Monday, June 1, 2015

Dogs and the Cultural Psychology of Koreans

Here’s a paradox. Koreans hate dogs because they are like dogs. Of course, not all Koreans hate dogs. And not all Koreans ate dogs. Many Koreans through the ages have found the practice of mistreating, killing, and eating of dogs to be barbaric. But dog-eating did become a part of Korean culture and life. And the Korean treatment of dogs tells us something about Korean culture as well as its culinary habits. It allows a glimpse into the ugly aspects of the Korean soul.

On the issue of dogs and nationalism, Koreans shouldn’t defend something just because it happens to be Korean. That is a stupid form of patriotism, a bad practice of cultural pride. After all, there was slavery in Korea for most of its history. So, should Koreans have preserved slavery? Chinese practiced foot-binding for a very long time. Should Chinese have kept the practice in the name of defending Chinese culture? Asian-Indians had a practice called sati or suttee where the widow was forced to throw herself into her husband’s funeral pyre. Jews used to stone people for all sorts of violations. Great Britain used to have dog-fighting, bear-baiting, and all kinds of other horrible sports practices. Aren’t we glad all those practices are gone? So, Koreans should never cling to something out of tradition. If the tradition is bad, it should be gotten rid of. And mistreatment and eating of dogs are things Koreans need to reject once and for all. Of course, Americans and Westerners are hypocritical in their moral condemnation since they selectively play favorites. Westerners tend to get all upset about mistreatment of dogs(by Koreans and Chinese) and dolphins(especially by the Japanese), but they devour millions of pigs every year, as do Asians, of course. But pigs are just as intelligent as dogs, if not more so. Indeed, one could make a moral argument for the ending of the practice of killing hogs and eating pork as well. (The argument that pork tastes good isn’t necessarily good enough since Asians can insist dogs taste very good too. And Africans eat chimpanzees and gorillas, and what if they claim apes taste very good?) But dogs have a special place in our hearts because they’ve been house pets for so long. Also, dogs, more than any animal, have been the companions, guardians, and ‘best friends’ of humans. So, our treatment of dogs tell us something crucial not only about dogs but about ourselves as well. Because our relation with the dog has been so close and because the dog’s devotion to us has been so pure and absolute, how we as humans treat dogs does reflect on our characters and souls. While pigs are intelligent, most people don’t know them up close. In contrast, even many dog-eaters in Korea have had close contact with dogs, so they must know something about the wonderful qualities of dogs. The fact that they still continue to kill and eat dogs(while fully knowing that dogs are intelligent and sensitive creatures) tells us something that is terribly wrong about the Korean conscience. Cruelty out of ignorance and barbarism is more understandable than cruelty with the fullness of knowledge and pride of civilization. Koreans take pride in being a people of knowledge and history, so they have a responsibility to act less barbaric and mindlessly cruel. (The reason why the practice of fox hunting in Britain seemed so particularly ugly — until it was finally banned several years ago — was because it was carried out by well-educated genteel elites with aristocratic lineage.) As most people don’t know the truth about pigs, they don’t understand the full implication of raising and killing them. But almost everyone has had the privilege of knowing dogs and seeing them for the fine and devoted companion-animals that they are. So, why would Koreans who know the excellent qualities of dogs be so heartless in their treatment of them?

If Koreans shouldn’t cling to something simply out of trardition, neither should they reject something merely out of foreign pressure. That would be mental-and-cultural colonization.
Asia should work harder to eradicate animal cruelty and the eating of dogs and cats. But Asians must make this decision based on genuine conscience than on foreign pressure. If Asians change their policy mainly as an act of subservience to Western Nations without a genuine change of heart, then they would only be acting like dogs themselves. Unthinking, fearful, obedient, and hungry for approval from the masters, and the sad fact is too many Koreans and almost all Korea–Americans slavishly look to America and the West as their masters; this explains why Koreans and Korean-Americans go out of their way to imitate everything American — even or especially the worst aspects of America, such as ghetto trash culture of rap and hip hop — and even get plastic surgeries to look ‘American’. The Asian change of heart must be genuine, sincere, and heartfelt. It must be a matter of conviction than of reputation. If Asians truly believe that dog-eating is good but end the practice only out of fear of stigma or international pressure, they will really have gained nothing while having lost even their sense of independence and sovereignty. Asians must act and react according to conscience and truth, not to seek favors and approval from foreign masters.
Dumb dog-like Korean rappers slavishly imitating the worst of American ghetto culture that promotes violence, hedonism, drug use, thuggery, and trashy attitude. 
Arguably, the practice of dog-eating in Korea and dog/cat-eating in China could be the result of lack of individual conscience among Asians. Individual conscience is weak or absent in Asia because collective pressure has prevailed over individual freedom and conscience, and young Asians have not been allowed to grow and maturely individually as thinking beings. (Koreans may think much has changed over the years, but in some ways, things have gotten worse. The slavish Korean imitation of all-things-American is not a sign of freedom and independence. It’s just another variation of slavish submission to a greater power. Instead of learning how to be free themselves as thinking individuals, most Koreans and Korean-Americans seek freedom by imitating American styles of freedom. Imitating other people’s ways of freedom isn’t really being free. Also, is American culture really about freedom? Lately, it’s more about becoming enslaved to one’s animal instincts of thuggery and debauchery. If anything, US corporations promote trashy junk culture to turn young people into mindless consumers who spend money on the latest dumb fads and fashions marketed by the pop-culture-industry. American entertainment complexes feed junk culture to the masses like farmers feed pig-slop to pigs. Koreans and Korean-Americans who mindlessly imitate this or imitate Korean imitations of it are not free and independent. They are just dogs whose idea of freedom is slavishly trying to copy Americans at their worst. Any idiot can wear a baseball cap, don a bling, say ‘motherfucka’ a hundred times a day, and pretend to be ‘free’. He or she is really just a dog-slave of pop culture industry.) The slavish and dog-like quality among Asians can make them either mindless reactionary or mindlessly radical, or both, as in North Korea, a nation that is both doggedly tribal and crazily communist. Since conformism and obedience to powers-that-be are so central to the Asian way of thinking & feeling, when the prevailing social mode is extremely traditional and reactionary, most Asians will be ulra-reactionary. But if a new order promotes radical ideas, the masses will mindlessly become radical almost overnight. So, China that had been ultra-reactionary for centuries instantly became a radical communist mad-house under Mao Zedong. Koreans who were ultra-‘xenophobic’ for centuries became mindless servants of the foreign ideology of communism in North Korea or the foreign fashions of America. So, fanatical Japanese who swore to fight to the last man and woman under ultra-nationalist military rule turned almost overnight into mindless slaves of Uncle Sam when America occupied Japan.

Asian mentality or Oriental Despotism is a whore mentality, a dog mentality. It puts out to those with money and power. It obeys and follows blindly and mindlessly. So, intellectual Korean-Americans are mindless drones who swallow every tenet of political correctness without critical thinking. And your average Korean-American is a robotic imitator of American pop culture. They think they are so individualistic and rebellious, but all they do is imitate what they see on MTV. They have a monkey-see-monkey-do attitude toward white and black Americans. If white Americans do ‘this’, Korean-Americans have to do it too. If black-Americans do ‘that’, Korean-Americans are the first to imitate. It’s not freedom that organically grows from within the self through free thinking and concern for right and wrong but a false freedom mindlessly copied from others because one lacks the originality of mind and emotion. (Of course, most whites and blacks aren’t original either, and they also imitate the prevailing cultural modes propagated by the powers-that-be. It is nevertheless the case that Koreans and Asians in general copy and imitate whites/blacks all the time, whereas whites and blacks don’t look to Asians for originality and individuality. Why should whites imitate Asians-imitating-whiteness when they are white to begin with? Why should blacks imitate Asians-acting-black when they’re black to begin with? Of course, there have been genuine individual talents and voices in Asia. Think of Akira Kurosawa and many other Japanese film directors of the 1950s and 1960s. Think of the shallow but highly fresh and original styles found in Hong Kong cinema of the 1980s. Think of recent Korean cinema that has resulted in master-works such as "Friend" or "Chingu", "Poetry", and "Memories of Murder". Sadly, most of the attention in culture is showered on trashy K-pop and vapid Soap Operas.) Korean-Americans want all of Korea to become just an extension of Korean-America that imitates Jewish academics and black rappers. There is little of originality in the Korean-American community. There is only mindless imitation of all-things-fashionable-at-the-moment. Korean-Americans may act ‘wild and crazy’, but it’s not true freedom. They are like dogs jumping up and down and barking loudly at the behest of their masters.
And heaven knows there’s no individuality or freedom in North Korea, a nation of brainwashed dogs who obey the rotten regime of the Kim family. And South Korea’s success in technology has mostly been imitation of American and Japanese technology. Korean pop culture is a pale imitation of American MTV culture. And South Korean women are so slavish to all things Western that they get plastic surgery to look ‘white’. They even put on blonde wigs. And since homosexual culture is now considered sacred in the West, even straight Korean males now dress and talk like effete homosexuals. Monkey See Monkey Do is the Korean Way.
Typical Korean male pop star who looks like a girl. In an industry dominated by homosexuals, it shouldn't be surprising that the feminization of the Korean male is a big thing. This suits well with America since the West has long seen Asia as the 'feminine other'. The West prefers to look upon even Asian males as ersatz females. And Koreans and Japanese males are going out of their way to fulfill this stereotype
Many Koreans may feel that they are free and independent by imitating the West and rejecting all things Korean, but their slavishness to the West is just another manifestation of Korean submissiveness. I am all in favor of Koreans learning about other cultures, peoples, and nations. But Koreans must do it critically and intelligently. If Koreans mindlessly swallow Western Political Correctness and imitate its dogmas, then they are still the same dog-like Koreans. They may reject Korean-ness, but what has remained constant is their slavish nature. It’s like North Koreans accepted communism, a foreign ideology, in a very Korean way: In total obedience to the ruling power. They adopted a foreign ideology, but the character of their absolute submission was very Korean. Likewise, Korean-Americans who slavishly imitate American pop culture are mental slaves. They are not free because their idea of freedom is to shut off their own minds and just copy whatever is prevalent in popular culture.

