minority elite power in America is shared equally by all minorities. After all, Palestinian-Americans are minorities, but they have no power as Jewish-Americans use their near-total control of elite institutions and industries to steer America toward supporting Israel despite the fact that the Zionist colonization and oppression of Palestinians have been as brutal — or even more brutal — than the Japanese colonization of Korea. At the very least, as terrible as the Japanese were at times, they didn’t ethnically cleanse Koreans from Korea whereas Jewish Zionists pushed most Palestinians permanently out of their ancestral homelands.
Koreans need good relations with the US on issues of trade and technology, but Koreans need to be wary of American culture and ‘values’ that are now mostly corrupt, decadent, vain, narcissistic, pornographic, hedonistic, and ugly.
American ‘family values’ now consist of showing two 13 year old boys sharing a homosexual kiss on TV: Is that next for Korean entertainment too? Are Koreans good at nothing but slavishly imitating Americans? Since Americans did it, Koreans should follow too? Are Koreans really nothing but mindless lemmings who blindly follow American trends, fashions, and dictates? So, if American women in pop culture act like whores and prostitutes, Korean women should also? If American culture consists of ‘gay’ propaganda, Korean culture should follow suit? Is that the only thing Koreans are capable of? Mindless imitation of all things Big and Powerful? When China was the big powerful neighbor of Korea, Koreans mindlessly imitated China for 1000s of years. And North Koreans mindlessly imitated Stalinism. And South Koreans? They seem to do little but uncritically ape and imitate the intellectual and cultural trends of America without ever asking why America has become the way it is.
American ‘values’ have changed in accordance to the agendas of Jewish and homosexual elite domination of America. Homosexual power is good for Jewish power because Jews want the majority population of America to get used to the ‘New Normal’ of elite minority rule.
But how can such a mind-set be good for Korea when Korea should be a nation populated by Koreans and ruled by Koreans? Korean society must be a elite-majority-ruled nation — a nation where the elites are of the same race, culture, heritage, and history as the rest of the people. And this is what Jews don’t like about Korea. Jews never liked the ideal of the unity of gentile elites and gentile masses. Of course, Jews love the ideal of Jewish elites and Jewish masses united politically, culturally, and racially in Israel, especially against Arabs/Palestinians/Muslims. But apart from Israel, Jews seek to use the politically correct cult of ‘diversity’ and the globalist ‘gay agenda’ to create divide-and-conquer scenarios in other parts of the world. By increasing racial and cultural diversity in Korea, Jews seek to undermine Korean homogeneity and unity. By aiding Korean homosexuals as proxy collaborator-agents of globalist Jewish power, Jews seek to steer Korean elites from serving the Korean people towards identifying more with the globalist elites dominated by Jews, homosexuals, and deracinated whites of America and Europe.

P.S. In the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, Communist Jews pursued physical eradication of Christianity by destroying countless churches. In the end, they failed. Just like Jesus was destroyed in body but lived and triumphed in spirit, the Russian Church under communism was wrecked in body but carried on in spirit. And Russia is now seeing a revival of Christianity under Putin, which is why Jews virulently hate Russia and are funding homosexuals there to undermine the moral authority of the majority.

American Jews now seek to destroy Christianity in spirit than in body. Today, Jews don't target Churches for physical destruction but instead try to corrupt the very soul of Christianity into worshiping, above all, homosexuals as saints and angels. Jews would have Christians believe that Noah's Rainbow is about men inserting their sexual organs into fecal holes of other men or about two women having 'sex' by screwing a hole with a hole. Jews want Christians to associate the meaning of Jesus with a man who cuts off his penis & testicles and obtains a fake vagina to become a 'woman'.

And it seems most of the white gentile elites have been converted to the Judeo-homo religion of 'gay' worship. Look at the craven Mormon Church that changed its rules on homosexuality to be rewarded with contracts from Goldman Sachs. Money rules most of Christianity, and Jews rule Wall Street.
Under Jewish domination, even the National Cathedral flies the 'gay' flag, the victory banner of the Jewish-Homosexual Globalist power.

As for Koreans, if they complain about all the homosexual propaganda being unleashed in the Korea entertainment media, Korean homosexuals and Korean collaborators will squeal to the American media(controlled by Jews and homosexuals), and then the image of Korea will suffer in America. Koreans fear this since the South Korean economy is utterly dependent on US markets. Because South Korea is the economic colony of the US, it has become a cultural colony.

Jews have used the homosexual agenda to subvert and corrupt the very spirit of Christianity. Instead of destroying churches physically as happened in communist Russia, Jews attack the churches spiritually by forcing churches to accept the 'gay' agenda that requires all Americans to worship homosexuals as saints, angels, and gods.

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