Today, coming in contact with foreign cultures is far more dangerous than in the past. Why? Because globalism is youth-dominated, addictive like narcotics, narcissistic, pornographic, hedonistic, contemptuous, and vain. When cultures and moral values around the world were more conservative, intellectual, serious, mature, and contemplative, the process of learning about other cultures meant studying their histories, heritages, arts, literature, and social values. Appreciating American culture in the past meant learning about Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, John Steinbeck, Classic Western movies as morality tales, and music that was fresh and vibrant without being ugly, vile, and vicious. Today, Americans don’t read anymore, American TV is filled with junk like Lena Dunham’s GIRLS, American movies are mostly infantile(though there are exceptions like AMERICAN SNIPER, a truly thoughtful war movie, and KINGS OF SUMMER, a very nice movie about growing up). American Pop Music is dominated by industry-manufactured idols than individual artists. It’s culture as a opium, narcotic, sex toy, infantile attitude where one’s emotional life stops maturing at the age of 13.
Today, globalism is all about Hollywood blockbusters, pop music(that is mostly pornographic, orgiastic, orgasmic, and/narcissistic in nature), fashion, and celebrity. It’s all about flash and trash. Globalist culture stunts one’s emotions like smoking stunts one’s growth. Morally, it wallows in nihilism, egocentrism, and materialism. Though this foul culture hides behind the Politically Correct cliches about ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’, it has led to immense concentration of power, wealth, and influence in a few hands, the oligarchs who run the entertainment complex as their private fiefdoms. And since vain, shallow, and narcissistic homosexuals are most eager to serve the oligarchic class, they’ve been favored by the super-rich who run Hollywood, Las Vegas, and New York. Pop ‘artists’ today are far less independent and personal than those in the past. They are selected, groomed, and manufactured by the industry that favors idols over individuals. And the entertainment industry in the West is dominated by ruthless Jews and vain homosexuals. And South Korean pop culture is a trashy imitation of this decadence and indulgence. As for Korean-American culture, it’s nothing more than a trashy yellow imitation of white trashiness that is an imitation of black trashiness. Black trashiness celebrates the War on Civilization by glorifying gangsters, thugs, drug-dealers, pimps, and whores. Black communities across the nation have been turned into war zones of gangster thuggery. Rap music doesn’t address this problem but promotes it. Rap culture is pro-war culture. It celebrates mayhem, murder, death, destruction. It urges young kids to see themselves as the center of the universe and treat other people with contempt, arrogance, and derision. It says you can do what you want for extra money, extra fun, extra jewelry/bling, extra sex. Though Rock music always had a racy and dangerous element, it was mostly a celebration of having fun, not causing harm. In contrast, much of Rap music is devoted to destroying social order and degrading morality. Defenders of Rap say it is only commenting on the tragic state of affairs in the black community, but that’s like arguing that RAMBO is an intelligent commentary on America’s role in Vietnam. Rap doesn’t comment and critique the problems in the black community. Rap endorses, promotes, and celebrates it. There’s a difference between an anti-war movie and a pro-war movie. An anti-war movie looks at the horrible side of war. A pro-war movie overlooks the horrors and celebrates and justifies the violence and mayhem. Rap is a pro-war music that thinks it’s great that so many black kids are high-school dropouts who have loose sex, carry guns, sell drugs, talk like morons, and shoot ‘niggaz’ away. That so many Korean-Americans imitate this trash as the ‘best of American culture’ is proof that Korean-America is morally and culturally bankrupt. This garbage(that sounds like a million other trashy rap songs is what Korean-Americans emulate):

For Koreans to be truly free, they must be free as critical individuals and thinking patriots. A slavish patriot who only listens to the ruler will end up like the mindless minions of North Korea. An individual who only thinks of himself/herself has no vision or value beyond his/her own vanity. Individualism and patriotism must become one. Humanism is the new patriotism, the new nationalism. There was a time when nationalism used to be associated with aggressiveness, chauvinism, and even imperialism. Back then, internationalism played the humanist role in asserting the need for people around the world to recognize and respect one another’s common humanity. But today, it is globalism, the new hyper form of internationalism, that is aggressive, intrusive, imperialistic, and destructive. It pushes the narcotics of ultra-narcissism or radical narcissism, the decadent vanity of celebrities, infantile attitudes, pornographic view of life — sex only for animal pleasure without purpose or consequences — , worship of wealth/materialism, contempt for others(especially as rap culture promotes middle-finger-ism to the world), and homosexual deviancy & decadence. Also, even though the reach of globalism is worldwide, its power isn’t shared equally by all peoples and races. It is controlled mostly by Jews and homosexuals in America and Europe. It is the new Western Imperialism but controlled by Zionists and ‘gays’. They set the templates and ground rules, and all others merely imitate and follow. In a world like this, nationalism is the new humanism, and humanism is the new nationalism. By defending your nation, your culture, you identity, your humanity, and your values from the massive assault of inhuman, vapid, trashy, and ugly globalism, you are defending what is true, deep, and meaningful.

And to do this, Koreans must fully become human. After all, dog-like humans cannot be humanists. The fact that Koreans are dog-like can be seen in Korean history, culture, and society. We can see it in North Korea and South Korea, albeit in different ways. In North Korea, the ruling class has been oppressing and exploiting the people over the decades. But North Korean people have mindlessly obeyed their masters without complaint. Like a dog that remains loyal to its master even after being starved and kicked, North Koreans have remained loyal to the Kim Clan despite all the tyranny and humiliation they suffered at its hand. This isn’t human behavior but dog behavior. To be sure, such mindless behavior isn’t unique to Koreans or Asians. After all, Nazi Germans and Russians under Stalin also became mindless robots of evil systems. But it’s been worse in North Korea because the very manner of obedience has been dog-like among them. While Germans under Hitler and Russians under Stalin had to obey their leaders, they were expected to stand up straight and proud.
Mindless North Koreans bawling like little children
Mindless South Koreans imitating American slut and binge-drinking culture. If Japan forced Korean women to serve as prostitutes, today's South Korean willingly dress and act like trashy whores in dog-like imitation of American culture.
But in North Korea, people are expected to grovel like dogs, get on their bended knees, bow their heads, and cry like babies in front of their leaders. This isn’t just about political obedience but soul obedience. North Korea is the product of the combination of Korean authoritarianism and modern totalitarianism. When oppression combines with repression, you have a hyper form of tyranny. The great irony is that the North Korean elites are very much like vapid South Koreans and Korean-Americans.
Kim Jong-Un's main priority in a nation with so much poverty and malnutrition is to hang with Dennis Rodman. Whether South Korea, North Korea, or Korean-America, the priority of so many dog-like Koreans is to mindlessly imitate the worst aspects of American culture. North Korea is like a communist nation ruled by Psy the clown of 'Gangnam Style' that made a little boy to make sex motions. Cool Korea or Trash Korea? Koreans are the nouveau riche garbage of the world. Though they cite a 2,500 yr history of learning and culture, Korean values are on the level of Imelda Marcos and Paris Hilton.
Just like South Koreans and Korean-Americans care about little else but narcissism, hedonism, egotism, and vanity, the rulers of North Korea emulate the lifestyles of the consumerist South Korea and Korean-America. The difference is that in North Korea, all the wealth and privilege are concentrated only at the top and reserved only for the elites. In contrast, even South Koreans and Korean-Americans who aren’t wealthy are free to indulge in trashy behavior, vanity, greed, and shallow narcissism. Kim Jong-Un studied in the West. Given the problems faced by North Koreans, one might think he would have concentrated on economics, technology, or law. Instead, he spent his time acting like Eddie Huang, the Taiwanese-American retard whose idea of a good life is imitating black rappers and talking garbage. What did Kim Jong-Un gain from his years of study abroad? He spent the bulk of his time watching NBA games, playing video games, and listening to Michael Jackson. North Korea is a communist nation, but it is also a nation ruled by someone whose world-view isn’t much different from a rapper who thinks he is the center of the universe and gives the middle finger to everyone else. Indeed, look at black rappers. Even though so many black communities are beset by crime, poverty, and violence, the only thing that rappers care about is their money, guns, bling, limousine, and ho’s(whores). Is such an attitude all that different from the gangsta paradise mentality of the Kim clan that makes noises about national pride and unity but really only cares about indulging in their own excesses? Some South Koreans say that North Korea will reform and loosen up if it adopts the way of Americans and South Koreans. But paradoxically, the opposite could the effect. After all, the ruling elites of North Korea have adopted the American and South Korea style of ‘gangsta paradise’. They indulge in materialism, vanity, and celebrity-mania(where the Kim Clan gets to be Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton rolled into one). They love it so much for themselves that they don’t want to endanger their own power, wealth, and privilege by making any real reforms. If the message of globalism is ‘me, me, me’, then the way of the Kim Clan is very much in line with this view. Just as the 1% gets away with most everything in the US and South Korea, North Korean elites have decided to live only for themselves. North Korean madness is no longer so much anti-Western and anti-globalist as it is an extreme form of the current logic of globalism that says the 1% should have everything and everyone else should emulate the vanity of the ‘rich and famous’ by taking endless ‘selfies’ and pretend to be famous celebrities themselves.
If Kim were a true communist, he would spend less money and resources on himself and try to do something for his people. But the main priority of the Kim Clan is to live like the rich South Koreans and swinish Korean-Americans while ignoring the essential needs of his own people. In such closed-minded self-regard and mindless imitation of what-is-cool in the West, Kim Jong Un actually has a lot in common with many Korean-American lowlifes. And the Kim Clan doesn’t want unification since its power and privilege will be threatened by such eventuality.
If Korean-Americans evade the issue of unification because their main goal in life is to indulge in excessive fun, imitate Americans, and win approval from trashy rappers, the Kim Clan doesn’t take unification seriously — except as brash rhetoric — since its power and privilege depend on the division of Korea. In that US and North Korea have one thing in common. Neither wants Korea unified. US wants South Korea forever as a colony of the US, a mini-me version of California or Hawaii(and Korean-Americans are serving as collaborators of American globalist imperialism by spreading American filth in South Korea). And the Kim Clan in North Korea wants to rule forever and enjoy all the wealth and freedom for themselves. North Korean propaganda may rail against capitalism, but the North Korean elites do little else but imitate the worst aspects of capitalist lifestyle for themselves.
Kim Jong-Un, the fat daddy gangsta of North Korea. It would be better for North Koreans is Kim was a real communist than a fat Eddie-Huang-like narcissist thug who sees himself as the center of the world.
South Korea, a freer nation, has made genuine progress in many areas, but the South Korean educational system is proof that dog-like behavior is still very much alive in South Korea. Korean students are not encouraged do think critically or study out of curiosity. The emphasis is on mindless absorption of instructions to pass exams to go to good schools. When success instead of truth becomes the main focus of education, it doesn’t foster free thinking, individuality, and critical mind-set. It leads to dog-like conformism.
Sadly, America has turned much the same way due to rise of Pop Culture and Political Correctness. While pop culture makes one feel free, it actually infantilizes young people(and even older people) into an unthinking animals enslaved to beastly instincts. Once people are reduced to barking dogs or howling monkeys, they can be manipulated, guided, and trained into obedient dogs. As for Political Correctness, it stifles and even punishes free thought that leads to controversy and critical challenges to the official narrative of the powers-that-be.
In America, the ruling class is dominated by Jews and homosexuals, and they don’t want a culture of free thought, genuine curiosity, and serious inquiry. Rather, they want to mold minds from cradle into worshiping and never questioning certain ‘sacred’ truisms — ideas/views officially promoted as true(or thought to be true by countless repetition and reference) but may not be — that favor the power of Jews and homosexuals. In the West, it is now considered ‘homophobic’(a nonsense term) just to believe that sex between a man and a woman is more natural, normal, and sensible than ‘anal sex’ between homosexuals. And in America, all politicians must sign pledges to AIPAC and bow like slaves before Jewish global interests. A billionaire freak like Sheldon Adelson can say that US should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran and still be feted by the media and politicians as a king-maker and wise guru. Adelson made his billionaires through the gambling industry, a corrupt enterprise that steals money from people by addicting them to the vice of rolling dice.
American people, who were known for individuality and defiance, are now mostly sheep who bend over to Jews and homosexuals. Even though homosexuals make up only 3% of the population, shallow and ignorant Americans addicted to TV and celebrity culture think one quarter of all Americans are homosexual. Given the power of homosexuals and Jews over American society, you’d think they make up 80% of the population. America is no longer truly free. It is under globalist occupation of Jewish oligarchs and their homosexual agents. But, Korean-Americans and American-educated Koreans soak up American political correctness and pop culture without critical thinking. There is no element of resistance and defiance in the Korean-American soul. There is only blind obedience to the corrupt American way, and these Korean-Americans are eager to serve as collaborationist running dogs of Jewish-homosexual American globalist imperialism. No matter how ‘wild and crazy’ Korean-Americans act, they are just teachers’ pets doing monkey-see-monkey-do imitation of MTV and trashy rap culture. Even when Koreans act ‘wild and crazy’, it’s in pathetic imitation of the Western style of ‘wild and crazy’. Even when Koreans act ‘free’, they must imitate the Western styles of freedom. When freedom is imitated and copied without genuine free thought, it is not true freedom. Koreans and Korean-Americans are so mindlessly slavish that they don’t even question if Western standards are worth imitating. Koreans and Korean-Americans imitate mindlessly to win approval and because they themselves cannot come up with an original thought or idea. So, when Westernized Koreans think they are free and individualistic, they are fooling themselves. As long as they mindlessly imitate all the fashions and dogmas of the West, they are dogs, not free individuals. And certainly not free patriots. Indeed, most Westerners are no longer free because they hardly read, have no intellectual curiosity, submit to political correctness, slavishly serve Jews and homosexuals, and follow every dumb fad and fashion promoted by the American pop culture industry. Notice how so many people are getting tattoos on their arms? They are doing it because it’s the ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ thing to do at the moment. They have no sense of the past or future. They only know the thrill and fun of the now.
Trashy imitation of American degeneracy but then Koreans are only good at mindless imitation.
This idiot thinks Korean patriotism is best expressed by imitating the stupid American mania for ugly tattoos. "I'm proud to be Korean because I copy the worst aspect of decadent Americanism." What a fool. 
Anyway, why do so many Koreans hate dogs, except in a bowl of soup? Why do so many Koreans feel contempt for dogs or feel no sympathy upon seeing abused dogs in agony and pain?
Could it be because Koreans actually identify with dogs on the subconscious level, something tha they don’t want to admit on the conscious level? In a society that doesn’t allow humans to be fully human, humans are bound to low and unworthy, indeed less than human.
Over the centuries, Confucianism taught Koreans that they had to be faithful and respectful of their fathers no matter how rotten and abusive the fathers were. It taught little brothers to be respectful to older brothers no matter how rotten older brothers were. It taught wives to be respectful to their husbands no matter how rotten the husbands were. It taught students to be respectful of their teachers no matter how rotten the teachers were. It taught poor people to be respectful of rich people no matter how rotten the rich were. It taught the people to respect their leaders no matter how rotten the leaders were. And so on and on.
Now, ideally speaking, it’s good for sons to respect fathers, wives to honor husbands, students to listen to teachers, and so on. But then, of course, there have always been bad people in positions of power in family, schools, and government. Since the cultural values favored those with power over those without, many Koreans were forced to feel and act like dogs. Even when they were right and had been done wrong by those-with-power, they had to bow their heads low and obey their social superiors who were automatically assumed to be moral superiors simply based on higher rank. Thus, despite all the pompous talk of virtue and morality in Korean culture/history, most Koreans were forced to feel and act like dogs. They weren’t allowed to be truly human. A true human stands for the truth as he/she sees fit and challenges the injustice and falsehood perpetrated by the powerful. But in Korea, the powerful could do as they wished. Bad husbands could act bad, bad fathers could act bad, bad leaders could act bad, and etc. Since mindless obedience was such a premium in Korea, the abusers of power felt like they could get away with anything. Indeed, a social superior wrongfully abusing a decent social inferior was deemed a less egregious offense than a social inferior righteously and rightfully challenging the authority of a wicked social superior. It was better for the powerful to wrongfully oppress the powerless than for the powerless to rightfully rebel against the powerful. Social order and harmony took precedence over ethics, justice, and truth. Korean society forbid a social inferior from challenging the social superior. Therefore, most people became both the abused and abusers. When abused by a social superior, he had to bow down, just take the abuse, and grin-and-bear it. Though Korean society wasn’t ruled by military rule, its politics of power through the ages was like the dynamics of a military barracks; it is no wonder that Korean society took so easily to militarization in both the South and North after the Korean War.

Under a culture of abuse, since a Korean’s pride and humanity were violated by a social superior(against whom he wasn’t allowed to rebel), the only way he could restore his sense of pride was doing the same to a social inferior. This psychological phenomenon isn’t unique to Korea or Asia. We can see it in the West too. Think of all the Western parents who had a hard time at work and then take it out on the kids. In American politics, the lower officials take flak from higher officials, and the lower officials, in turn, take our their frustrations on officials even lower than them. There is a pecking order of power in all societies. But in the West, it is still understood that one shouldn’t abuse someone to the point of robbing him of his humanity and pride. And Western society admires the rebel who stands up to the overt abuse of the powerful, at least in theory. (On the other hand, the excessive hunt for ‘injustice’ and ‘abuse of power’ can lead to paranoia and a new kind of political repression that sniffs for every wrong action, word, or thought. This is the nature of Political Correctness that currently hunts for so-called ‘micro-aggressions’ that are words or body language that are presumed to be disrespectful or hurtful. While there are indeed subtle ways in which people can snub and offend other people, a society that nitpicks over every word and action is one cannot live or breathe freely. Also, in the name of protecting people’s feelings, the system treats everyone like a child who needs protection or deserves opprobrium at all times. This is all very ironic since American culture simultaneously promotes the foul language of rap and the trashy behavior of pornography. It encourages young ones to act like louts and whores but then tells them to be very careful what they say.) In contrast, Korean history and culture are filled with countless cases of extreme abuse by the ‘powerful’ over the ‘powerless’. Since social inferiors had to take so much abuse from social superiors without complaint, they took out their frustrations in extreme ways on people inferior to themselves. The uppermost guy kicked the next guy who then kicked the next guy who then kicked the next guy and etc. Dogs are like this. The top dog growls at the next dog that growls at the next dog that growls at the next dog. A weaker dog hides its tails in abject submission to the stronger dog. The only way the weaker dog can regain its pride is by intimidating an ever weaker dog.
'Inferior' beta wolf submitting to 'superior' members of the pack.
Korean society and culture was very much like this, and it is partly why the ritualism of calling older guys ‘hyung’ or ‘big brother’ is so important. In a society where individuality is suppressed, younger people often took abuse from older peers. And their only chance of gaining some pride for themselves was by waiting their turn to abuse younger peers. It is also why Korean mothers-in-law have developed a bad reputation. In the past, they entered into families where they were much abused by their own mothers-in-laws and their husbands. They had little in the way of pride or dignity. So, when it was their turn to be mothers-in-law, they abused their daughters-in-law to feel a sense of honor and power. They felt they’d paid their dues as loyal wives and daughters-in-law, so it was their turn to gain some pride as the elder women of the family. When Korean society was deeply conservative in the past, most women had a ‘grin and bear it’ approach to life. But in today’s social order where women can remain single and find a job, they don’t want to enter into a marriage where they might have to deal with abuse of any kind, and such trepidations must be acknowledged as the history of Korean family life and its abuses cannot be ignored. To be sure, there are other less noble reasons for not marrying. Many of them grew up watching dumb soap operas that have nothing to do with reality. They can no longer tell the difference between reality and fantasy because they spent all their lives addicted to shallow junk beaming from the TV screen. As such, they only dream of the perfect lover/husband that doesn’t exist in reality. Even worse, addiction to K-pop, trashy rap, and the night club scene has turned many Korean women into materialistic whores who only seek fleeting pleasures in life, as if they’re never going to grow old. Foul attitude lead to foul emotions, thoughts, and acts. When so many Korean-Americans imitate ghetto trash culture and when so many Koreans imitate the Korean K-pop imitation of ghetto trash culture, it is no surprise why the younger generation of Koreans and Korean-Americans have become such egotistical, self-obsessed, nasty, and vicious trash.
Korea may have a long history and may be technologically advanced but no nation that treats dogs this way can be said to be truly civilized.
Given the history of cruelty Koreans suffered at the hands of foreigners and themselves, you'd think they'd grown more sensitive to the suffering of helpless creatures. These men evidently haven't.
Anyway, when a society takes away a person’s human dignity and pride, he or feels less as a human. Since he or she must eat bitter rice and take abuse from his or her social superiors, he or she often takes out his/her pent-up frustrations on others, in turn abusing them as ‘social inferiors’. Also, Koreans throughout the ages internalized the notion that serving and suffering under a social superior(no matter how tyrannical, unjust, and abusive he may be) was a sign of virtue. To turn self-abasement into a virtue is to degrade one’s own humanity. After all, what is the difference between mindless obedience in a human and mindless obedience in a dog? What distinguishes a human from a dog is his or her ability to think and act on the basis of one’s conscience. If your hands are clean but are accused of wrongdoing by your master(who is actually to blame), should you just bow down before him and take the blame? We can’t blame a dog for mindless obedience since it only goes by emotions and instinct. But we do expect humans to think and reason things out morally and ethically on the basis of one’s own conscience and courage. We do expect humans to stand for truth and justice. Despite all the talk of justice in Confucianism, the cult of total obedience made true justice and genuine truth almost impossible in Korean culture, as in Chinese and Japanese culture. And it’s by far the worst in North Korea. They speak the mantra of ‘justice’, ‘equality’, and ‘progress’, but there is no real justice, equality, and progress in the land of the Kim Clan because everything is defined and determined by total obedience to the System. Truth in North Korea is what the government says it is. If you disagree, you end up dead or in prison. Justice in North Korea is what the regime says it is. If you disagree, you might as well be dead or a non-person. All this talk of ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ and ‘liberty’ are meaningless without true freedom, true individuality, true conscience, and true courage. And in this regard, United States is becoming less a model of progress, truth, and justice because Political Correctness demands total obedience to the agendas of certain groups and ideas. In America, your career will effectively be destroyed if you speak such truths as (1) Jews are the ruling class in America and use their control of media, academia, finance, and government to favor Jewish wealth and power over all else (2) Homosexuals, in alliance with Jews, have degraded American culture and values into one of decadence, mindless narcissism, and nihilistic hedonism and (3) the main reason for the black problem in America is due to the fact that blacks are naturally bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than other races; and 100,000 years of evolution in Africa, not a couple of centuries of slavery in America, made blacks the way they are. After all, blacks in Europe who arrived as free people are causing much the same problems over there.

But you can’t speak such truths because Americans have been brainwashed that speaking truthfully about Jews, homosexuals, and blacks is either ‘antisemitic’, ‘homophobic’, or ‘racist’.
By feeding such loaded terminology into impressionable young minds and associating them with Nazi Holocaust or KKK lynching some black guy 100 yrs ago, Political Correctness has made most Americans afraid to think certain thoughts and say certain things no matter how truthful they are. (And of course, Asian-American students are especially gullible to Political Correctness and trashy American pop culture because their psychological mode is to conform, obey, follow, imitate, and submit. Lacking in true originality and individuality, most Korean-Americans just mindlessly imitate rap culture or spout political correctness they picked up in school. So, some of the biggest mindless pets of American political correctness are Asian-American students. And some of the trashiest youth culture is practiced by Asian-Americans, especially Korean-Americans as they have lower impulse control than other Asians. To be sure, one reason why Asian-Americans fall under the sway of Western Political Correctness is the false sense of empowerment. As Political Correctness seems to be anti-white and anti-Euro-centric, it gives the false impression that it is in favor of the power of the People of Color. Actually, Political Correctness is as damaging to non-whites as it is to whites. If anything, it is especially damaging to non-white nations. If the message of Political Correctness is that white/Western nations should surrender their national sovereignty, cultural roots, racial identity, and heritage in favor of globalism and racial/national suicide, then why wouldn’t it spread the same message to non-white nations like South Korea and Japan? Political Correctness actually only helps the Jews and homosexuals because they dominate the government, the media, the entertainment industry, and international organizations. Political Correctness is really just a tool used by Jews to undermine the authority and sovereignty of gentile nations so that Jews can gain control of them. And Jews use global homosexual agenda as a proxy of Zionist global-imperialism. And why do Jews promote the cult of ‘diversity’? A diverse nation is more likely to be divided than united, and then Jews can play divide-and-conquer. Indeed, it is because Korea has been divided by the great powers that they can toy with it politically and economically. America wants Korea to remain divided because a united Korea will grow more independent and sovereign; Koreans will identify more with themselves than with globalist fashions. Why do Jews promote homosexuality? It’s because a nation that favors the interests of the 2% that is homosexual and deviant will undermine the interests and values of the 98% that is straight and normal. Thus weakened, such nations are easier for Jewish power to infiltrate, manipulate, undermine, and take over. Why have Jews sought to spread the homosexual agenda in Russia? To undermine Russian values and sovereignty so that globalist Jews could manipulate and take over the entire system. Jews really operate on the basis of power, not principle. Indeed, consider how American Jews have no problem working with ultra-reactionary Saudi Arabians and neo-Nazi Ukrainians to undermine Syria and Russia. Jews will do anything for more power. And consider how Jews have pressured Obama not to recognize the Turkish massacre of Armenians as ‘genocide’ since Jews rely on the special relationship with Turkey to undermine Syria and other Middle Eastern nations that Israel doesn’t like.) Because of the power of Political Correctness, we live with the fiction that ‘race is just a social construct’. But if that is true and if all races are equal, how come black-on-white violence and black-on-Asian violence is much higher than white-on-black violence or Asian-on-black violence(which is almost non-existent)? And if all races are equal, how come Asian women close off their wombs to Asian men and increasingly favor white or black sperm? It is because Asian-American women find Asian-American men to be racially-sexually inferior to other men. Interracial mating is usually the result of the women of one race deciding that the men of another is better and more preferable than the men of their own race. It is all about racial differences. So, even as Asian-American women regurgitate all the Politically Correct nonsense about how ‘race is just a social construct’, their actual mating behavior is dictated by keen observation of racial differences. 90% of what people say are lies. People must be judged by their behavior as actions speak louder than words(and deeds speak louder than creeds), and the sexual behavior of Asian-American women is evidence enough that the notion of ‘race is a social construct’ is a lie. If indeed Asian-American women really did believe ‘race is just a social construct’, why would so many of them feel such a powerful compunction to reject the men of their own race and go with men of other races?

Likewise, if race is just a social construct, why is black-on-white violence much higher than white-on-black violence? The standard Politically Correct answer is that it’s because blacks are poorer than whites, therefore poor blacks attack rich whites. But most victims of black crime are poor whites, and many of these whites are economically no better off than blacks. So, even among whites and blacks of equal economic level, the violence is mostly black on white. We’ve all witnessed this in reality, and surely anyone with a honest pair of eyes who has attended racially diverse public schools have seen the same behavioral patterns. But such truths cannot be spoken in the US where Jews use the cult of ‘white guilt’ to paralyze white people from taking action for interest, pride, and survival.
Indeed, the increasing white animus against Arabs, Asians, Russians, Muslims, and Iranians is due to the politically correct suppression of white rage in regards to Jews and blacks. In America, it’s deemed to be such a thought-crime to express anything critical of Jews and blacks(the two groups that cause the most amount of problems in America) that white people suppress much of their rage pertaining to the bad behavior of Jews and blacks. Since white people must always kowtow to Jews and blacks, they seek restoration of their pride by exaggerating their tough guy act against Arabs, Asians, Russians, Muslims, and Iranians, who are the approved targets, not least because Jews don’t like them. In this way, one could argue that white Americans are becoming like dogs and Asians. Through most of their history, Asians had to mindlessly obey social/political superiors, and in doing so, they lost their sense of pride. The only way they could regain their pride was by berating and demeaning social inferiors. It’s essentially the culture of bullying: kiss the feet of those more powerful than you, kick the ass of those less powerful than you. It partly explains why Japanese troops acted so horribly in Nanking and why Korean troops were often extremely brutal in Vietnam. Japanese troops were brutalized by their superiors and had to take all the abuse without complaint. So, when they were let loose in China, it was their turn to act the role of master. Japanese soldier acted like obedient dogs to their social superiors and acted like rabid dogs to the Chinese. And Korean troops were trained under a regimen of brutality. And they knew they were nothing more than running dogs of American Power. So, their only way of regaining pride was by abusing Vietnamese people, destroying entire village, and using Vietnamese women as prostitutes in Saigon.
AMERICAN SNIPER: hero or dog?
AMERICAN SNIPER presents what seems like a tough warrior who is proud and patriotic but also mindless in his dog-like faith in neo-American Imperialism that is dictated by Neocon Jews who don’t send their own children into war and instead use the children of gentiles as cannon fodder. Its main character is a tough American cowboy. But he lives in a country where he cannot say anything negative about Jews or blacks who cause the most problems for white Americans. So, how does he take out his pent-up frustrations about his country? He goes to Iraq and shoots men, women, and even children who are trying to defend their own country from US-Zionist invasion. The great irony of the film is that its main character thinks he’s defending America but is killing Iraqis who are defending their own country. If indeed US were invaded by another country, wouldn’t the ‘hero’ of AMERICAN SNIPER be doing what the Iraqi ‘terrorists’ are doing? Resisting. Are Iraqis in AMERICAN SNIPER acting any differently from the characters in RED DAWN? The ‘hero’ of AMERICAN SNIPER may see himself as a sheep dog protecting Americans from ‘terrorist’ wolves, but he is also a running dog of Jewish Neocons who cooked up paranoia about WMD and prepared the Iraq War to serve Israel’s interests.
How not to protest the cruel treatment of dogs. There are serious and mature ways to press for moral concerns. When exhibitionistic clowns turn a moral crusade into some stupid stunt or performance art, their priority is self-promotion than moral responsibility.
It is telling that some Koreans say "dogs should not be treated like humans" when decent people suggest that dogs should be treated humanely. Treating something humanely doesn’t mean it is being treated as a human. If anything, treating an animal humanely elevates one’s own humanity. Treating a dog humanely means you feel confident in your own superiority. Because you see a dog as a creature that is lower than you and dependent on you, you feel a special obligation to treat it with decency. (After all, treating a child decently doesn’t mean that you’re treating him or her like an adult. It means that you, feeling confident as an adult, take special care to be nice to kids who are vulnerable and in need of protection. The level of child abuse in Korean society is evidence that even though Korean society puts a premium on adulthood and maturity, it has failed in the development of confident adult mentalities. If adults feel secure as adults, they would not compete with children for respect and authority. The fact that many adults have to always put children in their place is indication that, deep down inside, they feel as children themselves and failed to develop fully because they weren’t allowed to explore their individualities and critical faculties.) Treating a dog humanely doesn’t mean you and the dog are equal. It means you are confident in your superiority over it, therefore you take care to treat it humanely. In the West, if someone treats a dog kindly, it is not seen as treating a dog like a person. It is an act of kindness, affection, and generosity.
But Koreans might look upon such behavior differently. The Korean heart is petty than generous. And because Koreans lack pride of humanity and individuality — since their own humanity has been denied them and because they were pressured to fall in line and conform mindlessly — , they feel competitive with the dog. In the West, the ideal is to treat people with dignity and respect. The ideal is to raise children to become confident adults. In Korea, while social superiors have been shown excessive respect, others were treated like dirt. So, Koreans grew up without genuine individual confidence. Relying too heavily on cultural modes of power, Koreans were over-arrogant with ‘social inferiors’ and over-submissive to ‘social superiors’. Koreans are hungry for respect and recognition because they get so little of them while social superiors hog most of the honors. So, when a Korean sees a dog being treated nice, he or she may feel envious of the dog. He or she thinks, "why should the dog receive such affection and decent treatment when I’m treated like dirt?" Westerners don’t feel like this since they feel loved, appreciated, and respected. When they see someone treating a dog nicely, they see just decent and generous behavior. They don’t feel emotionally competitive with the dog.
No person wants to identify with an animal. But in Korea, too many people saw the dog in themselves. As they were reduced to lives of subservience, obedience, blind devotion, and submission, they never developed much in the way of pride and dignity. So, when they saw dogs acting like dogs, they couldn’t help but see themselves. But they didn’t want to admit that they’d been reduced to the level of dogs. As they were denied of their humanity and reduced to dog-hood, they could only maintain ‘human pride’ by denying dogs of their dog-hood and reducing them into objects. In a society where humans were made to act and feel like dogs, doggish behavior becomes the ‘new human’. If a man is forced to move out of the house and live in the doghouse, he has to kick out the dog and pretend that the doghouse is the house of man. Since Koreans took the place of dogs, dogs had to be made into something lower. Denied full humanity, Koreans were forced to act like dogs. So, Koreans had to pretend that acting like dogs was like being human. Because Koreans didn’t want to admit that they were acting like dogs, they treated dogs as ever lesser than dogs, indeed like object whose pain isn’t worthy of any sympathy. So, Koreans closed their hearts and carelessly beat up dogs, used them like objects, and ate them. And even in modern Korea, heartless Korean men have dogs tortured to death before they are killed and cooked because dog meat procured under duress is supposed to boost sexual energy. Now, would a real man of pride and confidence do that to a poor and helpless animal for something so vain and vapid as his imaginary libido? He may think it’s all about his power and vitality, but it just exposes his insecurity, pettiness, and cruelty. If a man has to rely on the torture and killing of dog just to feel like a man, he’s no man at all. But Korean society created such male monsters by denying them their humanity. Sons were beaten and humiliated by fathers. Older brothers abused younger brothers. Older classmates nastily bullied and intimidated younger classmates. Superiors at work treated underlings like dirt.
If a man needs dogs to be treated like this to feel like a man, he is no man at all.
I’m not arguing for anarchy and mass rebellion. There is a need for hierarchy and order in any society. Even in democratic Western societies, you have to know your place in every workplace, every institution, and everywhere you go. You can’t act like lunatics in Hollywood comedies that give the false impression of Western freedom. Ideally, Western liberty means that with more freedom comes more responsibility. It means creating a better social order, not creating a world of disorder. Who wants to raise his or her children in a world of chaos, mayhem, and ugliness? The Cultural Revolution in China and the Killing Fields in Cambodia waged total war on existing social order and hierarchy, and the results were catastrophic. And the same problems are now showing up all over America in poor white and black communities. Rejection of social values, social order, family, and hierarchy has turned many black communities into gangster-thug paradises. Outrageous behavior and negative attitudes are glorified by hip hop and rap culture, and the social results are absolutely as appalling as they are predictable. And not surprisingly, with thuggery as the prevailing social style, many blacks raise pitbulls as thug-dogs to be used in dog-fighting. Dogs raised in such environments face conditions as vile and vicious as those faced by dogs in Korea.
A lot of stupid Korean-Americans emulate the nasty attitude of Rap Culture that reduces humanity into Thugs and Bitches. Not surprisingly, blacks often use their dogs as thug-dogs and put them into fights where many are maimed or killed. Losing dogs are often beaten by their owners, even to death. In a way, Korean  penchant for rap culture is understandable since there has long been as strain in Korean culture that favored the bully, the thug, the tyrant, the punk. It is a culture that has often debased the humanity of others by calling them 'nom', meaning something like 'lowlife creature'.
And white communities are falling apart all over America and in Great Britain due to family breakdown, pop-culture-mania, loss of respect for authority, and etc. When social order breaks down, thugs and whores take over. So, Koreans must be careful about the nature of social change. Progress is necessary, but one must not assume that the world will turn better simply by rejecting all social order and letting kids, as thugs and ‘bitches’, do as they please. When young people are allowed to run wild and free, they don’t think about responsibility; they don’t think much at all. They just follow their animal instincts of sex, narcissism, vanity, greed, selfishness, and thuggery. And Korea must make sure that its youths don’t end up like the ‘yobs’ of Great Britain, a truly ugly social phenomenon. Though there is much to condemn in traditional Korean society and culture, there are good things and themes there that should be maintained. Confucianism has lots of good values. And there is a lot of good in Korean culture for Koreans to learn from and live by. Koreans should look to reform to make things better and more just and to reject what is negative about Korean culture and attitudes. But if Koreans adopt radical fixes like in America and Europe, they will only cause more problems than solve them. America certainly made a mess of the black problem since the 1960s, and Europeans have handled their problems of immigration and ‘diversity’ very badly by abandoning their sense of ‘moral authority’ vis-a-vis foreigners and minorities. The Western attitude goes like this: "Since Western imperialism and aggression caused a lot of problems and hardships around the world, white people have no moral right to criticize or judge non-white behavior. And since the upper classes ‘exploited’ the lower classes in the past, the elites shouldn’t condemn bad behavior among the masses, unless it happens to be ‘racist’ because non-whites are to be morally favored over whites." Though Western nations must address the issue of imperialism and past history, moral authority should always belong to those who see and call out bad behavior wherever they see it. If whites should never criticize non-whites, it actually hurts non-white communities more, especially if the non-white community needs guidance and criticism for all its social ills. (Indeed, civilization was made possible by those with power using moral authority on rest of the populace. Of course, moral authority was often abused by the powerful — and North Korea is an extreme case today — , but there is no guarantee that the people will be wonderful on their own if they are all just allowed to do as they please and indulge in their own wild instincts. It’s like a bad parent needs to stop acting badly, but parental authority is still necessary to raise children properly. A bad parent should try to be a better parent, not a non-parent without any moral authority over the children. Children raised by bad authority will suffer, but children raised without any authority may end up even worse as the natural tendency of children is to act selfish, vain, thuggish, or whorish. Look at all the children raised with hardly any parental guidance in the Korean-American community, and they turned into nasty little Kim Jong-Un’s or nasty like Madame Ngu’s who only care about their own egos and appetites. And look at the cultural and moral wasteland that is today’s black community where two prevailing modes for boys and girls is thuggery and whoredom.) If blacks act badly but whites completely mute their criticism, are whites really doing blacks any favor? True moral authority is not about what happened in the past. It is about having the courage to see what is wrong in society and call out on it. Of course, this has to be done fairly and sincerely, but this is no longer the case in the West, especially the Jewish-controlled America where political correctness forbids critical discussion of bad Jewish behavior, foul black behavior, and contemptuous homosexual behavior.

Anyway, even as we need to criticize the social ills of Korean society past and present, the solution isn’t for those with power/authority to surrender their ‘moral authority’ but to learn to practice it better. The fact that parents should treat their kids more justly doesn’t mean that kids should be allowed to do as they please. The fact that husbands should be respectful of their wives does not mean that they should be weak and be henpecked all day long. There is a need for social order in all societies. Freedom means responsibility and being accountable to one’s own actions. It doesn’t mean you can do as you feel. The end-result of the breakdown of social order is something like run-down black communities or poor white communities in America.
Russians realized in the 1990s that you cannot make a better society by abandoning social order in favor of globalist anarchy. A society needs morality and values, and it needs law and order by which the values can be enforced. Sure, communism was an evil system, and the time had come for it to fade away. But its order had to be replaced by a new and better order instead of by disorder. Russia wasn’t going to become paradise just by letting people run wild and do as they pleased. Unfortunately, Russia in the 1990s became a gangster paradise where thugs ran around and looted the entire country as they pleased. And look at Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Look at Libya after the fall of Gaddafi. Sure, Hussein and Gaddafi were bad men, and their nations deserved better leaders. But getting rid of the existing order and replacing it with chaos only made the problems worse.
Baltimore USA. This is the result of social breakdown and disorder. But ghetto culture that has done great harm to America is now celebrated in Rap Music and Gangsta Culture, and Korean-Americans imitate this garbage to the hilt. This is all the more interesting since a good number of Korean-Americans have been victimized by black violence. So, why do stupid Korean-Americans celebrate the very culture that harms them and corrupts their souls? Because people are animal by nature and, without moral restraints and self-control, worship the raw power of muscle, guns, and thuggery.
So, when we criticize certain facets of Korean values and society, we are not arguing for a radical rejection of everything Korean. We are saying there is always room for reform and progress based on humanism and true patriotism that favors truth over dogma.
The fact that Koreans have treated dogs horribly provides a clue as to what is ailing in the Korean soul. In North Korea, the government officials and agents treat people like dirt. But they themselves are treated like dirt by higher-ups and superiors. This dynamics stretches from top to bottom of Korean society. And below the very bottom are the dogs. At every level, Koreans have acted like dogs. They’ve groveled before the ‘superiors’ and barked at the ‘inferiors’. It’s been a culture of brutality than of brotherhood. Koreans have been utterly servile to their superiors, therefore having little pride and dignity for themselves. The only way they could feel proud and dignified was by barking at social inferiors. And this behavior reached ever downward. So, a poor man would abuse his wife, and the wife would abuse the kids, and the kids, along with everyone else, would abuse the dog. The Korean woman, having had to swallow so much bitterness without complaint, would shut her heart to the plight of the dog. Forced to live like a dog, she was reduced to emotionally competing with the dog.
Instead of elevating humans to human-hood, Korean society crushed humans into dog-hood. People who are elevated into human-hood feel pride and confidence in their humanness. With a measure of self-respect, they look upon the dog with compassion, affection, and generosity. But people who are reduced to dog-hood look at the dog and realize that they themselves are like dogs. They don’t want to admit this, so they deny that dogs are even dogs, thereby they can pretend that their dog-like behavior is human. And they pretend that dogs are like objects unworthy of any consideration.
Given what we know about dogs, should they be treated like chickens or objects?
So, what is a dog? A dog is an highly intelligent, curious, and beautiful animal with remarkable depth of emotions. It is, by nature, a social creature that feels a great affection and devotion for its human master. What a dog feels toward humans is the stuff of love. So, on those grounds, the dog should at least be treated like a dog. It should be treated as a remarkably intelligent and affectionate/devoted animal. It should not be treated like a chicken, rat, or object. No one would argue that dogs should be allowed to vote, admitted into colleges, allowed to run for political office, apply for library cards, and etc. Dogs are not human and don’t deserve human rights, and even if such were granted them, they wouldn’t know what to do with them. But dogs deserve ‘dog recognition’. They should be recognized as intelligent and emotional animals and treated as such. That minimum is due to all dogs.

There is also the issue of reciprocity. Among all the animals, only the dog interacts with us in a cooperative manner inside and outside the house. Cats are sensitive and intelligent creatures, but they have their own stubborn agendas, which makes them endearing in their own special way. In contrast, dogs love to interact with us at all times. They want to be of help; they want to serve us, to love us, and to be loved by us. They find great pleasure in doing things for us and gaining our approval. Such is the innate quality that dogs are born with. To a great extent, dog-nature is a refined extension of the original wolf nature. Wolves are social animals with strict hierarchical order. They are highly interactive. But, wolves are too aggressive for domestication for the most part. Over many generations, humans adopted the gentler members of the wolves and, through selective breeding, favored those traits that were most amenable to interacting with humans. So, over time, wolves evolved into dogs with traits valued by humans. So, humans played a key role in creating the dog and its characteristics. In molding the wolf into the dog, humans created an animal that is loyal to humans, devoted to humans, and loving of humans. Since humans made dogs to be like this, humans must be mindful of the fact, and must treat dogs in accordance to their nature. If you create a machine that has no feelings and only performs certain functions, you can discard it once it is no longer useful. It is indeed just an object. But if you create something that not only performs useful functions but is full of love and devotion to you, then you cannot just treat it like an object to be disposed of when it is no longer useful. Humans molded the dog from the wolf to serve as companions in hunts, wars, and protection of home/hearth. And this was possible because dogs feel a great emotional bond with their human masters. Dogs are not heartless machines but creatures who serve humans out of a powerful sense of bond and loyalty. To ignore this aspect of the dog and treat it like an object is to deny not only the nature of the dog but the nature of humanity. A human being isn’t just a being with a mind and mouth. He is a being with a heart and soul. If a human uses a dog and takes full notice of its affection/devotion but then decides to just kill it and eat it, he is deficient in his own humanity; he has committed a wrong not only to the dog but to his own self. He is repressing something inside him that makes him human. When a man spends time with a dog, a bond naturally develops between the two, if only because the dog goes out of its way to show affection to its master. So, the human can’t help but to notice that the dog serves him, is devoted to him, and is full of affection/love for him. To reject or repress that fact and to just kill the dog and have it for food means one must have decided to repress or even destroy the very element of his soul that makes him human; or it may have been destroyed by a society that never taught him to cultivate his own humanity and decency. Indeed, it is possible that when the man, as a child, had exhibited human qualities of compassion and affection for the dog, his parents or other social superiors demeaned and shamed him for having such ‘weak’ feelings for a lowly animal. (The irony, of course, is that a human who feels such lack of compassion for the dog is beastly and lowly himself. Bullies pick on the weak because they feel insecure in their self-worth. The only way they can feel good about themselves is by picking on those who are weaker. Koreans emphasize the lowliness and worthlessness of the dog because they feel so lowly and worthless themselves. They are emotional bullies who must put down the dog or less fortunate people in order to feel good about themselves.) The Korean attitude about dogs has repercussions on human relations as well. Is it any wonder that Korean society has been not only cruel to dogs but to humans? In North Korea, the masses have been absolutely devoted and loyal to their leaders. They’ve acted like the most servile dogs. But the leaders have treated them like dirt, indeed like objects. Just as a Korean will raise a dog and just kill it for food regardless of the dog’s devotion to him, the leaders of North Korea just indulge in their own whims and excesses while the masses live in misery. Even though the lavishness of the North Korean elites depend on the sacrifices of the masses, the leaders only care about themselves and feel no sense of reciprocity to the people whose obedience and hard work made it possible for the elites to live in great luxury. They feel entitled to living like gods while everyone else is reduced to live like dogs or worse. Granted, things have changed somewhat in North Korea, and people are not starving there as during certain periods in the 1990s, but the political dynamics in North Korea is still one of servility on the part of the people and total lack of reciprocity on the part of the leaders. They leaders feel that the masses should serve the them, worship them, and devote their lives to them, but they don’t feel they owe anything to the masses. The masses exist just to be milked and exploited. It’s very much like in George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM. And too many Koreans have felt this way about dogs.
Imagine a nation ruled by a self-centered, swinish, narcissistic, egocentric gangster jerk. Such is North Korea. The difference between North Korea and South Korea/Korean-America is not that South Koreans and Korean-Americans are better, but that, whereas only Kim Jung-Un and his closes cronies get to play gangster lords in North Korea, anyone in South Korea and Korean-American can imitate the trashy gangster style by spending most of his or her time on make-up, plastic surgery, K-pop, and rap music.
The concept of reciprocity doesn’t mean that two sides are necessarily equal. It means that there’s a mutual obligation between two sides in give-and-take manner. If dogs are so utterly devoted to humans and go out on a limb to be use to humans, then humans have an obligation to treat dogs as intelligent creatures filled with love, affection, and devotion. When even that minimum level of reciprocity is missing in the Korean heart, it means the Korean heart is stony and dead. So, Korea has had one of the most tyrannical and oppressive forms of communism in the world. And South Koreans have the reputation as one of the most materialistic, narcissistic, nihilistic, and vain capitalists on Earth. Korean elites turn up their noses at the people. All they care about is their self-image and status. And the rich raise their kids like princelings and encourage them to look down on other Koreans.
And Korean-Americans are among the most vapid and inane idiots in America, mindlessly conforming to Political Correctness(like dogs) to win approval from the Jews and homosexuals and/or mindlessly imitating the worst aspects of American pop culture without ever thinking about its repercussions and implications. Korean and Korean-American parents tell their children to think only of themselves. Success is more important than truth, meaning, and justice. Most Koreans will choose lies and success than truth and struggle. Is it any surprise that South Korea is notorious for cheating on the international SAT tests? One’s relation to society has to be based on the principle of reciprocity, of mutual obligation. One has to play by the rules. As the laws serve you, you must serve the laws. Granted, American society is itself turning into a world of lies and deception because Jews and homosexuals who preside as the new elites care more about their own privilege and control than about truth and justice for all Americans. In a nation where the power of media, academia, government, and finance have been used to promote something as trashy as ‘gay marriage’, one would have to be crazy to look up to United States as a model for anything good except in science and technology, where it still leads. And when a nation’s citizenship laws are rendered virtually moot by pandering to illegal invaders, you can kiss goodbye to rule of law and order.

With the increasing affluence of Korea, the practice of eating dogs isn’t what it used to be. But it still goes on. And it is not enough for some Koreans to abstain from dog-eating. If they believe the practice to be cruel and immoral, they must work to stamp out the practice in all of Korea. Evil isn’t any less evil because it’s contained in certain areas within the nation.
But many Koreans, even those who don’t eat dogs and raise dogs as house pets, fail to understand this moral imperative because their way of valuing dogs is personal and self-centered than moral and principled. A lot of Koreans with dogs feel that everything is fine and dandy as long as they don’t kill and eat their own dogs. Such Koreans think it is wrong and cruel to kill and/or eat one’s own dog, but they think it’s okay or not their concern if other dogs are killed and eaten by other people. It isn’t difficult to understand their reasoning. Naturally, one should feel more for one’s own dog since a bond has developed between oneself and the dog. It’s like we expect parents to be sadder when their own children fall sick or die. While it’s terrible for any child to die, people don’t cry about all the children dying all around the world. But people grieve over the death of their own children. Even so, every human should at least recognize the principle that all kids are equally precious. Just because your child is more precious to you doesn’t mean that he or she has more right to live than any other child.
Likewise, just because your dog means more to you doesn’t mean that other dogs are less deserving of decent treatment. If we fixate on our feelings for our own dogs, we are really prioritizing ourselves over the dogs. Though our narrow devotion to our dog(s) may seem generous, it could actually be selfish. To say a certain dog deserves to live because I or YOU own it implies that all the other dogs are less deserving to live because they are unknown to I or YOU. Kim Il Sung had great affection for his son Kim Jong Il, but it was all about himself, his own feelings. Kim the father loved his son because it was HIS son. But he didn’t much care if the children of other families lived in misery and hunger. And Kim Jong Il was full of love for his sons, but he didn’t care if millions of children faced starvation. While every parent has an obligation to love his/her children and take special care of him/her, he or she also has an obligation to at least acknowledge that all children are equally precious and have just as much right to live as other children. In North Korea, such recognition was denied to the children who were not part of the inner circle of the communist leadership. Children of communist leaders were princes and princesses, but all the other children were dogs or lower than dogs. Their only purpose was to serve as slaves or cannon fodders to the regime.

Likewise, if a South Korean is full of affection for his/her dog but feels it is okay for other dogs to be killed or eaten, then his or her mentality isn’t much different from that of the Kim Clan in North Korea. The shallowness of such mentality can easily be demonstrated by a mind game. Suppose a Korean says it is wrong for himself or anyone to kill and eat his/her dog but it is okay for other dogs to be killed and eaten by himself or by other people. But suppose the dog he/she now owns and cherishes had ended up in a dog farm instead of in his/her house. Suppose he/she had never gotten to know the dog. Would it then be okay to mistreat it, kill it, and eat it? Is it any less of a dog if it ended up in a dog farm than in someone’s home? Should the value of something be based on one’s personal feelings about it? Should the value of everything in the world revolve around one’s ego and self-interest?
Everything has subjective value and objective value. A child means more to his/her parents in the subjective sense, but in the objective sense he/she is no more special than any other child. So, even as every dog-owner cherishes his/her dog more than other dogs, he/she needs to recognize that other dogs in other homes(or on the streets) are just as precious. Subjectively, your dog is more precious than other dogs, but objectively, it has no more ‘right’ to live than any other dog. If subjectivity overrides objectivity, then you are saying that your emotions are the center of the universe. It is a form of egomania. You’re saying that your dog means everything while other dogs mean nothing. Why? Because you know and feel affection for your dog whereas you don’t know all the other dogs in the world. This kind of thinking isn’t much different from the attitude of the Kim clan in North Korea. Kim Il Sung did everything he could to raise his son like a prince, indeed like a god. But he didn’t care about all the other children in North Korea. They were just chattel slaves for him and his son; his own was raised like a god, but most children of North Korea were raised like dogs. Ideally, Kim should have raised his son as a human and allowed all other children to grow up as humans. But like most megalomaniacs, Kim elevated his own clan to superhuman god-hood while everyone else in North Korea was degraded into dog-hood. Koreans have a tendency to conflate subjectivity with objectivity. Recently, we saw it with the Nut Rage scandal with the daughter of some Korean airline. She acted like her emotions are the center of the world.
Korean luxury dog. Some Koreans really love their dogs, but it's often really more about themselves and their own status than about dogs. Many of them ignore all the homeless dogs that need a home and instead spend lavish sums for some luxury specialty dog to show around. It's like selfish woman choosing to have a child alone to possess like a doll. Instead of recognizing the child's need for both father and mother, her main priority is having a kid for her own vanity and personal needs. Many rich Koreans raise luxury dogs, and it's all about showing off their status, not much different from the Chinese gentry class of the past with their Pekinese and other toy dogs. These Koreans who raise luxury dogs have no feeling for 'regular' dogs who rot around in animal shelters, on the streets, or on dogmeat farms. In fact, their attitude about dogs reflect their attitude about people in general. Just as Korea is a society deeply divided by class where those with money/privilege look down on everyone else as low and unworthy, Koreans with fancy dogs look down on Koreans with regular dogs. Such attitudes no doubt exist in the West as well, but they are especially poisonous in Korea because so many Koreans love to put on snotty air and act superior. This is all very amusing since even most rich Koreans had grandparents who likely ate out of garbage dumps during the Korean War. If Koreans had a richer sense of memory and historical consciousness, they wouldn't be so stuck up and shallow. But Korean parents are petty and drive their kids to succeed with money and materialism, and so, Korean kids grow up self-absorbed and self-centered. Though Koreans need to treat dogs well, dogs should never be treated like children, let alone princes and princesses. That is pure vanity, frivolity, and decadence. Dogs shouldn't be treated as less than dogs but they shouldn't be treated as more than dogs. If reducing the human to the dog is wrong, so is elevating the dog to human level. Humans need to treat humans as humans and treat dogs as dogs.  Unfortunately, many rich Koreans treat their luxury dogs better than they treat fellow Koreans who don't have it so good.
So, while every family should care most about its own dog, it should also recognize that all the other dogs are just as special as their own dog. Things have objective value regardless of one’s subjective relation to them. You don’t know most children around the world, but would you say they are less precious than your own? Subjectively, your children is most precious to you and rightfully so, but you must also objectively recognize the equal worth of all other children.

Some Koreans argue that it’s okay to eat dogs IF the dogs were raised on farms to be used as food. If you raise them like chickens, they can be killed like chickens. But this is stupid logic. A dog is a dog no matter how you raise it. If you raise a dog like a fish, it’s still a dog, not a fish. If you raise a chimpanzee as a bird, it’s still a chimpanzee, not a bird. If you raise a child as a mongoose, it’s still a child, not a mongoose. Raising dogs as chickens doesn’t make them chickens. No matter how dogs are raised, they are dogs with the same emotions, same canine minds, same curiosity, same needs, and same instincts. Indeed, the very idea of treating a dog like a ‘lower’ animal to slaughter for meat is cruel and ugly. Why would any decent person want to see and treat the wonderful dog as less than a dog? Just because Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong treated their people like insects, were they insects than people who suffered and died tragically in horrible communist experiments?
But this way of thinking comes all too naturally to Koreans since Korean society has a long history of raising humans to be something less than human. Korean society raised humans to act like dogs. When humans exhibited human traits of freedom, curiosity, individuality, and passion, they were often beaten down and treated cruelly. They were told to shut up, obey, bow their heads, swallow their pride, and go back to being dog-like. But man or woman is not a dog even when forced to act like dogs. When he or she is forced to act like a dog and thus robbed of his/her dignity and pride, he or she becomes scarred and crippled inside. Acting like dogs comes naturally to dogs, and dogs are happy to be dogs, but acting like dogs doesn’t come naturally to humans. Forced to act like dogs, humans suffer loss of confidence, integrity, and inner beauty They grow bitter, cruel, ugly, and all twisted up inside. But there was too much of this throughout Korean history.
According to Korean logic, electric fans can kill people if used in a closed room, and dogs are chickens if raised as chickens. Do Koreans believe that chickens are dogs if raised as dogs? Koreans need to develop better sense.
So, why should it shock us when some Koreans think dogs should be raised like chickens? Korean society raised humans like dogs. And the practice still goes on in North Korea. And South Korean educational system gears kids to be mindless dogs.
But Americans shouldn’t be too cocky about their freedom because the current state of popular culture and political correctness has also turned people in America into mindless barking dogs when the music is on and docile & servile robots when the politically correct megaphone is on. And American politicians are all worthless dogs of Jewish oligarchs and vain neo-aristocratic homosexuals. And American universities, once the centers of free thought and controversy, are now Jewish-homosexual-dominated institutions where one’s career can be destroyed by saying whatever is deemed as ‘hate’ by current dogma controlled by Jews and homosexuals.

Dogs have a special place in the history of humanity. While one could argue that the horse and even the cow has been more instrumental in the development of civilization, no animal — not even monkeys and apes that are genetically closer to us — has been as close to us, indeed even to the point of serving us as if it’s a member of the family. In some respects, the dog may be more important than horses and cows in the advancement and evolution of man. Horses and cows became important to mankind with the development of complex settlements. Man’s use of them has lasted only several thousands of years. In contrast, the dog may have been domesticated 130,000 yrs ago. Given that human history is, at most, 6,000 yrs, the animal that was most essential to humanity for most of its existence was the dog. Through most of human history, there was no civilization, no recorded history. Man lived as nomads and hunters. And dogs followed man and served as fellow hunters. They also fought alongside man and provided security and protection. Therefore, mankind has a special debt to the dog. And it was in the West that this debt came to be understood and practiced most fully. And it was by first appreciating the dog that Western man came to be more sensitive to animals as a whole. While it’s true that a man who loves dogs/animals could still be evil in other respects and while it’s also true that a man who eats dogs could be decent person in human affairs, it is generally true that cruelty toward animals correlates with cruelty to humans. And if any adjective applies to the dark side of Korea, it is cruelty. Koreans need to learn to appreciate the value of anti-cruelty.

Of course, Koreans are not the only sick ones in Asia. Chinese and Vietnamese are also notorious for their horrible treatment of animals. And Spanish still have the terrible blood sport of the bullfight. And it wasn’t long ago that the British finally banned the wicked ritual of the ‘fox hunting’, all the more distasteful since it’s practiced by finely attired aristocrats with civilized airs. So, one might say it’s unfair to point to Koreans as particularly cruel to animals or man. After all, animal cruelty is rife all over Africa, and Africans routinely torture, rape, and murder one another. In parts of Hawaii, dog-eating is still allowed as a ‘cultural practice’.

Whatever may the case around the world, Koreans need to stop dog-eating once and for all. And not just by passing laws that have no real teeth and are hardly enforced. Koreans need to do it not because of what the world thinks but because dog-killing-and-eating is cruel, heartless, and sick. Also, as Koreans need to treat dogs like dogs and not like objects/chickens, Koreans need to treat fellow Koreans as humans and not like dog-like creatures. In North Korea, this has long ways to go as the people there are still dog-like slaves of the Kim regime. But South Koreans shouldn’t be too full of themselves. Rich South Koreans look down on less successful Koreans with class contempt and disdain. Rich South Koreans put on globalist airs and turn up their noses at most Koreans; their priority is dilly-dallying with the globalist jet-set in New York, San Francisco, London, and Los Angeles; they serve Zionist globalists & the homosexual elites and work as collaborators of globalist imperialism to push the Wall-Street-and-Hollywood-favored ‘gay agenda’ on South Korea.
There are brutish Korean men who still think Korean women should mindlessly serve them. There are vain and narcissistic Korean women who think they are the center of the universe and turn their noses on others. Indeed, their view of marriage is very much like a dog show. They’ve come to see Korean men as inferior breeds and want to breed with superior breeds of other races, especially whites. And many Korean men see Korean women as contestants in a dog show. They want Korean women to get plastic surgery and put on blonde wigs to look white. This way, they can pretend to be with white women or half-white women. This is all so pathetic, so anti-humanist, anti-nationalist, and downright retarded. And politically, South Korea is just a running dog of US globalist imperialism that is now dictated by Jews and homosexuals. When an entire nation acts servile like a dog to a great power that is now controlled by Zionists and ‘gays’, there is no real pride for Korea. Indeed, the reason why South Koreans bark so much at Japan is because Japan is a defeated dog, a politically powerless nation that is geisha to the US. South Koreans dare not bark at America and China, two nations that played a key role in the Korean War and the division of Korea. South Korea still acts like a dog.

Also, Korean-Americans and American-educated Koreans are little more than running dogs of American Political Correctness and Pop Culture. Educated Koreans do little more than spout political correctness crammed into their skulls by their American professors. They never question or challenge the professors or come up with a single original idea. As for trashy Koreans and Korean-Americans, there is only slavish dog-like imitation of American pop culture that has become the sewage/garbage of the world. Do Koreans really want to imitate worthless rappers and trashy porno-whores who represent American pop culture? What do Koreans have to gain by culturally appropriating the worst features of the black ghetto hood community and by imitating the excesses of sexual degenerates who dominate the airwaves of America? It’s culture as a gold-plated gun, tawdry bling, and a dildo.

Koreans must reject their reality of dog-as-a-metaphor. They must learn to be fully human. Koreans think they are advanced because of the rapid economic and material changes since the 1970s. But in truth, Korean material progress has outpaced development in moral and social areas. Just like Japanese until the end of World War II advanced technologically without making comparable gains politically and morally, Koreans dashed headlong into material plenty without taking full account of the moral and social dimensions of the changes afoot. This is why Koreans now use cell-phones and high-tech computers but still eat dogs. This is why Koreans have modern office buildings but still have petty and nasty attitudes. This is why Koreans take pride in being global players but only know how to imitate others and act like dogs before Americans and Chinese. Koreans placed tremendous emphasis on effort, sacrifice, work, and commitment, but they failed to ask "what for?". As a result, Koreans made a fair amount of money but imparted little of moral or cultural value to the new generations that are cut off from heritage, history, and identity. They measure their worthy through toys, gadgets, material possessions, fashions, and looks. In trying to catch up with the West, South Koreans emphasized money, success, getting ahead, and winning approval from Americans. Now that the West is morally bankrupt and promotes garbage like ‘gay marriage’, the only response of Koreans is as usual: just to follow along, again like stupid dogs. Koreans must stop looking to the West for answers. There was indeed a time when the West was indeed ahead of the East in moral and social values. But the West of steady moral progress is gone. In America, Jews and homosexuals have corrupted popular culture and have used political correctness to degrade and defile the nation. In Europe, there is self-loathing and suicidal tendencies that fail to grasp the dire consequences of massive immigration, destruction of identity and heritage, and wallowing in mindless and soulless sex. Political Correctness has destroyed free thinking in the West.

When I say Koreans should no longer look to the West for moral or social leadership, I mean the West of today. I don’t mean Western Civilization with its unmatched treasure trove of classical music, philosophy, art, literature, and history. The lessons to be gained from the whole of Western Civilization is inexhaustible as there has never been anything like it. It is all the more sad that the West has decided to commit suicide demographically, racially, and culturally. Any civilization that loathes itself and favors policies that leads to self-destruction is morally disgusting. And the West of today is morally dieased and socially degenerate. Whether it’s Quentin Tarantino’s nihilist excesses beginning with PULP FICTION, rap music the glorify ugly attitude and contempt for mankind, and TV shows that promote empty sex and trashy materialism, the West has grown degenerate. One wonders about a culture where something like Lena Dunham’s GIRLS has become a cultural phenomenon.
There is no need for Koreans to act like dogs in imitation of American culture of excess, shamelessness, trashiness, and ugliness. Sure, there are fabulously rich parts of America in big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, but the values that they represent — degradation of family, promotion of shameless indulgence, fusion of pornography and mainstream culture, elitist snobbery, politically correct censorship of truth, pandering to Jewish power, and homosexual decadence — do no good for most people who are outside the inner circle of wealth and privilege. Indeed, it is as if the elites are hellbent on promoting the kind of anti-values that are bound to do most damage to the kind of people whose well-being is dependent on living healthy moral lives of responsibility and obligations and staving off self-centered indulgence and excesses. Korean elites must think of their people first and foremost. They must not operate on the basis of winning accolades and approval of American elites whose main moral value amounts to little more than appeasing Jewish supremacism and homosexual privilege. As Koreans must keep up their guard against Korean-Americans who are to South Korea what Japanese-educated Koreans were during the colonial period. Korean-Americans are nothing but whores and collaborators of American globalist imperialism. They have no sense of history, heritage, and identity. They just mindlessly try to talk like rappers because they lack of individuality and originality of their own. Or they are just teachers’ pets of Jewish and homosexual professors whose main goal is to spread ‘gay marriage’ and ‘multi-culturalism’ in South Korea so that it will commit racial and cultural suicide just like Europe is doing. What every Korean-American really needs to do is ask a Jew: "How come you guys push massive immigration and the ‘gay agenda’ for Europe and Japan/Korea, but you don’t do it for Israel?

One day, when all Koreans, in both the South and North, are united and fully human in their self-confidence, they will be able to look upon dogs with beautiful compassion than with bitter competitiveness. For much of human history, because Korean men, women, and children were denied their humanity and forced to lead the lives of obedient dogs, Koreans competed with dogs for self-esteem. Denied genuine pride and dignity, Koreans had to grovel before their social superiors. They recognized this same behavior in the dog and felt shame for acting just like dogs. They didn’t want to face the fact that they’d been reduced to dog-hood. So, they pretended that the dog is lower than a dog, a mere object without feelings, a creature that could be kicked around and killed and eaten — even after it had loyally served its master for all its life. Koreans took on the role of dogs and pretended that dog-hood was human-hood.
The Culture of Cruelty
In a truly humane Korea, Koreans will treat each other with decency. They will no longer seek the approval of the great powers. They will no longer play the role of running dog of America or China. As Korea is a small and weak country, it has to be mindful of its intricate relations with bigger nations and bigger powers, but it should stand on its two feet instead of crawling on all four legs and doing as ordered by America. If America pushes ‘gay marriage’ on South Korea, will the Korean elites just follow along? It seems likely because Koreans still act like dogs in the international sphere. Learning to be truly human begins at home and in the heart of each person. Korea needs to inculcate the balance of freedom and responsibility in the heart of every Korean, and every Korean needs space to grow into thinking and feeling individuals whose goal in life isn’t defined merely by material goods, success, vanity, and self-image. Though modern Koreans think themselves ultra-independent and free, they are nothing but slaves of the Pop Culture industry that brainwashes people with endless waves of dumb and trashy fashion. Being hooked to garbage like K-pop isn’t being free. It is like being a Chinaman in the 19th Century addicted to opium forced on the Chinese by the British. True freedom and independence come not only from political independence of one’s nation from foreign powers but from individual independence and self-control from the clutches of the big industries that control arts/entertainment and use them to mold people into mindless drones and slaves whose tastes and predilections have been made predictable and market-tested.

When Korea was desperately poor in the past, it was somewhat understandable why people ate dog meat. Hungry people will eat anything. Indeed, even civilized people have resorted to cannibalism during famine. But hunger alone cannot explain the practice of dog-eating. After all, for most of European history, your average Westerner was no better off than your average Easterner. Things were often desperate for the serfs in Europe and Russia. Still, white people, for some reason or another, developed a consciousness that came to regard the killing of dogs for food as cruel and wicked. Was it the influence of Christianity? Or do white people have more expansive hearts that are more open to deeply-felt relationship with and appreciation of another species? Anyway, the development of dog as the "man’s best friend" is a real gift to the world by the West. It is an absolute moral good, and there is nothing for the East to lose and everything to gain by learning to appreciate the dog for the wonderful animal that it is. As starvation is no longer an issue in South Korea, hunger can no longer be used as an excuse for eating dogs. As for the various medical claims about dog meat, they are entirely bogus. Sure, dog is a good source of protein and may taste good, but it isn’t a miracle cure for anything. If dog-meat has healing powers, how come dog-eaters are no healthier than non-dog-eaters? As for men who eat dog-meat for sexual reasons, that is just sick. That a remarkably intelligent and emotionally sensitive animal should be tortured and killed just because some idiots want to boost their sex drive is sheer vanity and sadism. The psychology of such thinking isn’t different from the tyrannical mind-set of the North Korean leadership that thinks of nothing else but its own pleasure and self-aggrandizement. A real man must not seek vain pleasure by making helpless creatures or other humans suffer. A real man doesn’t act like that.

One of the problems of East Asia, possibly more in Korea, is the prevailing sense that decency is a form of weakness. Since East Asian societies were ruled by tyranny and despotism that were often ruthless and absolute, people had to be very mindful of who had the power and who didn’t. One wrong word or gesture could get one shamed, beaten, or even killed. And things are still thus in North Korea where one wrong utterance or gesture can lead to the firing squad or worse. Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam have been no strangers to ruthlessness, mercilessness, and cruelty in the 20th century. Of course, white people have done horrible things too in the 20th century. But Asians have been more likely to do it to themselves. After all, the greatest killers of Chinese in the 20th century were Mao Zedong and the Chinese communists. And the amount of Korean-on-Korean bloodletting since the ‘liberation’ of Korea is shocking to consider. Of course, the blame could partly be placed on the great powers that divided Korea, but Koreans never needed any lesson from other people when it came to cruelty, oppression, and brutality. Given such a mind-set, many Asians came to see decency and compassion as a weakness. They saw their own nations and the world in ruthless terms of power. One had to be ruthless and unfeeling in order to get a leg up on the competition. One had to be fanatical and heartless to defeat the imperialists. Could the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese have defeated the Americans without such utter ruthlessness? Given the anti-imperialist struggles, it’s understandable why Asian societies came to favor strength, ruthlessness, and brutality over kindness, compassion, and decency. And in a world where food was often scarce, the idea of raising dogs as pets seemed decadent to many. So, many families raised dogs as useful servants and then sold them as food to be slaughtered when the animal was no longer of any use. They treated dogs like they treated cows, goat, or pigs.

It’s true that decency can be a weakness, especially if wasted on those who don’t deserve it. Only a fool would be generous and decent to people who are exploitative, mean, hostile, and wicked. Treat bad people decently, and they will take advantage of you. And you can’t be decent to most animals as they are unfit to live with humans. If you treat bears and tigers decently by offering them free food, they will enter your communities and attack you and devour your children.
When decency is wasted on the wrong people or ‘wrong’ animals, it is a weakness.
Indeed, what happened to Troy when, in the spirit of decency, it accepted the peace offer of the Wooden Horse from the Greeks? They were deceived, and their kingdom was destroyed. So, one must never be carelessly generous with decency with outsiders and potential enemies. Indeed, consider what happened to Russia in the 1990s when Russians, in the spirit of decency, allowed foreigners to advise the building of a new economy. American Jews conspired with Russian Jews to loot the entire country. Today, American Jews and homosexuals are offering fake friendship to South Korea to turn it into a vassal state of globalism. And dumb Koreans are falling for this Trojan Horse trick when history tells us, over and over, that people who trust and allow Jews and homosexuals to take over their nations are doomed. So, people must be careful about whom they are decent with. Never be sincerely decent with people you do not trust. Jews and homosexuals should never be trusted. Look at what Jews did to Palestinians. And look how Jews are using United States to support the Zionist imperialism against Palestinians. If South Koreans think Jews respect South Koreans, they are crazy. Jews look upon South Koreans as they look upon Palestinians: as a people to conquer and colonize.

However, when decency is used properly under the right circumstances and with the right people, especially one’s own people, it is a source of strength than weakness. Northern Europeans in homogeneous communities learned to treat one another decently under a system of rule of law and shared moral values, and this led to the rise of societies that were high in mutual trust and goodwill. In America, the heavily Germanic Wisconsin has been a high-trust society since German-Americans have been hardworking, diligent, conscientious, and well-meaning. But when huge numbers of blacks(with very different values) settled in parts of Wisconsin, especially in Milwaukee, much of the German-American decency was wasted on them because blacks don’t believe in a culture of decency, mutuality, and reciprocity. Likewise, the high-trust culture of decency of Scandinavian-Americans have been wasted on Somalis and other African immigrants in Minnesota. Decency is a good thing, but it must be mutual and must be founded on shared values and principles that make for harmony and unity. This is why Amish communities are stable and peaceful.

Sadly, even though Korean society has been mostly Korean, Koreans never developed a culture of rule of law, mutuality, reciprocity, and decency. Instead, it developed a culture of cruelty, repression, brutality, and harshness. Instead of social harmony created and maintained through mutual respect, humane behavior, and self-restraint, the Korean social order was founded on superiors abusing inferiors, men beating up women, children bullying other mercilessly, and humans mistreating animals. A social order founded on fear and brutality can make for a kind of ‘peace’, but it is not a peace of justice and decency. It is not a peace based on humans who are allowed to grow into free and responsible individuals with conscience and courage. Rather, it is a social order based on cruelty and cowardice, one where everyone looks over one’s shoulder instead of looking into the eyes of neighbors and speaking honestly. It is a culture of insecurity than individuality.
It is then no wonder that the introduction of Western freedom has often had a bad influence on Koreans. Because Koreans tend to think in simple terms of ‘hot or cold’ and in starkly brutal terms of ‘black or white’, they tend to see the world in terms of either social order through repressive brutality or individual freedom through irresponsible anarchy. So, Korea is both a nation of mindless drones who study like sheep and a nation of trashy clowns to imitate American rap culture.
There is actually a better way, one that allows for freedom of thought/conscience, mutual respect, and individual appreciation of culture and intellect. Given all the remarkable things Koreans have done in the 20th century, it is time to accept the new challenge of growing into full-blooded human beings. And this path cannot be found by just sticking to tradition or by mindlessly imitating America. One must learn to think critically, feel morally, and act courageously. Koreans must let dogs be dogs and become fully human themselves.


  1. fucking killer post, I am a white american, animal rights, rescue, and advocate the absolute and total ban on the cruel and inhumane treatment of all non-humans species, regardless of my personal views or beliefs regarding the eating of dogs and cats as totally wrong, I understand that humans eat meat, this story is as old as humans have been on earth, what fucks me up, and brings out a deep hatred for the asian methods of farming dogs and cats is in every single post, image or video/s there is always sickening cruelty, the sub human behavior that delights in inflicting sadistic suffering on these non-human beings throughout their short lives, and especially during the execution part is all to obvious, the claim that torture and inflicting as much suffering, mental, physical trauma and fear as possible makes the meat more tender or taste better is a poor excuse for sadistic pleasure, and there is also the excuse that the tortured and traumatized animal releases different chemicals like adrenaline and endorphins during it's moments before being boiled or skinned alive is imprinted into the meat and therefore enjoyed as a natural drug during the consumption of the meat has some possible truth to it, but all reasons for the torture and squalid conditions of farming is simply selfishness and completely unacceptable, this loss of value for life exemplifies the collective degradation that is accepted as normal in korea/s and pretty much all of asia in general, until I read this post, I had a fragmented or partial picture as to "why?" this inhumanity continues in this modern world we all share, I know abuse is a cycle that is learned at a young age, and those who are abused or degraded tend to abuse or degrade others deemed weaker, take it out on per se, kick the dog as its put here, but was not aware of the deep seeded cultural depravity and indifference towards compassion or empathy viewed as weakness, your analogy of the korean people in general have been spiritually and mentally reduced to animals of the worst kind and become envious or jealous when they witness someone show love or respect and kindness towards a dog or cat as if in some sick and undeveloped way are crying out for the love or attention that the animal being loved is getting, this post here is by far one of the most informative and raw insights into the korean/asian dog and cat meat issue, I have read to date, and I respect your desire to put a mirror in the face of your own people and make them see what their doing to themselves and the rest of the world, their degraded sense of values and the reaction to their actions, the old saying no man is an island also applies to no nation is an island, especially since korea is a major global marketplace for electronics, cars and trucks, import/exports etc, and a serious boycott against all korean corporations is a certain reaction to the arrogant "fuck you" attitude received by the rest of the modern world over the issue of dogs and cats being exploited and tortured as food. I appreciate your post, and respect your views, thank you for the education. regards from nevada, john brian wirth, peace.

  2. Wow. Exceptional!

  3. I'm also a white American.but I have no idea why the person above would claim his or her race. I guess we should all speak our race before commenting so that some people wouldn't think we are "korean dogs".
    (I'm trying to be sarcastic for those who didn't understand.)
    I understand that you ladies and gents are animal lover. especially pet lovers. This is my thought (if your closed minds would listen), Koreans eating dogs is alright. The method is just wrong.
    But the writer only states passionate statements about dogs being man's best friend and being loyal and smart are the most weakest statements I have ever heard. This is why things didn't change in korea and this is why you aren't making any change in korea.
    This is the most racist post I have ever read in a long time.
    I've been living and studying in Korea society for almost 5 years now. I do agree with some observations you have made in your post about Koreans, but let's not throw racist comments around and generalizing a specific race.
    Please open your mind.
    You have to understand, you are trying to persuade the Koreans. Not make them your enemy.